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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'd been looking for a replacment to my Lexus RX. Decided on the FX35. Didn't want the ride harshness of the 20" wheels. Inifinit of Lisle (Chicago area) leased me a '04 with Tech/Tour/Sport (swapped out the bigger tires). 24 months, just under $700 per month. Great Deal - no hassles. I didn't mind the 90 minute drive from Wisconsin. This is an amazing car - what the Porshe Cayenne should be.
  • I will be picking up my 2004 AWD FX35 later today from Ramsey Infiniti in Bergen County NJ. Vehicle has Touring, Technology and Sport w/20in tires, plus Sirius Radio, Mudguards and Cargo protector. I'm paying $100 over Invoice ($41,800). They're lucky this car sold itself, because I was set on the Lexus RX330, and the Infiniti Dealership gave me every reason not to buy through them. I did all the work. I found vehicle for them, supplied Vin #, and it was on their own lot, researched invoice, shopped around and made offer, I even called motor vehicle for info on fees. Now an absolutely horrible salesman, who couldn't even return a phone call, let alone find the car and provide a quote, will make a commission he does not deserve. Internet Sales Dept at same Dealership was no better. They sent me 3 emails, saying that they hope the Dealership is doing everything they can for me. Mind you my request was a week old asking for a cash price on a FX 35, which to that point had gone unanswered. I can only hope the service department is run better. Car still rocks!
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    Good deal. Enjoy your new car! You should after doing all the work :) Keep an eye out for the CSI survey coming in the mail. You should ue it to make your whole buying experience clear. The dealership won't like it but they deserve it.
  • cppcpp Posts: 36
    Rizmania: Sounds like my experience - great car, worst dealership I've ever dealt with, for both sales and service. You should expect a letter in the mail soon thanking you and asking you to give them the highest marks on the survey - I'm sure you'll give that request all the consideration it deserves...
  • flyhiflyhi Posts: 5
    I wondering if anyone can comment on a quote/deal I am being offered from an Infiniti Dealer in NJ.
    He's offering 38K for FX35 for Tech & Touring packages
    The deal is based on a 1k down, then financing through their dealership at 3% over the dealer - bank finance rate. ( to give the salesmen his profit). I am to pay 3 months of the loan and then pre-pay the loan at the 4th month for the total balance.
    It seems a bit shady but I know that financing can also take many forms... any advice as to whether this is a worthwhile deal would be great.
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    It may seem strange but it makes sense. One place I worked at offered loans through the local credit union. For thse that couldn't qualify for the promotional 2.9%, they could offer 3.9%. The thing was that the CU gave us $500 for each loan signed up. Even if the buyer paid off the loan the next week, we still got $500.
    The thing to check very carefully is that;
    1. You're not paying any sort of loan or processing fee.
    2. There are absolutely no pre-payment penalties.
    Don't take the dealerships word on this. Call the loan company direct and find out.
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    Did you check the DMV regaultions in your state? In California if the mileage on the sales contract doesn't match the mileage on the vehicle then the car can be refused.
    Quirk do have a reputation for very cheap deals but poor customer service. For a lot of people on the boards here though all they care about is how much over invoice they get the car for. As you've seen though, they make money up in other areas. THe usual Infiniti doc fee is $45 so there's $255 extra profit right there.
    One question though is why did you take delivery of the car in such a condition?
  • flyhiflyhi Posts: 5
    I posted [reviously about a financing deal that I ultimately did not go with.

    I currently have a deal for 39k for fx35, tech & touring. ( doesn't include about 3K for tax, title, license etc..)
    is this a good deal ?

    also dealer is suggesting... dealer installed dvd at 1699, armor glove protection for $599, and VIn & theft protection for $599.
    has anybody gotten these ?
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    2WD or AWD? 2WD invoice is $38565 and AWD is $39940. Do you want the DVD? Will the dealer warranty it? Looking around at some local places, it's possible to get a DVD installed for half that price. Also, the other two packages are just pure profit for the dealer. Apply your own paint protection for $25-$30. If the theft protection is the standard EX-1 alarm, these cost the dealership about $125. Personally, I'd take the car but leave the extras.
  • dinosfdinosf Posts: 4
    Looks like prices on these models are starting make their fall decent :-) Any opinions on an AWD FX35 w/Sport and Touring @ $4000 below MSRP, or $37,040? I believe that's about $500 below invoice of $37,528. Seems like a go, but I thought I'd check in with the group first. I'm in San Francisco.
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    The prices aren't down that much. It was possible to get an FX35 t the start of the year for $100 or so over invoice. Anyway, Infiniti dealers are getting a limited number of $250 vouchers they can use against FX35s this month. They can use multiple vouchers against a car but once they've used them up that' it, there's no more. Hence, this month it should be possible to get an FX35 for a little bit under invoice this month.
    A quick word of advice to everyone here after reading around a little today. After you've done a great job of negotiating a deal, don't blow it by agreeing to $250 locking wheel nuts, $600 fabric protection, $800 car alarms, $300 VIN etching and $300 documentation fees. Also, a FICO of 720+ will get you the best Infiniti finance rate.
  • 84gts84gts Posts: 1
    If you ever decide to buy your Infiniti in Braintree, MA then be extremely careful.. especially if you deal with D.W. and S.V. They are the ones who made my experience of buying a new car miserable. The papers I signed were for a new FX35 with 10 miles on the odometer. Instead I drove away in a car with almost 200 miles, with a dent in the rear door, and swirls on the hood.. (I'm not even complaining about 9/03 manufacture date) Yes, I made a mistake of not examining the vehicle and trusting the dealers too much.. I drove the car back to the dealership to inform them about the problem.. They treated me like dirt knowing I didn't have that much power after I signed the papers and drove the car off the lot.. Eventually I left the car with them after they promised to take care of the problem.. Two weeks passed with no calls from them.. I went back to Quirk last week to "swap the car at no cost to me".. They lied to me again.. After I found the identical car that I was supposed to get in the first place, they charged me the difference in sticker price (for some reason it went up on an identically equipped car (maybe it was 04 1/2 model)), taxes, and all the fees once again including their ridiculous $300 doc fee.. I am not best at arguing and being under pressure, so devastated I paid about $800 more and went home.. Infiniti do make great cars, but not the buying experience.. Good luck with your purchases and don't make mistakes I did - never trust the dealers when you don't have too and do your research!
  • mkfxmkfx Posts: 26
    sounds like a good deal to me, I got my 35AWD sport/touring for 36,996, on an MSRP for 41,200 on July 30. There is $500 dealer holdback in July I assume there is a similar savings for August. as the '05 will be in September 15

    good luck~
  • Looking at FX35s in Minneapolis/St. Paul MN area. There are a couple of dealerships here. Anyone out there buy in my area? Good/Bad experiences/differences??
  • pyro2pyro2 Posts: 4
    I'm also looking to purchase in this area, but not till the 05's come out. Will let you know what dealer and experience. If you purchase before then please post your experience.
  • quattroquattro Posts: 69
    I'm planning to lease a FX35 and I'm at a loss at figuring whether a deal is good or not. With the info from this forum I'm confident I'll be able to get a good deal if I'm buying the FX outright but with a lease there are just way too many variables: lease term, cap cost, mileage, residual value, actual negotiated price, all these things can vary. It's much more difficult to do comparison shopping for a lease.
    One dealer told me that if I'm leasing then it doesn't matter whether I'm getting a 04 or a 05 since the monthly payment will be about the same. I found that hard to believe. Does the negotiated price matters when you are leasing? Is there some kind of formulae that will give you what the monthly payment should be given the variables mentioned above.

    What kind of monthly payment should I expect for a 39mth lease, $3000 cap reduction and 12k miles/year on a FX35 with touring and tech pkg.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • Don't do cap reduction if car is totalled you lose that amount. 04 05 should matter because you can get 04 at invoice while 05 is more, but it also adjusts the residual amt which might be different. Lease it has 1.9 or 2.9% lease rate right now.

    Shouldnt 05 have something new?
  • dinosfdinosf Posts: 4
    Pulled the trigger yesterday, and thanks to you guys I was able to negotiate with confidence! I'm the proud new owner of and FX35 AWD sport/touring in Beryllium16 (love the color). Ended up at $500 below invoice with 2.9% financing. Love it!
  • quattroquattro Posts: 69
    Dinosf, congrats on your purchase.
    Can you share with us which dealership you got your FX from?
    Did you go directly to the fleet manager or did you work with a salesman?
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    "Lease it has 1.9 or 2.9% lease rate right now."

    These are purchase rates. The lease rate for 39 months is 0.00179 money factor which is equivalent to about 4.3% interest.

    "Shouldnt 05 have something new?"

    Two major changes for 2005 is the availibility of the lane departure warning system and a new blue colour.
  • quattroquattro Posts: 69
    Dinosf, congrats on your purchase.
    Can you share with us which dealership you got your FX from?
    Did you go directly to the fleet manager or did you work with a salesman?
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    "One dealer told me that if I'm leasing then it doesn't matter whether I'm getting a 04 or a 05 since the monthly payment will be about the same. I found that hard to believe"

    Lets look at this first. 2005 pricing isn't known to anyone at dealer level yet. Also, there are dealer incentives on 2004 FX35s that mean they can be sold at, or under, invoice. There won't be any on the 2005 models. All in all, I'm with you on this one; very hard to believe.

    OK, lets look at the lease on this. The car you're looking at has an MSRP of around $43840 (assuming AWD) and an invoice of $39940. You should be able to get it for at least invoice. Using this as the cap. cost and using a MF of 0.00179 (standard IFS for this car at the moment ) and a residual of 55% we get a pre-tax monthly of $470. This includes your $3000 down.
    Hope this helps.
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    Good deal! Looks like you found a dealer that played it straight. There is a dealer incentive in the form of $250 vouchers that the dealer can put against FX35s at the moment. Nice choice of colour too.
  • What is the current dealer incentive for 2004 FX35?
  • I'm planning to test drive a MDX and FX35 this weekend to determine which vehicle I want and have a question about purchasing. If the dealer doesn't have the car I want but can have it delivered from another dealer, am I committed to buying the vehicle. I would want to test drive the car before I buy but am not sure if a dealer would be willing to have a vehicle delivered without a guaranteed sale.
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    It's a bit of a strange one this month. Each dealer has a number (no idea how many) of vouchers. Each voucher is worth $250 to the dealer and can be put against the price of the FX35. Hence, if you could persuade the dealer to put 4 of their vouchers against an FX35 you could get it at $1000 less than their usual selling price.
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    It really depends on the dealer but it does cost them money to get a car delivered from elsewhere so they would expect a pretty firm commitment. Of course, if you inspect the car and you're not happy with the condition of it then you wouldn't be expected to buy it.
    I would test drive both first before worrying too much about this. The 2 cars are very different in feel and the chances are you will like one a lot more than the other. You can always check out the dealer inventories in your area at too.
  • 1) Not sure whether to wait for 2005 model or buy 2004 now.
    2) What cost over/under invoice is reasonable for an FX45 with technology and premium package?
  • Live in the Dallas area. Any one with information on dealers in Texas, Oklahoma and surrounding areas?
  • Any opinions? Thanks!
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