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  • lynnwlynnw Member Posts: 119
    This is what I paid:
    2004 SE w/Cargo cover, Seat pkg, Dual DVD, NAV, Floor Mats, Splash Guards

    MSRP- $37,790
    Inv.- $34,373
    Paid- $34,060.40 after $1,000 Rebate

    I advise anyone offered under invoice plus rebate to take it and run.
  • lynnwlynnw Member Posts: 119
    I dont get it. My salesman e-mailed me back and said there was a 36 mth/36K mile (which is the standard warranty) and a 5 yr/60K Powertrain warranty. As far as I can tell that is the standard warranty for all Nissan vehicles. How is it that some people are being told the warranty is extended and others are being told not. Could someone please put an end to the mystery?
  • lynnwlynnw Member Posts: 119
    Just after posting I received a phone call from my salesperson. He informed me that the extended warranty is in effect for the '04 model. He said that when he replied to my e-mail it was late on Saturday after the service dept had closed. He spoke to them this morning to follow up and they told him they had just recently received their letter. He told me that I should receive something in the mail soon to inform me also. He told me that it was a good thing that they extended the warranty but that I should not expect to see many if any problems with my van since it was just built recently (2 months ago) that the later built models have not really been affected by the problems that they have been suffering from since they have been corrected on the assembly line. I was so happy to receive a phone call from him to clarify this so that I could in turn clarify it with all of you. He was actually surprised that I knew about it before they did. He had even checked Nissans website looking for information and they had nothing there. So hopefully this will put it to rest for us.
  • robbinsrobbins Member Posts: 2
    I was referred to them through Everything was easy. The paperwork never seems to go fast enough, but it's always nice to have a pre-arranged price when you walk in. Even the finance guy was low pressure going through his spiel.
  • LDegrelleLDegrelle Member Posts: 74
    I see that Nissan has some 'deals' on leases with the Nissan Quest (S model which is about all I can afford). What I want to know is how set in concrete are the lease numbers? In other words can you haggle with the sales person on a lease like you do a purchase or is it 'set in stone'?

    Thanks for the feedback!
  • lynnwlynnw Member Posts: 119
    Leasing is tricky, because they can make it look like you are getting a good deal on the car by simply playing with the payment numbers. I financed through capital one online. I know they have lease programs there too so I would recommend that you go to their website (edmunds has a link) and read up on their site about leases and then use the payment calculator there to figure out what works best for you. Also use the TMV pricing here and get your figures set in stone as to what you really want and can afford. I am afraid that if you walk into the dealership and say that you can only afford a certain amount a month on payment they will totally take you for a ride (no pun intended). It is better to get the pricing online and have your lease or financing set up beforehand and go in and demand your price or walk. This worked for me and I got over $300 below invoice. I dont think I would do it any other way. Good luck!
  • plashenickplashenick Member Posts: 165
    There is no difference between Leasing and buying a car.

    1) Negotiate your best price
    2) Deide how you want to pay: Lease vs. Loan

    When you lease a rebate applies to the whole cost of the car, so you only get a portion of the rebate.

    When you lease always ask what the residual, loan rate, amount down are. When you pay down a lease you are paying a portion of the car up front to reduce the lease. Remember that a lease is a loan, but there is no early / reduce buyout. In otherwords. Whenever you terminate the lease you are responsible for ALL payments.

    You cn trade a lease in when you buy another car. A dealer can take it as a trade and they get to avoid the salestax liability. I got rid of a lease with NO OUT OF POCKET COSTS. on a car with 11 months left. This only works if the car is popular, which mine was
  • jod5jod5 Member Posts: 3
    On Monday (10/04/04), I purchased a 2005 Quest SE with ALL available two additional headsets (we have four daughters). Negotiated price was $35,051 ($200 over invoice). Nissan does not offer the $1,500 cash back on 2005's and their standard warranty applies (3/36,000 bumper to bumper and 5/60,000 powertrain), but they do offer 3% financing. I felt the trade off of getting a "fresh start" model year would be worth the few additional dollars...hope I'm right.

    I sold a 2001 BMW 325i for the Quest so the transition is somewhat painful. However, I looked at, and test drove, ALL current model minivans (including the new 2005 Honda Odyssey) and by far enjoyed the performance, style and safety features of the Quest. The center console was a bit odd at first, but it is perfectly placed when using a Quest equipped with the Navigational System (center requires very little "eye travel" versus competitors that require your eyes to move down the middle of the dash). The 2005's have white faced gauges to help the glare issues experienced last year and pricing has remained virtually the same (but still no lights on the steering wheel controls).

    Although very new, we have no squeaks, no rattles and everything works as Nissan intended it to. The girls are thrilled with the dual DVD, my husband enjoys the Nav. System, and I am very pleased with the multitude of features both big and small.
  • ckieltckielt Member Posts: 11
    I'm unpleasantly surprised that Edmunds still does not have 2005 Quest pricing information on its site. They've been on the lots in many metropolitan areas for three weeks. Anyone know when they're going to catch up to the market? Thanks.
  • farmer3farmer3 Member Posts: 21
    I've been looking at the Quest on-line, have never seen the inside of one in person, and just had a few questions for jod5, being a new owner of an '05. Having driven the Honda and Toyota, did the Quest feel any less of a "luxury" vehicle? I feel with the Quest, you might be giving up a little luxury for a more "sporty" van, which having driven an Odyssey for five years, sounds kinda fun. And, is not having a tray or console between the two front seats a problem? I'm also used to the tray between the two front seats in my Odyssey. Does the Quest have back-up sensors? Thanks for your help! Oh, and where did you get this great deal??
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,129
    A lot of our pricing information comes directly from dealerships. This includes the True Market Value data, based on actual vehicle sales prices. So, it takes time for sales to occur, then to receive and compile the data. Three weeks is too fast!

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  • lumbarlumbar Member Posts: 421
    Congrats on your new vehicle, and I hope it treats you well. I'm in full agreement with you on the benefits of the Quest, but have been unable to pull the trigger because of reliability concerns and (somewhat lesser) MPG concerns. Since you are one of the first 2005 owners to post here, I'd really appreciate it if you'd keep us posted on quality control and real world miles per gallon. Also I've heard some concerns about the visibility of the gauges (gas in particular) but it sounds like they've addressed that. Enjoy your ride.
  • jod5jod5 Member Posts: 3
    Long...I apologize in advance.

    Coming from a 3 series the term "luxury" for me has been set quite a bit higher than in earlier years. What I liked about the Quest over all of the others is that I continue to have the luxury features I have become accustomed to with a hint of the sportiness I had in the BMW (with the exception of side supports on the seats). The Quest does not come with Rosewood trim (not even faux), but the SE interior truly "fits" the van's style. I did not enter into this decision easily and it has taken me over a year to even accept the exterior looks of the Quest. My opinion is that you have to absorb the Quest as a whole, not in bits and pieces, then take it for a drive. That should do it.

    Toyota - Good van, fair value, but I found it pretty boring to drive and frankly nothing exceptional to look at. Back seats were not very comfortable and second row requires my husband to remove them (they will not fold flat). I really had a problem with the placement of the gear shift (sticks straight out of the middle console when in drive...impalement of a family pet came to mind). Single screen DVD. No power passenger seat even on the top end. The word "fun" never entered my mind when I test drove.

    Honda - 2005 Odyssey. Pretty vehicle, but predictable in looks and style. The back end is almost like the older style, which Toyota also mimicked to some extent. I think it will be difficult at a glance to identify it from Sienna. Second and third row is not very comfortable. The pop up seat is VERY small (only a younger child could use...not teen or adult). Single screen DVD. Oh did I mention that I need that husband again on this one. MSRP is pretty much the same, but Honda is VERY proud of them (i.e. NOT dealing).

    2005 Quest - The only van that actually finagled a smile out of me during the test drive and did not leave me sobbing while getting back into my Beemer. For a minivan, the acceleration is great and handling is better than the others (I almost rolled a Town & Country powering into a turn too fast...the Quest was able to handle the same turn much better). The transmission is very nice with shifting gears barely noticed. The Skyview windows are second to no one and safety is not compromised for the sake of being a bit frivolous (T&C deletes side impact air curtain if you get a moonroof). Second row seats are high back and just as comfortable as front row. Third row has more room than the others. The rear sensors are wonderful and work (I purposely backed toward a light post while test-driving). Turning radius is not as tight as some of the others, due to the longer wheelbase, but I find the difference to be pretty inconsequential. I rode in every seat at one point or another and found the view forward from the third row seat to be quite a treat ("awesome" according to my teen). Everything on the van seems to "fit" with regard to clean lines and contemporary seat styling. Maybe I am odd, but I actually like the "football" leather Nissan chose to use because I think it will hide dirt and grime better than a smooth leather ever would. I always removed center consoles so I can't help you there. This is the 8th new vehicle I have purchased and none of them have ever been trouble free (I had a failed auxiliary fan that left my new BMW in the shop for three weeks back in 2001). I purchased from Busam Nissan in Cincinnati, OH because they offer loaners for warranty repair, a 7/100,000 mile limited powertrain warranty, and a fair deal over invoice. Very easy to work with.

    MPG right now with a whopping 111 miles on the van is 16.4. The dealership filled the tank so I have no idea what they put in it. Have others noticed a difference with 87, 89 or 92+ octane? I thought I would just run the tank down and keep trying different grades to see what happens to performance and MPG.
  • awesome9againawesome9again Member Posts: 10
    Your mileage will improve over the next 5,000 miles. Trust me. I would wait until then before you start worrying over mileage. 92 octane does improve your MPG and performance. Treat yourself every now and then.
  • farmer3farmer3 Member Posts: 21
    jod5 - thanks so much for the lengthy description. I appreciate it! Please post how you like the van in the next couple of weeks as you get used to it!!
  • farmer3farmer3 Member Posts: 21
    jod5 - sorry just a few more questions - does the van have a compass?? And, were the DVD and NAV already in the van when you found it or can they be installed by the dealer. I've searched every dealer in my area and not one has the DVD or NAV.

  • jod5jod5 Member Posts: 3
    Farmer3 - Yes, a compass is built into the GPS (Navigational) system. You can ask, "Where am I?" and it will bring up your location, including direction. I believe the one's without Nav. system show current direction being traveled. DVD and NAV are factory installed and cannot be installed by the dealer (my husband asked). The 05's are just starting to hit the dealers so I would just keep checking Nissan's website for stock changes. I think Nissan will build more SE's this year.
  • lee_wlee_w Member Posts: 239
    jod5, Congrats on your purchase. We have a lot of boards for discussions about your new vehicle. Owners Board has a lot of topics specific to your new vehicle! Does anyone else have a new buying experience here?
  • suiosuio Member Posts: 42
    Nissan dealers in Chicago area are selling the 04 Quests SE at $6100+ off MSRP. What do you think of these deals? What are your best deals?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,129
    These ads are from Massachusetts, so I'm not quite sure how that relates to Chicago pricing. I'm missing something, I presume. Have you purchased a 2004 Quest?

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  • suiosuio Member Posts: 42
    Sorry, my mistake. It is a MA dealer. It is on the Boston Global. It shows the amount of discount Nissan dealers are giving in the country.
  • klombardiklombardi Member Posts: 5
    We live in Fairfield County CT and are looking at a 2004 smoke grey quest SE with single DVD. Can anyone tell us what this model is going for right now or if there will be a better incentive/rebate if we wait until November. Has anyone recently purchased this model? They have quoted us a price of 31,500.00. Thank you for your help!
  • camaruscamarus Member Posts: 2
    I have been doing some preliminary price shopping getting initial quotes. I have been quoted at invoice and up to $300 over invoice. I am hoping the quotes will get better and the rebate will increase. I am wondering what other people are paying now and if anyone has info on what the rebate will be for November?
    Thank you
  • abkoolabkool Member Posts: 4
    A couple of weeks back I bought an 04 S with DVD for $23200. This was during the 1500 rebate period. In this area(nj) S models are rare to come across in comaprison to SE or SL. For an 04 model to pay 300 over invoice, you could do better. But location/dealership combination does might play a part. check carsdirect for a reference price. I used the same price on there and got it matched-took less than 10 minutes.
  • styxfanstyxfan Member Posts: 4
    I am in Columbus OH and have been working the Columbus and Cincinnati market. So far invoice is the lowest anyone will go. Busan Nissan will add into the deal a 7 yr. / 100,000 mile powertrain warranty.

    Still trying to get a better deal. Should I expand my search outside Ohio?
  • berkyberky Member Posts: 2
    You should be able to get under invoice, especially when you take into account the current cash back rebate of $1750.
  • styxfanstyxfan Member Posts: 4
    I'm with ya and I probably should have explained my situation better. The firms are offering me invoice ($32,251 give or take for single DVD seat package etc. on a $35K+ MSRP)AND I get the $1750 rebate on top of it taking it to about $30,500 before tax, title, etc. ($5000 off MSRP)

    With the earlier post of $6100 off MSRP, I am wondering if I can push for $500 to $1000 below invoice? $1750 rebate ends 11/30.

    I am also making sure the remaining cars are later builds (44000 and up).

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated
  • dtownfbdtownfb Member Posts: 2,918
    Wait until after Thanksgiving (end of November) and offer $500 under invoice (not including any rebates, of course) and be prepared to walk. If no luck then do the same thign at the end of the year.
  • camaruscamarus Member Posts: 2
    I have been offered $600 below invoice on a 2004 SL by 2 dealers, 1 in Rochester, Ny and 1 in New Jersey via the internet. I am holding out for at least $2000 below invoice by the end of the year. I think that with all the 2004 Quests still on dealer lots this type of deal is doable towrd the end of the year.
  • styxfanstyxfan Member Posts: 4
    Tried to do a deal with the local Columbus, OH dealer and got $300 under invoice + rebate, but they'd only give me $500 for my 96 Windstar. I made it clear I needed their best deal that Saturday since I would be going to Beau Townsend Nissan in Dayton OH that afternoon.

    I think he probably felt I was bluffing but I drove the extra 60 minutes down there, got the $300 under invoice matched and an additional $500 on the trade ($1000 for a 96 Windstar with 133K miles isn't too bad). Took exactly 10 minutes to close the deal, no pressure after the deal, and they even let my wife and daughters watch Lilo and Stitch on the DVD while everything else was done.

    All said, KUDOS to Beau Townsend Nissan in Dayton, OH
  • garandmangarandman Member Posts: 524
    We just purchased an 05 Quest SL from Team Nissan in Manchester, NH. We were buying it for work but they were quite professional and didn't waste any time. They quickly volunteered a vehicle for a test drive, and cut straight to Invoice price (as posted here). Obviously we have not had any service done there yet but I can recommend them in terms of the sales experience.


    There are no rebates currently offered here but there is 3% financing.


    Details of our decision criteria (which differed somewhat from someone buying a van fir purely family use) are in the Nissan Quest 04+ forum.
  • mtawinmtawin Member Posts: 1
    Hi I am planing to get an 05 quest SL (SL upgrade package + seat package + skyview + splash guard + floor mats + microfilter) sliver mist total of sticker price is 29,750 . purchase price 26900 + registration + tax and 3% financing. I think it is a good price,should I go for it or I might do better ?


    the dealer is in bergen county NJ


  • eyeblindeyeblind Member Posts: 156
    Edmunds true market value for the Quest with options you described is around $ 27,485. Your deal is $585 lower than that. Sounds like a pretty good deal. I have an 04 Quest same color and options you have. I also added a cargo cover and runningboards (they are great at helping my little ones get in and out on their own.) The skyview roof is awsome. I really enjoy this van.


    Good luck
  • karkrzykarkrzy Member Posts: 3

        Just bought a base '05 3.5 Quest over the past weekend in Socal area. Only options Seat package , floor mats and cargo cover. $19988 before TTL (MSRP was $24770) Seemed like a raging deal before I realized there was another one on sale at the same price with a DVD package (MSRP $26650) included ! (missed it by an hour to another customer) Seems like no discount is too much to ask for !!
  • car31car31 Member Posts: 1
    I bought A 05 Quest SL w/DVD, Skyview, Leather/Bose and splash guards cargo organizer for 29,997 + tax + title vehicle was not in stock the had to go get it in VA. I used Edmunds and other internet services to not only find a decent price but get the exact van I wanted. Anyone have experience with Nissan extended warranty Gold Preferred?
  • beaubobbeaubob Member Posts: 1
    I am about to start my search for an 05 Quest SE in the Fairfax, Virginia area. I want to include the fold-away seat package, splash guard, sunroof wind deflector, floor mats and running boards. The MSRP is $34,600. I believe their is a $2000 rebate through 3/31/05. Am I being reasonable in believing I can get this SE for between $27,000 and $28,000?
  • garandmangarandman Member Posts: 524
    We got the Silver level warranty to 100,000 miles just because we thought it would help resale value.

    Our 05 SL has 4,300 miles on it since mid December and runs great. We paid $25,175
  • bkfranksbkfranks Member Posts: 2
    I've been quoted a price of $22,500 including TTL for a base model Quest and $25,500 including TTL for an S model that includes the entertainment package. Could I do better? This is in southeastern TN. I've just started researching new vans so I don't know what to expect. Also, we would prefer to have the TV/DVD but don't know if it is worth paying extra for the S model.
  • garandmangarandman Member Posts: 524
    I'd say you can do better. There are some 04 owners here who seem committed to destroying the resale value of their vehicles. I doubt this is affecting the market, but the Sienna and Honda are doing much better. We paid $25,175 for an SL with the crossbars, air filter, and extended warranty.
  • bkfranksbkfranks Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for responding. We ended up paying $23,058 plus tax, tag and title for a 2005 S model w/DVD player and a couple of other inexpensive options (air filter, cargo cover, floor mats). This was with a discount offered by my employer and the $2000.00 rebate. The list price was $27,769.00.
  • gdog13gdog13 Member Posts: 1
    were did you buy your nissan quest and how did u get it at that price also what features did the quest come with im from ventura county so cal
  • karkrzykarkrzy Member Posts: 3
    Power Nissan at El Monte. It was advertized in LA Times Saturday edition. Now that the rebate has increased to $2000 I expect you can easily find these deals. Mine was a base-model with Seat package/floor-mats and couple of other irrelevant stuff like air filter etc.
  • mcoolidgemcoolidge Member Posts: 1
    Hi all.

    Just completed the purchase of my wife's new Quest on 3/19. It's a beauty, Black SL with SkyView, DVD, and some minor stuff.

    Sticker was around 31200.

    I emailed two dealers (Peters in Nashua, NH and Bouchard in Fitchburg, MA) thru edmunds and told them that i was going to buy a Quest, I knew exactly what I wanted, and I needed the best possible price.

    The Salesperson from Bouchard called me back right away and asked if I could bring my trade (2004 Ford Explorer) in on Saturday, and that they had the car I wanted on the lot. She knew I knew the numbers and she said she'd break out the invoice.

    Was greeted by her and the sales manager, they cut right to the chase - buy the one on the lot and you can have it for invoice. Plus, he hooked me up with some 4.5% 60mo financing that allowed me to still take the 2000 cash.

    Total price - 26400 after the cash back. My advice is, dont pay over invoice and be sure to get some dealer competition going.
  • gonzasgonzas Member Posts: 2
    Hiya, first time poster, first time soon to be Nissan owner

    Great site / forums, really helped me make informed choices. After a day picking through the forums, I felt like I knew more about the car than the dealer.

    here's my soon to be '05 Quest 3.5SL

    3.5SL upgrade
    Seat Package (does anyone NOT get this? :P )
    Single DVD Package
    Leather / Bose Package
    Skyview Package
    XM Radio
    Floor mats
    Cargo Cover
    Splash Guards

    Smoke w/ gray interior

    paid $29,500 bfore tax / title. little over 32k total

    I think I did ok, what do you guys think?
  • vinhphucvinhphuc Member Posts: 44
    My wife and I plan to buy a mini-van in the next few weeks. One of our top choices is the Nissan Quest. I've been reading the discussion boards about it, and now have a few questions before heading to the dealers. We're interested in the Quest 2005 SE model with the DVD entertainment system (mono or dual, we're not sure at the moment). That's the only option we'd like to get. My first question is, "Has anyone in the Rockville, MD area bought a Quest with the option I just described, and what was the paid price?". Preferably I'd like to know about a purchase made within the last 2-3 months so that the info is still updated; although any earlier date (within 6 months) will still be helpful. Second, since the purchase have you experienced any problem(s) as described in the "problems and solutions" discussion board? If so, was it resolved and was the dealer helpful in fixing the problems? Finally how was your purchase experience at the dealer? Thank you for sharing the info.
  • vinhphucvinhphuc Member Posts: 44
    I'm wondering whether you bought the Quest SE since you posted your message, I figure your area (Fairfax, VA) and the date of your message are closed enough to now so your price is still accurate. Please let me know how much you paid for your mini-van. Also did you consider Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey (not that I want to start another Quest vs minivan X battle!)? Thanks.
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Member Posts: 758
    Hi all, we're interested in a base or S model in the greater Seattle area. Could somebody from this area give some suggestions on pricing and good dealer/salesperson? We live in Sammamish and are willing drive 50 miles for a great deal. So far from my limited research, The Everet dealer seems to have the best deals, especially on the left over 04 models which have $3500 rebates compared to $2000 on the 05s.

    Also, we'll buy after tje current 2K rebate expire. Any chance Nissam will extend the rebate or even make it better? Thanks!
  • reuel3reuel3 Member Posts: 114
    Forum members may provide the name of a dealership, but they may not provide the names of salespeople.
  • vinhphucvinhphuc Member Posts: 44
    I've recently got a few quotes from dealers about a Quest SE model. The options we requested are DVD dual screen system, seat packgage and running boards. The best quote so far has been 31,000.35 (including tax, tags, and processing fees). For the MD area, has anyone found a better price? A dealer told me that although I only wanted the options cited above, things like cargo cover, floor mats, splash guards, etc. are already on the vans (ALL?), so the price will be higher than what I expected. Is that true or just another gimmick to make money on the consumer? Thanks for the info.
  • jipsterjipster Member Posts: 6,232
    It's a gimmick. You don't want those items don't pay for them. Or tell dealer to throw in for free or you'll take you're business elsewhere.If floor mats aren't included in a $30,000 van.......well....I'm speechless.
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