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    We're interested in your experience and suggestions regarding purchasing a Quest 2004 in Greater Boston. We live in the MetroWest area. We'll probably end up with the S series.
  • mama10mama10 Member Posts: 10
    for silver sl with dvd,upgrade pkg., leather, filter, running boards, and cargo cover I paid 28,260. This was exactly -4000 off mrsp. Plus with the 1.9 apr I felt this was a good deal. Toyota vans are nice but I like the looks of the quest better and would have paid 32,000 for a comparable sienna. Rumor has it that the rouge leather is no longer available nissan has bought back all from dealers because of low sales.
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    I bought the SL w/upgrade package and a few extra features at Clay Nissan in Dedham. It was the BEST experience ever. If you like, send me an email and I'll give you the salesman name & number.
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    Guff, how did your deal end up? I'm looking for prices and experiences from Houston area Quest buyers.

    Thank Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
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    We reluctantly need to get a mini van. I currently have a Pathfinder. I love it and have been impressed by what I have seen of Nissan and the Quest. Any pricing suggestions would be appreciated.
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    I bought a 2004 Quest SL with seat package, cargo cover, microfilter, floor mats and splashguards for $24915. I believe this is ~$600 below invoice, so I know I got a good price. What I want to find out is if they made their money on the Warranty. I paid $995 for Gold Preferred 72 months / 75,000 miles with a $50 deductible.

    Most of the previous messages I saw on this were prices for 7 yrs / 100,000.

    How did I do price wise?

    The dealership also told me I had to buy it when I took delivery of the car. Is that true?

    I know I can cancel but I'm not sure I want to. Do you know if at this point I have any leverage to go back to the dealer to renegotiate the price, years, or deductible?
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    The price you paid is similar to what I have heard quoted, but per Nissan you have until the factory warranty runs out (36 mos) in which to but an extended warranty. Dealers will offer a break in price ($100 or so) if bought with the car.

    If memory serves me correctly you have at least 12 mos to but the extended warranty per NY state. Just remember that warranties are not all they are cracked up to be. You do have a 36 mos. warranty, also the drive train is 60 mos/60K. In NY the first 18,000 mile and 2 years must be covered for all items at no cost (even non-covered items). So you bought a coverage for the 4th and 5th year. The first repair has a $50 ded. so in essence if you have something go wrong in the 4th/5th/6th year it costs $1045 to fix it. If you have two problem it would cost $547.50 You can see where this leads.

    When warranties were $600 for 6 years I swore by them. At this price plus the sales tax you paid on the $995 (about $80) sounds like it is a better gamble to pay for the repair down the road rather then up front.

    SO what is a warranty really worth...? Don't forget you can get the Nissan warranty from ANY Nissan dealer.

    One additional caveat: I had a 91 Capri XR2 convertible. In the first 5 years (6 year warranty / extended service contract) I had them replace the roof three times - although one was a recall). The cost of a roof is $1,500 My out of pocket was $150 for the last time. So I would say that I was way ahead of my $700 cost. I only win by losing, but I did win. Where I lost was the fan control switch would blow every 6-12 mos. Costs about $75-90 to fix, with a deductible of of $100 I never made out. Dealers offer things like "If you never use it we will give you back the full cost."

    Think about that, they hope you use it for a $400 repair. Or better yet you hold off each time using it hoping for the $1000 return. So who really wins.

    There are some great discussion areas on warranties, but most tend to say, "save your money now"
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    My husband and i are interested in the Quest. We've haggled over price for sometime now and even considering a Sienna. Well, we've been quoted for a '04 Quest SE with basically everything except DVD and Nav. was $31970 before taxes and fee. For an SL w/leather, dvd, heated seats, etc. the price quoted was $29370 before tax and fee. Are these good prices? Or should we bagin for less?
  • davenowdavenow Member Posts: 171
    SE package quote $32,800... by davenow Feb 19, 2004 (11:14 am)
    32,800 with single DVD, running boards, tow package and cargo cover & mats

    Is this good quote?
  • davenowdavenow Member Posts: 171
    Here is the package deal:
    SE Quest
    G01 DVD Entertainment System (Single Screen)
       S01 Seat Package
       R94 Running Boards
       J10 Tow Package
       L92 Floor Mats
       W95 Cargo Cover
    Is this a good deal?
    Anyone have advice for me, it could happen today?
  • garyk6garyk6 Member Posts: 2
    Just got my SL w/ the following options for $28800 (before tax, doc fee)from Denville Nissan in NJ

       U02 Navigation System & 6-Disc In-Dash CD Changer
       G01 DVD Entertainment System (Single Screen)
     T V01 3.5 SL Upgrade Package
     T S01 Seat Package
     T L92 Floor Mats
       W95 Cargo Cover
     T F10 In-Cabin Microfilter
                  Splash Guards
    Did not really negotiate, just show the sales my printout from and asked them to beat the price. Had to wait about 10 day for them to locate the car but overall experience is good.
  • davenowdavenow Member Posts: 171
    2004 Nissan Quest
    3.5 SE 4dr Minivan (3.5L 6cyl 5A)
    U01 Navigation System
    H01 DVD Entertainment System (Dual Screen)
    S01 Seat Package
    L92 Floor Mats
    W95 Cargo Cover
    R94 Running Boards
    J10 Tow Package
    $35,167 - invoice
    What did you pay for it?
    I've just got a yes for an offer of $200 above invoice. $35,367.
    Is that a good deal?
    Has anyone done better in the Northeast US?
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    I leased an SL 2004 Quest for $398 p/m w/$2000 down, 15000 mi/39 months. I think I got a pretty good deal but I should have tried for a lower price. This was my first time dealing with the salespeople I told them I had the dealer info cost from the internet sites and I would make the deal if the price was right. The salesperson pulled out their dealer sheet and said "would you go $500 over invoice". I said yes, knowing my husband would have paid whatever price they started out with had I not mentioned dealer invoices. The sticker MSRP was $31,740 I paid $27,400 ($2300 diff). This included, DVD,Leather, Cargo Cover, Leather Pkg and Upgrade Pkg, Fold Away Seats, Mud Flaps, Micro-filter, Floor Mats. The only thing that upset me was the Acquisition Fee that I was not told about in advance by the dealer. When I arrived to sign docs everything was fine except they added a $550 Acquisition Fee to the Cap Cost. I knew I would more than likely be charged an Acquisition Fee, but I was never told about it nor was it written on any pricing paperwork at the time of negotiation.
    Other people who have posted their pricing seem to be a bit less than what I paid, I live in Michigan. Next time I will bargin harder. Also, I went from driving a 2001 Grand Caravan to the Quest and the insurance almost doubled I ended up finding a good deal with AIG Insurance. The insurance companies have a rating symbol and the Quest is rated 16, the Caravan is rated 8.
  • frittobfrittob Member Posts: 52
    Purchased almost the exact same van (is yours silver also?) for almost the exact same price ($200 over invoice + a great tradein) back around thanksgiving in SW PA ... i thought it was a good deal!

    as long as they are not trying to throw in any extra fees, short of tax/tags, ... Go For It!
  • davenowdavenow Member Posts: 171
    I have not stepped into the dealership with that agreed-upon price because they don't have the van!! Why would they agree on the price without having the van? I told them "call me when you get it." so I don't know what they have up their sleeves regarding other hidden costs/fees! I'm scared now to go in!

    Do you like the van? Do you have problems with the door rattling and fuel to empty and radio problems that i've been hearing about?
    Any info would help me make my descision!
    Thank you!
  • frittobfrittob Member Posts: 52
    they usually don't go get the van until after they have a customer committment. (Involves making a dealer trade, etc). Maybe they have one coming in on their inventory. I understand the posturing around waiting for phone calls, but I wonder if they're waiting for you to make a committment. Regardless, you're not asking for something unreasonable here. Any worthwhile dealer should be able to work it out with you.

    The Van itself, LUV IT! ... The rattling doors are hit or miss depending on the van, but there's a TSB to fix it now. The radio problems were not on the SE model and i'm not sure what you're referring to about fuel to empty ... I think you'll like the NAV and dual screen DVDs ... good choice!
  • mrblonde49mrblonde49 Member Posts: 626
    Just got my SL w/ the following options for $28800 (before tax, doc fee)from Denville Nissan in NJ<<

    I see the carsdirect price for the configuration you list is $30,341 (which is $600 below invoice). They went $1541 lower than that? Was there an incentive that isn't listed (carsdirect is usually the most accurate with any incentives). Were you eligible to get 1.9% financing as well?
  • nicklesnickles Member Posts: 41
    I got the exact same deal ($200 over) on a fully loaded SE. (everything but the tow package). Invoice is $34817.00.. Dealer is charging me $185.00 extra, for lifetime window tint on all windows. I thought this was a super deal, since I live in Phoenix and the tint is an absolute neccesity. total= $35202.00

    My Doc & Admin fees I think are fair @ $299.00.
    I would try and haggle that, but this dealer has treated me superbly. I have been taking our maxima and pathfinder there for years now - and the Service manager has ALWAYS been cheery, extra knowledgeable and given me breaks on all my costs. When it came time for me to look for a new Quest, he was the once who recommended the sales person that I ended up going with.
    We sold the Maxima outright (on eBay no less) and got excellent money for it.
    We didn't shop around at all. This site and KBB have armed me with more information that I ever thought imaginable. I spent a total of about 15 minutes with the sales person. She could just tell I meant business, and there was zero haggling. Right down to $200 over invoice.
    I am pleased with this deal, and have left a deposit while they order one from the factory. My color is Smoke. Am a little irritated they tell me it could take 2-3 months to get in, but I wouldn't take my business anywhere else.
    we haven't talked about warranty AT ALL yet. it's not even on my buyers order sheet, which I signed (with the price).. so we'll see.
    Dealers need to make a profit. If your comfortable with the way you are treated and have a good relationship with the dealer, it is reasonable to expect to pay a couple hundred more.

    My dealer is in Tempe AZ..
  • rphilrphil Member Posts: 3
    Just bought an SE with single screen DVD for $460 below invoice. Price was $32,300 plus tax and license. Purchased in Southern California in a pretty straightforward deal.
  • davenowdavenow Member Posts: 171
    something happened along the way...

    i just could not get over the center consol.

    i know this is not a bad design... and lots of people said that it will grow on you and all, and on the test dives i took i did not feel out-of-touch with the situation, but again it eventually wore me down.

    i purchased a 04 Toyota Sienna XLE LTD pkg#4 HF with DVD. The van just won me over in it's total overall stying. i do like the Quest and some of it's inovations i would love to have seen it in my new van, and i would have givin' it a chance, and i know i would be satisfied with it, but something deep down inside of me told me to go with your gut, and my gut said LTD.

    and all this from a 25 yr Honda owner, and never had a problem with any of them! who knew?

    good luck with your van!
  • azzurriazzurri Member Posts: 3
    me too about the center console. My wife really wanted the Quest becuase, hating minivans, she thought it looked least like one. Anyway, I hated the center console. Just SO UGLY. Even though I woudl only drive it when we go out as a fmaily, I couldn't stand that thing. It really is unattrarctive--looks like a tree stump just sticking out of the floor.
  • garyk6garyk6 Member Posts: 2
    The exact configuration was listed as $28977 at carsdirect(zip code=07054)

    option added
    $322 Seat Package
    $651 3.5 SL Upgrade Package
    $1,301 Single Screen DVD Entertainment System
    $1,995 Navigation System
    $112 Floor Mats
    $109 Splash Guards
    $40 Cargo Cover
    $36 In-Cabin Microfilter
    $560Manufacturer's Destination Charge

    Final purchase price = 28800 (before tax,license, doc fee). The Denville Dealer did not offer the 1.9% finance. Talk to Spencer for more detail
  • wombat94wombat94 Member Posts: 5
    It took about 45 minutes of negotiating, but we just closed on Quest SL with the following:

    Smoke Quest SL
    Seat Package
    Upgrade Package
    DVD Entertainment System
    Cargo Cover
    Micro Filter
    Floor mats
    Wheel Locks

    Final price was $27400 - or about $100 under invoice.

    Negotiation wasn't too bad - the dealer gave us a fair deal on our trade - came up to what we were looking to get for it without too much going around and around.

    They started at MSRP (plus a $495 "Car Care Package") we offered Invoice -$750. They came to invoice + $300 quickly and then the rest of the time was spent on getting them to come down the other $400.

    We didn't have to push too hard - we had pricing (invoice) and would have been okay with that. For leverage, we had quote on a similar model for about $700 below invoice, but CarMax is about as far as we would really want to go - about 90 minutes one way for an extra 3 hour trip.
  • altimaquestaltimaquest Member Posts: 5
    We decided to go for the "S" with the following upgrades:

    Smoke Quest S
    Seat Package
    Single DVD Entertainment System
    Cargo Cover
    In-Cabin Microfilter
    Floor mats
    Splash Guards (required in WA state)

    Our purchase price was $23,540 and 1.9% financing. Edmund's invoice price w/upgrades was $24,789. We feel we got a pretty good price with a great finance rate.
  • oldshoeoldshoe Member Posts: 7
    I have seen a 2004 Quest SE with 9000 miles on it advertised for $29, has Single DVD, Tow Package, Seat Package, Running Boards and Spalshguards....

    Any thoughts on whether this is a good price ???

  • cookie55cookie55 Member Posts: 15
    I completly agree with Davenow and azzuri on that wierd looking console.I really liked the the outside lines of this car but when I first got inside and saw that console,I thought"is that an ATM? or some kind of medical test device?" Just doesn't blend with the rest of the van.
         Sales of this van are only half of expectations and the CEO of Nissan is focusing on why. I had a Dodge Caravan for 10 truoble-free yrs. and ended up buying A Chrysler minivan,similarly equipped, for about $6,000 less.
  • nicklesnickles Member Posts: 41
    Do you have any additional info on the CEO statement you made ? curious to know what Nissan's focus really is - and where I can read more about it. I have a vested interest since my new Quest won't be delievered until May.. I am thinking the longer I wait, the longer I will perhaps benefit. (cash back, lower MSRP etc...)
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    There's lots of Nissan news out of the Jackson paper. Here's today's story about shuffling managers:


    Steve, Host
  • tridaddytridaddy Member Posts: 8
    Hello all,
    I think we may buy a Quest this weekend. I've called ten dealers and the best deal I got so far is invoice and the doc fee waived. I'd like to get an extended warranty but I have no guide as for price. I want one from nissan with the longest term available, deductible is negotiable. Can anyone help or steer me in the right path for this info? Thanks
  • gmiller_vagmiller_va Member Posts: 3
    I posted some info that might be useful way back in message #217. Prices seem to have dropped since we purchased our van back in December. Not sure if the price drop applies to the warranties too.

  • plashenickplashenick Member Posts: 165
    Like all things Warranties are negotiable commodities. You do not need to buy from your purchasing dealer, further I believe you have 12 month to acquire. My caveat is to buy from Manuf, not aftermarket. Remember that you come with a 3-year warranty so you are paying or the extra years. Consider first how long you will keep the car. When warranties were a few hundred dollars I swore buy them. Now I never buy them - it is like a game of chance. I am betting I will win or get rid of the car before I loose value
  • zkczkc Member Posts: 2
    My wife and I just purchased a 2004 3.5SE with the following options:
    -- seat package
    -- floor mats
    -- splash guards
    -- cargo cover
    MSRP: $33,890
    We paid $30,500 in Overland Park, Kansas, if that helps anybody. We've only had it for a week so far but we absolutely love it.
  • tridaddytridaddy Member Posts: 8
    We just got our Quest last night. A SE with mats, cargo cover, splash guards and single dvd for 33,900 drive out price.
    Now I have a question. Did anyone get the towing package?
    I'd like to know if the Quest has a tranny cooler and/or a power steering cooler already installed or if it comes with the tow package.
    Does anyone plan on towing anything with their Quest? I'd like to get a pop-up down the road for ours.
  • stevejudemstevejudem Member Posts: 9
    Also have the Quest SE and tow a boat. Did not get it with the tow package, just had a local company do the installation. The van is rated to tow 3500lbs so no additional cooler is necessary. Hidden Hitch is the only company presently making a hitch for the Quest. One thing that they don't tell you.......the van requires a "power convertor", not the standard 4 wire convertor. Costs a little extra, but will save you a lot of grief. You should have no problem towing a pop-up.....but because the hitch is so low, you will probably need a draw bar with either a 6 3/4 or 8 3/4 inch rise......take a look at the Hidden Hitch website for more info. Good Luck and happy camping!
  • fodera5fodera5 Member Posts: 1
    we just bought a 2004 Quest SE in Smoke/Beige with:
    single DVD
    seat package
    floor mats
    running boards
    splash guards

    negotiated price: $32,185 ($550 under invoice)
    out the door at $34,072.25 after 5% tax, tag, title, lien fee and doc processing fee ($99)

    Also got 1.9% financing on a 60 month loan.
    Dealership is Herb Gordon Nissan in Silver Spring, Maryland.
  • dball1944dball1944 Member Posts: 6
    After word of the problems the new Quests are experiencing, Nissan will have trouble GIVING them away. My Quest was bought back by Nissan after I used Connecticut's Lemon Law. The Sienna is an outstanding van. Dball1944
  • atlantamikeatlantamike Member Posts: 2
    I'm thinking of getting an SE with dual DVD and nav, gray leather, mats, etc. Invoice seems to be around 34,300. Has anyone had much success in the southeast with offers lower than invoice?

    This van has been on this guy's lot for a month or so, so I'm hoping he'll want to have me drive it away this weekend...
  • tridaddytridaddy Member Posts: 8
    I got an SE with single DVD here in Atlanta for 33,900 driveout final price. I'd be cautious with dealers trying to add on stuff at the end. Our dealer, I don't know if I can mention names on this site, tried adding in a extended warranty without asking us. We say the final price was highter that the agreed drive out price and nearly walked out.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Dealer names are fine, just not names of individual salespeople. Note the blurb at the top of the discussion.

    Congrats on the new LE - did that price include tax & registration?

    From CNN Money: "You've negotiated the car price. You just need to sign some papers. Better hold on to your wallet."

    The rip-off room

    Rip-off room revisited

    Steve, Host
  • tridaddytridaddy Member Posts: 8
    The 33,900 included tax and title, that was the drive off the lot price.

    We bought it at Troncolli Nissan in Decatur which tried to charge us extra by showing "payments" by how many years we wanted the loan. What they did not tell us is they added in the warranty onto those "payments".
    Team Nissan told us over the phone they would meet the price we were asking and then said there was an honest mistake in the calculations once we got there. As we were walking out they said they'd throw in some oil changes to make up the mistake which was over a thousand dollars.
  • beffy100beffy100 Member Posts: 2
    Any prices for a fully loaded 2004 Nissan Quest with approx. 7000 miles? It is a demo model. Thanks
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Demo's can be tough. Try asking in Real-World Trade-In Values too.

    Steve, Host
  • atlantamikeatlantamike Member Posts: 2
    Well I posted last week asking about getting an SE under invoice... Well we didn't get it under, but not much over...

    Dual DVD's
    Seat Pkg
    Cargo Cover
    Splash Guards

    $34,500... I didn't think it was a bad price.

    Love the vechicle - I traded in our Suburban - I forgot how much more convenient a good minivan can be!
  • jchangjchang Member Posts: 4
    hi. is your price $23,540 outdoor price?
  • sstrz1sstrz1 Member Posts: 28
    We bought our SL last weekend, $500 under dealer invoice...Smoke w/ Beige Leather, major options were Skyview Roof, DVD, SL package upgrade...we live in Mercer County NJ
  • trevortrevor Member Posts: 2
    How much for a 3.5 SL leather package, running boards, floor mats, splashguards, seat package? What should we expect to pay? Thanks.
  • trevortrevor Member Posts: 2
    SL purchaser in Mercer County NJ - how much did you pay? Thanks.
  • sstrz1sstrz1 Member Posts: 28
    Sticker was $33,290 (SL $26,740+ Destination charge $560+ DVD $1500+ SKYVIEW $1500+ Seat package $350+ SL Upgrade package $750+ SL Leather package $1500+ splashguards $140+microfilter $50+ floor mats $150+ cargo cover $ invoice was $30,247...we paid $29,747 (or $3543 off the sticker price)

    I had a very good experience at Acme on wife has had the car for over a month, and loves it! Though I hate to admit it (as it is a minivan!)- I actually enjoy driving the car on the weekends...we are happy w/ the way we equipped the car (basically an SE but $2k less)...the one thing we wish we had was the automatic sliding doors on both sides, but really didn't want to spend the extra money.

    Like mentioned on my previous posts, we love the styling and the interior....I still can't believe all the negative reviews/ posts regarding: dvd location (it is fine), the "hard-to-use" radio buttons (huh?), center guages (they are fine in the middle, it gives you a great view of the road)...I do worry though about all the negative posts I have read about the pinging in the doors, etc.....but haven't experienced any feeling was that Nissan corrected any early production problems.

    All that said, if I had to own a minvan, this was it (styling, engine, handling) and was willing to "risk" any problems that may occur...add it this a good price (I liked the car so much that I would not have had any problem paying $1k over the sticker price)...and we would recommend buying one.

    PS- the nav system is great if you don't mind the extra $ a sticker price of $33k, we had to put a stop on options somewhere!

    Good luck!
  • chitowntimchitowntim Member Posts: 7
    Did this price include the $1,000 rebate? I think they are offering 2.9% financing or $1,000 rebate. I would like to take advantage of the financing deal, so I need to know if I should offer $500 under invoice (with no rebate). I'm hoping to purchase this vehicle tonight.
  • sstrz1sstrz1 Member Posts: 28
    Sorry if I did not get you in time....that being said, no- the price I paid was the actual agreed upon selling price...and does not include a rebate...I took out a 5yr loan via Nissan Finance @ 1.9%.
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