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  • raul4raul4 Member Posts: 95
    I purchased the coral sand. It is an SL with cloth interior and what a beauty. The interior (very plush) matches so well with the exterior. This is a whole new experience just learning how to use everything. In my entire 59 years of driving I never would have imagined that I could just press a button and see the tire pressure displayed on a screen. It is just a dream minivan. I ended paying $22,906 which included tax and tags. The dealer does a 1,000 mile check without charge. I also purchased a Nissan Gold Preferred extended warranty (7 Years 100000 miles) for $1,329. This has been one of the most pleasant car buying experiences I have had in years. I can't wait to take a long trip.
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    This is like The Price is Right--which digit is a mistake?!
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    We are struggling between the Quest and the Nissan and THAT price would clinch it. Seriosuly, if you can verify the price (and if true how the HECK you managed to get it for that) I'm sure we would all be appreciative.
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    TMV for a base SL is around $27,000, invoice around $25k. Killer deal, Raul4 - did you have a trade-in? More details please!

    Steve, Host
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    I bought an SL the last week of August with the seat package, floor mats, and that splash guard for $200 over invoice. When the car was actually delivered from another dealership, it had pin-striping and wheel locks that I basically got free. They gave me $2000 for my old '95 Quest with 125K miles on it, which was within $200 of the realistic value. The total deal was within $400 of what I had set my personal target price. Plus I got 3.5% financing. Had to take the car back in for service because the interior lights wouldnt work, but it was a fuse problem that got fixed quick.
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    I was providing additional information to message #50. That included the chev trade-in mentioned in that message. Sorry, guess I should have referenced the message. I, of course, decided how much I would have to pay with the trade-in. I wrote it down step-by-step. My bottomline figure was $22,697.80, including tags and taxes and the first offer came at $22,906 which I accepted.
    That's what made it such a sweet experience. After having it for 24 hours, I couldn't be more pleased.
         Only one thing that was a little disappointing. I wrongly assumed that this model had automatic headlights and it does not. My venture had this feature and I became very accustomed to it. But, I am extremely happy with it. It is very beautiful and has a super ride and drive.
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    And congrats on the new ride!

    Next time I'll scroll up a page and check for a previous post :-)

    Steve, Host
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    RAUL4--So the bottom line price on your deal included the value of your Chevy trade-in, right?

    2003Hemi--Does your dealer want to hear from us other Quest shoppers? If so, please provide some contact info.

    Thanks Guys!
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    my local dealer Quirk nissan in MA is selling 2004 Quest 3.5SL for 3500 USD below MSRP. Price with seat pkg, power sliding doors & gate, rear sensing system is 25215. Which is much better then what I paid for my 03 Ody EX.

    Hope this helps to future buyers.

  • raul4raul4 Member Posts: 95
    Steve, Host----TU.

    shenkar---Yep! The bottom line price did include the trade-in of my chev.
  • actdactd Member Posts: 12
    With a deal like that, I don't even mind drive the van all the way from MA to NJ. :o)
  • jakevsnakejakevsnake Member Posts: 14
    I just bought my Quest 2004 SL with seat package, in-cabin filter, DVD, and splash guards for $29,899 all taxes, tags inc. in Oakland at Connell Auto Center. I had secured my own financing for 5.5% with my credit union as this was the lowest I could find on my own. My payments for 60 months would have been $478 with a $5k down payment. I told them I would go with their financing if they could beat it and they went down to 4.09% with Nissan financing. The catch was getting a 6yr/100k Gold-Plus Warranty thrown in for total monthly payments of $490. I know they made out on the warranty since they sold me the car at about $800 over invoice but it was worth it considering I was about to finance at 5.5% with similar payments without an ext warranty. If I wasnt so pressed for time I would have played a harder sell for the warranty but after a long flight from Japan my wife and 2 kids were too pooped to pop. They originally were going to get me for $512 a month before I got it down to $490. Overall a pretty good deal for what I think is a great van so far after owning it for only 10 hours. I also saved a couple hundred dollars in taxes since I changed the address I registered the car in.
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    Extended warranties are usually cancellable, so you may want to revisit it in a month or so and see if you want to drop it.

    Steve, Host
  • srb6srb6 Member Posts: 3
    We're the folks who had the difficult haggling session with the dealer in CT. I'm very happy to report we had a great experience buying the SL through the Carmax Nissan dealer in White Marsh, Maryland (went there because we have family close by). Though not a killer deal it was decent, and better than the prices we could get at our local dealers. We paid 2.7% below MSRP with just $114 dollars in dealer paper work fees. The sales people we worked with were terrific. It's a no-haggle operation so everything was friendly and relaxed. Quite different from the CT experience where we were fielding tricky dealer games at the get-go. There aren't too many no-haggle new car dealerships around, but in situations like the one we have with the Quest at the moment (difficult seller's market), we found it to be very worthwhile to buy from them, even with a bit of travel involved. Wish all car buying experiences were so pleasant!
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    According to the blue book pricing Mud Guards are required in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin. Not sure where those asking are located but this could help explain why the dealer said they all came that way. Hope this is helpful information.
  • jakevsnakejakevsnake Member Posts: 14
    You have brought up an interesting question. If I were to cancel this service contract, which I have read would be fully refundable within 60 days, or $25/10% of retail price after that, would I have the option to buy it from someone else later? I know I should be able to do better than this from somewhere else. Should I look into a Warranty Gold plan? I know this should go in the warranty section but this topic came up as a result of my price paid at this dealership. If someone else besides Steve can help please post or send me an email at [email protected] I am travelling at the moment and I am slow to check email as a result but I will keep on it as best that I can. Thanks.
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    Jakevsnae, i think you should keep the warranty with nissan, it is better to keep with the manufacturer, the amount of money you save by buying it from someone else will not be significant (read fine prints with other warranties what is covered and what do you supposed to do for preventive maintanence with vehicle). On the other side your monthly payment will not reduce if you cancel warranty (that is how the contract is written usually). Obviously your payment will be finished in less than 60 months based on how much you get credit by cancelling extended warranty.
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    Here's a discussion when you get time - check out the recent posts (#127-129) for a transcript of a live chat we had about extended warranties:

    Extended Warranties

    Steve, Host
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    A salesman from a local dealer just called me, and sounded very hungry for me to come in and make a deal this weekend. Since we haven't decided exactly what we want, but we were going to go test drive again tomorrow (Sat.), I was non-committal about coming to see him specifically. Eventually, he mentioned that Hurricane Isabel had put them behind for this month, and since this is the last weekend of the month...

    If you are looking for a deal, this might be a good time to get one.
  • tcdenvertcdenver Member Posts: 18

    If your numbers are correct, I think you got a pretty good deal with the warranty. You were paying an additional $12 per month for 60 months over what you would have to pay if you went with your credit union. Apparently Nissan gave you a better rate as an incentive to purchase their warranty. It amounts to $720 or about $500 in today's money for three extra years or 64,000 extra miles. I think it is a very worthwhile investment.

    You cannot determine the cost based on the 4.09%, which is probably a bundle deal with warranty. I would say that for $500, you have bought a lot of peace of mind. This is one of the few occasions that I think the warranty is a very good deal.

    You must have got smarter after the visit to Japan! Well done!

    Btw, two Denver area dealers advertised almost $2,000 off on the S model in today's paper. Have anyone seen similar discount in other areas?
  • stephenwbstephenwb Member Posts: 15
    Finally got my wife out yesterday to make a final decision about what we want, and ended up negotiating for a deal on an SE Quest. I'm not sure if I can do better or not, so I didn't buy it, but here's the general outline:
    They're giving me about what CarMax offered me for my trade, and selling me the Quest for approximately $600 over invoice, with me putting down $2000 and getting 3.9%/60 mos.

    Pretty good (about what I wanted to pay) but not fantastic enough to get me to buy right then. Basically, I'm holding out for a deal that makes me willing to give up the $2500 I'll make selling the trade myself vs. the $800 I'll get trading it in (trade-in value minus loan balance).
  • shammond1shammond1 Member Posts: 15
    I wish I had more patients I just had to have this van when it came out and could only negotiate $750 off the MSRP. Now obviously it's a buyers market. Oh well, I still love it. Only problem is a couple of rattles that I need to take it in for.
  • boa35boa35 Member Posts: 21
    Last month I bought a 3.5SL for $2020 under MSRP (7%); $479 over invoice. Not quite as good as I wanted and they beat me up on my trade-in. But they sweetened the deal with 3.79% financing and overlooked $770 in dealer installed options--they found the van, equipped as I wanted, in an adjoining state and either didn't notice the out-of-state dealer's DIOs on the window sticker (they negotiated using only the factory invoice) or just decided to let him eat them. I only discovered them myself after I had left the dealership but figured getting them free evened the score re the price and trade-in.
  • mercury10mercury10 Member Posts: 3
    Just negotiated a deal in southwestern Ohio for Quest SL with Leather,seat pckg, upgrade pckg, DVD, Navigation/6 CD changer, microfilter, splash guards for $750 over invoice (total price $31,630). I chose to factory order and did all negotiating online. I found an extremely helpful website.
  • stephenwbstephenwb Member Posts: 15
    Well, we did it last night, and we're the proud new owners of a 2004 Nissan Quest SE, smoke, with single DVD, seat pkg, running boards, splash guards, floor mats, pinstripes, wheel locks and door edge guards for $32,500 + $299 prep fee + tax, tags, $540 freight.

    The DVD is aftermarket (yet to be installed), but I believe I got it for a great price, about $400 over invoice depending on how much the DVD costs them to install. I also added to their profit by buying $300 worth of paint sealant and leather protection, supposedly money-back-guaranteed for 5 years, a $800 5 yr/60K miles extended warranty (gold +?) with $50 deductible, and $350 gap insurance. I'm getting rid of the last one by refinancing with USAA (free gap insurance, and beating their 4.24% with 4.05%) as soon as I can get the finance guy to return one of my 4 calls so far today.

    The buying experience was a little painful -- I wouldn't recommend this dealer unless you know exactly what you want and how much to pay for it, they happen to have it, and you're willing to play hardball with them to get the price you're expecting. I mean, I've got the van, but even with a prenegotiated price, it took 3+ hours to do the paperwork, finalize what was supposed to be a final price, and get through finance and everything. They kept repeating that I was getting a great deal because it was the end of the month and quarter, etc. I got a confidence boost about the price because on the way there, when I told another dealer the deal by cell phone, he basically said "if they go through with it without adding stuff on, then good luck, because I can't hit that price, they're right at cost".

    Message/email me and I'll tell you who it is if you really want, but you may have to catch them at the end of the month again to get that price.

    <sigh> I'm glad it's over, it was exhausting, but I got a good price, I think. Right??
  • shenkarshenkar Member Posts: 159
    We just got our SE Saturday, for $31,092. Van has Running Boards, Cargo Cover, Seat Package, Splash Guards and Floor Mats. Also got a 100k mile, bumper-to-bumper service package (Nissan Gold Plan) for $1,047 extra, w/$50 deductible.

    Hassle was non-existant. We faxed a request for this specific van (less the running boards) to 25 dealers in a 100 mile radius, giving them 30 hours to respond. First reply came in 2 hours later. The deal we took was the second one to come in, and we actually got another one for $250 less, but I specified that earlier responses would be ranked higher, so I had to keep my word.

    The lower priced van did not include the Running Boards ($444 dealer cost) and my guy split the $250 difference with me so I figure I got my van for only $100 more than the van without the boards.

    Results of this deal: Edmunds MSRP = $34,330. Edmnds Dealer Cost: $31,345. My cost: $31,092 ($253 BELOW invoice) (Keep in mind, we passed up a deal at $500 BELOW because they responded slow) . Best part of the deal: No-haggle; No-hassle. Best buying experience ever!!
  • lumbarlumbar Member Posts: 421
    Congratulation. I think this is known as the "fax attack" by one site that endorses it. Three questions:

    How did you get the dealers' fax numbers? Just call'em and ask?

    Since you went throught it, would you speculate on why the dealer of a pretty hot vehicle might have been willing to settle for the holdback (or a little less) as his profit?

    Were there "processing fees" attached or was 31092 out the door (plus tax)? Thanks and good luck.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Blast Fax Car Buying

    I called when I did mine, but often the fax numbers are posted on the dealer's website.

    Steve, Host
  • phatwheelsphatwheels Member Posts: 7
    Closed yesterday on an SE DVD, Seat Package, Running Boards, Splash Guards, Floor Mats. Paid $32,610.48 + $1630.52 MD Tax + $161 Tag & Title + $98 Dealer Processing, Total out the door cost = $34,500 approx $50 over edmunds invoice.
  • shenkarshenkar Member Posts: 159
    The $31,092 actually INCLUDED a $499 processing fee. The actual "cost" of the car was $30,715 minus $122 (on the running boards), plus the $499 "Processing Fee". Total: $31,092 plus sales taxes, plus $18.00 for a tag, plus $3.00 for the state lemon law notifications. That's all (except the extended warranty)!!

    I won't usually pay "processing fees", but in this case, it represented most of the profit they made on this deal. So it was still a win-win situation.

    As for WHY they did the deal, on a "hot" model. I can't say for sure, but my suspicion is that the spin on how hot they are is mostly that...SPIN.

    All the dealers were willing to deal. Even the rural dealers with only a couple in stock. The metro area dealers, who all had plenty in stock, were all willing to give deep discounts.

    I started this process of with an email to only one dealer who came back with a MSRP offer. I pretty well reamed him out, and threatened to flame him on the enthusiast auto sites if he didn't get real...whereupon he came back with invoice plus $1,500. I told him no-dice, and got all the dealers fax numbers right off the Nissan website. And the rest, as they say, is history.
  • jakevsnakejakevsnake Member Posts: 14
    I feel pretty good about my deal and the numbers I mentioned in my prior posts are correct, so to look at it the way you said is the right way to think about the deal. I basically got the warranty thrown in for $700 or so for the original 5.5% APR I was going to finance to begin with. Instead I got a lower rate as an incentive to take the warranty. A win-win for me and the dealer since I would not have gotten the lower rate all on my own. I have had the van for almost 10 days now and its great. Everyone I show the van to is in awe of all the gadgets it has and how nice it looks.
  • mwcoxmwcox Member Posts: 13
    The first Quest that my wife and I saw was a SE. It was a copper/orange color. We loved it, but, seems I cannot find that color in the brochure, on-line configurator, or anywhere else. We saw this color on two different lots. Does anyone know anything about this special color? Was it only for the first few out of the factory?? Thanks in advance for any info on this one!
  • stephenwbstephenwb Member Posts: 15
    The Murano comes in the color you describe, and it's easy to confuse the two if you're not standing right next to it in order to see that it has two regular doors instead of a sliding door.

    I made that mistake more than once when passing our local Nissan dealer when looking over to see if they had any new Quests on the lot.
  • quest2k4quest2k4 Member Posts: 3

    The color is autumn red. In bright sun light it has a burnt orange look. In shade it has a deep "autumn red" look.

    We liked the deep red, but not the burnt orange. So we bought the Green Tea, which maintains its color well in all light.
  • vaxukivaxuki Member Posts: 5
    Well,I settled for a SE /single DVD/splash guards
    $33,400+$199 window etch+$299 prep + sales tax
    walk out $35,914. I asked for Green tea or sahars gold and dealer said a week to deliver which is friday 10/10 . He called me today and said that that he is finding it difficult to
    find one, so he offered a 2 dvd , nav at $34,700
    ($600 over edmunds invoice) sales tax prep etc etc would take the walk out price to be $37,293.
    I was just wondering if the extra dvd/nav was worth the extra money. I was planning to get a gold coverage for the se/single dvd Priced at around $1000. But kind of feel that the dealer has a bait and switch on me.
    I have a $500 deposit on, and was wondering if I could bail out of this deal.. Very very difficult i know. I can wait one more week for him to deliver the se/single dvd or settle for the dual dvd/nav for the extra $1400 tommorow itself..

    what a fix.. my passat was a better experience..4 years ago.. any way i still like the SE for its looks
    Any suggestions and tips.. deeply appreciated..

  • stephenwbstephenwb Member Posts: 15
    Since I just paid $32,500 + 540 freight for an SE/running boards/splash guards/floor mats/aftermarket single DVD + 299 processing + $800 for $50 deduct gold security+ 60mos/60Kmiles, and I have found that the dual DVD should only have been another $400, you have to ask yourself what the Nav is worth to you, and how good of a deal you're really getting. There was a post on this board a week or so ago of someone getting a rouge/smoke SE with RB, SG, floor mats, and single DVD for 34,600 (incl 5% tax) out the door, so make sure you're getting the best deal you can.

    Remember, getting your deposit back is a hassle, but if the dealer has any sense of customer service, they won't want you to be forced to buy a car from them just because they won't give your deposit back. I can tell you from personal experience that they take neutral or negative survey responses from you very seriously, especially if it's the official Nissan survey (which I just received today, but there is at least one phone pre-survey, in my case from JD Power). They won't want you to be unhappy, because you still have the ability to make life difficult for them if you don't give them positive customer satisfaction ratings. Nissan corporate doesn't look kindly on dealers whose customers say in surveys that they "definitely would not recommend" that dealer to someone else (as I did, for reasons that I won't go into).

    Are you in a particular hurry to get the van? If they don't have what you want, make them find it or order it for you! I'm assuming that the agreement you made when you put down your deposit was for what you wanted, at the price you were willing to pay. If you don't want to spend the extra money on the dual/nav, then don't, or make a counteroffer to the dealer that puts them closer to invoice (~$200?) for your inconvenience. Or make them give you the warranty you want for $500 instead. Or, depending on your credit, give you their lowest finance rate (probably around 3.9 for 60 months, not sure what term you want). Make them give you something for your "trouble", or find what you want.

    You are still the customer, and even if the customer isn't always right at the dealer during negotiations, they are when they fill out the surveys for Nissan corporate. Use that. You're still in control of the process, even if they don't want you to know that.

    Sure, they have your deposit, but that doesn't obligate you to buy the van from them right now, does it? I'm sure that the salesperson and the dealership is already counting on your sale for this month -- what if you were to tell them that you won't take delivery until they get you exactly what you want, perhaps next month? Be nice about everything, because reading the "inconsiderate buyers" forum will tell you that being anything but nice won't get you anything, but know what you want and insist on it. Remember that the dealer wants to make a sale to a happy customer just as much as you want to buy a van, perhaps more.
  • pulisubspulisubs Member Posts: 39
    The problem is, Dual DVD is bundled with Nav (Go Figure!). So, you don't have the option of getting the Dual DVD without the Nav.

    I have the Dual DVD. Its not a major attraction unless the third row seat is occupied most of the times. The single DVD screen is large enough for the third row as well, even otherwise.

    But we love the Nav. With my wife's penchant for losing her way, its handy. Of course, if I had a choice between spending that amount on extended warranty and Nav, I'd always go for the warranty. Just my 2 cents worth.
  • gg2k2segg2k2se Member Posts: 109
    I have 2 experiences with new Maxima's when the initial response was "we can't find it so take this instead". Both times I said no thanks and within a week they found the vehicle, just at a farther away dealer. So do what makes sense to you. If you can wait, then wait. If you like the Navigation, then make them work for it and lower the cost. good luck...
  • pulisubspulisubs Member Posts: 39
    The problem is, Dual DVD is bundled with Nav (Go Figure!). So, you don't have the option of getting the Dual DVD without the Nav.

    I have the Dual DVD. Its not a major attraction unless the third row seat is occupied most of the times. The single DVD screen is large enough for the third row as well, even otherwise.

    But we love the Nav. With my wife's penchant for losing her way, its handy. Of course, if I had a choice between spending that amount on extended warranty and Nav, I'd always go for the warranty. Just my 2 cents worth.
  • vaxukivaxuki Member Posts: 5
    Thanks folks, stephenwb,pulisubs,gg2k2se...
    I gave it a hard thought and rejected his offer.
    He told me he will keep looking for the one I wanted.
    I will do away with navigation and will opt for warranty instead. And as stephenwb suggested, I will to have hold my cards in the feedback review.
    Thanks everybody for your suggestions..
    Shall post how the vehicle is doing once I get it..
  • jamestrenjamestren Member Posts: 12
    I posted a whole new thread here under Nissan Quest. If you are in the market, you may wanna consider this. If the rebate does come, that will kill the resale value for those of us who would pay more this month.

    I cannot say for sure anything is going to happen, but I am now in the wait and see mode...
  • dougkedougke Member Posts: 3
    I placed on order for a fully loaded SE the last week in Aug and was told my van would be in the Oct build (for an estimated delivery date of late Oct/early Nov).

    Dealer called recently and said my order was rejected when dealer placed it with Nissan due to an overwhelming demand for the SE and a corresponding shortage of parts (transmissions). Only option is for dealer to find an SE from another dealer.

    I'm trying to be patient, but I don't see anyone else complaining so I don't know if this story is legit. If I wait it out, it could be December before one comes in. Anyone else seeing this problem?
  • shenkarshenkar Member Posts: 159
    Dougke, when I was shopping for my SE, I found a plentiful supply to choose from, with every configuration and option being readily available.

    Where do you live? Is there anything special about the van you want?

    Your dealer should be able to do a dealer trade, and have your van within 24 hours. There's no reason to "order" a van that's likely already sitting on some dealers lot just down the road.
    Just make your saleman get on their computer and give you a printout of the dealer stock sitting on the ground in your area, then take your pick, and take home your van.
  • quest132kquest132k Member Posts: 17
    You can do an online search yourself - go to the Nissan USA web site (am I allowed to post the actual address here?), select Quest, follow the instructions to design your quest and search inventory. Default lists dealers within 50 miles of your zip code - you can choose search again to expand to 100 mi radius. If you still don't find anything, look up the zip codes for some cities outside the 100 miles, and search again starting from there. I have been monitoring stock in Indiana/Ohio for about 4 weeks. The SE models do seem to be turning over pretty quickly. SLs go a little slower, and the S models seem to be hanging around quite a while. Who are all these people who want to spend $35,000+??
  • janwunchenjanwunchen Member Posts: 2
    I bought a New 2004 Quest. SL with DVD $540 under dealer invoice (there is no dealer's add up options) plus free etch window and paid only tax and MV Documents fee. I got 3.89%Apr/5 years car loan without any bank fee or attoney review fee.
    I feel good about it. If you like to know the dealer and sale rep.'s name. Please e-mail me.
  • actdactd Member Posts: 12
    janwunchen, please email me the dealer and sales rep info to [email protected] I'm looking to buy a silver SL with leather package within the next few weeks.
  • chihshengchihsheng Member Posts: 4
    janwunchen, please email me the dealer and sales rep info to [email protected]
  • poundpincherpoundpincher Member Posts: 1
    Janwunchen, please email me the dealer and sales rep info to "[email protected]" . Thanks.
  • bobbya2bobbya2 Member Posts: 35
    Hello Guys
    It is my 1st post here.
     I just bought SIENNA LE 8 Pass Pkg 7 for 26,500 after 1900 off MSRP.
    The Supply situation has improved in 2-3 weeks.
    Since I am now shopping for my brother for USED SIENNA, I saw one QUEST yesterday and liked FOLDABLE middle seats which no one has it now.
      Simultaneously I heard about some REBATE coming next month which I believe is POSSIBLE because:
    ON NISSAN WEBSITE they have special LEASE OFFER on model S with foldable seat pkg.

    So if I can get about 2000 off MSRP on S model with seat pkg. at MSRP of 25,130 and 3000 rebate and if it costs me
    FINALLY for maximum between 20,000 & 20,500 PLUS state taxes etc. I don't mind buying a new one instead of a used SIENNA.
    Thanks in advance for reply or email me please.
  • mikelambmikelamb Member Posts: 13
    janwunchen, please email me the dealer, pricing breakdown, and sales rep info to [email protected]

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