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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lirlir Posts: 81
    I truly feel for you, and it makes me really angry that there are people out there that take advantage of others. Until you actually DRIVE the car off the lot you are entitled to change your mind (legally). The dealers know that too, but they don't pass that information on to the consumer. Shame on that dealership. Pressure and intimidation is not an honest way to do business
  • discostudiscostu Posts: 2
    Bought one tonight in Holland, MI (CrownMotors).
    V6 Base, 4x4, tonneau, floor mats, roof rack, side airbags, 5 sp auto, + aftermarket heated seats (being installed as I write). Sticker price without heated seats 26,400. Heated seats cost about $650. My price $27,000 even, includes tax, title, delivery, license, and a full tank of gas. That beat everyone else in the West Michigan area by about $600. I'm happy.
  • stevie58stevie58 Posts: 2
    Man that is a great deal. Wish you lots of luck!
  • jdspringjdspring Posts: 1
    Hello all,

    I found this forum after searching the internet for Rav4s as I just made a purchase myself and so far, my wife and I love the vehicle (all of 100 miles now, 10 to start from, the vehicle has only been a member of my family for 3 days).

    After reading the posts, I feel we got a good deal on it as well. Barcelona Red Limited 4cyl 4x4, moonroof, roof rack, JBL 6 disc changer, all the airbags, dual climate control, carpet floormats/cargo area, rear cover, cargo net, the two poles with the netting (hammock thing), pretty much all the options except for leather, remote start and third row seat and of course the v-6.

    MSRP was stickered at 27,809, out the door at 25,000(includes all tax, title, registration fees, etc totaled up to $1700). So I got the vehicle down to about $23,300 I did argue with the saleman about the delivery fee and he knocked it off the vehicle price. I told him I wasn't going to pay for a delivery fee if I was taking the vehicle right off the lot. Also got free state inspections for 5 years on the vehicle and the dealership offers a lifetime warranty on their vehicles as long as you have the service done at the dealership. I was scheptical about the liftime warranty and worried that it would cost $100 for an oil change, but they charge $26 for an oil change (cheaper than Jiffy Lube). SO I think I got a good deal on it. It took a lot of tough talking and me and the wife actually got up and left the dealership to walk toward the car twice and they chased us down in the parking lot and invited us back in. This was at Lustine Toyota in Woodbridge, Virginia.

    The car is very nice to drive and ride in. I'm 6'1 and fit great in any seat. The back is very roomy and when I sit there, I have a good 6 inches between my knees and the seat in front of me. It is the right height, not too tall to get in (great for my vertically challenged 5' tall wife). She is very comfortable driving it as she test drove some other small SUVs and she didn't sit well at all in it and couldn't see well.

    My folks used to have a GMC Envoy that I thought rode very well, the Rav4, being small, rides just as comfortably. I spent some time in a Jeep Liberty and there is no comparison to the Rav4 either in terms of interior room and smooth ride. The Liberty rode like a tank compaired to the Rav4.

    I am very happy with my Rav4 and would certainly make the purchase again. I was a little worried that the 4cyl would be weak but it puts out as much HP as my 4.3 liter V-6 in my GMC Sonoma. Not planning on towing anything, so I am sure the 4 cyl will be fine for the driving that we do.

    I did finance the vehicle through Toyota as I am currently saving for a downpayment of a home within 5 years and didn't want to use much of my savings for the vehicle. I did put down a 5k payment. I told the dealer at the start that I was not going to pay more than 400 a month so it worked out well. I will probably pay it off in three years though as toyota's interest rate is not exactly low (6.9%), but it's nice to know that if I can't make a huge payment one month (such as Christmas time), I am still in good shape.

    Very happy with the price, vehicle, dealership.
  • I just signed a cash (no finance charges) deal with Ron Carter in Alvin, Texas. Is this a good deal? A 2006 RAV4, Barcelona Red, 2WD, 4cyl for $21,825.00 (No Haggle Price-MSRP was $23,180) plus tax, title and license for a total drive out of $23,424.37 (including $1,364.06 sales tax, $59.76 vehicle inventory tax and $175.55 2-year State inspection, license, title and documentation fee). Total drive out off the lot is $23,424.37. This price includes the following options:
    CD Cargo Area Tonneau Cover with net and poles $140.00
    DR Black roof rails and crossbars $220.00
    CN Cargo net $49.00
    WT Window tint $149.00
    TS Custom tape stripe $99.00
    W1 Molded dash applique $389.00
    MF Mud guards black $79.00
    DL Leather seats $1,000.00

    Total options: $2,125.00

    The car is being held by ($500-refundable deposit to dealer) deposit at the Gulf State Toyota distributing center and will be shipped n/c to Ron Carter dealership. Leather seats will be installed by dealership by their contracted uphosltery company.
    I had a really hard time researching the individual dealerships inventory one at a time on-line (in-stock/available/color/style/options etc...), so approached buying this vehicle with a secured deposit from their "port" inventory. My salesman locked a car in for me before the options were added on. This is a really good tip for perspective buyers because you get first crack at their regional inventory before "port" adds on any undesired options. Just ask your salesman about the "port" inventory and you will find many more vehicles to chose from, basically stripped and waiting for your personal choices. Very simple and very personalized to your specific tastes. Cars arrive at "port" almost on a daily basis and I was told I would get delivery in 4 days, not a long wait. So, is this price competitive? Ron Carter in Alvin Texas is 15 miles from the Houston area. Good luck shopping!
  • newcar06newcar06 Posts: 1
    I got a price of $20,000 (non-negotiated)for an 06 Rav4 base model, 4 cyl with AWD. Does this sound like a good price?
  • psmosspsmoss Posts: 2
    Hi folks.

    Looking for a white/taupe base V6, 4WD, with tow prep. Local dealer has one in stock and is wiling to sell at invoice + $95 service fee.

    It breaks down as follows:

    Base Model
    $23,735.00 $20,886.00
    Tonneauw/net, poles
    140.00 112.00
    Roof rails+ x-bars
    220.00 176.00
    Tow prep
    160.00 128.00
    40.00 32.00
    Floor mats/cargo mat
    214.00 134.00
    605.00 605.00
    Whol Fin Res
    $25,114.00 $23,212.00

    Tax (5.5%)
    Service Fee
    Title Fee
    New plates
    OTD Total
  • lirlir Posts: 81
    Why are they charging you for dealer holdback? That means they are getting it twice. They charge for gas? TDA is advertising fees, right? If so, those are pretty high (and negotiable). What's Whol Fin Res? I don't think that's such a great deal. Any opinions? If you are on the east coast, check out ... I've seen great prices there.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,266 the dealer's cost..

    They aren't charging him for those items.. He agreed to pay a certain amount over their invoice, and it is... what it is..

    Every manufacturer's invoice price includes those items, they just don't break it down like Toyota does... That stated, the TDA advertising will vary by region..

    Honda/Nissan etc. have holdback built into their invoice prices, as well... they just don't break it out..



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  • psmosspsmoss Posts: 2
    The dealership pays holdback up front, then it's rolled into whatever I pay, then they get it back from the manufacturer. The gas, TDA, etc are all part of what the dealer pays as well.

    That said, how does the price sound? I'm in WI. I looked through the forums, but I could not find any 'price paid' for a base V6 outfitted this way.
  • hawkeye4hawkeye4 Posts: 9
    I used Edmunds website to solicit bids from the Toyota dealers in my area. I then sent the lowest bid to the others asking them to beat it. After 3 cycles, the lowest price for the model and options I wanted was $27,100

    Ended up buying from Toyota of Escondido (North County San Diego). Prince wasn't the issue, availability of the car was. Very few V6 Limited's available.

    Color is Everglade Green
    Ash Leather Interior
    JBL soundsystem
    Moon Roof
    Daytime running lights

    MSRP was $28,900, paid $27,100

    Got 6.5% 5 years through Toyota Finance.

    I opted for the 6yr/100K extended warrenty. They asked $1,900. I ended up buying it from a different Toyota dealer for $1,230.

    Happy so far. Fun car!
  • asklandaskland Posts: 1
    I am wanting a Limited Rav4 4x4 V6, couldn't use Edmonds to solicit bids so I used Local Toyota dealer left us a voicemail saying he would sell for $600 above invoice. What do I need to be careful of? I know I should take the Edmunds invoice price with me so they don't try to tell me their invoice price is higher but what if they do? We've never bought this way and I want to make sure we are getting the best deal possible. I'm also still waiting to hear from the other Toyota dealer who we would prefer to buy from (because we have in the past.
  • roman1roman1 Posts: 12
    Hello everyone,

    First, I wanted to thank the Edmunds organization/crew for keeping this gig going :) . I've purchased my first new Toyota online (via Edmunds) in 2004, and closed another 3 deals based on the same experience (helped out family) :blush: .

    Now,it's time to get another a car for myself, as my girlfriend is taking over mine. Hence, I'm back in the game.

    Does anyone have any experience with Southern California (San Diego...specifically) prices?

    Looking to get the following:

    RAV4 Base Model, 4 cyl, AUTO, 4x2 w:
    GY- curtain airbags
    DR- roof rack
    DJ- 6 CD changer
    CF- carpet/mat set

    Don't know if for this base model configuration Southern CALI forces only AW- 17inch wheels? and TH- third row seats? Does anyone know for sure? :confuse:

    I'm ok w/ 16 inch wheels

    Thank a bunch in advance for the your help.
  • lirlir Posts: 81
    I doubt that. I bought in Visalia, and they had exactly what you wanted. What I've noticed is that you can't find the Limited's with leather here in CA. When they track one down, someone's already put a deposit on it. If you can't find what you want in San Diego, try Toyota of Visalia (Groppetti). They were very willing to negotiate - no one else in my area (Fresno) was willing.
  • boltman2boltman2 Posts: 9
    V6 Limited's are very hard to find. I've been trying for awhile to find Blizzard Pearl 4WD, leather, tow package no luck. Nothing in NorCal. I've sent several email inquires to Toyota Visalia and they won't even reply.
  • lirlir Posts: 81
    When I bought mine there, they said they have only seen one with leather come through. Try calling them, because they seem to get a lot more RAV4's than other dealers. Only problem is, unlike other dealer websites where you can view their 'new inventory', you can't with Visalia Toyota. I bought the blizzard pearl ltd., but mine was 2 wheel drive, I4. I had to settle for cloth seats too. They aren't too bad, but I'm still thinking about after market leather. My favorite option though so far is the moon roof, but maybe that's a 'girl' thing. :)
  • boltman2boltman2 Posts: 9
    Guess I can call. I'm just a little disappointed because every dealer from the Bay area to Sacramento and Central valley responded to my email inquiries promptly. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to locate one. The search continues...
  • Well I think you got an awesome deal we are trying to get a limited 2wd, third row with tow and can't get anyone to fudge from MRSP,($28700) we live in Texas, several dealers are rather sarcastic and have told us that these are extremely hard to get so why should they go down in price when the guy behind us will pay sticker, we've put down a deposit two weeks ago and they still can't give us a definite date as to when we will get it. really frustrating considering our current vehicle AC is out and Texas is FREAKING HOT :
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    hard to say without knowing the options, if a trade was involved, if that includes taxes etc. I'd go to the fitzmall site and take a look. I actually did better than fitz a month ago in eastern PA.
  • roman1roman1 Posts: 12
    Thank you again EDMUNDS, you're system is painless and efficient :) . This is my 4th car I've purchased via your services. I've been negotiating for 2 days now with a dealer in San Diego(email). I just locked the deal/price on what I wanted ;) (I will pick it up tonight, assuming the dealer delivers on its promise....don't expect many surprises):

    Rav4 Base Model 4cyl, 4x2...Blue
    GY- Curain & Side Airbags
    WF- 17" Alloy wheels
    DR- Roof Rack
    DJ- 6 CD Changer
    CF- Carpets/mats
    DESTINATION charge (included)
    Total $21,000.00 (TTL not included).

    Got to love that price of aprox $160 over invoice listed within Edmunds. :blush:

    I will post my experience later this weekend. :shades:

    Lastly, thanks much for your quick replies to my question. It seems that the information network is working around the clock on this site.

    Regards & enjoy your Rav4s

    Hours away from becoming a RAV4 owner.
  • rahthrahth Posts: 1
    Hi All,

    So I was hoping someone on this board could advise me regarding price quotes for RAV 4's. I had one specced out by a car dealership for a Limited Edition 2.4 liter 4 cyclinder 4x4 with front and side airbags with a moonroof. The final internet quote was for 25,303 including destination charge. Excluding however tax title and doc fee's. Is this a good price for this model or am I being ripped off. I'm located in Jersey and buying this car from a local dealership. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • lirlir Posts: 81
    Look up the exact invoice with the specific options on Edmund's. The price sounds high to me. You're not too far from MD - fitzmall sells them for $200 over invoice. Good luck!
  • jimdrewjimdrew Posts: 84
    Well watch your dealing with King Toyota in Pompano, Florida , it has been what, 4 weeks now, my Mazda MPV has still not been paid off nor have King Toyota in Pompano, Florida refunded the money I paid for the extended warranty and oil chage thingee...almost $1700.00. Please, please, be carefull. I thought this kind of dealing went out a few years ago...boy was I wrong. Stay with a dealership you can trust.

    Jimmy Drew
  • mokiavellimokiavelli Posts: 55
    Yes, please keep us updated. I am too in the San Diego area and am looking for a Base RAV4. Can you tell me the dealer you worked with?
  • roman1roman1 Posts: 12
    The dealer is Poway Toyota. I brought my new RAV4 home, the deal was just as negotiated (plus mud guards & wheel locks) :)

  • mokiavellimokiavelli Posts: 55
    Congratulations. Interesting enough, I was just there yesterday afternoon/evening test driving the Gold one they had.
  • keygokeygo Posts: 38
    How soon should I expect the supply to catch up with the demand? This looks to be a great car but they are not any around (Michigan) and I expect the comparative price will be high compared to the Honda Pilot which I am also looking at.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Well look at for good prices. They are in PA and MD ,not far from NJ. Also Carmax at Laurel MD. Also see the dealers at the Toyota web site in your area buy using locate a dealer. You can buy these things for invoice +_ a few hundered dollars if you can find what you want.

    You can get the invoice price here at Edmond's

    Do not pay anything like MSRP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • A dealer quoted me at $2190 for aftermarket heated leather seats. This seems really high to me. Opinions?
  • lirlir Posts: 81
    Seems high to me too, unless the heated seat part is expensive. I opted for just leather for $1000. It's very nice, soft leather. Try getting other quotes.
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