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Nissan Quest Prices Paid



  • I posted a whole new thread here under Nissan Quest. If you are in the market, you may wanna consider this. If the rebate does come, that will kill the resale value for those of us who would pay more this month.

    I cannot say for sure anything is going to happen, but I am now in the wait and see mode...
  • dougkedougke Posts: 3
    I placed on order for a fully loaded SE the last week in Aug and was told my van would be in the Oct build (for an estimated delivery date of late Oct/early Nov).

    Dealer called recently and said my order was rejected when dealer placed it with Nissan due to an overwhelming demand for the SE and a corresponding shortage of parts (transmissions). Only option is for dealer to find an SE from another dealer.

    I'm trying to be patient, but I don't see anyone else complaining so I don't know if this story is legit. If I wait it out, it could be December before one comes in. Anyone else seeing this problem?
  • shenkarshenkar Posts: 159
    Dougke, when I was shopping for my SE, I found a plentiful supply to choose from, with every configuration and option being readily available.

    Where do you live? Is there anything special about the van you want?

    Your dealer should be able to do a dealer trade, and have your van within 24 hours. There's no reason to "order" a van that's likely already sitting on some dealers lot just down the road.
    Just make your saleman get on their computer and give you a printout of the dealer stock sitting on the ground in your area, then take your pick, and take home your van.
  • You can do an online search yourself - go to the Nissan USA web site (am I allowed to post the actual address here?), select Quest, follow the instructions to design your quest and search inventory. Default lists dealers within 50 miles of your zip code - you can choose search again to expand to 100 mi radius. If you still don't find anything, look up the zip codes for some cities outside the 100 miles, and search again starting from there. I have been monitoring stock in Indiana/Ohio for about 4 weeks. The SE models do seem to be turning over pretty quickly. SLs go a little slower, and the S models seem to be hanging around quite a while. Who are all these people who want to spend $35,000+??
  • I bought a New 2004 Quest. SL with DVD $540 under dealer invoice (there is no dealer's add up options) plus free etch window and paid only tax and MV Documents fee. I got 3.89%Apr/5 years car loan without any bank fee or attoney review fee.
    I feel good about it. If you like to know the dealer and sale rep.'s name. Please e-mail me.
  • actdactd Posts: 12
    janwunchen, please email me the dealer and sales rep info to I'm looking to buy a silver SL with leather package within the next few weeks.
  • janwunchen, please email me the dealer and sales rep info to
  • Janwunchen, please email me the dealer and sales rep info to "" . Thanks.
  • bobbya2bobbya2 Posts: 35
    Hello Guys
    It is my 1st post here.
     I just bought SIENNA LE 8 Pass Pkg 7 for 26,500 after 1900 off MSRP.
    The Supply situation has improved in 2-3 weeks.
    Since I am now shopping for my brother for USED SIENNA, I saw one QUEST yesterday and liked FOLDABLE middle seats which no one has it now.
      Simultaneously I heard about some REBATE coming next month which I believe is POSSIBLE because:
    ON NISSAN WEBSITE they have special LEASE OFFER on model S with foldable seat pkg.

    So if I can get about 2000 off MSRP on S model with seat pkg. at MSRP of 25,130 and 3000 rebate and if it costs me
    FINALLY for maximum between 20,000 & 20,500 PLUS state taxes etc. I don't mind buying a new one instead of a used SIENNA.
    Thanks in advance for reply or email me please.
  • janwunchen, please email me the dealer, pricing breakdown, and sales rep info to

  • bobbya2bobbya2 Posts: 35
    To mr. janwun chen Would you please post atleast the name of your dealership in NJ and if possible email me the name of salesperson.

    Since yesterday I have started shopping so incase if REBATE rumors become TRUE which I believe is a POSSIBILITY because Nissan already
    HAS attractive LEASE OFFER on their site for "S"model.
    I also checked dealer sites and all of them have couple of vans in stock.
    If I can get "S" Model finally for maximum of 20,500 after rebate with just + NY taxes , I will go for it and I am willing to wait till December.

    HOWEVER, I got a call from Somerset Nissan , NJ
    who offered me "S" for 23,892 about 1500 off MSRP.

    THEIR OFFER ON "SL" & "SE" models is $1000 over factory Invoice On in-stock or Order van.

    I hope rebate is offered because I would hate to buy USED van at so high prices.
  • Nissan was expecting to sell a big portion of their S and SL models of the Quest, while have only a select few buy the SE. From what I am seeing and experiencing, the SE is the biggest seller and the other two models aren't doing half as well. It would be logical to assume that if any rebates were to be offered, it would be for the two lower end models, and not the SE. Dodge does that quite often--sell the lower models on huge rebates while offering very little or not incentives for their highest end model. (Far be it from me to suggest that Dodge is like Nissan!)
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    I just bought a Smoke SL here in Seattle for $500 over invoice, which is a good deal here. I don't understand how people get deals like $500 under invoice on such a new car. I got the last Smoke SL with the upgrade package in the entire state (I searched myself) and no dealer seems to have more than 4 or 5 on their lot at most. It didn't make sense to me that Nissan would offer a rebate on a car they didn't have many of (at least in my part of the country)
    Anyway, it was the most pleasant and easiest car buying experience I have ever had, and I average one car per year or two. The internet manager at Campbell-Nelson Nissan was very straightforward, honest, easy-going (not pushy), pleasant (believe it or not), and gave me a very good deal (the best I could find here). If you don't want to waste hours haggling over $100 I would highly recommend them. Actually, after hours you probably wouldn't get the $100 anyway.

    Good luck.

  • We purchased our 2004 Nissan Quest nearly one month ago at Courtesy Nissan in Tampa and was very pleased with the deal we received (2% over invoice). Professionalism and courtesy was extended by everyone at the dealership. We did not encounter high-pressure sales and they spent the time necessary to test drive and explain the vehicle to us. We interfaced primarily with the internet manager at Courtesy. Equally important is the time the dealership has taken after the sale to answer our questions and to ensure our satisfaction. We've received several follow-up calls from the dealership. KZ
  • I purchased a 2004 SE yesterday at Browns Nissan in Sterling. The Internet Manager at the dealership told us over the phone he would meet a price quoted by Carmax. So we drove Browns in Sterling, and they said pick your SE and we will do the deal.

    The van we liked had DVD and running boards (which the Carmax one did not) so we offered to pay invoice for those options, and they said sold.
    We paid $32,622 for an SE with seat package, single DVD, splash guards, and running boards. The only additional charge (not counting tax, tags, title) was a dealer prep fee of $220.

    I would highly recommend this dealer. They stuck to their word and came through with a great deal.

    Interestingly, Sheehy Nissan in Manasass had said they would match Carmax, but when we made the offer at the dealership, they only came down around $1500 off of MSRP. Their Internet Manager couldn't make the deal unlike the Brown's Internet Manager who had the juice to make the deal happen.
  • Quick follow up. Sheehy Nissan called back today and offered to sell me an SE at $500 over invoice, but they missed their chance.
  • mbonusmbonus Posts: 15
    2004 SE w/DVD, Seat package, Cargo Cover, Mats, Splash guards - Smoke

    Gave my best effort to get this van over the last month while staying in the immediate area. The best offer via "Fax Attack" was $800 over invoice + 499 Processing fee + transfer in from Jax. Needless to say I passed on that deal.

    I then tried the Edmunds quote finder a couple of weeks later including Carsdirect and AutobyTel. I started getting calls out of the woodwork from several different dealerships in the area. The problem I was encountering was finding one in Smoke. My wife and I decided we could live with Silver, so I went to the dealership that had Silver closest to the configuration I wanted.

    We went back and forth several times, with my sticking point that I was not willing to pay over invoice for a color we didn't even really want.

    So guess what, the GM comes in to seal the deal and imagine this, I think we have a Smoke SE that just came in this morning. I just about laughed out loud. Anyway my final deal ended up being somewhere around $700 over invoice or there abouts including processing fees. I probably speny an extra $500 to get smoke, but my wife is happy.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    That Bowke bloke <g> mentioned in another Quest discussion today that the Smoke SE is in high demand and very short supply.

    My Quest is silver; very easy to keep looking clean, but glad to hear you got your first choice :-) Congrats on the new ride!

    Steve, Host
  • mbonusmbonus Posts: 15
    If we already didn't have a silver color for our other car, we would probably have gone silver for the quest. Cleaning wise I would have preferred silver.
  • janwunchen, please e-mail me that dealer info to


  • sjnevisjnevi Posts: 1
    Just got my fully loaded 3.5SE. Thanks to all on the board for info. I was able to simply fax my offer of $700 over invoice (base plus all the options, including duel DVD, Nav, running boards, etc.) to dealer after wife did test drive. Initially they balked, but called back in 24 hours and accepted the deal, including all the lease terms which I had compared to independent sources.

    I've seen others on the board with better deals than $700 over, but I think it was a fair deal and conducted with little hassle, plus my wife got the car she wanted quickly. Spent all of 4 hours in total research, drafting offer, and picking up van.

    Transaction was in Atlanta, GA area. Good luck to all who are still hunting!
  • I have started looking at the Quest. I canot find a Nordic White Quest anywhere but on Nissan's site. What is the story? I am in Cincinnati.

  • actdactd Posts: 12
    I wonder if anyone had received a reply yet from 'janwunchen' who was willing to provide the dealership info where he got a good deal with his SL. I posted my request last week but still waiting...

  • frittobfrittob Posts: 52
    One dealer told me they were just making the Nordic White's as fleet models. Not for dealer lots. Too bad, they look sharp
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    That sounds like a dealer line to shift your interest to stuff in stock on the lot.

    No one in here has reported buying a white one yet though.

    Steve, Host
  • frittobfrittob Posts: 52
    agreed, still I haven't seen any on the lots or even in the inventory searches from the nissan website.

    wonder if a dealer can even order a Nordic White color?
  • dogmom2dogmom2 Posts: 44
    Someone posted that the white ones won't be available till after the first of the year. I would ask your dealer to call Nissan or do it yourself and check.
  • I am pretty certain we saw at least one at the dealership in Orlando where we bought our Quest. I remember because my wife went through all the colours and we ruled out the white. Plus, we wanted an SE and the one on the lot was an SL.

    I hope I'm talking about the Nordic White. Are there more shades of white in the Quest? Not according to the website.
  • juliziojulizio Posts: 18
    The local dealer here has an Nordic White Pearl in stock.

    I went to look at it and didn't like it too much. I prefer the smoke or the silver.

    To "I got a deal in NJ".

    I think that guy is talking smack. No one's getting deals like that this early in the game.
  • Everyone, thanks for the responses. I did a search on the board and someone said it would not be available until after the first of the year. I do see it listed on the site.

    I would just like to see one. My wife likes white in general. Silver is our choice at this point.
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