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2013 and Earlier - Jeep Wrangler Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jcjeepjcjeep Posts: 1
    Hello everybody, planning on purchasing very soon. Checked out an x because it seems to be in my price range however I have a question on the trannies. On some of the window stickers, the vehicles had listed on options a 3.73 tranny and on others it wouldn't even list it. I am familiar with the Dana44's however does the stock come with a 3.73 or a 3.07? Very confusing. Also, the vehicle that I was looking at had rear drum brakes, and I would rather have disc. Has anyone of you had drum brakes and if so any problems? Please Please help a person who doesn't know enough. Thanks.
  • wheelsdownwheelsdown Posts: 250

    You should take these questions to the Jeep Wrangler board. They will jump all over the answers. Nice people there.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Here's the link.

    Jeep Wrangler

    Steve, Host
  • hmbtxhmbtx Posts: 1
    I want to purchase a 2005 Wrangler SE 5 speed. I will be using it 95% for commuting to work which is 10 miles each way.

    Some weekends I will drive it on dirt roads in central TX but will not be rock climbing.

    I'm so old I used to own a 1979 Subaru Brat with 4wd high only transfer case and it worked fine for what I needed.

    What's your opinion?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Check the link given by Steve in the post prior to yours.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Ask for Mtngal :-)

    Steve, Host
  • REALLY wanting to buy the Rubicon Unlimited and have just changed jobs (company car gone = Jeep buyin' time!) so I'm definitely in the market.

    Was hoping somebody had some advice on a good dealer in the York, PA area (or Baltimore, Philly, Harrisonburg, etc).

    Also, I've had some buddies that have had good luck at dealerships offering like $400 over the Invoice listed on Edmunds...anybody try this w/a Jeep dealer?

    Thanks for your thoughts!
  • I just ordered a Rubicon Unlimited with hardtop, auto, cruise, mats and locking gas cap from Darner Chrysler Jeep in Mesa, AZ. MSRP was $30,790 but got a price of $27,500 ($28,000 less current rebate of $500). Started negotiatons over the internet and the experience was less painful than I thought it would be.
    Incidentally, I asked the dealer what their price would be on a 3" lift kit and they said $3500. I went to a local off-road shop and got a price of $1100 for the same thing. Don't get anything from the dealer you can organize on your own.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Two points to keep in mind on the lift. First, was it the same make and spec lift kit your were comparing? Second, it's quite possible that the dealer fitting the lift would warranty the suspension, drivetrain, and steering components, that usually become a bone of contention if damage occurs. It's unlikely that the off road shop will cover anything more than just the kit components.
  • I found a dealer offering a new 05 rubi unlimited on ebay. I called em up and had a chat, great guys, knowledgeable, upfront on pricing, taxes, shipping, etc.... I was able to pick one up that had a MSRP of $30,454 for $25,884. This included 3 discounts, 1)current $500 Jeep incentive 2)$500 Military Discount 3)DCX employee discount. At the time of the offer they said the dealer had several unused DCX green slips for the employee discounts anyone purchasing a new vehicle could use until the end of the year. I was able to purchase the vehicle at below dealer cost due to the employee discount. The dealer is located in Kokomo, Indiana and is McGonigal Jeep/Buick/Cadillac. They set up shipping to Texas for me and just gave me a quote, sent all paperwork Fedex, contracts were all in order with a terrific interest rate i was not expecting.
  • anyone know if there will be a new (hopefully bigger!) incentive to replace the $500 that expired yesterday?, Edmunds, et all have nothing yet. thanks!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    You might ask in our Rebates, Incentives & APRs discussion. Car_man frequently has the scoop.



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  • I bought my 2001 Wrangler Sport in Jan of 2001. Just passed 36000 miles with really no problems. I got a pretty good deal on the Jeep, but had to sacrifice on the '01 Silverado I traded 6 months after I bought it, but it was well worth it. I'm considering trading it in for a used/newer model. I saw a '04 Rubicon with 10000 miles with a 22900 asking price, but I know they'll let it go for 19900. The sales guy slipped when I was looking at a car for my wife and that didn't work out, but I started thinking about the Rubicon. Any addidtional info on Rubicons would be greatly appreciated. I'm not sure if I want payments again since I paid off my '01 already. I guess it'd only be about 5-7 grand.
  • I recently purchased a 2005 wrangler unlimited rubicon on Dec. 31. I had been search for a wrangler unlimited for some time with no luck in negotiations. I almost gave up trying and came across a new one at a dealer in Indiana, McGonigal. They were selling it on ebay at $4k under sticker, so i gave them a call. Nice folks to work with all pricing upfront, no games. The MSRP was $30,454. I was getting DCX employee discount offered by the dealer as i dont work for chrysler. Also, i recieved an additional $500 military discount and the current $500 discount at the time of purchase for a total of $4,567 off sticker at $25,887. They set up shipping to my home via FedEx Auto Transport and yes its FedEx to my suprise. Delivered to my door in Texas detailed, full tank of gas, keys, etc. all paperwork shipped overnight FedEx. The finance guy worked very hard to get the lowest rate available which was 1.5 points less than current rates offered by chrysler. I highly recommend the dealership and have been very pleased with my purchase. Check out located in Indiana, i took a chance and came out happy.....Jeff
  • Do u remember who your salesman was that u dealt with....? $25887.00 out the door ? What was on the jeep...Was it a Rubicon Unlimited ? sounds too good to be true......
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Reminder - Names of salespeople may not be posted in the messages.
  • scottlscottl Posts: 109
    With the $750 rebate plus the $1000 Chrysler financing incentive (which you can pay off early)
    you can get some great deals.

    I saw an Unlimited Rubicon 6-speed with a hardtop for $26.5.
  • Hi everyone!

    Stumbled across this forum while researching a Wrangler Sport. So let me first say, thanks for being here! I've learned quite a bit already :)

    I've been seeing a lot of people talking about how they paid $x over invoice etc...

    Do these figures include the PPA and DAA costs?
    I'm a little confused (or very lucky). All the dealers in my area have given me quotes that match the edmunds TME invoice exactly - the only difference in cost is in the PPA/DAA (whatever they are: advertising costs?) Are these negotiable? It seems to me that these are the only numbers I can haggle over.

    In total it comes to just under $300 over invoice.

    And what about the incentives? Currently there's a $750 rebate, and a $1000 rebate if you use Chrysler Financial. In addition to the $500 military rebate - I stand to get a pretty good deal.

    So are these claims of $100-$300 over invoice including these rebates?

    I'm just trying to level the field so I'm comparing apples to apples, so given the above info, where do I stand? Am I getting it for $300 over? Or less?

    The downside is that with the options I've chosen, they will have to order from the factory. Which means that those rebates may not be in effect when it arrives. How can you sell a vehicle, and then change the price when the customer comes to pick it up? Seems rather shady to me.

    Thanks! and Happy Jeeping :)
  • schafuddschafudd Posts: 29
    I recently pruchased (picked 'er up Monday) a brand new 2005 Wrangler Unlimited. I picked it up at a local dealer, Patrick Pontiac, near where I work.
    I was treated amazing. They have a VERY professional staff and a very knowledgeable service department. There was no pressure in the sale (unlike my last vehicle purchase). Patrick is definately a first class operation.
    If any of you guys are looking and live in Western New York i would check them out the sales and service was just amazing. I would reccomend them to anyone!

    Happy Trails
  • Sunnymtn:
    They cannot change the price on you. When you sign the contract and order the jeep, that is the price you will pay. They can, in no way, up the price upon delivery..that's what the signed contract secures.
    Here in Colorado I can buy a Rubicon or any other jeep at $100 over invoice; actually since me and my company have purchased several cars from this dealer this year, we can actually pay invoice...they want to move vehicles off the lot. They still make good money on hold-backs from DC. They make their money on used cars more than on the new ones.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    That's right, they can't change the agreed price. However, what can change is any rebate or promotion. Only the rebates or promotions applicable at time the contract is consummated will be applied to the bottom line.

    Sometimes this works in the customers favor, and sometimes it doesn't.
  • bcaseybcasey Posts: 1
    I'm trying to get out of my lease of a 2004 Mazda3.
    One dealership said they could buy out my lease, so I can get into a new lease for a 2005 wranger X, Has anybody done this?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Any dealer can do it, but it doesn't mean it will be cheap. You can do it yourself if you want, just contact your lender.

    Remember, the dealer sells you the car, the financing institution sells you the money. The two are seperate, and you can't just transfer your Mazda payments to the Jeep.

    I'd imagine that doing anything other than completing your Mazda lease will be financially painful.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    You should visit our discussion about Lease Termination Fees and other costs to help determine what you're likely to face if you terminate your lease early.

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  • believebelieve Posts: 74
    Hi everyone,

    Has anyone heard anything about the rebates for April?.....besides the 500.

    last month it was something like 2250 with the military rebate included...I already

    tried the rebate discussion. I think I'm buying when they hit that number again.
  • believebelieve Posts: 74
    Good morning everyone,

    I just found out the there is a total of 2250 rebate now. Just what I've been waiting
    for! :)
  • Just bought a new Wrangler Unlimited yesterday and the only rebates were the $1000 for using Chrysler financing and another $750. Paid $22,500 for the new vehicle...$100 over invoice. Great dealership in Denver, CO called Lithia people and no hassle...told them what I would pay on the spot and the deal was done. Good luck....... :)
  • connor3connor3 Posts: 1
    Can I assume that there is a difference between Factory to Dealer Incentives and Cunsumer Incentives (i.e. $750 Loyalty or whatever and the $1000 Chrysler Financial)? says that sometimes dealers get reimbursed from the factory for various reasons, which would lower the price the dealer actually paid for the vehicle.(It's like filling out a rebate form for a computer you have purchased). Anyway...if I am correct in my assumption, this info would be very hard to find. Currenty that is reason for this post...its a beacon to anyone reading it, in hopes that they will reply...
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Consumer incentives come from the manufacturer to you. These are yours by right unless you give them away. Beware deals that advertise "All rebates and incentives to dealer".

    Dealer incentives come from the manufacturer to the dealer. These are the dealer's by right. He can add them to his bank account, buy donuts with them, or he can use them to negotiate a lower selling price.........his choice.
  • tka2tka2 Posts: 6
    Dealer near me has a leftover 2004 Wrangler Unlimited (brand new) priced at $19,999 with a sticker of $25,620 (includes floor mats, stereo upgrade and leather-wrapped sterring wheel, cruise).

    Does this seem inline with what others are paying?

    Have always wanted a Wrangler and it seems like a good deal.
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