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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • After matching up the option codes on the Dealer Order sheet with an Edmunds 'pricing with options' the result shows the TMV, 'What Others Are Paying' as, $ 22,519.
    According to Edmunds, the MSRP and the Invoice prices with selected options was; $23,674 and $21,453, The TMV, Others Paying: $22,519.
    Originally I 'built' my Rav on the Toyota site and sent, requested and internet quote, with the dealer. The sent back their online quote as $22,798.
    I asked to have the price down to $22,500 to make the deal.
    I hope this is good.
    What do others think?
  • evergreenevergreen Posts: 213
    Seems like all the low price dealers, e.g., Fitzgeralds Auto Mall, are on the east coast. Aren't there any dealers out west who offer prices near invoice without a lot of haggle?
  • eroseros Posts: 27
    jorge, you can ask the dealer for their exact invoice price. If it approximates the Edmunds quote of $21,453, then I wouldn't pay any more than that for a 2006. $22,500 is just too much. JMHO. In Boston, you could buy it for $21,100.
  • jasondojasondo Posts: 8
    Hi all,
    Here in southern california, I m getting the out-the-door for RAV4 Sport 4x2 V6 - Flint Mica at $27000 (with manualfacture suggested options - pwr moonroof, side airbags, 6-cd changer, matts..), is it a good deal? I m thinking to get the price down to 26000 out-the-door.

    anyone has ideas?

    BTW, why V6-SUVs come out the factory have to have those manualfaturer suggested options? why dont we have just the
    standard featured ones?


    - Jason
  • jimdrewjimdrew Posts: 84
    around $26800 for a 2WD V6 Sport with Moon Roof and JBL Sound, Air Bags, and mats and tunno cover. They however also sold me about $2100.00 in exteneded warranty and maint and GAP insurance. I was also lied about on the dealers cost as compared to Edmunds. Plus another $550.00 in Dealer Prep. It was a hastle cancelling the "extra" agreements and still working on GAP insurance.

    Jimmy Drew :cry:
  • Does the invoice that you are talking include destination fee ($605)?
  • maxwell3maxwell3 Posts: 10
    FWD V6 LTD Barcelona Red

    leather, sunroof, side airbags, JBL, dealer installed Sirius Satellite Radio, which includes 9 mos. membership (I think this is "free" on all the models they sell, but I'm not 100% sure), floormats, tonneau cover, daytime running lights.

    $28,200 plus tax & license

    Only got $16,500 (below Blue Book) for 2004 Mazda RX-8 trade-in, but considering the problems we were having with that car, we were just happy to be rid of it!

    Good buying experience...only dealt with one salesman the entire time we were there (about 4 hours).

    Great selection of vehicles. Longo is the largest Toyota dealership in the U.S. (in terms of sheer physical size, I felt like I was in a Costco Warehouse)

    The dealership had a host of amenities which made it seem more like a luxury car dealer than a Toyota addition to a huge service department, the dealership houses a AAA office, Rent-a-Car Company (can't remember which one), Subway sandwich shop, computer room and a fully functioning Starbucks in the service waiting area.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    No, a good deal would be $25000
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Well Jason, with Toyota, you don't get to pick what you want. The regional districts decide what options they will bring in on cars so most have a fixed set of things. I guess that what the regional thinks is the way most people would want them. For example in NY you cannot buy a Sport with side bags but in the NJ/MD/PA region you can.

    Good luck
  • gerri1gerri1 Posts: 11
    this is very helpful, thanks! what is TDA?
  • jasondojasondo Posts: 8
    Thx Jim
    $25000? woow, I cannot img we can go that low? I have calculated everything out and I hardly see we really can go there.
    22003 invoice
    1710 additional options (invoice level)
    2000 (sale tax here is 7.75% + license fee)
    that would be 25713.

    300 so that deals can make a living.
    total $26000 is what I can imagine.

    Can you share how you figure that number with us.
    I will appreciate that very much.

    yea, I want to go 25K too...
  • jasondojasondo Posts: 8
    if you are talking about pre-tax prices, I think those are a litter too high. :cry:

    which dealer you went to?

  • jasondojasondo Posts: 8
    I went to this dealer in S.Cali - Power Toyota.
    a sale representative led me to a fleet department guy.
    Knowing that i was asking for invoice level price for the car I want, he showed me their "invoice" price (which abviously is a sticker price) to me. And he pointed at "Manalfacture Suggested Retail Price .... $23,790" and told me that is their invoice. I told him that is M...S...R...P... not invoice. I dont know how the heck he can just make up a stupid lie like that. Even after I told him that is MSRP, he still insisted that is their invoice.

    After I laughed at him and told him he is stupid (in my mind) and asked if I can use their internet access, so that I can show him the real invoice price, I logged directly onto and quote him the invoice price. And he pointed at the TMV price to the right of invoice price, told me that is their invoice price... Again..can you believe that?

    finally, we came to do a calculation based on the invoice price I gave him. He was playing with the calculator for a while trying to put 10% fees over the invoice price. I told him to put 23713*1.1, and he's like 24198 * 10 % +, and he got 58554320.4 ...

    My experience with Power Toyota in my area - they are stupid liars.
  • jimdrewjimdrew Posts: 84
    Yep, King Toyota in
    Deerfield Fla. did the same thing with me. However they would not let me look at the internet saying no one was allowed because of Pornography. Man, I can't believe how stupid I was. I asked the finance manager if this was really invoice and what I would see if I looked it up on Edmunds...he said yes, I believed him....Duh!!!!

    Jimmy Drew
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    I am talking no tax and registration prices
  • sccrrefsccrref Posts: 4
    Greeting everybody. Long time lurker, 1st time poster.
    I was just given a deal on a 2006 Rav4 Sport 2WD with the
    following options istalled.
    RL-Daytime running lights
    EJ-JBL 6 disc cd changer
    GY- Side/Head Curtain Airbags
    SR-Power Moonroof
    CD-Rear Tonneau cover
    OTD price including all taxes/fees was $25000.00
    Do you think this is a good price? I have not pulled the trigger yet. Let me Know :confuse:

  • I just picked up a Rav4 4x4 with same options as well as all weather mats and cargo tray for $22500 without taxe and fees.
    I think 'sport' is better suited for a lower vehicle than an SUV type.

    I hope I got a good price.

    Also does anyone know if there is some kind or 'return' period if not completely satisfied with the purchase? I think Chrysler offers a 30 day return policy. Is there some kind of such policy specifically in NJ?

  • davlmdavlm Posts: 2
    What dealers in the Houston area have Sport V6 or Base V6 models with the optional side curtain air bags? I've gone thru several online inventories without seeing it. Prefer WITHOUT 3rd row seats. Thanks!
  • jasondojasondo Posts: 8
    Oh I see, in that case, $25000 + fees is still high for me.
    My bottom line $26500 OTD, but if I can get $26000, that would be my luckiest day.

    thx, and sorry to hear that u gotts deal with those dumb-svckers.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    3rd row is not an option on Sport
  • I am considering a 06 RAV4 V6, 4x4 with Side airbags, 3rd row, tow package, roof rack, running lights and mats for $24772 or $500 over invoice. The vehicle in questions would be a dealer trade. My questions is does the dealer selling me the car still have the holdback available to him, therefore giving me the ability to use that $ for negotiation? Also, for what it's worth, this will be the 4th car we have purchased from this dealership in 3 years.
  • eroseros Posts: 27

    My understanding is that there's a difference between a "located" car and a "swapped" car. If a dealership locates a car for you elsewhere, it apparently loses its holdback; I recently bought a RAV4 and was told at one dealership that they'd have to add $500 to their price (which was $200 BELOW invoice) to "locate" a specific color for me at another dealer. However, if they were to "swap" cars, my understanding is that they would still retain the holdback.

    In any event, I wouldn't buy a 2006 for anything OVER invoice. JMHO
  • ralph9ralph9 Posts: 88
    Ilive in tne Colorado Springs area and the Toyota dealers here have high prices and don't seem to want to bargain. I bought my last Toyota several years ago through the vehicle agent at my credit union. He purchased the car through John Elway Toyota and I had previously spent some time on Sunday looking at the options and costs of the cars they had on their lot to know exactly what I wanted. You could try that through your credit union or AAA to get an idea about costs for the available vehicle you want, while at the same time getting bids from several dealers in the area through the internet. I would want to have all the msrp and invoice costs for all options with the applicable code numbers in the event that you have to price out a vehicle that you haven't seen yourself on their lot. The Colorado Toyota dealers seem to want to charge the $300 for dealer prep costs of putting air in the tires and oil in the engine, so I would try to confirm that your internet or agent offer does not include any charges to be added. I wish we had a volume dealer like fitzmall in our area. Good luck with your hunt. Please let us know how you do. Best wishes, Ralph
  • jeffworkjeffwork Posts: 20
    Been looking and looking and I am agonizing over which size engine. I have a Mazda 626 with a 6 and I like the power. Test drove the Rav with the 4 and it seemed okay BUT it's a little hard to be sure in a short test drive.

    Seems like the gas mileage difference isn't that great but here we are with gas going out of sight too. Also, I seem to see more 4 cyl. in the Limited (Iowa) than I do the V6.

    Anyone have convincing points for me? No, I don't tow anything, just want to make sure I can pass someone easily on the highway with 4 people, luggage, and the AC on.

  • As of this past Monday I just picked up a 4cyl but did think about getting the 6cyl after having a Legacy GT with 250hp but...
    This is my first 'suv' and I think power is better served for a lower center of gravity type of vehicle unless you are hauling lots, which I don't.
    I'm also thinking that I would rather save the $$ and go with the 4cyl and wait a couple of years for them to make better and improved hybrids or better fuel efficient cars.
    I just wish more Subarus had some of the safety features of the Rav such as, stability control and traction control. I also like the size of 'wagons' which are lower than an suv type of vehicle.
    From what I've read, there isn't that much difference in gas mileage between the 4 and 6 but you will pay a few grand up front.
    In any case, the 4 cyl was good for me for now and I will wait a couple of years to see what's next on the horizon.
    good luck
  • mcswinemcswine Posts: 30
    Most everything I've read says there is only a 1-2 real world mpg difference between the 4 and the 6. I would think the performance of the 6 would far outweigh the increased gas cost, at least to me.
  • jimdrewjimdrew Posts: 84
    I test drove both and there was no comparison..doesn't matter if you tow or not...when you are on the turnpike and doing 80 or so :blush: and need to get by a jam of cars the V6 is a pocket rocket. It is also a five speed auto and just listen to both engines...the V6 is smooth as butter...yep, I bought the V6.

    Jimmy Drew
  • Agreed, it's definitely most wanted to have that power on the turnpike, highway or any other expressway but as mentioned, for me, I don't do much hauling or much highway driving.
    I'd rather not $pring for the extra bucking buck$ to have more power for mostly round-town driving.
    Would I take it if given for the same price as the 4cyl, you betcha ya. I recently had a 250hp Legacy GT pony and yup, I sure did like that power under my foot. When it drove well, it was great. And I think the longer I had it, it would have gotten me into $ome ticket problems.
    I wanted a reasonably safe, dependable, relatively fuel efficient vehicle that didn't cost too much until they improve on the power of hybrids.
    I would have gotten another Subaru Outback or Forester but they don't offer stability or traction control other than in their B9 Tribeca or top-o-the-line Outback. I did like the fact that IIHS gives gold pick status to the Subrus. And just recently, I heard that the Rav 4 is now a good pick as well.
  • Recently purchased a new '06 Rav4, last week, and paid $22,5k.

    After punching in the options on Edmunds, it came up with, $23,674, $21,543, and $22,519, for the MSRP, Invoice and TMV/What Others Are Paying.

    Did I get a decent deal or not. I read that some wouldn't pay anything or little over Invoice.

    Was $22,500 good or did I pay too much?

    :cry: :confuse:
  • jeffworkjeffwork Posts: 20
    Ah! See, this is what my guy brain is telling - get the V6!

    I got an email from Honda today that they are announcing the new CR-V September 1. I will probably have to wait and see what the is unless I stumble across a killer deal or something.
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