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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    And this information can be found at......... :confuse:
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    After searching a bit I found a site that claims the customer cash back varies from $100-750 (I assume by location and model) but it also lists a flat $400 factory to dealer cash. Is the latter true? I'm trying to make sense of a quote of about $1200 UNDER invoice. Without both of the above rebates being at max I'm not sure such a quote would be realistic. How much is the holdback on the RAV4 anyway?
  • You can get the rebate info for your region by going to and building the vehicle you want. 1) click on "Build and Price your Toyota" in the shopping tools section of 2) Find and click on the "Special Offers" tab. This should bring up the Factory to customer incentives for your region.
  • olddogolddog Posts: 2
    My 2001 awd came with a tow package and 1000 lb rating. I purchased an aluminum 8Ft. trailer ( ALUMA) which leaves me with 560 Lbs. load capacity which works for me.
  • shaheheshahehe Posts: 3
    I live in So. Cal. and one dealer give me a price of 20K (O.T.D.) for 2005 RAV4 (automatic 4X2 basic model) , is this a good price?
  • ffctffct Posts: 1
    Just picked up a Rav4 with a msrp of $22,771. Toyota North in New York sold it for 19,888 including rebate.

    Great dealership to work with too.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Depends on the price of the car itself. Basic FWD model should be around 18,500.

    Just picked up 05 RAV4 4x2 L package, side air bags, alloys, mud guards, cargo net, MSRP 23,034 for 19,900 plus $279 processing fee (I know, kind of steep). Other than the manager giving me this look as if I'm stealing one of his kids no other hassles.
    Fairfax Toyota.

    While the prices seem to be very good (if you know how to deal) the selection is pretty slim. This was one of the very few left in the whole area. There are almost no FWD models left - and few coming. Get them while they last.
  • raywrayw Posts: 9
    And, I picked up a RAV 4 for same price at the same dealer. Very smooth transaction.

    The other plus with Toyota North was the $49 doc fee. I would definitely recommend them to others.

    I tried to give my business to Stamford Toyota, but their $349 doc fee + $20,900 "best quote" was way out of line. Pretty much the same situation with Westport Toyota.
  • Could you post the details of the options the rav 4 had? Im currently in the market for a Rav 4 auto with L the tri-state area too....2388 off plus $500 seems like a great deal.

  • I live in NJ, one dealer give me a price of 22,000 plus tax for RAV4x4 auto with L package, and then give me $500 rebate back. is it good?

    i also need know what invoice price is. Invoice price already including tax?
    If i know an invoice price for RAV4x4 auto with L package, the good deal is lower or higher than invoice price, how much lower or higher, after rebate or not , how much rebate, plus tax or not? if someone know thatm pls give me detail
  • My wife is looking for a 2005 Rav4 L package w/ moonroof and roof rack. Has anyone received any quotes on a comparable vehicle recently? First quote I received was at $24k (basically MSRP) - I wasn't born yesterday so obviously didn't buy it for that price. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  • tc7tc7 Posts: 1
    I just got one for my wife:
    2005 Rav4 AWD "L" Upgrade with cross bars, the floor mats and the wheel lock.

    I paid 22,500 INCLUDING tax, tag, proc fee, everything - that was the total amount.

    I think it was a great price. Later.
  • sr45sr45 Posts: 144
    Paid $ 22,500 out the door, tax, lic other stupid fee's as well for my 05 model, with roof rack, mud guards, 2 WD, fiber dash, alloy fancy Enkei wheels and privacy glass
  • Paid 20,900 (including 400 college grad rebate) out the door on 05 RAV4 FWD, basic option...
    is this a decent deal?
  • Looking for a FWD auto with L package, and side bags. So far no luck with a decent offer on a car. If anybody has a hot deal or lead, please PM me. Willing to travel pretty much anywhere on the northeast. Thanks
  • Help...Bought a 2005 Rav4 last month. Dealer just called and said that they put the wrong price on the contract and need to redo it. sticker price with all the junk charges 21014.50 MSRP 19800. Traded in 200o ford taurus and have friends & family discount. drive out price on conract is 17166.57 Dealer wants to add 3100 to top plus tax. that would put me at 20266.57 plus the additional taxes. I think that is too much....any suggestions. I want to be fair but not get the shaft. my problem is that I have a friend working there that is catching heat for the contract error made by finance. I am having less than a pleasent experience with this.
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378
    sounds like they need to take this one in the shorts!!!
    The dealership should have checks and balances in place to prevent this.....
    IF your friend is not the one that made the mistake....but is getting heat cause he/she is your friend....then it sounds like they are not a very good dealership. In this situation you should ask yourself....if you signed for a car...paid for it...and drove it home but did not notice the damage on the car....and are positive that the damage didn't occur on the drive home and you took it back to the dealership to have them fix it....what do you think they would say to you??? I know....your S.O.L. !!!!!
    In my mind it sounds like they don't have a leg to stand have (ASSUMING) a legal and binding sound contract for this owe them nothing.....and I might get hate mail from any salesman out there but that is just the truth....and when push comes to shove.....the dealership may not have a legal leg to stand on....and will not push the issue past you. But I am sure they are going to keep the heat on hoping you will cave in! Even if you decide to give some of the $$$ back.....not you think they will accept once you give them back the original contact and they tear it up....your screwed! Then they can put whatever figure they want on the new contract....and give you one of those "take it or leave it type things". If I was you, I would stand to your friend....he or she should know you did nothing do not owe the dealership anything!!!! But, you must have the signed contract in hand!!!!
  • In my typicial dealings with Toyota (5) new buys in NY state I have found the following to be the average deal. Take the sticker price and subtract $2000. Subtract your trade and then add sales tax. Then subtract any rebate. In your case if your sticker was $21,000 and you got $2,500 for your trade and your tax is 8% with a $500 rebate $17,300 should be your price. Check your math before you talk to anyone.
  • Phillip,
    I bought the exact vehicle you are describing. Pacific blue, RAV4 4x4 V6, no 3rd row, no moonroof. I don't have any regrets about that. Don't worry about the resale value, if you live in a state where you get tons of sun, the sun is usually in your eyes all the time when the monroof is open. If you are in Seattle, you can't open that thing anyway because it is raining all the time. Maybe only people in California or similar places, near the coast would have use for that. In Utah, it gets so hot that you have to run A/C full power in the Sommer and if you open the sunroof you are cooking. In the winter, it is too cold, you can't open it again. So, I opted for base model, no sunroof and saved $900. As you can see, figure out whether you really need it or not and then decide. Second, Pacific blue is not a bad color, I had an opportunity to buy Barcelona red but I can't stand red after 5 years when it fades. I would have preferred white (easier to touch up) because there really are people that take it upon themselves to put a dent or scratch in your door and then what do you do. BTW, I had my RAV4 for a little over a month and somebody already put a long scratch in my door (about 2 ft long). It's not very deep but it's there. Any ideas what I can do about it?
  • Hello all. I'm working with a dealer (in Maryland) that has a loaded '05 blue 4x4. They 'located' it for me and now it's at their dealership. I'm going to call other dealers and see if they can beat the pricing that I've been given. Here's what it's got, codes included. Quoted price is now down to $24,475 before the $750 rebate/tags ($171) and tax. I've checked KBB and Edmunds for this exact setup and 'invoice' (before $750 rebate) seems to be $24,726. Since they agreed so easily to the price and subsequent changes, maybe they have more room to bargain since the 06 comes out on the 19th. Another reader just posted in the RAV4 area that they were offered "$20,890 on an '05 RAV4 with MSRP of $26,700 without any haggling at all." MSRP on the one I'm looking at is $27,762.

    Any opinions/experience on how much more I can haggle this deal would be greatly appreciated.

    Spectra Mica Blue
    'L' package
    Charcoal interior
    16" alloy wheels
    235/60R tires
    Leather seats
    Heated front seats
    Rear spoiler
    Roof rails w/crossbars
    Remote keyless entry
    Wide mud Guards
    Daytime running lights
    F&R floor mats
    Cargo mat
    Cargo net

    ay - spoke aluminum alloy wheels
    dk - some stupid misc crap
    dr - roof rails w/crossbars
    fe - emission equip
    gy - air bags
    hd - heated front seats
    ke - keyless entry
    la - leather seats
    ma - mud guards
    rf - rear spoiler
    rl - daytime running lights
    sr - moon roof
    up - L pkg
    z1 - F&R floor mats/Cargo mat/Cargo net/emergency kit
  • The dealer prepared and signed the contract; the deal is CLOSED. They're using your friend as a pawn to try and collect the additional money. It's not his fault the finance department made the error. Contact the corporate office and see if any relief can be found there. They can't do anything to your friend. If the dealership gives him problems, he should contact the corporate office about the matter.
  • I bought the blue 4x4, but the dealer wouldn't budge more than $226 below invoice ($24,726).

    I also called the Toyota hotline and gave them a line about not being able to decide between a RAV4 and a CRV and they told me to FAX them my purchase agreement if I bought one in the next 12 months and they would send me another $250. So, I effectively got a $1,000 rebate or got it for $500 under invoice, take your pick.
  • Anyone bought a new 2005 RAV4 AWD in the Boston area ? The best deal I am getting is 21K minus T/T (which seems really high). My target price is 19.6K including T/T (no options).
  • I purchased a new 2005 RAV4 on 1 Dec 2005 and inquired about the 2006 models and was told they didn't have info on them . Well, I didn't realize they were going to change the styling and basically keep the price about the same. I noticed the change when I went to look at them on 20 Dec and was surprised. I only had 1,200 miles on my 2005 and they would only give me $19,100 for my new 2005 RAV4 trade-in when I just purchased it for $24,000. I wish they would've told me about the styling change and minimal increase in price. So, I decided to keep the 2005; still a nice vehicle but a year older and for same price. I'm a little disappointed and feel deceived. Soo stupid. I should've done more research before my purchase. Am I wrong to feel cheated?
  • Hello! Got 1800 off for 28000 MSRP, 1400 for 26020 MSRP on fleet deal for 20 cars.Anyone better?
  • ticoarticoar Posts: 12
    next week with the fleet manager to discuss the purchase of a RAV4 Limited. I will not be financing the car through them so as far as they are concerned it will be a cash deal. Can anyone tell me if a credit check is mandatory from a dealer if you are paying cash? I would assume it is just a dealership policy if they want to check you out before they do the deal. I am in the process of buying a house and do not want anymore inquiries on my credit report. Thanks.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Hi ticoar,
    You might check out our topic called Credit Scores and Vehicle Financing. You'll probably get more feedback on your particular question if you post there.

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  • OMG.. too bad. You'r not wrong feeling it.
    on Nov. 2005 Frankfurt motor show had 06 Rav4. and every salesperson must know 06 Rav4 will be available sometime end of December. I guess he just wanted to sell 05 Rav4 quickly before new one came out on their lot. In my case, I've researched for 6 months about CR-V and Rav4. All new 07 CR-V will show on summer this year. I thought 06 CR-V is not good to buy now. Same thing, 06 Rav4 coming. hence I've waited and bought it a week ago.
    Sorry to tell you, but 06 is much better than 05 in my opinion.
  • I just posted something similar elsewhere but want to make sure it is here for any smart consumer - the demand on the RAV4 will die down in February so if you are looking to buy a new one - wait two weeks - don't get taken at MSRP or ABOVE???!!!?? Yes, there are individuals who would have you believe this is all they will go for but its just not true. They are creating demand and you will be throwing away money.

    I've spoke with 5 dealerships and two of them were nice enough (or smart enough since they know I would go back there now) to admit the truth on pricing.

    I have to say for the record - I drove a Honda CRV, RAV4, and Tucson - and the Tucson was the most impressive. I was shocked at that little discovery. Even more so to find out that Hyundai's name and rating are so high now. ANyoen else comparing Tucsons and RAV4s?

    Back to Toyota - The dials on the RAV4 are still odd and cheap looking but I did love that automatic back seat fold and the change in room is immediately noticeable. SAfety feaures like side curtain airbags all optional which brings price up. (Tucson's was standard) The RAV4 steering was really stiff but the 4cyl engine was powerful enough to save on vs. the v6.

    By the way, I hope the guy that was contacted by the dealer for more money a month after the deal was done called them back and laughed hysterically. Can you imagine getting ice cream and having the store call you two weeks later to come in with more money because they charged you wrong?

    I don't think so. Time to get a new friend.
  • easy2t2easy2t2 Posts: 31
    I am not sure what you are trying to said. Are you offering @ 1800 off msrp, or looking to buy?
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