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    Thanks for the (very timely) heads-up on your earlier posts regarding purchase experience at Sheehy. I live about 2mi from there, and will test drive one of their Quests in the next few days.

    I became interested in the SE when I saw the Carmax prices, but am now looking at a loaded SL package as I'm considering the navigation system. The nav system would put an SE out of my price range. One of Sheehy's Quests has a nav system, and I'll try to get the salesman to give me a quick demo during the test drive. Not getting the nav system opens up more possibilites, including the SE, so I need to determine if it's a "must have" for me.
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    I finally bought by 2004 SE at Tischer Nissan. They beat both Carmax and a very good price from other internet services.

    I will tell you the best deals are going to be on the lower level Quests. After the sale I spoke to the manager for a while as they prepped the car and said they had so many SE sales but not as much interest in the lower levels. He would have gave me a better deal on an S model.
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    Just thought I would share buying experience. Armed with knowledge from the 2004 Quest forums, went to Showcase Nissan. Final deal was 300 over invoice for Silver Quest SE, with Single DVD, Seat Package, Floor Mats & Splash Guards.

    Dealer was great to work with, but also helps that it will be my 3rd car from their auto group.
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    I am so glad I found this forum because it totally helped me with my purchasing of the Quest SL + seat package + floor mat + SL upgrade pkg + wheel locks. The MSRP was $28,530. I got the car for $26,200 (before doco fee $489, title $18, lemon fee $3, sales tax 6%). Invoice was around $26,000 for the car.

    Because I was so prepared going in, the entire deal took less than an hour and I was out the door with my new van. I hope my experience can also help others get a good deal.
  • vjj110vjj110 Member Posts: 13
    Several weeks ago, I asked if some one had got a good deal in Chicago area. I guess I got one. We just picked up our smoke SL last Friday from the Woodfield Nissan in Hoffman Estate, IL. They said because I work for a nearby big company, they initially offered me a 2% over invoice deal. It was not bad. However, I was looking for a SL with navigation. The only SL with navigation they got also comes with running board and towing package that are not on my list. They offered to share the price of the running board and towing package. The final deal is $1350 above my original (no running board, etc) invoice estimate. But with this $1350 extra, I got running board, towing package, and also dealer-installed etching security protection and bug deflector. They said the etching costs $249, and the bug deflector is $198! It is hard to believe, but overall the deal is great. Given a second thought, the running board and towing package are not really useless. Especially my kids are toddlers, and the towing package can be used to carry bicycles later.

    The sales lady Viola is very helpful. She spent an hour with us when we picked up the van to demo the features in details. She also called me again a couple of days later to ask if every thing is alright. My wife was very impressed with her service. The whole buying experience is pleasant.
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    3 days ago we picked up our new 2004 Quest SE - Silver with ALL the options/accessories (NAV, Dual-DVD, Towing Package, Seats, Running Boards, Mats, Splashguards, even got the Cargo Cover) ... $200 over invoice and the best tradein deal (of the 4 Nissan dealers we were shopping).

    The dealer was looking for a Smoke one (w/NAV+DualDVD) for us for about a month. Smoke really is hard to find right now! With their December ordering around the corner, we had our choice of ordering it now and it would arrive late January ... Or ... Going with our 2nd choice color(Silver) which they dealer-traded for in 24 hours.

    Not sure how much truth there is in this, but the dealer complained that Nissan was now restricting their monthly orders to a 3-1 SE allotment (that is, if they ordered an SE, it counted just like they would have ordered 3 other Quests (S, SL)) ... also heard rumors that the Titan trucks were selling better than expected so a lot of drivetrain parts were being routed to the Titan vs the Quest, slowing down production.

    We have almost 500 miles on it already (it is fun to drive:) with no rattles, ac problems or any other idiosyncrocies i've read about here. WHAT A GREAT VAN! Great power (no hessitation when hitting the gas pedal like the Sienna), Fun to drive (I love the Navigation system!) and the kids love the Dual Screen DVD (no more fighting for the front/back seat).

    I can recommend our dealer in the Pittsburgh area if anyone is interested ... Heck, I even get a free gift from their referal catalog if you mention my name when you come in <grin>
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    Please, no names of individuals and no bird-dogging for spiffs or kickbacks.... thanks!

    Steve, Host
  • frittobfrittob Member Posts: 52
    N.P. ... I'd still recommend the dealer even without the referal
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Thanks. And congrats on the ride.

    No other new owners? Seems to be little buying spurts in here and then a few days of nothing. Getting towards the end of another year meaning two things:

    It's a good time to shop, and

    My '99 Quest will be officially a year older come New Year's Day :-)

    Steve, Host
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    Just some info for your reference.
    When I visited the dealer a couple of weeks ago, I overheard another sales person on phone. He said "... the holiday season, sales is slow...". I am not in this industry, I am not sure if what he said is true. However, if it is true, now may be really a good time to shop.
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    I'd love to see Nissan run some promotions on the 2004 Quest or Murano. I'd be happy with a 2003 Murano, but there aren't in the entire state that aren't loaded--or the color choices are terrible. A small factory rebate would definitely push me over the edge on a new car.

    I've read some rumors about a possible small rebate or financing promotion for Quest S & SL models, but nothing has materialized.
  • newquestcanucknewquestcanuck Member Posts: 13
    We just picked up our new Quest SL last saturday and boy are we pleased with our choice. It drives like a dream. The kids love the dvd system, its so spacious; its going to take some getting used to. Great van though, highly reccommended.

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    Hi Fellow Pittsburgher,

    We have considering a minivan for several months and the two that we like were the Quest for its drive and the Dodge GC for its interior comfort. If the Quest had more comfortable seats and better fabrics it would be a hands down winner.

    I know they don't want to mention names of dealers, but can you advise the town in which you purchased your new Quest. We took test drives from three dealers (Dormont, Route 51 and Airport) but didn't do any dealing. I would be interested to know where you bought yours. I wish you continued success with your Quest.
  • marvinkmmarvinkm Member Posts: 6
    I agree about the fabrics. I actually like the Rouge--although the quality is nowhere near that of the leather on the Murano. The orange dashboard looks incredibly cheap, though--nothing like the pictures.

    The cloth seats are terrible. Ugly and not particularly comfortable. Nissan has lots of nice cloth interiors (again, Murano is a great example).. but the cloth in the van is awful.
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    Posting dealer names is fine here, just not individual salespeople. Please see the blurb at the top.

    Steve, Host
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    RUN, don't walk, AWAY from the Dormont guys (ohh, the story i could tell you)

    Only went out to the Airport dealership a few times. Decent selection but the salesmen seemed kinda inexperienced.

    RT51 is where we purchased.

    There's also a dealership down Rt19 (by WashingtonPA) that i could recommend.

    --- (At the risk of going off-topic) ---

    We also looked at the GC until we found out it didn't have the fold down 3rd row seats. Maybe next year's model.

    I really like the comfort of the seats on the Quest. The drivers seat has lumbar support, which is wonderful. The middle seats feel like airplane seats. And the back seat is raised, so you loose a little headroom/feetroom, but the occupants can see more and don't get that stuffed in the back feeling. Great for the kids.

    When you say better fabric ... are you referring to the leather or the cloth fabrics?
  • ivysphotomomivysphotomom Member Posts: 1

    Just found this site...thank goodness! My husband took the day off today, at my pursuading, and we only made it to THREE dealerships...a toyota up north, a honda down south, and nissan in, of all places, Dormont, for our only test drive, and trade-in offer, from a nissan dealer...

    Well, we really liked the look and design features of the Quest. All we needed was a reasonable trade in on '99 Windstar...but got same games as other dealers with numbers - esp. toyota - with their supply not equal to demand condescension! (I ran leasing rates on various cars on all three car company websites to get THEIR current lease rates, so I could tell they were playing games with the math). We were so disappointed that they too, were playing the same games!

    I know of 4 Nissan dealers in Pgh. area, but am not sure who is on Rt 51. Would you mind posting the name of the dealership here??? And do you have any experience with the dealership on McKnight Rd?

    All we're looking for is the safest car for our 3 (soon to be 4) children - and a FAIR trade-in on the Ford (in which we're ridiculously upside down on because of it being a Ford. Otherwise, it's a nice car, but not under warranty, and doesn't have the latest safety features.)

    Thanks so much,

  • frittobfrittob Member Posts: 52
    Rt51 = Bowser Nissan

    They did give me the best trade in offer (almost double what the dormont dealership offered)

    Sorry, no real experience with the McKnight road dealership. A friend of mine had a bad experience there, so we stayed away. But that was years ago, so I'm sure things have probably changed.

    Try and test drive an SE if possible. The skyview sunroofs give it that more open feeling (especially with 3 or 4 kids in the back).
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    Just got a SE quote from a dealer that charges Dealer Delivery Fee $820.00 (2.5% of new vehicle). From this borad, I haven't read someone else is paying this fee, except doc fee and desination charge. Comments? Thanks
  • shenkarshenkar Member Posts: 159
    I'm laughing so hard I can barely contain myself. Call this bozo up and tell him that if he wants to sell you a van, it ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT have this garbage fee added to it. If he even so much as peeps...go to the next dealer on your list. This is too ridiculous for words!!
  • nextvan1nextvan1 Member Posts: 3
    Thank you so much. You just saved me $820. So I just booked a SE in Autumn Red, fully loaded at $33344, $86 registration fee,$540 Destination fee, no doc fee, $1250 for 6 years extended warranty, 5% sales tax, 3.75% load on 5 years.

    So final price with tax is $35637, with NAV, Dual DVDs, Seat package, Floor mats. Sounds good? I do use VPP program on it.
  • shenkarshenkar Member Posts: 159
    Sounds good, except the extended warranty. I got the 7 year 100,000 plan and only paid $1,047. Actually had it offered to me for as little as $963 so you can trim some more fat out of that $1,250.

    Keep in can buy the warranty from any dealer, not just the dealer you get the van shop around if they won't come down (they will).
  • 2004quest2004quest Member Posts: 13
    Shenkar, did you get Security Plus Gold Preferred or Security Plus Gold?
  • shenkarshenkar Member Posts: 159
    Security+Plus - Gold. $50 Deductible.

    Quote from Nissan website: "What's the difference between the Gold Preferred Plan and the Gold Plan? - The Gold Preferred Plan offers all the coverage of the Gold Plan plus 24-hour roadside assistance and trip-interruption reimbursement for meals, lodging and alternative transportation. You also receive an additional day's reimbursement (up to five days, not four) at up to $35 per day for car rental."

    Not worth the extra bux, IMO. I just need them to fix my van if it craters. I got quotes from 11 dealers on this. $963 was the lowest, but I gave the extra $84 to the dealer I bought the van from, since he sold me the van below invoice.
  • vjj110vjj110 Member Posts: 13
    Shenkar, what you said about the difference between Gold and Gold Preferred shown on Nissan web site is true.
    However, I got an official Nissan brochure from my dealer. That brochure lists all the components covered by different plans. On that you can see the Audio (and Video? cannot remember) system is only covered by Preferred plans (gold and silver). Besides those towing, lodging,..., the covered components by Gold and Gold Pref. are not really exactly the same.

    Not a vehicle expert, I was concerned that I might miss some important components. So I bought a 7 years/100,000 miles/$50 deductible Gold Preferred - $1,313.

    By the way, I really admire you that you could shop 11 dealers for a warranty plan. I should have done that!
  • 2004quest2004quest Member Posts: 13
    vjj110, I read the Nissan Brochure also and you know what, They cover the DVD unit allright but as far as Audio is concerned, they cover only the Bose speakers but not the Bose 6 CD changer which is standard on the SE
  • vjj110vjj110 Member Posts: 13
    2004quest, do you mean no any plan covers the 6-cd changer? or only the preferred plan cover it, but not the gold?
    I do have the cd changer.
  • vjj110vjj110 Member Posts: 13
    2004quest, do you mean no any plan covers the 6-cd changer? or only the preferred plan cover it, but not the gold?
    I do have the cd changer.
  • 2004quest2004quest Member Posts: 13
    vjj110, If you have the SE then I think the CD changer is not covered. They do give a list of CD players that are covered, which are probably on the SL & the S trims but Bose CD Changer which is on SE is not on the list of covered components.
    They mention the CD changer cartridge as covered but that is the least of my concerns as that probably costs them 5 bucks to replace.
  • 2004quest2004quest Member Posts: 13
    vjj110, I do not think that the Bose CD changer on the SE is covered by any warranty. If you look closely at the brochure you will see that they specifically give names of the CD/Audio systems covered by the Gold Preferred warranty but Bose is not one of them. They only thing they cover from Bose is the speakers.
  • vjj110vjj110 Member Posts: 13
    2004quest, I guess we both have bought the car. You know what, I guess I am not sure what I got. Looked at the Quest specification again, I found the description about CD changer is "In-dash 6-CD changer". It does not say it is "Bose CD changer". It do say "Digital Bose audio system with AM/FM" and "Ten Bose speakers". Therefore, I am not sure who made the CD changer, and whether it is different on SE and on other models.
  • shenkarshenkar Member Posts: 159
    Discussions of CD changers aside, I'm just saying the supposed "additional coverages" of the "preferred" plan are not worth the additional $350.00, IMO.

    Remember, these plans (like insurance) are supposed to protect you against "catastrophic" losses...not against every possiblity known to man. If you buy these plans (or insurance) like that, you'll overpay every time (in relation to the true benefits you're likely to receive). This additional "extra protection" is largely smoke-and-mirrors.

    That $350 was likely all profit to Nissan and the dealer. But take heart, you can cancel these plans at any time (100% refund within 60 days...prorated by mileage term after 60 days).
  • raul4raul4 Member Posts: 95
    I would say it is an individual choice and each individual's circumstances. I paid $1,329.00 with ZER0 deductible because I wanted the maximum protection for 7 years or 100,000 miles (whichever) into the future. For that, I was willing to pay the few extra hundred dollars.
  • shenkarshenkar Member Posts: 159
    No argument there. Extended Warranties, Insurance Plans, choices in question, there's a seat for every [non-permissible content removed]. So you can have whatever floats your boat...if you're willing to pay the price for that added "piece of mind".

    But don't cover your eyes to the facts on these plans. They're designed, first and formost, to make money for the manufacturer and the dealer.

    When you pay inflated prices for questionable coverages that you'll likely never need, that's not a good use of funds. Most automobile insurance policies have something functionally equivalent to this so-called trip insurance, rental reimbursement thing, so you're duplicating coverages in most cases.

    And not using the competitive nature of the marketplace to uncover the true cost (value) of these things is just not smart either.

    Keeping that extra $350 to put on a good set of aftermarket tires could be one of several better uses of the money.
  • raul4raul4 Member Posts: 95
    "...a seat for every [non-permissible content removed].", that is pretty crude. There is absolutely no one that can predict what major problem may occur with these vehicles. That is the entire purpose of insurance to provide people with alternatives that best suites their expectations and as I said before their particular circumstances. Furthermore, in looking at the numbers it is not $350 but something somewhat less than that.
  • shenkarshenkar Member Posts: 159
    You accuse me of crudeness...and yet you QUOTE me, verbatim. LOL!?!

    I have no desire to insult your delicate sensibilities, so forgive me for what you perceive as crudeness. I also have no desire to get into a pissing contest (Oops!) with you either. I am merely stating the obvious. No one can insure against every possible eventuality that may occur, and do so without paying an inflated premium.

    This is insurance 101 we're talking about. And you're didn't pay $350 more for this "additional coverage". You paid $366 to be exact. $1,329 - $963 = $366. $366 / $963 = 38% more.

    If you feel justified in paying an additional 38% more for the equivelent of a stripped-down AAA membership (not even), who am I to question your logic or decision making abilities. Ergo, you proved my earlier statement that there's a seat for every...ahem, behind.
  • raul4raul4 Member Posts: 95
    Relax! You shouldn't get yourself all upset. I am sorry for hitting a nerve. Now, you can have the last word.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Let's get back to car dealing please. There's plenty of irritation involved in that process without having to pick on each other in here :-)

    Steve, Host
  • nematodenematode Member Posts: 448
    We were pretty much set on getting a Sienna XLE AWD but I'm getting some really ($200-300 over invoice) quotes on the SL + upgrade + leather + seat. The problem is that they all seem to have the DVD system which adds something like $1500 by it self or the NAV or both. I dont want either. The dealers we visited claim that the SE models go fast but they cant sell the SL versions. If we find one that has no DVD for around invoice it will be tempting simply based on value. Are other people balking at the SL with DVD and/or NAV too? There seem to be quite a few on lots.
  • raul4raul4 Member Posts: 95
    I certainly agree with you. You can count on me. Have a great one.
  • actdactd Member Posts: 12
    Paid invoice price for an SL with seat package, SL upgrade, floor mats, microfilter, cargo cover, and splash guards for a total of $26,261. Also bought a 84-month/100K Gold Preferred extended warranty with $50 deductible for $1,363. There was a documentary fee of $95, and registration fee of $104. We didn't really want the cargo cover and splash guards but the sales manager said all Quests come with them. I didn't know how true was that but since they were at invoice prices so I didn't argue any further.

    The sales guy didn't sit in the van when we did the test drive. When we came back to the show room, however, he brought us to the sales manager and left. The manager immediately offered us $1,500 off MSRP even before I opened my mouth! I told him I'd buy an extended warranty if I can get it at the dealer's invoice. He responded that he needed to talk to his boss before making the offer. Five minutes later he came back with a binder showing different warranty packages from Nissan. He said he would sell me the van at invoice and any warranty service $100 below dealer's cost. By the way, I noticed there was only roughly $100 difference between the Security+ Gold and the Gold Preferred warranty as showing on the dealer's cost chart. Needless to say we picked the Gold Preferred for the 24-hour road side assistance feature.

    We accepted his offer but have to wait for a week until he locates a silver mist Quest for us. I specifically asked him to put in writing that deposit will be refunded if vehicle is not delivered by the end of the week. The whole haggling process only took about 30 minutes before we had a deal. I had a feeling if we spent more time haggling, we might be able to knock down the price even further by a couple of hundred dollars.

    From the buying experience, I strongly believe now is the best time of the year to buy regardless which dealer you go. The one we went was DCH Freehold Nissan in central NJ.

    One thing I have to mention is when I test drove the vehicle, I noticed the engine produced quite a bit noise. Not sure if this is related to the cold weather or just this particular van. I remembered when I test drove another SL near end of the summer it was much quieter. Any suggestions?
  • nematodenematode Member Posts: 448
    I drove the S, SL, and the SE on the same cold day and I did notice that the SL had more engine noise. I'm not exactly sure why but I'm sure it was louder. Under acceleration it was pretty a little more rough too. Then just last week we drove the SL in leather and that particular one was pretty quiet.
  • raul4raul4 Member Posts: 95
    The motor in my SL is very quiet on the open road, city driving and idling. As a matter of fact, when it idles the motor is barely noticeable.
  • shenkarshenkar Member Posts: 159
    Same with my SE. Can't hear it at idle...and has that beautiful throaty rumble when accelerating. Very Smooth!

    If yours is noisy, get it looked at, pronto!
  • gg2k2segg2k2se Member Posts: 109
    Hello gang,
    I've been living in fear of my 95 Ford Windstar and decided December would be a good month to buy. My local NY dealer and salesman has been fair to me so I gave them what I thought was a fair offer. I brought in a Carmax internet price (for about invoice) and explained to my local dealer that he was worth $200 -300 for his efforts. I also explained that Carmax was in MD and would take a day to pick up a Quest at invoice. So I offered $500 over invoice for a SE.

    He thought that was resonable, spoke with his manager and accepted, without any haggling. They think they can locate my vehicle this week; a Green SE without DVD/Nav.

    I also asked him to leak check the roof and adjust the doors BEFORE I take delivery. I spoke to the service manager, who knows me since I own a 2002 Maxima. She told me they had one bad SE roof leaker and that there is a TSB on it now.
  • cablekccablekc Member Posts: 54
    My wife and I are expecting our first child in June. I'm considering purchasing a Quest sometime in the next year to accomodate all the stuff that we probably will be hauling around.

    Generally, when is be the best time to purchase a Quest?
  • cablekccablekc Member Posts: 54
    I have heard those radio ads from Car Dealerships that advertise to "drive a little and save alot".

    I live in the SF Bay Area and have heard from radio ads from Car Dealerships that advertise to "drive a little and save alot". Apparently, it is sometimes cheaper to drive to the Sacramento area (which is about 2 to 3 hours away) to go shopping for new cars.

    Is there any benefit to looking for new cars at dealerships that are located 2 or 3 hours away from where you can "drive a little and save alot"?
  • quest132kquest132k Member Posts: 17
    Use local dealers to test drive and get a solid feeling for exactly what you want.
    Then use Internet/Email/Fax and/or phone to get competing quotes from whatever distance you choose.
    The NissanUsa site lets you check dealer inventory yourself - you don't have to let your local dealer "see what he can find to trade for".
    I replaced my old (93) Quest with a Mazda MPV which I bought from dealer 200 miles away (in a neighboring state) - he had a van with the equipment I wanted, I made email contact, we negotiated on the phone, and he had the van delivered to me. I never set foot in his dealership, and never met the salesperson face to face. Also never had to deal with the back-office F&I guys.
  • cablekccablekc Member Posts: 54
    Thanks quest132k for the advice. I did look up and did an inventory search as far away as Sacramento and found that the prices are pretty much the same as what was listed for local dealers.

    When you went online and contacted the dealer that was 200 miles away....was there any overall benefits ( such as more willing to negotiate to your price, easier to deal with, or lower cost )that you found when dealing with the dealer that was 200 miles away?
  • quest132kquest132k Member Posts: 17
    In my case, limited inventory was part of the motivation. I was trying to find a good deal on a clearance 2003 with available manu rebate. There were plenty of stripped base models, and pretty good supply of high-optioned vehicles, but I wanted only a specific combination of option packages which were (in my opinion) a good value. (didn't want power doors, moon roof, DVD, etc).
    I sent email requests to several dealers within 200 miles, this guy let me know he had a similar one on its way from the port. When it came in, he called back, we talked price, settled at $200 over invoice, and arranged delivery.
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