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  • Frying, what do you mean carcostcanada didn't show anything? They worked for me. Maybe, if you tried 2004 model?
    Also, Subaru of Calgary is their business partner, so you might want to consider going for the premium membership and have them try negotiations for you. Before doing that, I'd try to ensure that there are 2003s available in the Western Canada. There is something else. Assuming that there are some 2003 available and that 1.8% for them were in the effect on Friday, if you ask them nicely, they might be able to squeeze you in and show that deal was arranged on Friday.

    A far as trading of XT MT moon roofs goes, I'd even throw in 4.11 final gearing ratio for free :)))


  • I can't get the website to take my VISA! "Take my money" I say, and it just ignores my requests. All three invoice websites I found giving Canuck prices use the same durn authentication website.

    Thanks for the heads-up on the premium thingy with Carcost, though, subkid! That would be worth the price of a premium membership, for sure! I'll call as early on Tuesday as I can, and see what's up for availability and financing. It might be a deal-killer to not have that 1.8% anymore, but I can't belive there is no financing at all!
  • frying,
    I had problems with credit card thing too. It turned out, you have to put your CC info exactly the way it appears on the monthly statement, address in particular.

    I used combination of premium membership/fine tuning the deal myself and and it worked for me well. I already described my take on it on the other site (whose address I can't post here) and in the recent thread Forester vs CRV , but long and short of it is: 1.8% makes $3200 (even more for XS premium) difference between Forester and CRV for example.

    If you can't get financing @ 1.8% - well there is another thing you can do (depending on your circumstances, of course) but - TALK TO YOUR TAX MAN/FINANCIAL ADVISOR FIRST. Sell some investments, pay for car in cash, borrow money with intention to invest and buy investments back (after 30+ days). Interest rates on such loans aren't too high these days and interest can be written off against any future gain tax on the investment. As an additional benefit, you will probably realize some nice capital losses (if you are like the most of north Americans :(( ) and get a chance to realign your position now when new cycle starts.

    Hello village, can't you see how hard I work to get another member in! :))))))

  • ... and eating it 31 days later - while driving around in a new Forester! Thanks, subkid... though my 'tax expert' resides on a little Intuit CD that I buy every year!

    I'll let you know how things progress over the next week or two. It would be cool to drive a new Forester out to Waynefest next weekend, especially if there is a desert monsoon to take a spin in!

    Go Esks! Yup, you read that right... GO ESKS GO!!
  • qdiscqdisc Posts: 29
    Getting quoted b/t $500 to $800 over invoice in Colo. Anyone with recent XS buying experience to share? I thought this was pretty decent, right around the Edmunds TMV, but dang, if people are paying under invoice, I'm not so sure!


  • like STi's and many other "hot" cars with limited production runs, are going straight to dealership owners' and sales managers' driveways with dealer tags on them. The big dogs dont want to sit on cloth seats, and the vroom in the XT is irresistable . A lot of them, at least for now, will never make it to the lot.
        Unless you're willing to wait , you may have to settle for a less desirable color or consider aftermarket leather. The aftermarket moonroofs are no comparison to the OEM in the Forester, so thats a tough one.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    2003s have a $750 incentive, prices should end up below invoice once you factor that in.

  • Well I guess I can't post the link, even though I didn't buy from them. But check out

    Try most new 2004 Foresters for SEVEN hundred under invoice....not a bad deal at all!

    Pretty amazing. I do wonder how they can make much money, even w/holdback.
  • In July I special ordered a red XT MT with quite a few options (security system upgrade, hitch, rear differential protector, air filter, and auto-dimming mirror to name just a few). It took exactly four weeks for my car to arrive from the factory. I paid $2185 below MSRP. All of the options were offered at invoice price, I simply paid $500 over invoice for everything. I purchased through the Costco auto program, and it was easiest, hassle-free experience ever. I am incredibly pleased since I wanted a lot of options and was afraid that would be the painful part of negotiating a final price. I contacted a few local dealers before I knew about the Costco program and they told me not to even bother coming to the lot if I expected to pay only $500 over invoice!
  • available in the SoC network! Financing on the 2004 is 5.8%, so things don't look good, although if the 2004s are going for under invoice already in parts of the US, there still might be hope.
  • qdisc - I just purchased (well, ordered) a 2004 XS Premium MT with several options for about $580 below invoice. That's in NJ though, a bit far from you. I nailed the price by eliciting bids from many dealers by fax and going with the best offer.
    Something like that may work for you... Anyhow, good luck on the hunt. I'm looking forward to enjoying my first Subaru.
  • lfdallfdal Posts: 679
    Ended up paying $650 over invoice (including the option pricing) for my Red XT Premium w/Auto. Five hundred over invoice then that darn 150 doc fee. BTW they would not budge on the doc fee and were willing to walk away from the deal over it.

    By the same token they took $200 off of the Autobahnd stone guard (which I'm liking more every day).

    Gave me every option at or near invoice, and I had a load of them - security system, mud flaps, cabin air filter, arm rest extension, diffy protector, boost gauge, rear cargo net, the new much impoved day night compass mirror and wheel locks.

    Had to wait 4 weeks for it, most all the options were installed at the port (except for boost gauge and stone guard), so very well done installations. It seems the port guys just do it better - by itself a good arguement for ordering one if you plan on adding a lot of options vs having the dealership install them.

    3.9% 60 month financing through Subaru/Chase Manhattan

  • As I mentioned earlier, we just got our X Auto for $865 under invoice. On another board, a dealer explained that there is a big quota program on Foresters from Subaru that's allowing dealership to more than re-coop the loss on the Forester purchase, provided of course that they sell enough of them. Proving once again that the higher volume dealer, the better.

    A few dealerships I shopped said my price demands were ridiculous and that they would lose money on them. Yet the one I bought the car from was eager to make the deal. I guess I know which one is more confident about how many Foresters it is going to sell!
  • qdiscqdisc Posts: 29
    Thanks for the input all...I checked fitzmall, but I can't determine if they'd deliver out of you know, gbernsteen?

    Got a few other quotes, both right at $500 over invoice on XS 5-speeds with various but similar option, that seems to be decent. I'll let you know which way we go.

  • Sorry I don't know, as I said I didn't buy from them since they were a little too far away for the extra 200-300 I'd have saved. But certainly worth inquiring. If I had gotten quotes that were 1300 higher, I'd make it work! Don't forget doc fees too...
  • Silver 2003 w/armrest extension and air filtration-
    MSRP: $22,366
    Invoice: $20,416
    TMV: $20,578
    I paid: $19,500 w/0%apr for 24 months

    1st post for a first-time subaru buyer in Tucson, AZ. Dealt with Mike in the internet/fleet department at Pitre Subaru in Scottsdale (Tucson only had '04's and weren't dealing and I couldn't get under $20,000 on the phone to Phoenix). Two emails, two phone calls, and one great experience. Paperwork was done and we were at the dealership for 30 minutes. Sounds like I could have done better elsewhere (like Portland), but I love the car!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    No names of individuals, please.

    Steve, Host
  • spgrspgr Posts: 23
    Are there any incentives on a 2003 or 2004 X? Has anyone out there purchased one lately (manual or auto) in Western New York and for how much?
  • Subaru did have $500 rebate to dealer on '04 Foresters, except I think the XT. It expired 9/2/03. Check the Edmunds website. That's how buyers were getting the ridiculous offers below invoice (as much as $800 and change).
  • White XT with Premium Package: I paid $26,360 which included the armrest extension and the Square Bar Roof rack. Financed through dealer 60 months at 3.90%. I financed everything and will invest my money in something doing better than 3.90%,, hopefully ;-)

    I called three local dealers and gave them all one chance to give me their best price. I said I would not go back and play them off of each other. It was one chance for them to do business with me. In the end I went with closest dealer even though he was $200 more. He has a better reputation. I never met the dealer until I came to pick up the car. He ordered the car for me just from my assurances that I would buy it if he got it. I even arranged financing over the phone with them sight unseen. It was the probably the easiest sale he ever made and I felt like I was in control the whole time.
    I had very little trouble getting a white XT with Premium Package. I drove a silver at one of the local dealers, but they quoted me $26,900 without options. I think it is still there. I wanted a White one and had to wait a couple weeks for the late August boat to come in. Apparently there are only three white XT PP in New England to date. The dealer swapped another N.E. dealer for it. It showed up with about 70 miles on it.

    The square bar rack accommodates Thule accessories. It attaches quickly with the flip of a lever at each pedestal and includes locks and keys. This rack is manufactured by MontBlanc. Still it seems to be a better rack for much less money than buying an after-market Thule. The rack does sit a few inches higher on the bars compared to the factory rack. It is also less aerodynamic, so noisier, especially with kayak attachments. However, if you already have a bunch of Thule accesories it is the best value.
  • Picked up my silver Forester XT Premium yesterday from Jenson Motor Center in Napa, CA. The car was finally ordered about a month ago after a long, agonizing wait and several failed attempts at dealer trades. It had only 12 miles on the odometer when I drove it off the lot, woohoo!

    Paid invoice thanks to the Subaru VIP program and IMBA - $26,053 which included the rear bumper cover, splash guards, and cargo tray; auto-dimming mirror; armrest extension; air filtration kit; and cargo net. I also took advantage of 3.9% financing for 60 months through Subaru. A very good deal all around during a time when most Premium XT's in this area are still sold with a healthy dealer mark-up (if you can get your hands on one at all)!

    Had a very pleasant and easy purchasing experience since price wasn't even an issue, and I'm absolutely in love with the car! Now I have some break-in miles to burn off...
  • Just purchased a Silver XT Auto with turbo guage, rubber mats, cargo net and security system upgrade. MSRP $27087 paid 24889 plus $49 in processing fees plus tax and tags. This deal was $149 over invoice at Fitzmall in MD. This replaces a 2001 Forester which will be returned next month on the expiration of a lease. Wife loved the old Forester so much that it had to be replaced. It didn't take too much effort for her to appreciate the extra power of the turbo.
  • Just bought a white 2004 Forester XS Premium MT with security system and the popular equipment group with the cargo tray, bumper cover, and splash guards in LA a few days ago. I got it for $10 over invoice, and probably could have done a little better if I had pushed harder. I met my target price, so I'm happy.

    The dealership I went to is getting out of the Subaru business to concentrate on its Mazda business. I've been looking through the owner's manual and noticed that there are at least a couple of things they didn't give me that they were supposed to.

    I didn't get:
    -the second keyless entry remote
    -the submaster key
    -the valet key

    They also sent me off with 1/4 tank of gas, but that is a side issue. Can anyone tell me if there is anything else I should have gotten from them? I think I have all the tools (torx driver, jack, spare tire, etc.), but I'd like to make sure I have a complete list of what's missing before I go back to the dealer.
  • pleiad7pleiad7 Posts: 59
    Sometimes you have to request a full tank of gas from the dealership or they won't voluntarily include it; when I bought my XT a couple of weeks ago, my dealer made a point of asking me if I wanted the car filled up, but made it clear that they would only use regular gas (XT normally requires premium).

    As far as your missing items are concerned, you should have also received the little plate with the key code on it in case you have to have your keys remade.

    My dealer shorted me on the torx driver in the toolkit; it's supposed to be included with moonroof-equipped vehicles, but so far I haven't found it. They offered to order one for me, but I politely declined since I would have to drive 40+ miles to pick it up... I'm sure I can find a stand-in somewhere in my husband's toolbox ;-)
  • Well, as far as the gas goes, I never explicitly asked, but at least a couple of times while I was waiting for the car, salesmen/finance people/managers told me that they were getting it washed and gassed (and my decidedly non-turbo forester takes regular unleaded). I guess it just took a long time to take the floor mats and cargo tray out of the plastic bags!

    Thanks for the key plate tip. I will add that to my list. The dealership is about 90 miles away for me, but I feel that these type of items are worth going back for. On the other hand, I agree that the torx driver would probably not be worth such a trip.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I would call 800-SUBARU3 and report the error the dealer made. They owe you a full tank, plain and simple, plus the keys.

    I wonder if Subaru cancelled their franchise because this neglect was common?

  • 04 Forster XS Premium package 2, white, paid CAN$700 over invoice (about CAN$1500 under MSRP) using (no time for bartering, but I'm sure I could have done better - doh!). Subaru of Calgary was friendly, though I seemed to know more than some of them about delivery issues (thanks to y'all), and I'm really far from being a grease-monkey (think grease-lemur...). Options include medium tint on rear 5 windows, 3M everywhere, and the center armrest. Got wayyy more for my 96 Sentra than I thought I would through a private sale, so my drive-away price was about CAN$1000 lower than I had planned.

    First impressions (after deflating the Flintstone-like tires) is a solid ride, nice interior and a little more noisy and truck-like than I expected - but still quiet and refined. I am at 32 pounds front and 30 pounds rear for tire pressure. Still too high? I am very pleased after my first 100 km (just rolled over 100 as I pulled into the garage tonight).

    Security question. I was steered away from the Subaru Security upgrade, and was told the Club was as good or better. Comments, please.
  • Well, I got a receipt for my fill-up 90 miles later and will call the dealer today or tomorrow about it and the key issues. I'll see what they have to say and go from there. They knew I was in a rush to get my girlfriend to work, so it may have just been an honest, stupid mistake.

    Although it's certainly possible, I don't think Subaru revoked their franchise. There aren't many Subaru dealers around the greater New Orleans area, and the other "main" one is better stocked. This one only had maybe 10 Subarus total, but they also happened to have the one I wanted. And they did have hundreds and hundreds of Mazdas.

    It even came in on their sales tactics. At first, they were not willing to deal at all on the Subie, but after I test-drove a Mazda Tribute and hated it, and told them it was the Subie or nothing (i.e. no Mazda sale to be made here), they became very flexible on the Subie.

    fryingbologna: I'm sure it is almost as easy for a knowledgable car thief to disarm a security system as it is for him to disarm a club, but for most thieves, I believe it is much more difficult. My Forester has the security system upgrade and it includes an audible alarm as well as an ignition kill feature, which to me, makes it much more superior to a club.

    Also, at least in the States, most insurance companies give you 10% or so off of your comprehensive coverage if you have an actual security system on your car with the features I mentioned above.
  • Same here in Canada, a1bogard, although they REALLY like the engine immboilzers like Honda has.
  • Can I get the 2004 Frontier XT with Prem Package and the other goodies packages for about $300 or less a month lease for 36 months 15k per year? How would I go about it. Its now October 5,2003. PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I REALLY WANT THIS CAR.
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