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2013 and earlier-Subaru Forester Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • njswamplandsnjswamplands Posts: 1,760
    funny part of mine is that the odyssey mini-van has higher insurance than the gutsy fxt. btw mine is way over 3k per year with no accidents or points against us.
  • ballisticballistic Posts: 1,687
    Over $3K? Yikes. We're paying about $1,700 a year ($800 for '97 Concorde, $900 for XT), and that's painful enough!
  • subkidsubkid Posts: 94
    Wasn't that name of this forum?

  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Everyone in Oregon with a CEL should just sue the local gas station for failing to put the gas cap on properly. A few thousand of these suits could get some attention. Hate buying gas across the line in OR.

    Gosh, these off-topic threads are fun, right Subkid? :-).

    Don't forget the chat tonight!

    Anyone buying?

    Steve, Host
  • ballisticballistic Posts: 1,687
    Hate buying gas across the line in OR.

    I don't blame you, but how about staying on topic, like I always do? <ducking & running>
  • njswamplandsnjswamplands Posts: 1,760
    we are off topic????? LOL
  • swamp - you need more ratables in yr town.
  • zmanzman Posts: 200
    I'm trying to work my way through the current pricing for a Forester XS. I understand that there are no cash rebates currently for either buyer or dealer, but that I could take advantage of low financing. So far, so good. What I don't get is the "DEALER HOLDBACK." How does that effect my pricing?

    Apparently, invoice for the car with the options I want is $22,075. The Edmund's "What Others are Paying" price for that car would be $23,021. Yet, Fitzmall has that car (with the exact same options)for $21,401; The same car as calculated on the VanBortel website would be $22,121. I want to go to my local dealer with some figures to support my negotiations, but these ones that I have researched seem so widely gapped that I feel uneasy--like I'm missing something. Am I? Is it holdback?

    Also, would the Fitzmall price or even the VanBortel price prohibit me from using Subaru's financing?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Here's a Dealer Holdback link.

    I'm not sure why the numbers are coming out with such a gap.

    Steve, Host
  • zmanzman Posts: 200

    The link was very helpful, although I got thrown off track a bit when I got to the end where it said that Subaru's holdback was, "3% of the Total MSRP (Amount may differ in Northeastern U.S.)" I live in upstate NY, which I assume qualifies as Northeastern U.S. Can I find out what our holdback is? Less than 3% I would guess.

    I also note that the salesperson makes no commission off the holdback, so I see why it it's a touchy issue. Sounds like the best strategy would be to special order a vehicle using the owner of the dealership as your salesperson.

    As for the discrepancy in the prices I found on the internet, I wonder if maybe some of the prices did not reflect accurately the new incentive structure. However, the Fitzmall people I talked to said the price was still good. Anyone have experience (positive or negative) working with them?

    -The Mudge
  • dcm61dcm61 Posts: 1,564
    It's a whole different ball game in New England. Subarus are distributed by Subaru of New England (SNE) which is different than the rest of the country (Subaru of America Distribution Company (SDC)). SNE charges slightly higher prices and may have different dealer / customer incentives than the rest of us. So, you can't really compare prices with fitzmall in MD or elsewhere out of SNE. I'm not sure if Van Bortel is part of SNE or SDC.


    P.S. I'm not 100% positive I got the distribution companies names correct.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Van Bortel is not part of SNE, Subaru of New England covers just the six New England States. I'm pretty sure holdback is the same everywhere. Some sites, including Edmunds, have not updated dealer costs in quite some time. Note that transportation is now $595 where Edmunds lists it as $550. Also, I think we're showing 2003 prices as 2004's. There has been a price increase announced recently too.

    And...we get $250 dealer cash on an XS, $500 on an X and zilch on XT.
  • zmanzman Posts: 200
    How often does Edmund's update the prices, in particular the "What Others Are Paying" line? Can I assume, for example, that the current figure does not take into account the fact that specific Forester buyer cash incentives ended January 5 (replaced by long-term low financing incentives)?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Edmunds' service provider is the one at fault, they haven't updated in too long a time, and now we've got a price increase on new deliveries. The incentives are the same on Forester, but if you take the special financing you'll pay more as the dealer loses the incentive.
  • zmanzman Posts: 200
    Maybe I'm not looking in the right places, but neither on the Subaru site nor the Edmund's site am I finding that there are currently any cash incentives (customer or dealer) that apply to the Forester. How will seeking special financing (1.9% 0ver 60 months) on a car in stock effect my negotiations?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    If you ask for the low rate, the dealer loses $500 on the X and $250 on the XS. The rate's a better deal anyway. This is dealer cash, not customer cash, so there's no obligation to tell you about it.
  • zmanzman Posts: 200
    Thanks. That helps.
  • akasrpakasrp Posts: 170
    Aspen White 04 Forester XT w/AT
    F4P Pop Eq Group 3B (Armrest/AirFilter/CargoNet)

    MSRP $26,553
    Invoice $24,187
    TMV $25,081
    Paid $23,890
    Plus Zero % 2 year financing. This was a surprise - I was going to just write a check.
    No trick fees. (No finance fee, etc)
    Car still in plastic. 3 miles on ODO. Full tank of gas.
    Fleet manager, Finance guy and Book/walk-through guy all extremely friendly and pleasant.
    Actually enjoyed the experience!
    Thousand Oaks Subaru in Thousand Oaks, CA.
    Unqualified Highest Recommendation!
  • ballisticballistic Posts: 1,687
    You make me sick.

    Congratulations. Great deal.
  • zmanzman Posts: 200

    Hmmmm...I wonder how far that is from Albany, New York.


    The Mudge
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Great deal. Thousand Oaks was one of my "go-to" dealers when I was with Priceline.

    Did you negotiate or was this their online price?
  • akasrpakasrp Posts: 170
    Initial offer was Invoice plus $200. I emailed that I could get IMBA VIP Invoice here in town. Immediate reply was Invoice minus $300. Literally 1-2-3. So Painless!
  • p0926p0926 Posts: 4,423
    srp- Congratulations and welcome to the club! Good to see you finally pulled the trigger :-)

    -Frank P.
  • lark6lark6 Posts: 2,565
    Wow, nice deal akasrp!

    I'm starting to wonder if I need to hang onto my ACA membership for the VIP pricing since a number of dealers around the country have shown they can beat it. I do paddle from time to time, so I guess it's worth the price of membership. ;-)

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    A long time ago someone got ACA membership, bought a Subie, and then wondered out loud if they should ever sample a Canoe. It was hilarious.

  • akasrpakasrp Posts: 170
    You know, my in-town Sube internet/fleet guy offered Invoice (no haggle - his first reply) without even name-dropping IMBA. But that was after I got the $300 under quote from Thousand Oaks - snooze-lose thing. Point is, Invoice seems to be easy in these parts without invoking the VIP thing. And just to clarify, I did not use IMBA's VIP service. I could have been just playing poker by mentioning it...
  • akasrpakasrp Posts: 170
    You make me sick

    then my job is done here. <gr>

    seriously, JB, it was your fast & easy deal back in summer that inspired me. IIRC, $100 over on a brand spankin' new to market hot vehicle - in the NW no less - was impressive.

    -s(as in speedfreak)rp
  • ballisticballistic Posts: 1,687
    My deal was above dealer invoice; yours was below. Way below.

    Don't you have even the slightest twinge of guilt? Doesn't it bother your conscience that some little kid will have to trudge to school through the snow barefoot this winter because his car-salesman dad couldn't afford to buy shoes?

    How do you sleep at night?
  • stuhallstuhall Posts: 59
    (and shoes for your kids) are for closers.

    -Alec Baldwin
        -Glengarry Glen Ross
  • akasrpakasrp Posts: 170
    it's [email protected] hard with a new XT begging to be ridden hard and put away wet sittin out in her stall!!

    (Didn't get the feeling that any of the car guys was feeling too 'hurt' by my deal. Friendliest bunch of folks I've ever encountered at any dealership. 100% smarm-free. Gotta say it was weirding me a bit...)
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