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  • chitowntimchitowntim Member Posts: 7
    Thanks for the reply. I did not make it to the Nissan dealer last night, so your information will be most helpful. I will also be taking advantage of the financing offer. I spoke to the dealer by phone and they are holding the vehicle for me. I will be going on Friday to negotiate the deal. I am purchasing the SL model, Silver, with the same equipment as yours minus the sunroof and DVD. I will post the result sometime this weekend.

    Thanks for your help!
  • sstrz1sstrz1 Member Posts: 28
    You're welcome!...and good luck w/ your negotiation! In case you are not aware....Nissan projected their 1st year sales of the Quest to be approx 80,000...and will fall short by approx 30,000 units!...because of this, you should be able to get the car "cheap" because of the large amt of inventory out there!

    By the is a sharp car, esp the interior.
  • chitowntimchitowntim Member Posts: 7
    I purchased the Quest on Friday night. Got the same deal as you ($500 under invoice). I had to haggle a little on the trade but eventually got what I was looking for.

    This is our 4th minivan (2 Dodge and 1 Toyota Sienna). This is my wife's car, and she is more impressed with this than any of the previous vans we have owned. This is the first Nissan product I have purchased and hope to have good luck with it. So far I'm impressed. This van has much more power than the Sienna we traded in. The styling is cool (for a minivan).

    Thanks for your help. Prior to reading your post, I would have been happy paying $100 over invoice. This is the kind of information that makes this forum so valuable.
  • sstrz1sstrz1 Member Posts: 28
    I am glad to hear that this forum helped you w/ your purchase! I agree w/ your comments....the styling is cool (for a minivan), and has good power in the wife is the driver of ours.

    Good luck w/ your new purchase! Happy driving!
  • questilquestil Member Posts: 5
    I closed deal a week ago for SL, with DVD, Nav, Skyview, upgrade package,microfilter, mats, splash guards and roof racks horizontal racks for which they charged extra $250. Negotiated price came to be $28,250 excluding taxes, doc. Since we opted out leather dealer did not have in stock and they have to place order. Delivery time for car they told us 3 to six weeks. Can anybody comment, when vehicle was delivered after order was placed.
  • plashenickplashenick Member Posts: 165
    I thought that if you order the Navigation you have to take the skyview and the leather?

    Maybe as a custom order they are willing to deal. Sounds good
  • questilquestil Member Posts: 5
    Yes, you are right when I was configuring my options on edmunds, nissan and I was not able to configure without leather. Dealer told me they found workaround without leather.

    Now I have to wait 3 to 6 weeks for delievery and I was wandering if anybody else ordered theirs how long it took for delievery.
  • xo23xo23 Member Posts: 6
    I am hoping someone in the board can give me some guidance here.

    I placed an order with a dealership for this configuration:
    Quest SE
    Rogue Leather(we wanted black carpet)
    Seat package
    Mud Flaps
    floor mats

    This configuration was impossible to find since no one had Rogue leather and if they did it had the Nav and DVD systems which we did not want or need. So we ordered through this dealership In April or should I say tried to. They advised that Nissan would not allow them to order any SE's for the entire month so we would have to wait until May to place the order. So we said OK we will wait since the reason we needed the van like most people we were going to have our third child in June. The dealership advised that the vehicle should be here end of June or at the latest middle of July.

    Here is the email I received from them today:
      "My Nissan Manger was finally contacted by Nissan with
    your VIN number: 5N1BV28U94N367089. It is scheduled to arrive on 8/13. I
    know that is late and we are very sorry for the inconvenience. Nissan was
    behind in there production due to numbers and the 4th of July Holiday. The
    vehicle may arrive early but that is the date Nissan is giving us right now.
    I will definitely keep you posted".

    Am I out of line to be very very upset. I think we have been more than patient with them even allowing them to wait another month to order the vehicle since they were not allowed any new SE orders.

    What does the board think? Do you think I am entitled to anything for all this inconvience? This is my first brand new vehicle purchase and it goes without saying my first one ever ordered from the factory. I want to make sure I am not over reacting and since I have no history with this type of situation I would like to hear back from the board.

    It is getting to the point where 05's are going to be out before I get this vehicle.

  • dtownfbdtownfb Member Posts: 2,918
    xo23: Personally I don't think yo are entitled to anything except the van you ordered. The delay was most likely caused by some first year issues that Nissan has had with the Quest, Titan and Armada. Nothing serious but more issues then they would lie to have. There was a report about two weeks aog where they sent a team of engineers to the plant ot investigate these issues. My guess is they probably halted production which is why your van was delayed. The good thing is you should have none of the issues that many of us have had. You have a VIN # which normally means the vehicle is on schedule. So sit tight! If you want, you can try to get some oil changes out of them. I got my dealership to agree to free inspections. I wouldn't push it though. Every manufcturer experiences delays.

    Goos luck with your Quest. You'll enjoy it.
  • appuappu Member Posts: 27
    We are considering purchasing a 2004 SL model with navigation, DVD and SL upgrade package within a month. We live in Edison, New Jersey. Are there any recent Quest buyers from this area who can provide how much under invoice (over invoice is out of the question :-)) they paid for their 2004 Quest?
  • appuappu Member Posts: 27
    or SE model with navigation.
  • actdactd Member Posts: 12
    Purchased my SL last year from Freehold Nissan on Route 9 at $900 under invoice.
  • appuappu Member Posts: 27
    Did you purchase the 2004 model?
  • plashenickplashenick Member Posts: 165
    In Jan bought the '04 SL w/DVD and Upgraded SL package (cloth) from Freehold Nissan. We paid Invoice but they got me out of an Infiniti QX4 lease with 13 payments left on the lease. I paid nothing on the lease ($23,500) plus got to save $1,200 on sales tax by trading in the lease.

    I would say they worked real well - they have also been right behind me in getting all my problems fixed, including arranging a loaner van for all the time we were in shop. I did not have the extended warranty
  • jferjfer Member Posts: 2
    Today we are going to purchase an SL Quest with Leather/seatpackage/DVD/skyview/floor matts/micro-filter/mudflaps/. Complete walk-away price (true, tax/title/tags/reg - everything) is $30,896 (this is with the $500 rebate and 1.9% financing now offered on the SL models).

    Thoughts? Haven't signed on the dotted line yet, but the dealer gave us this price out the door when others were saying $30,100 + tax/title/tags. His is inital price was $750 below invoice.

    This is Herb Gordon Nissan in Maryland.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    When I do a TMV calculation for my zip code, I get $29,076, including a $1,000 consumer cash incentive. That's before tax or doc fees.

    I'm assuming that your sales tax is 5% or around $1,450, making my number around $30,626 with a $100 doc fee. ~$31,100 with just a $500 rebate (that figure must be related to your low financing rate).

    So I'd say you are doing a little better than the TMV price, but there's probably a bit more room to wiggle if you want to be a grinder.

    Usual disclaimers about my math - you can do it yourself here.

    Steve, Host
  • jferjfer Member Posts: 2
    Thanks. The TMV for my zip is coming out at $30,989 (Before the incentives). Apparently, the new incentive is either $1000 or $500 & 2% (that's what the web says too) for the SL. Opting for the $500, that gives us $30,489 + about $1550 for tax/processing and we are up to $31,549. I think I'm done haggling - although we are going to haggle on the warranty - any thoughts on good prices for Gold Plus or Silver Plus? Or whether we should skip it and go with Warranty Direct or someone else?

  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    I personally don't believe in extended warranties and I'm at 96,000 miles on my '99 Quest with no major repairs. But I don't have a DVD or power doors or other expensive things that can break and cost $1,000 to get fixed.

    So if it helps you sleep better, go for it - my other bias is that the Nissan extended warranty is probably going to always be honored, while a third party one may not be if the company or their underwriter goes broke. Warranty Gold did this a year or so ago and filed bankruptcy, leaving a lot of people holding worthless pieces of paper that they paid lots of money for.

    Read the fine print on the one you choose because the companies are expert on wiggling out of payment for one reason or another.

    There is also some debate about the best time to buy - you may get a better price by tying the purchase to the van purchase. Or you may do better waiting and getting it online. You'll have to check with Nissan to see how long you have to purchase one - it may be one year or as long as three years.

    Good luck!

    Steve, Host
  • andreaandrea Member Posts: 4
    Been reading this forum and wondering if a) the 2005's are out yet, b) are there any significant changes from 04, and c) what can I expect to pay over/under invoice for an 05 if it's available, or is that fairly dumb if I can get an 04 cheaper?

    We have been dabbling getting a new car for about a month and have just understood that we really need a minivan. Looking at Quest and the Honda Odessesy, but the 05 Od'y isn't due yet in Chicago area until October and then I suppose they'll be selling for $$. Won't the 05 Quest be a better deal?

    Any help will be appreciated!
  • LDegrelleLDegrelle Member Posts: 74
    Looking for S or low option SL with lease. Key for us is keeping the payment as low as possible. Anyone out there have good experiences?
  • questilquestil Member Posts: 5
    Bought SE, 04 3 weeks ago with Nav, Single DVD, running boards, mats, splash guards and cargo cover. We paid $32,500 + T&D. Out of door $34,956 we have 6.75% tax.

    We had standout due to 129 miles then we were tired for two months of shopping car and we went for it.

    There was lot of push to buy protection and extended warranty but we did not went for it.
  • masspilotmasspilot Member Posts: 7
    Picked up my Majestic Blue/Beige interior SE on Friday. Paid $33,332 including the $1000 rebate for NAV, Dual DVD, Sirius, Mats, Cargo Cover, Splash Guards, Sunroof Deflector, Wheel Locks.

    Van was built on 06/04 and does have some defects which will need to be repaired by the dealer. However, we are very pleased with the van overall.
  • sstrz1sstrz1 Member Posts: 28
    Question....I bought my SL in May...and my VIN # is not part of the recall, thus I don't understand how a 6/04 built Quest needs to be repaired...whom told you that it did, and why did you buy it then?
  • masspilotmasspilot Member Posts: 7
    Needs to be repaired because of awful assembly quality in Mississippi. Many small and correctable problems, so not that big a problem for me. Things like the storage bin in front of steering wheel broken, nicks in paint, poor alignment of rear hatch and rear windows possibly causing highway noise, poor fit of many trim pieces in the interior, and more. They are all fairly minor, but still need to be repaired by the dealer. So, as of 6/04(my build date) fit and finish still an issue in Mississippi.

    My vin is not part of the recall, but I am affected by the Customer Satisfaction Initiative Nissan put out on the Quest. Only one item, the FM tuner.
  • tribrocktribrock Member Posts: 2
    Any one have an opinion on the following price?

    smoke SE with:
    2 DVD
    seat package
    running boards
    VIN of 33,500 (last 5 digits - concerned about quality of early production models!)
    AND 2,000 dealer miles.

    Dealer has offered $32,987, but I am not yet convinced.
  • lynnwlynnw Member Posts: 119
    I just got my price today of $34,060 for the following.

    SE (silver w/beige interior)
    Built 07/04
    Cargo cover
    Dual DVD (2 screens)
    Floor mats
    Seat pkg
    splash guards

    Dont have the running boards but I imagine it would not increase the price that much. As it is the price is $313 under invoice. I would wonder why your price is thousands below. Sounds fishy to me.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    TMV is $34,200 including the $1,000 rebate. Knock off another $300 for the 2,000 miles (@ .15 a mile) and you're still beating TMV for my zip code.


    Steve, Host
  • lynnwlynnw Member Posts: 119
    I forgot to mention: my current car we bought w/8k dealer miles and VERY low in price. It is a very nice car but has always had many annoying things that we have never been able to repair. The digital display for the climate control always faded to almost not lit, and recently just quit working altogether so we no longer know what temp we are setting it to nor the ext temp. Clunking sound they never pinned down nor could repair. Just be careful and do a serious long test drive. Also ask why there are so many miles on it.
  • tribrocktribrock Member Posts: 2

    I forgot to mention that this doesn't include applicable tax and a repair of a slight "ding" (more like a scratch) on the front bumper.
  • nbdnbd Member Posts: 2
    Paid 21950/- for S with seat package and carpet package.
  • LDegrelleLDegrelle Member Posts: 74
    Nice job nbd! Whereabouts you get that from?
  • tklauvtklauv Member Posts: 4
    21950, was that before or after the $1000.00 rebate?

    I just paid 24,060.30, out the door, on a 2004 Quest S. I forgo the $1000 rebate in lieu of 2% financing for 5 years. Did I get a good deal?

    Would appreciate feed backs from other Quest buyers.
  • rjoerjoe Member Posts: 5
    We are in the midwest and just got back from the dealer with an offer of $31,150 for an SE with the seat package but no Nav or DVD and the 2.0% interest rate. Has anyone done better than this? Since the 2.0% offer ends on Teusday we would love to hear back from you ASAP!

  • rjoerjoe Member Posts: 5
    Just trying to decide if 2% rate is good move now.
  • ckieltckielt Member Posts: 11
    $24,499 PLUS 2% for the Quest SL with upgrade package; seat package; plus the usual "options" Nissan bundles -- in-cabin filter, mats, splash guards, cargo cover.

    I've been trying to get the dealer down further because I know the 05s are not too far off. Should I jump on this deal or hold out? I'd appreciate feedback.
  • ckieltckielt Member Posts: 11
    Big changes in the 05. See the other current Quest discussion group for the laundry list, but at the top is a move to a standard 5-speed transmission instead of the current 4, plus some new standard safety features. I also suspect the new model will not have some of the annoying problems associated with first year production models.
  • xo23xo23 Member Posts: 6
    we purchased from Minneapolis dealership $300.00 under invoice for what ever trim line we wanted. we actually ordered one from the factory but it still is not in? We took one similar to what we ordered from another dealership.
  • rjoerjoe Member Posts: 5
    I did a series of telephone calls and had a number of in-state dealers with the same model configuration (and color) as we wanted offering to beat this dealers price by selling at invoice. One even went so far as $100 under invoice. I ended up sticking with the dealer I was orignally interacting with and settling on $100 over their stated invoice ($31,050) @ 2.0% rate and they threw in mud guards, cover, and mats. My only concern is the quest was built in May '04 so they are running it through their shop checking for issues which have been raised on here. I'll keep you posted!
  • lynnwlynnw Member Posts: 119
    The internet pricing I received while pricing out our SE was consistently about $300 under invoice. We paid just that $300 under invoice. We did not take their 2% financing since we used Capital One online through edmunds. We put $10K down and the guy in the finance office did the math and said we actually would save $1,000 by the end of the load doing it through capital one and taking their $1,000 rebate instead of the financing.
  • eyeblindeyeblind Member Posts: 156
    I own a 2004 Quest. My service advisor at the dealership called me because a part I was waiting for came in. According to her Nissan is extending the bumper to bumper warranty on 2004 Quest's from 3 years/36,000 mile to 5 years/60,000 miles because of the problems they've been having with the 04's.
  • lynnwlynnw Member Posts: 119
    Thanks for the info. I will confirm this with my service department. Sounds like a great deal to me if it is true.
  • rjoerjoe Member Posts: 5
    When can confirm that when we bought our 2004 quest yesterday we have it on paper that it is 5 years/60,000 miles. I had mistakenly thought the original was 3 years/60,000 so I was bummed they had only added two years and no additional mileage. The salesman caught my mistake and pointed out that it went from 3 years/30,000 to 5 years/60,000. And for an extra $10 a month ($600 for the life of the loan) we went ahead and picked up the 7yr/100,000 bumper to bumper warranty since we both drive more than average. I know the extended warrenties usually are not the way to go, but the rate was good and there would have always been that sneaking suspicion in the back of my mind "ohh should have I bought a first year model from a first year plant???"...and they cover road hazard too, which after replacing the 17" tires on my wifes Acura CLS about one tire can cover that :-)
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Nothing on the news about it yet or on Nissan USA's web site.

    Steve, Host
  • rjoerjoe Member Posts: 5
    How much was $300 under invoice for you?

  • ericcpaericcpa Member Posts: 6
    I called today 9/9 to check it out (it may make my decision easier to purchase an '04). The dealership had no idea - nor did the service manager.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Sometimes individual dealers will throw in an aftermarket warranty, but it doesn't sound like Nissan is extending the bumper to bumper warranty. Mitsubishi is thinking about increasing their warranty and that was all over the news, and Nissan doing it would be even bigger news. It'd be nice though!

    Steve, Host
  • robbinsrobbins Member Posts: 2
    I'm buying a Quest this Saturday at Herb Gordon in Maryland. The sales rep did confirm to me that the warranty was bumped up to 5yr/60k. Also getting $300 under invoice for an SL, before the $1,500 rebate is tacked on.

  • nbdnbd Member Posts: 2
    21950 is after the $1000 rebate. Add Tax to this to get on-road price. This was a quest S +seat package+splash guard+carpet.
  • desi4vandesi4van Member Posts: 1
    Hello Robbins:

    Can you please tell me about your experience / the sales rep you dealt with / price you paid?

    I am also considering buying Quest SL from Herb Gorden Nissan.
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