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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jimdrewjimdrew Posts: 84
    the V6 is terrific....I can't imagine being happy with the I4...and it really is not that much more money or more costly on gas. I don't think you can beat the RAV 4...for 2006. The HOnda quality is of course always terrific...if they come out with a V6 than you might have some competition...for the RAV....I am very happy with my RAV...but yes, see what the CRV has to offer. Actually ran into a lady..with a CRV 2006...she was not happy with the lack of power...outside of that fit and finish were fine.

    Jimmy Drew
  • Did anyone buy this and get invoice price? I myself have tried to contact dealer (mainly thru email), but none of them offer any good deal or close to invoice. Thanks
  • The V6 is by far so much quicker than the V4. I routinely cross over and merge onto very busy highway traffic and I would get smacked if I had a 4 cylinder because the V4 is a little slow to pick up speed when you need it. If you tool around town and never hit the highway, the gas mileage on the V6 is pretty good anyway----get the V6, you will be grateful you did.
  • Chan0512,
    I have bought mine for $24,300 (Out the Door, inclusive of all taxes and registration etc)SAME MODEL RAV4 SPORT 4X4 fully loaded with all options like,

    Moon Roof
    6-Disc Player
    Side Curtain Air Bags
    Carpet Mats
    Tanoue cover and poles

    How much did your dealer quote?

    I was actually given for $800 less than Invoice including the accessories.
  • eroseros Posts: 27
    "I was actually given for $800 less than Invoice"

    OUTSTANDING!!!! I'll reiterate that no one should be paying invoice or above for the 2006 models. If your dealer refuses to negotiate lower, I'd wait for the 2007s.
  • jimdrewjimdrew Posts: 84
    after two month's I finally get a call from King Toyota Deerfield, Fl about my deal. This is the Customer Care folks...again, after at least two months. Again I told them that the finance guy said that he would sell me the RAV4 at cost but I could not use the computer to check Edmunds web site to check. I said, are you sure and when I go home will it match what Edmunds says...he said would. Well I go home and sure enough...King's price is $1000.00 more. Wow, lied to again. The Customer Care guy says well that finance manager is no longer So, I guess that was their solution???? How does that make things right? Wow, I finally did get my extended warranty and maint contract refunded..still waiting on the GAP insurance to be sent back to me. (I paid off the loan) It is hard for me to believe that King Toyota actually feels they soved the problem by the guy leaving. The RAV4 is great but the dealership is a :lemon: .

    Jimmy Drew
  • evergreenevergreen Posts: 213
    I live in a small town in Oregon and we only have one Toyota dealer. They have one RAV4 on the lot but not the one I am interested in. I have checked the inventories online for other dealers in the state but still can't find what I am looking for. I even checked the inventory at Fitzgerald Auto Mall in the Washington D.C. area. They have nearly 30 RAV4s in inventory but only a couple of the Limited model. Does anyone know how dealers access all those cars sitting in those huge parking lots at the port of entry? Can a dealer like Fitzgerald select from what is sitting at the dock or do they just have to take what they are given and then swap with other dealers when they need to? Does Fitzgerald even swap with other dealers or do you have to select from their inventory? Seems like there would be a lot of Toyota dealers in their area so I am thinking I need to be looking at a large dealer in an area with a lot of other dealers if I expect to get something close to what I want. Any thoughts?
  • srp308srp308 Posts: 1
    Hello all,

    One of the So cal. dealers offered me a new RAV4 Limited 4X4 V6 with the options LA,SR,GY,EJ,CF,RL for $29000 cost to the door.
    Is it a good deal or not?

  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Well you can email Fitmall and talk to them or call them. They are very responsive. They cannot just take a car off the pier but they can trade with dealers or get a car allocated to them. Tell them what you want. The limited is a small part of production, especailly the v6 but you can find them. They are in NY. Or if you do not need it right away, get your dealer to put you in the lineup for a 2007, they are only 2 months away I think. Don't panic and pay MSRP!
    Other good dealers in east:carmax,lustine and darcar.

    Also, go to the Toyota site and do a build and buy using zip 34423. You can see all the RAV4s in or coming in to the southeast region on that site. Usually it ranges from 550 to 1200 cars. They are a little more expensive but have cars. Actually I bet you can find one in CA area if you take your time and email lots of dealers. You can find them all on the Toyota site for various zip codes.

    Good luck
  • Just bought a Green Rav4 4x4 V6 in the Milwaukee area:

    Base V6, AWD vehicle #4433A $23,735
    Options: TH, GY, DR, CF, TO, RL $2109
    Delivery fee $605
    Service Fee $129

    I paid $24,200. Dealer thru in free oil changes form life and 10 yr. 100,000 miles warranty on everything.
  • jeffworkjeffwork Posts: 20
    I am hunting for 2X4 V6 Limited. I can find only one and he would go $500 over his invoice. He is including $300 for Toyota ad costs but otherwise I think is close to Edmund invoice. Going the other way, this would be about $1,300 less than invoice.

    Sure, I can wait for the 2007 but how substantially different would they be and how much more would it cost. I doubt they'd get to $500 over for a long time and they would start for thousand more. Would that be an accurate assumption?

    I'm over a barrel. I don't have this model at other dealers to use as leverage. I think he's being straight but given my personality, I'll probably pass, take my chances, see what the new CR-V is, etc.
  • evergreenevergreen Posts: 213
    Thanks for the help, jimd4. I will follow up on it.
  • evergreenevergreen Posts: 213
    According to Edmonds, the invoice on that car is $26,677. Since this is the end of the model year, you shouldn't have to pay much over invoice if you are looking for a good deal. If the $29,000 figure you mentioned includes taxes, it would be a good deal if the sales tax in California is 8 or 9%.
  • rhn99rhn99 Posts: 2
    Last saturday Aug12 i bought rav4 it took me 6 hour to finish all paper work and get the car. after i bring the car home i notice they dint clean the car so i went back another 3 hour waist ed at the dealer today i was reading the window sticker of the car it say's 9 speakers in 7 location but when i check the car it has only 7 speakers 2 on each front door 1 on each back door and sub woofer in the cargo door. if any of you guy;s knows about it :confuse: what should i do now. i already call the dealer but the didn't seem to care about my problem
  • fhspsu67fhspsu67 Posts: 24
    The two speakers in the rear doors are actually twin speakers - a high range speaker centered coaxially with the midrange speakers.
  • Was looking around and found a used car dealer had four 2006 RAV4's all 4X4, with varying mileage between 12k-14k. He wanted $22,900. Started checking, found these were base models that retailed new for $22,600. They had no tonneau cover or anything. Started looking at new ones, and I used the internet to find a nice Sport model, with sunroof, side curtain airbags, even has a alloy wheel on the spare! List was $26,028, invoice at 23,970 or so. Got it for $23,000. The key for me was to find the same car at different dealers, and keep calling till i got the price i wanted. Bought it on 8/14 and the wife loves it. It is her commuter car, better mileage than the 4runner we had. Did not look at Hondas because of problems we have had with our '99 Odyssey(we are on 3rd transmission at 118k miles), and both my other Toys have been bulletproof.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Muckluck, where are you located?
  • Hi: Got 2 great dogs and was wondering where I can purchase a netting or screen for the Rav 4 or Highlander that will keep the dogs in the back of the car by the rear window without jumping over the back seat and destroying the rest of the car. thanks
  • suryassuryas Posts: 1
    I am also buying a RAV 4 V6 Limited 4WD with Leather(Black with Taupe) in Central NJ. What is the price you got it for? I am getting it for 29,578+title+taxes. Is it a good price?
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Sound high to me. $2000 off MSRP would be a ballpark number I think.

    But V6 limited with leather is almost impossible to find so you pay for that too I guess.
    Good luck with your RAV4
  • Breddy2000,
    which dealer did you buy it from?
    the following are the quotes I got from different dealer so far for
    4x4 4 cyl sport $23876 + fees (stereo upgrade, side airbags)
    4x4 4cyl base $22368 + fees (must be crazy!!)
    2x4 4 cyl sport $25163 + fees (jbl, tonneau cover, side airbags, daytime rnng lght, moonroof, towing hitch) --> this too wayyy too high!!!
    4x4 4 cyl sport $24307 (JBL audio system, tonneau cover, side curtain airbags, daytime running lights, sunroof ) --> still high
    2x4 4 cyl limited $24781 (audio,moonroof,third row seating )

    Well don't know how I got this high quote...
  • ra6678ra6678 Posts: 1
    I am looking for 2006 RAV4 2WD V6 in the houston area.
    Anybody having recent buying experience for the same in houston area ??
    I was going to go with V4 but after reading the discussion about V4 vs V6 here , I decided for V6. TIA
  • jimnyojimnyo Posts: 1
    anyone on this board live in hawaii? here, all the toyota dealerships are owned by one company, servco. so there's no competition to go to and try to haggle. any ideas? as an example, their email quote said first, that i could only get a 3rd row seat with the limited, which sucks b/c everywhere else you can get the base model with the 3rd row seat. second, to give you an idea of what i'm dealing with, their quote for a base model v6 with:
    Destination Charge: $605.00
    17" Alloy Wheels: $440.00
    Tonneau Cover: $140.00
    Daytime Running Lights: $40.00
    Roof Rack: $220.00
    Side & Curtain Airbags: $650.00
    was $24,006, after tax and title and "documentation fee" (what's that?), $25,380.01

    is this reasonable or should i just give up and buy something used?

    thanks for your opinions!!
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Well, if it is an AWD v6 it is not an outrageous price as the invoice would be $23450 before taxes and fees. In the USA east you could get this for invoice now.

    If it is a FWD, subtract say $1000.
  • franklwfranklw Posts: 44
    I have been tracking this forum for the past month, I just wonder if anyone has purchased RAV-4 w/ similar options. What should I expect to pay since I have heard it's hard to find limited, V6 w/ leather. I live in San Diego but will drive to Orange County, LA, and Riverside for good deal. Thanks in advance.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    On Edmunds you can find the exact invoice prices. add that up and shop around via net or phone. The cars are there, you just have to work at it. By the way the 2007s are shipping now.

    Here is a link to a loaded 2007 Limited V6 so you can see the invoice is. DO NOT PAY MSRP. $500 over invoice is not bad since limited is hard to find with leather*O&photo=FALS- - E&loc=LFT&mall=GA&year=2007&mk_code=TO
  • mcveemcvee Posts: 4
    The Limited V6's are so hard to find and to order a specific one I'm finding, could take 8 weeks or more. I am going to order a 2007. None of the 3 dealers I've been working with will go down in price which is $1000 over invoice. I've thrown out some pretty reasonable lower prices too. It doesn't matter that in a few months they will be considered a year old. The 2007 model I specifically want can be here in just a few weeks and the price is actually $15.00 cheaper than the 2006!! What's up with that?? Maybe some of you might want to consider giving up on finding a 2006 and just get the 2007.
  • haroldiharoldi Posts: 2
    I just took delivery (Thursday, Aug 17) of a RAV4 V6 limited with leather (Pacific Blue with Ash), upgraded stereo, heated seats, moon roof, towing package, second row curtain and roll air bags, running lights and carpeted floor mats/Cargo mats. I didn't need the towing package, the upgraded stereo, or the additional mats, but you pretty much have to take what they put on it, particularly if you want leather. Anyway, my price was $27,359 including "dealer processing and delivery) but tax and tags/title extra. I got mine through an auto broker whose name I will be glad to share with you, and there's an additional charge of several hundred for his services, but overall, it's still a couple of thousand below your quoted price. It is difficult to get leather and it might take a couple of months.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    To increase your availability you might consider the Limited but with aftermarket leather. My dealer quoted $1300 and it is covered with 36 mo warranty. I have seen several Sports with it and it is much nicer than factory.
    Just a thought. My guess is 0.1% of Rav4s come with leather. I have seen 3 in NY in 8 months of watching.
    I don't think you will "find" a 2007 any easier. It is just a matter of your dealer being lucky enough to be allocated one.

    see link
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