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  • HELP Momof 5 Needs EC#! I am buying a 2008 Chrysler Town & Country Limited fully loaded with dual DVD/ Sirius TV/ Navigation / Swivel & Go Seating ...... Can you tell how excited I am! The 10 HOUR drive for Christmas looks so much better just knowing I will be driving this mobile family room / game room!

    We will be making the purchase this weekend, next week at the latest. If you have any friends or co-workers who have an extra EC#, I would love it!!!! I absolutely PROMISE it will be used! Just think, 5 HAPPY KIDS rushing to the car in the car pool line or watching baseball practice from the tailgate seats is some of the best free advertisement Chrysler can get, and I will most certainly provide it!

    email me at [email protected]
  • can I please get an EC number? My email is [email protected]
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    If anyone needs any employee choice numbers for discounts (5% below invoice), let me know...i have two myself, and have access to a lot more if need be

    I don't know that there is that much of a difference in the EC versus the Friends programs. For instance, the Friends discount is a fixed 1% below factory invoice, plus any rebates, but I don't think the EC is a fixed percentage.

    As an example, I just configured a 2008 T&C Limited with no other options using each program on the employee website. The results are listed below. All prices include the $730 destination charge.

    2008 Town & Country Limited MSRP: $36,400

    Invoice price (from Edmunds): $32,496

    EC program price: $32,320

    Friends program price: $32,908

    The EC price does not include a $200 program fee, added by the dealer. There is no extra fee for the Friends program. After adding the $200 fee the difference between the two discount programs is $488.

    There is an additional $1,500 rebate currently available that would be subtracted from each of the above prices.

    I have two Friends program discounts left for 2007.
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Invoice price (from Edmunds): $32,496

    Oops...the Edmunds invoice price didn't include the $730 destination, in case anyone was wondering why the Friends discount was more than the invoice. It looks like Chrysler subtracts the 1% before adding the destination charge.

    Also, the price difference is $388 between the EC and Friends, not $488 as I originally said when you factor in the $200 program fee.

    That's what I get for trying to do 6 things at the same time and I don't notice these things until after the 1/2 hour message edit window has passed. :)

    While I'm here, the difference in price on the EC versus the Friends for a 2008 Sebring Limited with an MSRP of around $29,900 is less than $200. It varies by vehicle, not a fixed percentage on the EC.
  • Mr. Tedebear, you must be the Christmas angel because I've been searching for a discount (any discount at this point! I'm not picky :) ) and I was just about to give up and purchase a used vehicle instead. My determined decision to go with the 2008 Town & Country was based on the swivel n go feature, but since that's not available on last year's, I was starting to teeter towards another maker. Would I possible be able to get a Friends Program Discount, it would be GREATLY appreciated!
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832

    I'll send you email to your address after I get home from work in about 7.5 more hours. The company firewall lets me get on the forums but not to my mailbox for some reason.

    The control number is valid until the end of 2007, so be sure you want to use it before the end of the year. I'm almost out of discounts.

    If you want to, go to and click on the Build My Own link. Make a note of every option, including the color, that you want and post it. I'll tell you the exact Friends discount price. Also, include your zip code or region if you want accurate rebate info included. Rebates vary by region.
  • 99jxi99jxi Posts: 2
    I'm a current owner of a 99JXI and a 2000T&C. The T&C has about 135k on the odometer. The T&C is our main family vehicle and hopefully will be replaced by a 2008T&C within the month. I'd appreciate if you would provide a friends number for me to apply to this anticipated purchase.
  • Hi All -

    Here is as far as I am getting after about ten days of working things a little at a time with the dealer, who have been nice to deal with.

    M package
    Premium sound
    Swivel & go
    Power 3rd row
    Sirius backseat TV
    MSRP 35,985

    Deal looks like this:
    Pull ahead program for our 2005 Grand Caravan SXT with 2 more payments and the $275 out. Maybe a couple of chargeable blemishes. All being "waived".
    Sell price on 2008 is 32,200
    First payment only out of pocket
    36 month lease
    .00198 MF
    55% residual

    After all the great input and nice people here I figured I'd run it by you all to see what you think and if I have done well.
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Sell price on 2008 is 32,200

    Does that price include the current $1,500 rebate? I've never leased a vehicle so I couldn't offer any opinion on the rest of what you listed. I mentioned the Friends discount price on the above vehicle is $30,969, including the rebate.

    This evening I was checking a price for someone else and there is something new that popped up called Bonus Cash, in the amount of $500. Chrysler says it is valid for anyone who finances through Chrysler Financial.
  • The 32,200 is before the $1500 lease cash.
  • tedebear-

    You are correct on the additional $500 if you finance a purchase through Chrysler Financial. I got tired of messing around with the lease deals so went to purchase with cash last night. Instead, I got the additional $500 for financing with CF and will pay the car off in full next week. Here is my deal.

    Customer Preferred Package 25M
    MyGIG Multimedia Infotainment System w/ Navigation
    SIRIUS® BackSeat TV
    MSRP $35,400
    EC price $31,516 (31316+200)
    Rebates -$2,500 ($1500 factory rebate, $500 CF rebate, $500 Coupon I got in the mail)

    Final Selling Price $29,016 + tax and tags

    Thanks to tedebear and rmbalisa for helping me get this amazing deal.
    BTW, Salerno Duane Chrysler in Summit NJ is a fantastic dealership to deal with. I would recommend them to anyone. The best car buying experience I've ever had by far. Prior to working with them I had walked out of two other dealerships in the NJ/PA area.
  • You got a smoking deal. I'd be in a lease right now if I was offered this deal. Instead, I got jerked around by sales reps who jacked up the money factor and lowered the residual when they found out I got special pricing on the car. Ultimately, I'm happy with my deal and the fact that we decided to purchase. If you are set on leasing, this is a good deal. I hope you took it.
  • lilvbclilvbc Posts: 15
    Shouldn't the lease rates be pretty uniform from Chrysler Financial, at least for a specific region? I'm worried the dealer may try to change that up on me like you said -- would it be worthwhile calling up CF directly? Thanks for any advice. :)
  • Yes they should be pretty standard across the board but most Sales Managers can and will try and screw you from my experience. He would not budge off of 51% residual and .0027 money factor. I told him I already got a 52% residual and .00168 form another dealership the day before and he said 'that was yesterday. sounds like you had a good deal. you should have taken it.' My 6yr old was crying and his lower lip was actually quivering. The sales manager asked 'is your son cold?' I said 'no, he's crying because he wants a new minivan' and we left. I called CF and they will not help you. They just say you need to work with the dealership. My next step was to try and contact a regional sales office but I never got that far. The features we wanted were pretty hard to come by and I guess they knew it. I only found 2 dealerships within 50miles that had cars that we were interested in. That was until yesterday when we found one at Salerno in Summit. They were awesome and had the deal done in less than 90 minutes from walking through the door for the first time.

    Finding a stand up dealership like Salerno is the exception not the rule from my experience. If I were to do it all over again. I would not disclose that I had EP or PP pricing until the last possible moment. Negotiate off MSRP and get the lease payment as low as possible by getting money factor as low as possible and residual as high as possible. After locking in those numbers then whip out your code.
  • Thanks for recommending Salerno in Summit. Do you remember who you worked with? The other week I went to Warnock in E. Hanover and even though the guy was friendly they really tried to screw me on my trade in. I think my mistake was mentioning the code before getting a price on the trade in. They gave me the same BS excuse that they're not making any money on this sale so they can't really work with me on the price. So this time I'm not going to mention anything about the code until they tell me how much they're giving me for my car.
  • I will send a message to your carspace mailbox. The rules ask that we do not post names of salespeople.
  • Hi,
    I am looking to buy a 2008 T&C asap and "employee choice number" or "Friends program discount" number would be a great gift.

    can I please get either one of them?

    My email is the following
    [email protected]

  • can somebody please post instructions about sending a private message(PM)?
    I searched out, but couldn't figure it out.
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Click on Mailbox, near the upper right of this page. You can send mail to anyone else in the forum by using this format:

    I'm all out of EC and Friends discounts for the rest of 2007. :(

    You might try some of the other Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep forums. Many Chrysler workers are also Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep owners. The discount is good on nearly every vehicle they sell.
  • vex321vex321 Posts: 16
    Hi guys

    First off thanks to Mr.Tedebear for friends program.
    I finally signed a contract with my local dealer for this car and here is the rundown.

    2008 T&C Touring Brilliant Black
    $27700 25k package ( base touring )
    $2395 Dual DVD Entertainment system
    $495 Swivel n Go seating
    $250 Front heated seat
    $250 2nd row heated seat

    MSRP $31820 + Tax + TTL

    FP Program Price $29513 + Tax + TTL
    Less $1500 Manufacturer rebate

    Total Paid
    $28013 + Tax + TTL

    I know its not the most awesome deal out there but I think this is where I did pretty well.

    Im trading in a Nissan Xterra 2001 with 73000 miles with some minor defect ( rattling sounds , minor cosmetic damage , non working AC/Heater at dial 1,2,3, only works at maximum dial of 4 )
    I priced this vehicle in KBB trade in value at $7600 excellent , $7000 good , $6000 fair.
    Knowing my car is in a fair condition , I just asked the dealer for $6000 trade in value and they AGREED!!
    I heard everywhere its impossible to get KBB trade in value when you actually deal with the dealers..

    I also got 6.14% 60month financing.

    so what do you experts think of my deal?
    I dont think I got ripped off but do you think I could have done better?
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    MSRP $31820 + Tax + TTL

    FP Program Price $29513 + Tax + TTL
    Less $1500 Manufacturer rebate

    Total Paid
    $28013 + Tax + TTL

    Hmm...did the dealer show you the actual invoice price sheet? The reason I'm asking is that I just configured a 2008 T&C Touring with the 25K package and all the options you listed via the employee discount website. The MSRP came out exactly the same but the discount price is different. Here's what I had:

    MSRP: $31,820
    EC: $26,848
    Friends: $27,340

    The two discount prices shown above include the current $1,500 rebate and $730 destination but not tax or TTL. Add a $200 program fee to the EC price.

    Here's what Chrysler says about the discount prices on the employee website:

    Employee Price Discount is provided as an estimate only. Actual Employee Pricing may be found on the dealer invoice.

    I know they say what I posted is an estimate. I could maybe see a few dollars but that's a $673 difference. Just trying to make sure you didn't overpay. Maybe I'm missing something - it's been a long day at the office. :sick:

    You didn't mention any dealer add-ons, such as tinted glass, stripes, etc. That would increase the price and they are popular high profit additions. Also, they can tack on up to a $75 documentation fee.

    Demand to see the invoice if you didn't already. Look for the PP price code on the sheet. That's the Friends price before any rebate or dealer add-ons.

    Anyway, did you get your "I need to be the coolest DAD right away!" award? :shades:
  • vex321vex321 Posts: 16
    Hey Mr,Tedebear

    Thanks for the reply
    You definately helped in getting me the coolest dad of the year award lol

    Infact they did show me the invoice with the price and it confirmed to the amount which I have wrote here.

    I guess depending on the dealer and location of the dealer , the price can be a few hundre dollars off.
    I dont think I will sweat it over a few hundred dollars since I am getting a 6 grand trade in for my car.
    Most people tell me that Im doing great if I get the lowest value on KBB when actually trading in any vehicle

    In regards to the dealer addon , if I already have an invoice stating this price I guess there wont be any additional?
    I have a contract for this amount so is it legal for them to provide me another invoice?

    p.s. Just one quick question. does anyone know if the premium center console can be dealer installed? I just noticed that 25k package does not include this and this was one of my wifes favorite features lol
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    I guess depending on the dealer and location of the dealer , the price can be a few hundre dollars off.

    Wow, I just learned something about the employee discounts. I had thought the price was the same, no matter what part of the country the buyer was in. I played around with various zip codes and the EC and Friends discounts changed, even though the MSRP stayed the same. The prices I listed yesterday were based on a zip code in the St. Louis area.

    If you saw the actual invoice from the dealer and verified that it was the same as what they charged you then I'd say everything should be okay.

    In regards to the dealer addon , if I already have an invoice stating this price I guess there wont be any additional?

    Whatever price is on the sales contract is what they agreed to sell it to you for. I don't know if there were any dealer add-ons before you signed the contract but they cannot go in now, add something without your consent, and then change the price.

    I'm sure the kids will love that dual DVD. I saw one in the showroom and it really looked nice.
  • vex321vex321 Posts: 16
    Hi Mr.Tedebear

    Thanks always for your kind help!
    It seems that you are the only person active on this part of the forum lol

    I guess that difference of 600 bucks came due to the fact that I am in NY ( everything is more expensive here ) and you based it out of st.louis

    As I have stated before , its no biggie.

    I only have one kid at the moment and one more coming soon but I feel like I can handle upto 4 with the 08 T&C
    Im sure my wife would mind though lol

    Anyway thanks again and Ill be picking my car up this sunday!!
    Cant wait!! ( Im more excited than my 3yr old lol )
  • I'm sure the kids will love that dual DVD. I saw one in the showroom and it really looked nice.

    The dual Screens are great especially with Sirius backseat TV. My wife drives 4 of the neighborhood kids to the bus stop 2 mornings during the week. They fight over the 2nd row heated seats but once they settle down they hang out and watch cartoons on Cartoon Network until the bus arrives.
  • vex321vex321 Posts: 16
    Lol Awesome

    I have one quick question though
    Not sure if anyone will know the answer being that the car is so new but I thought Id give it a shot

    The car that Im getting does not have the premium centre console and remote engine start.

    Does anyone know if that can be dealer installed?
    In case of the remote engine start , is it possible to have it without adding another control to your existing alarm? ( I hate carrying two alarms for one car...)

    Thanks in advance!
  • I have been pricing a TC Limited and live close to the border of Illinois and Indiana. The incentives are better in Indiana than in Illinois. Illinois has a $1,500 cash allowance but Indiana has a $2,000 plus $500. Has anyone else ran into this and will I be able to take the better deal if my home address is in Illinois? Also I have heard of a $500 discount coupon from Chrysler, does anyone know how to get it?
  • I'm pretty sure that if you buy the car in Indiana you will get the incentives from Indiana. You will, however, need to pay Illinois tax since the car will be registered there. I believe the coupon from chrysler are for people who are reaching their final payments on a lease or loan with chrysler financial. They contain the person's name address and a unique code. They are not transferrable.
  • I just got a post card from y dealer:

    "Chrysler will forgive up to five payments if you have twelve months or less remaining on your Chrysler lease if you lease or purchase a new Chrysler."

    Has anyone seen this before? I have seven months left on my lease so I don't get what what will happen to the two months' payments not "forgiven."
  • I have seen three months but not 5. They will add the two months in to your new deal. If your payments are $400 then they will add $800 to your cap cost on your new lease. If the deal has no expiration date I would wait the two months and then look to get into a new car with out a penalty.
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