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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • roman1roman1 Posts: 12
    Yes, I did see the gold one on the lot at Poway Toyota, but I was not interested. In fact I've asked for anything except white/black/gold. They only had the blue in stock that met my criteria.

    I hope you find what you're looking for.

    Good luck....

    PS. I took my RAV4 for a drive today and got to say I love what I see so far. :)
  • zionsdenzionsden Posts: 2
    4x2 flint mica, v6 sport model, charcoal interior, with running lights, moon roof, jbl system, and alarm for 28300 OTD in Socal, Orange County. Is that a fair, good, or lousy price for this vehicle?
  • cal_bearcal_bear Posts: 7
    I am purchasing a silver V6 AWD Limited with side curtain airbags, 3rd row seats, JBL, and tow prep (cloth interior) for a bit under $27K in Northern California. I hope that helps to give you a guideline, even though that is not comparing apples to apples.
  • I got my I4 4x2 Limited with all options except leather (moonroof, alloy wheels, all (8) airbags, CD changer, floor mats, mud guards etc. etc. )for 23.5K + tax in MI

    Now I am in CA and price like that here is unheard of. What do you think?
  • lirlir Posts: 81
    I got exactly what you got plus JBL stereo for $100 more because I had to pay extra for blizzard pearl color. I wanted the evergreen metalic or barcelona red, but they didn't have it. What color is yours? I also bought in California.
  • zionsdenzionsden Posts: 2
    it was the sport model flint mica, v6 4x2, with jbl and 9 speaker system, with 9 month free sirius, moon roof 6 disc cd changer, factory alarm, wheel locks, running lights tonneau cover, curtain and side air bags, for 28300 OTD. Does that sound fair at least?
  • yiesyies Posts: 1
    Going to be purchasing this car real soon. Please let me know if this is a good deal:
    4x4, Limited, 2.4L 4cyl, no moonroof and cloth seats for 22,500 + tax, tag, freight and processing fee. thanks.
  • lirlir Posts: 81
    The best advice I can give you and zionsden is to look up the invoice price at, that way you can add all the options that you are getting and get a total invoice price. In my opinion, anything under, at or at most $300 over invoice is a great deal on this car.
  • gsboxergsboxer Posts: 4
    Just purchased an '06 base 4x4 with side curtain air bags,17" steel wheels, drl, and other typical options. List was 23,748. Got it for 21800 + TTT. We shopped 6+ dealers and this seemed to be a fair price in North Jersey
  • rahooorahooo Posts: 16
    I am being quoted at $22,100 for a 2006 RAV4 Sport 4x2 4 cyl in Classic Silver Metallic. MSRP is $22,980.

    Options include:
    1. Carpet Mat Set (5 Pc)MSRP $215
    2. Daytime Running Lights MSRP $40
    3. Am/Fm 6-Disc In-Dash Cd Changer W/ MSRP $200

    I offered $21,700 but he claims his invoice price is $21,900. So he faxed me his invoice with the following:
    TAF = $371
    TMF = $264
    2% Holdback MSRP = $437
    PIO Holdback = $15
    1% Finance Reserve MSRP = $218

    Is his price of $22,100 good for this RAV4? If not, what is a good price? Thanks in advance!
  • nedrivernedriver Posts: 11
    Is $26,400 a good price for the following:

    LTD 4X4 SUV
    Number of Cyl ...: 4
    RL : Daytime Running Lights
    GY: Side curtain airbags
    LA: Leather
    HD: Heated seats
    SR: sunroof
    EJ: Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof w/Sunshade
    JBL AM/FM 6-Disc In-Dash CD Changer,
    MP3 / WMA Playback Capability, 9 Speakers
    Z1 Preferred Accessory Package
    MF: Mudguard
  • herbie2usherbie2us Posts: 1
    I live in Boston, MA. I'm about to buy a RAV4 but want to know what prices are resonable for two models.

    2WD base model
    4WD base model

    Want to get it done by end of this week. Pleas help. Any suggestions
  • risarisa Posts: 14
    Hi all!
    I have a question about window etching is this standard? or is it option? and how much do they charge you for it?
  • jffstjffst Posts: 1

    I have a local dealer down to invoice + $250 on any color that I want (he'll trade for one for me w/o charge if I buy by Friday). Its a Base V6 4x4 ($26,357).

    Fitzmall will do it for $200 over-but it is a drive from Pittsburgh.

    Anyone think that I should hold out for better?
  • I ordered a loaded V6, Limited, 2wd at the end of dealer now tells me that it will be in mid to late July...
    He is saying that production in Japan on Rav4 and Camry are backed-up...
    Is this a typical / reasonable wait time (11-12 weeks?)

    Please share your experinces

    Thanks! :confuse:
  • wfcnywfcny Posts: 7
    HI Risa, it is optional, and I opted not to get it.
  • I gave up waiting on a V6 4x4 Limited (3 months after order was placed) and bought a V6 4x4 Sport. So I'd say the answer is yes.
  • lpollpol Posts: 1
    Dealers in Southeastern Massachusetts are telling me that the 2006 RAV4s with 2WD are not available. Has anyone else run into this? We would really appreciate the better milage of 2WD. Any suggestions?
    Thanks, Katpol
  • Hello,
    I got a deal for $24,300 (includes all taxes and add ons and is the Out The Door Price) for a RAV4 Sport 4X4 with 4cyl.
    The options includes the following.
    2.Side Airbags
    3.6 CD Changer(not JBL though)
    4.Taneouu cover
    5.Mud guards
    6.Carpet floors
    7.Daytime running lights
    8.Fog Lamps and standard equipment.

    At Edmunds with all these options the total Invoice price is $23,482.00( not inclusive of taxes and doc fees).
    If taxes and other fees are included its coming to $25090.
    So the price is actually $800 less than the Invoice.

    Is this a good deal? Can I go for it. I live in MI.
  • lirlir Posts: 81
    Maybe they aren't making 2006's anymore, but I have a 2WD and I still see them at the dealers.
  • What is a fair price in the Western Massachusetts area?
    Opts 17 in styled steel wheels
    roof rack & crossbar
    carpet floor mats 4pc set
    daytime run lights
    curtain & side airbags
    My research says $22161 is a target price before TTT. Is this reasonable?
    Also dealers msrp on options sticker list is higher than Edmonds or carsdirect. Which is right?
  • gpurkgpurk Posts: 13
    I ordered and received a V6, limited 4X4 and paid $500 over invoice and was told by numerous people that it was a very good deal due to the demand for V6, limited 4X4's with factory leather.

    It won't get any lower.

    I would go for it.
  • jthughesjthughes Posts: 5
    Breddy2000 - Which dealer in MI - I am in MI also and it sounds like a good deal?
  • Dealer is Rinke Toyota in Warren. Its actually south of I696 and on Vandyke ave.
  • jimdrewjimdrew Posts: 84
    Well, just a follow up...King Toyota in Pompano, Florida not only waited to pay off my I had to make a payment but also paid the lower amount from what was agreed to in the contract!!!! How can they do this? I am amazed at these tactics. I thought this kind of dealing went out with the "cigar smoking" used car dealer. They did however, after several phone calls, finally refund my extended warranty and maint. agreement. Here is what happened...1. Hidden dealer's fee. 2. Failed to return calls to cancel "extra's. 3. Gave figures $1000.00 more than Edmunds on cost of vehicle. 4. Waited to pay off vehicle so I had to make payments and than did not pay what was agreed to. I am simply shocked.
  • boltman2boltman2 Posts: 9
    I'm in NorCAl and found a black 4x4 V6 Limited with sunroof, leather, tow pkg, side air bags. Dealer wants $29K+taxes. I've been searching for months for a V6 4x4 with tow pkg. They won't budge on price. Is this good or not.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Well if it is loaded with leather, sunroof, tow pkg, 4wd, v6 sidebags and jbl , a good price would be $27500 about. So you have to decide if you want it at $29k Look at for prices and Edmonds for invoice price for what you want.

    Limited V6 with leather is very hard to find. I have seen two in NY at dealers since Jan 06.
  • boltman2boltman2 Posts: 9
    Thanks for the input. Here in California (northern), at least for me, I have not been able to locate the AWD V6 Limited, leather, tow pkg (w/hitch)in black or Blizzard Pearl. No luck in Central Cali or Bay Area. If I do stumble upon one, it's spoken for. Tried Southern Cali. It's a rare model. I've read of other CA members going to Nevada and Arizona. I offered $28K and they don't want to budge. So, I guess I either play the waiting game or pay up. Thanks again.
  • selimselim Posts: 4
    I bought a Limited 4x4 4cyl with all the features you listed for 23190 before TTT in early May. I bought it at Wellesley area though. So give it a thought, for a K more you can get the Limited. Good Luck
  • mpc8240mpc8240 Posts: 19
    Hi everyone. I'm in Bay Area. Looking to buy a Rav4 Limited V6 with leather seats. But for the exterior colors I like they don't have leather seats! :cry: The dealer says they can convert fabric seats to leather ones at actually less cost. :confuse:
    Has anyone ever done this before? Is it advisable to go this way or better wait longer for an original piece to come in?
    I insist on leather seats because the fabric back seats IMHO are horribly low quality while leather ones are much better supportive. :P
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