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Mazda RX-8 Problems and Solutions



  • dbs7dbs7 Posts: 2
    I've had my RX-8 for 3 weeks, and love it so far. My main concerns are the high fuel consumption (15 mpg on the first 2 tanks) and the lack of torque for starting. The latter problem is compounded by the low idle speed when warm - about 800 rpm. If this could be raised just to 1000 rpm, I think it would be a lot easier to leave the line smoothly in traffic. Is this idle speed correct, and is there any way to change it without destroying the emissions control? Does anyone have any other suggestions for dealing with the low torque at idle? (My feet are not likely to get more sensitive at my age.)
  • NO, zoomrx8 my car did not have a sticker on the invoice stating the horsepower diffrence. That is the problem the dealership made the choice not to informe the customers so they could sell more cars. When I confronted them they said it was the salesmen's fault. Then they tried to get me to sign a form dated before I bought the car stating the horsepower diffrence.You can see how pissed I am. Jay
  • 2,606 miles and I have to get the AC condensor replaced for $668.00 as they determined it was damaged by a rock (not covered by warranty), leaving an escape hole for the freon.

    Due to the design there is a free shot to the condensor by material coming from the road. Just look at the gap on the front end and the location of the condensor. I feel this is a design flaw and intend calling Mazda to open a case.

    I too have noticed the AC cycling on occasion and the Low Oil indicator while only at the 1/2 mark on the dipstick.

    Other than that...I love it!
  • zoomrx8zoomrx8 Posts: 11
    Jay too bad your dealer was so unscupulous. I am still seeing newpaper ads in fort lauderdale fl listing the old horsepower rating.
    I think you would have cause to notify your states attorney general regarding fraud charges aginstthe dealer. Unfortunatly this is a dealer issue not Mazdas porblem. My advice" Just drive the car and enjoy the heck out of it." As far as persuing the dealer ' Fogetaboudit":
  • Started backing out of the garage this morning and it just died. Engine will turn over, but acting as though there is no fuel or spark. Had to have my RX8 with 2,700 miles towed to the dealership...this is while I'm waiting for parts to arrive to fix the condensor(Have called Mazda customer assistance on this one...the were very friendly and said the would see what they can do to absorb the cost and will get back to me today or tomorrow). Will keep all updated with both of these situations.

    This is my first Mazda, and the way things are going, it will more than likely be my last. Very disappointed.
  • Love my RX8, but took it into the shop for a lugging /clunking/vibrating noise that sometimes happens at about half -3/4 throttle coming up on 5 .75 6,000 rpm in 3rd starting at 3 grand (like on the on ramp to a freeway)...can't replicate the noise every time. When I stomp on it and snick snick through the gears quickly it's very slick and good and no noise. The mechanic thought it might be timing of ports and flaps and all the high tech stuff that the Renesis engine is, but said he was going to research it.. he hadn't heard anything like it when we took a ride and said it definetly didn't sound right and didn't have a dynamometer to test it further...anyone experience this noise also?
  • Mazda RX8 is my first stick shift since 1993.
    I pretty much forgot how to shift the gears and had to retraine myself on my way home from the dealership.

    Here's my question : can I use the second gear at the start on flat road or I have to use the first gear all the time whenever I stop and start?
  • Looking for an update on your car?
  • I've had my RX-8 approx a month now and have had a lot of fun with it! However, there a few "minor" tweaks I'm wondering if anyone else is having...

    1. The sound in the front seems to cut in and out at times. Otherwise, the stereo is very good!

    2. When idling, the car seems to "misfire" at times...almost sounds like an exhaust leak or loose clamps perhaps.

    Those are two things, other than the weird clunking noise everyone discusses and the A/C, which I believe is well documented here....but not by Mazda to their dealerships. Any info on the first two or the usual suspects?

  • I too have had a similar experience with the engine stalling and not refiring. The dealership that the car was towed to stated that the engine needs to idle for at least 5 minutes before it is shut off. They still have my car in the shop and have not been updated on the problem. It seems to be a fuel problem. bjversani
  • I have just been advised that the car needs to be warmed up before it is turned off. My problem is the car stalled on it's own in 15 seconds without moving it. Mazda is saying that this is an owner problem. Plugs cost $50 each times four plus the labor to install them! The car would not refire after it started causing it to flood immediately.
    Red RX8 "FOR SALE"
    I am willing to be patient with Mazda but they shouldn't overlook a manufacturing problem and blame it on the owner. Where are these made at? Hiroshima?
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I can confirm that if you turn the RX-8 on and off without letting the engine get some temp. movement you will eventually have a no start problem...remember this is NOT a standard piston engine and can be a little quirky...Once you get used to them its no big deal.
  • Can someone explain the Buy-Back issue...I guess I have been living in a fog. I know about the HP discrepancy from earlier ads, but I bought my 8 in September and did not sign any waiver letter(nor was I asked).
  • Last night (On Halloween, of course!), I tested the theory of the "engine stall" problem. This was my test: Drove for 30 min around town on I95. Let car sit for 3 hours. (I was at a Marlins Theme Party!) Then we went out to test the theory, and to show off the car! Started her up, and let her idle for 15 to 20 sec. Then 20 min later started her up. No problems. I got home safe and sound. Next test will be same conditions, but try starting her up 5 min after the 15/20 sec idle. As far as I can tell, there is no engine stall problem with my RX8. Your results may vary.

    AC cycle problem info: Mine, does indeed, cycle from cold to sort of cool while driving. What is the best action to take next? Call/write Mazda? Visit my dealer? Sign a Edmunds petition? Any advice is welcome.
  • cheezeboy - when you started the car up after the 3 hour wait, did the engine first go to about 2k rpm before settling down vs. being close to the normal idle range upon start? I get a feeling the test is more appropriate if the wait is more like 6+ hours wait. I go to work in my car. When I go to lunch in the car, the car does not feel like the same "cold engine" start I have in the morning or evening (assuming I don't take her out for lunch). If you really wanted to test it, then do the following:

    1) let the car sit for 6+ hours to ensure a cold start.

    2) Start the car and let her idle for 15-20 seconds. Record observations related to the rpm and engine temp after that time.

    3) Turn off the car.

    4) Try to start the car in 15 minutes.

    5) Repeat test on different days lowering the idling time each trial run by 5 seconds.

    I think that would be the "borderline" scenario regarding stalling/flooding the engine. Basically you would be testing to see how the car does with increasing levels of cold engine turn-off.

    Of course, I'm not sure why anyone would want to be a guinea pig tester. . . better safe than sorry!
  • Hey dtran!

    yes, she always goes a bit above 2k then settles down. I have not noticed any "Cold Engine" start effects, other than the 2K+ idle at start up.

    I think you are right, though; I don't want to be a guinea pig tester if she is running great!....I think I will just drive her like she wants to be driven!! But, if I decide to try this experiment again, I will try your routine. I think this stalling issue is rare event. (Unlike the AC issue!)
  • I am also wondering what step to take next on the AC problem. I have written to Mazda twice, and the first time I was told that Mazda is aware of the issue and working towards a solution with no time frame. The second time, I was affirmed again that Mazda is working towards a solution, and that I will be contacted once the solution is found. I have taken my vehicle to the dealership and was told again the same thing. Not sure what to do next, I think Mazda is taking too long to figure out what the issue is.
  • I've had my RX-8 for 6 weeks and 2500 miles. Here are my experiences on Stalling,Oil Lights, Clutch Noise and MPG.

    On mostly highway driving (70 - 80 MPH) I get 280 miles on 13.5 Gallons. This has been very consistent for me since putting 1000 miles on the car.

    I noticed the noise from the clutch when idling with the pedal released. Guess it's just a noisy design.

    I see the oil light come on while highway driving at lease once every hour. Very disconcerting. Sounds like there's a fix though-- what are the details?

    Had my first engine stall yesterday -- started the car in the morning leaving for work, as I backed out of my driveway. Distracted by how loud the radio was, I turned the volume down and let the car stall after 15 seconds of operation. It would not re-start. Had the car towed to the dealer (what did I know?) who told me it was flooded and next time I would be charged for the service (whatta guy).

    My question is: Is there a procedure for starting a flooded engine? I waited 10 minutes, then an additional 20 minutes before attempting a restart. Then I called the tow company.

    Wish I had found this Owners Club Board sooner.
  • I have not had the engine stall problem, but took my car in for engine oil and check engine light fix. Guys at dealership talked about engine flooding problems with other customers. Here is what they say: even when you take it for a short drive, immediately after starting the car, wait for 10 seconds before engaging clutch. While turning it off, come to rest, rev engine to 3000 rpm, and let go. Let rpm slide back to 1000 and then turn off engine. According to them if one does this all the time, engine flooding should not occur. Will find out if that helps over the next few months!
  • boomn29boomn29 Posts: 189
    So, being the the car actually has only 235 hp (is that right), what do the owners think of the power???
  • I think the car is an extremely pleasant drive and is very well mannered; if it did have that extra 50 to 75 hp and a bit more torque, it would be perfect. However, if Mazda is really considering a new RX-7, keeping the RX-8's output roughly where it is (maybe just get back to 250-260 hp range) is smart as to not have the two models come too close in terms of "the numbers."
  • boomn29boomn29 Posts: 189
    If the RX-7 is going to compete, I think it needs to push the 300 envelope.

    I know they are different cars, but the 350Z, G35, EVO, and STi are all in the 270-300hp range now. Think of we're they'll all be in 3-4 years when the supposed RX-7 comes out!

    Plus, the base WRX and SRT-4, both with 4 doors, are surpassing the RX-8 in power output now!

    I prefer handling myself, but big hp tends to sell cars here in the States.
  • rx8driver - I am glad to just have the AC issue and not the stalling! I will share all info on the AC issue when I get is not that big of a deal to me, but it should get resolved.

    Question: what does reving the engine to 3K before shut off do to eliminate stalling? If I get off the highway, going at 4K or 5K and then pull into my driveway and then turn off, would she stall? I can't see how reving it would do anything to cure stalling the next day. But, I am a graphic artist and not a mechanic; I defer to those with more mechanical experience!!
  • I think revving to 3k rpm is only a suggestion (not a requirement) intended to help assist the car in reaching normal operating temperature before you turn it off (assuming you had a cold start).
  • I just bought the 04 rx8 with the automatic tranny and i was reading all the disscussions on the board about engine stalling and cold starts could anyone please let me know if this refers to both autos and sticks
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    Even though their output curves are a bit different, the same issues will affect your AT-equipped RX-8.
  • This morning I was driving and I was stuck at a long light. I felt the AC doing it's little 'cycling' thing on my hand. No big deal. Then I looked over at the vents. I was sitting under an overpass, but the sunshine was perfectly entering my car at a weird angle....and I saw vapor!....each time the AC cycled, I saw a nice vapor cloud. Now, my brain is trying to remember the physics needed and involved to make all this happen, then I thought about the possibility I was a secret agent and this was "knock-out" gas....then the light went green, I woke from my fantasy, and I drove off!....but it did perplex me as to the cause. It was slightly humid out. I had been driving for about 5 min. AC was set to fan speed 1 and cold setting rotated to about 10 o'clock on the dial. Any physics guru's out there want to tell me whats up?....gotta be water vapor right?... condensed then pressure changed somehow?..I leave it up for discussion!

    ( I have a feeling GGuy is going to tell me it was "Knock-out Gas" and I am still out, hidden away on a secret island of some mad, evil genius, bent on world destruction.)
  • does anyone know where i can find affordable accessories for my rx8?
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    When humid air is cooled below it's "dew point", or reaches near 100% relative humidity (% water in same volume of air decreases as the air temp decreases), you'll start to see condensation or misty air.

    It's normal, especially if the air outside is very humid. I've seen it when driving through pockets of humidity trapped in valleys on hilly roads. It's kind of cool (pun intended...feel free to groan).
  • I got my car in the mid of summer and I noticed the vapor coming out very often. Every time I had the a/c on it would happen for a couple mins at a time. The thing that gets me is how come it is happening with the rx-8 and I've never noticed it with any other vehicle I have owned???

    P.S. It was a high temp of 43 degree's today in Philly! I couldn't even think of a/c right now.. Wish I was wherever you are...
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