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2013 and earlier-Subaru Outback Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just bought a new 2005 Outback 2.5i with manual transmission, no options for $21,500 in Topeka KS. The dealer there was very knowledgable and did not put any pressure on us.

    I am 6' 4" and have size 13 shoes but have no problem getting comfortable in this car. Some taller people have reported that it is too cramped. It is just fine for me. I tested Foresters too. They were very comfortable, maybe slightly better for me but not as comfy for my family. So, the Outback was clearly the way to go for us. With a Forester I could have had slightly more room for my big body but would have had more complaining from the wife and kids about everything else. Thus the Outback was a no-brainer. The power seat really lets you dial into a comfortable position. I sat in the car for over two hours and then drove home for about an hour and I am very happy.
  • dbell1dbell1 Posts: 40
    and he promises "the same VIP Pricing that is offered to Subaru Employees and suppliers". I'd get invoice plus rebates on the 2005. Should bring the cost down to what I'd like to pay.

    There are a few base 2005 Outbacks in stock that would cost $22.6K, down from $26.6. Of course, I could go all out and get the LLBean for $28.9K, instead of $33.5. ;)

    I'm almost sold on the Ford Freestyle, but it's more vehicle than I need and it's the first model year. I saw a 2003 Limited Outback at the dealer when I parked the Freestyle and loved it.

    Plus, the Outback has more base options than the Freestyle (it's annoying having to pay extra for Side Air and AWD and have the dealers act as though I don't need them). Also, my German Shepherd can't get into the Freestyle, but I think she'd be able to get into the Outback.

    I'll post back with what happens - we're going there tomorrow..
  • mmullinmmullin Posts: 10
    If you are in the Portland, Oregon area I can recommend contacting their internet salesperson. I started looking at 2005 Outbacks last spring but really wasn't ready to part with my 2000 OB. With summer came the $1500 cash back offer so I started looking around and came up with his name and started communicating with him by e-mail. I'm glad I did. Decided to wait for the 2006 Outbacks and took a trip to Carr. Wasn't planning to buy, just test drive, etc. Didn't even take the title and extra keys. He was true to his word about price which was very good. No pressure at all. Very fair offer for my 2000 and I'm home (2 hours away) with a beautiful new Outback. Easiest car buying experience I've had. The worst part was giving up my 2000. The best part was dealing with Carr's internet salesperson. Highly recommended!
  • opnwidopnwid Posts: 2
    Hello all,
    I live with my wife and 2 yr. old daughter in Boston, MA Metrowest area. I'm considering a switch from Nissan Pathfinder to a used Outback Wagon with up to $25K miles. Main goals are safety, saving on gas, and reliable winter driving.
    1. So many models of Outback... what are major differences?
    2. What is mileage in city like?
    3. Good dealers?

  • Thanks to all subies' advices, we could mange to get a 2005 OB Ltd (and the color that we like) with Singer Subaru in NH last week at 24,500 plus tax and fees, excellect service, no hard sell. The salesperson who served us was Paul, highly recomended. They even provided vehicle delivery service to Boston downtown area without extra charge.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Look for an 02-04 Outback, maybe with a little warranty left.

    Base models should be fine, AWD and ABS are standard.

    Get the OB Limited if you want the leather and dual moonroof, plus you get a 6CD and heated seats.

    Then you have the H6 models, the LL Bean and the VDC. Those cost a bit more, though, and won't be quite as fuel efficient as the base/limited models.

    Shop around a little and then let us know what you find out there. It's often hard to find a low-mile Subie because we tend to hold on to them fairly long.

  • opnwidopnwid Posts: 2
    Why '02-'04? We found an '01. Its got a 2.0ltr, PWR door/window, front/side airbags, Rear defog/wiper, not sure what else yet. Is there something wrong or less desirable about '01s???

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Can't be a 2.0l. They had a 2.2l model in 1995, but since 1996 it's been 2.5l or bigger.

    By '02 the head gasket issue was resolved. It's OK, that '01 would be covered for 8/100 by the warranty Subaru extended as long as they added the coolant conditioner. Call 800-SUBARU3 with the VIN to check if that was performed on the car and if it's covered.

    If so you're fine. If not I'd look for an '02 or later.

  • wam1wam1 Posts: 6
    Paid $26000 OTD

    Question: the car came w/ facory roof racks.
    I need kayak racks for the car....what are better, Subaru kayak stackers or
    yakima or thule adapters?

  • I purchased a preowned 2004 Forester XT from North Park Subaru. It saved me about $6K over buying a new '05 model, but I was not able to negotiate much below the sticker price.

    I worked with a guy named Jerry -- I think he was honest and straight forward with me.

    One of the Austin internet salesmen was nice and very responsive, but his prices were about the same or slightly more than North Park, so it wasn't worth the drive for me. However, coworkers have experienced the opposite; they were able to get better deals in Austin an some of the smaller TX towns. If you need any other info, please let me know.
  • sammi2sammi2 Posts: 1
    Am thinking of purchasing a used (placed into service in July 2004) 2005 Subaru Outback (base model) wagon. It has 22,000 miles and was used as a rental in Connecticut. I'm purchasing it at a dealership in Ohio. I am able to purchase it for $18,600. It has a lot of miles for a car that's been in service less than a year; however, the price seems decent. Is it? Your thoughts?

    Also, it's white and I've never considered a white car before. Is it hard to keep clean? Other thoughts on color?

    Regarding the Subaru Gold Plus extended warranty - how much room for negotiation is there? Is there such a thing as "dealer cost"? How does one find out?

    Have enjoyed and learned a great deal from the exchange of information on this exchange.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Seems good, he new ones are in the low 20s.

    People usually pay $700-1500 for a warranty depending upon the length of the term and the deductible.

    Keep in mind you get full roadside assistance with Subaru Gold, that made it a good value for us.

  • wam1wam1 Posts: 6
    I saw someone paid $425 for extended warranty classic plan on this site.
    When my dealer said theirs was $525, I mentioned I had seen it on here for $425, they said they could do that.
    So there is room for negotiation .
  • Found a Base Outback tonight at my local, family owned dealer. It's a 2001, Green with cream trim, looks to be the base, but has the security system and new tires. Miles are 71K. Squeak in brakes, ding in door, small rip in passenger side door cloth. Carfax is clean and interior is in good shape except for the rip. The dealer is going to fix the brakes and the rip. Priced at $11.8K, I was quoted $10.8K. Drove like a dream. I'm looking to replace my 2001 Jeep with a more gas efficient vehicle that fits my dad and my dog. Both were comfy in the Subie. I fell in love with the Forester, but it won't work for the family.

    They did have a 2002 Limited with 45K miles for $15K. I'm tempted to get that instead. Is it a better deal?

    Advice please and thank you? I'd like to get it on Saturday (when the works done). :)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Is a better deal, IMO. You'd pay almost 50% more for a little extra equipment a something a year newer. It's worth 20% more, not 50%.

  • Thanks for the reply. My dad is worried about the mileage. The Jeep only has 30K miles on it, but is a gas hog and isn't comfortable for the family. He's convinced that trading something with 30K miles for something with 70K miles is stupid. I see some of the logic, but I also know that the Subaru will last me a LOT longer than the Jeep.

    I did talk to the salesman this morning - he's going to check the lot and let me know best prices on his other Outbacks, so the 2002 or 2003 models may come down in price.

    They were MOBBED last night when I went there - 2 people were in a bidding war
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Don't put him in that situation, the trade-in value on the Jeep will already be bad enough.

  • Jeep trade in value is $8200. :cry: Some teenager will be happy with it, I'm sure, I just don't want the hassle of trying to sell on my own. If my son was a little older, I'd keep it for him, but paying for 2 cars makes no sense in a 1 driver household, when both are fine for snow, rain, etc.

    The price on the 2002 with 35K miles is 15K. Warranty coming with it is 2 years, 24K miles. They said they did about $500 worth of work to the brakes.

    If I bought the extended warranty on the 2001, it would be $800 for 2 years. It's guaranteed for 30 days, 1,000 miles.

    The bidding war was on a Forester. One man was coming in with a deposit and already had the paperwork filled out, the lady was sitting in a chair ready to take it in case he didn't show. It was pretty funny!

    Thanks again for the fast reply. I'm lucky to have found these forums! :shades:
  • Which dealership did you go to? I'm loooking for the same vehicle (except auto...) and I live in DC. Any troubles or complaints on the car yet?
  • The squeal I heard was from the rear brakes - they replaced them. :shades: I looked at the 2002 again today, but you could tell the previous owners had children - the back seat was trashed - broken cup holders and stains.

    Bought the extended 2 year, bumper to bumper Classic Warranty for $1000. Paid cash on it so I didn't have to add it over the life of the loan.

    Juice - thanks again for your help - I was almost tempted to go up a model year, but even the dealer said that the 2001 was the better deal. Plus, I financed for 4 years instead of 5 (or even 6 for a new vehicle). It saved a ton! Payments are only $20 more per month than the Jeep was and I'll save triple that in gas and insurance.
  • fitgerald automall in kensington, md (next to white flint mall). you can get their price online. i called around and it appeared that other dealership in the area will match/beat their price, so if they don't have the precise car that you're looking for, you may be able to still use their price points in negotiating at other dealerships.
  • Downsizing from minivan and determined Outback Wagon is probably top choice. Also in Albuquerque and interested in more of your experiences with the dealers. Is the one near I-25 the difficult one with the greater inventory?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Boy, did you have perfect timing or what?

    Congrats, I'm very happy for you!

  • I've dealt with both Albuquerque Subaru dealers and they have very different approaches to selling cars. Garcia Subaru goes for low volume and high margin. Galles Subaru goes for high volume and low margin (if you negotiate hard). Galles has much larger inventory, and their service department is the best I've experienced at any car dealer (and I've owned Lexus in the past). I'm about to buy my fourth Subaru from them (06 XT Ltd).
  • Appreciate the info. Since Galles is closer to home would want to use their service department anyway. I may try playing them against each other. Garcia's salesman was much more informative and helpful, though the guy at Galles was willing to let me play my "stupid lady doesn't know exactly what she wants" act and look at and drive a number of different models. I am perfectly willing to walk away from the negotiating as can drive 18 year old BMW (not trading in) around until kid is back from college. Only real competition for the Outback is Volvo V50, not sure I like that dealership's service (friend's experience), and Audi A3, nice driving but small, and husband already drives A4. Plus I'm still Scotch enough to want the most for my money, cargo capacity, ease of service, resale value (though don't expect to sell anytime soon, except possibly to child after graduation), etc.
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    Have had 2.5i Ltd a little over 8 months now, approaching 21 k miles. Car runs great, gas mileage has improved getting 26 - 29 on mostly highway driving.

    Question on Subaru Bucks.... I now have three separate Subaru Cards and as I use them for all purchases (maybe made a mistake buT my wife has one as well) have things figured out I can earn the maximum of $500 this year for each of the cards. The one I got a few days ago was an unsolicited offer from Chase; I applied, came back with a credit limit of 10,500 and included a check I could use one time. It gets better--I don't have to pay any interest on it for six months--just pay the minimum balance. Cashed it at bank & deposited it in money market where I will make a little interest for six months and, to make the deal sweeter, will earn over 300 Subaru bucks right off the bat!

    Here is my question--I know that the Subaru bucks can be used for any expenditures at Subaru dealerships for service, as well as for a new car. I have it figured out during the next three years by using the cards to the max, I can earn $4500 in Subaru bucks. In 2 1/2 years my outback will be paid for and I may very well give that vehicle to wife & buy another Subaru product. Or, can anyone tell if if the bucks would be good for a used vehicle, purchased at a subaru dealership?
  • Did you read the fine print? I don't think you earn Subaru Bucks on balance transfers or cash advance transactions. You can use subaru bucks to purchase pre-owned Subarus.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I doubt the dealer will accept more than $1500 for any one purchase. The cashier at my dealership does accept them like cash, though.

    We have had trouble saving them up! Used $100 for accessories. Then used $300 at the body shop, which was sweet because insurance reimbursed us - KA-CHING! Cash in our pockets.

    Now we have another $100 saved up. I'm sure we'll blow it on something.

    Just keep using them to pay for service. You have to use $100 at a time, so buy extra oil filter, T-shirts, accessories, or whatever to get to amount up to right around $100.

    Even the on-line places take it. I snail mailed them the Bucks and they charged a small portion ($6 IIRC) to my credit card, and I got $106 worth of accessories at wholesale prices. That's a lot of stuff!

    Good luck, my guess is you will have no problems spending it. 15k service, 30k, 45k, 60k, etc. All free.

    Talk about KA-CHING!

  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    This wasn't a balance transfer. It was one check that was sent with my third card. I was very careful & called Chase. They said it could be treated just like cash & the amount I used the check for would be charged to my account. I asked specifically if there were any restrictions on being able to redeem subaru bucks & they said no. So I wrote a check for maximum on my line of $10,500, took the money & put it into money market. Plus no interest charges for six months, all I have to do is make minimum payment each month (maybe 5%, or something like that)? For that $10,500 will immediately get sent three subaru bucks for $100 each. So, after this year, I will have accumulated a total of $1500 or them, and have used $200 worth for 15k service (not sure I needed that service) and the 30k service costs $400 at most dealerships so I figure I will have around $900 left in bucks. If I do that each of three years & use the bucks for service should have $3000 worth in a few more years. In the fine print on the checks it says they can be used for any purchases at dealers for parts or service, or for purchase of "new" vehicles or for leasing. No mention if can be used for used vehicles or used Subaru's specifically. I will call the dealer to find out.
    Also, no mention that I cannot use a maximum number on purchases either. If I can, suppose I could get tires from dealer for other vehicles.

  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    No limit on how many you can use, but only for service, parts or purchase or leasing of new vehicle. Maybe in two more years when the beca has been out for a few years they will be discounted a little more, and hopefully more fuel efficient.
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