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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jazz9jazz9 Posts: 1
    Do yourself a favor & wait until you close on your house before you buy a car. Every lender does a final, pre funding credit check. That car purchase is going to show up somewhere & your loan just might get rejected. Yes, even if you already have loan approval. I'm a Realtor!
  • I bought cars 1800 off MSRP
  • thecatthecat Posts: 535
    Is this an 05' or an 06' ?
  • can you tell me, from which dealer you got the deal
    and also for what trim you got 1800 off MSRP
  • Just purchased a '06 Sport 4x4 4 cyl. in Mica with 6-disc CD upgrade, Tonneau cover, Side airbags, mats, auto dimming mirror with compass, moonroof, and rear bumper applique for 24,400. MSRP was 26300. Portland, Oregon.
    Did internet searches for two weeks, nobody else came close to this price. :shades:
  • I ironed out a deal Saturday for a 4x2 4-cyl Rav4 Limited in Everglade Metallic, w/ moonroof, side/side curtain airbags, carpet mats, JBL 6-disc/9-speaker, daytime running lights for 24.4K +tax/tag/title. Not bad considering they only had 1 on the lot and nothing else arriving for over a week. It arrives on 2-7 +or- 4 days. They had to buy it from a dealer in Florida where it was going to be shipped. Overall a very good buying experience. It was already priced very close to Edmunds TMV and I knocked off a few houndred without too much effort. I did have to talk with the sales manager though, but he was nice and jenuinely helpful; unlike some of the greasy salesmen I've met. The finance/warrenty/whatever manager also informed me of a massive new facility being built in the back to replace the current one. It will include a free automatic carwash for customers. I was very pleased.
  • What was the MSRP? Did you get leather? Thanks!
  • I don't have a lot of experience leasing but I've read a lot about it so when my wife bought her Rav4 on Saturday she decided to lease. I've been going over & over the figures and am still not sure how good of a deal we got. Can anyone help? Here's the breakdown:

    Traded a '04 Accord with 15K miles. She owed about $9K. They gave her $15K for the trade so she netted a total of about $6K.

    She got an '06 Rav4 Sport, with a ton of upgrades including remote start, upgraded tires, etc. (upgrade package was around $1600) so the car sticker price was just about $26K. She's paying $270 a month for 48 months with no money down. That included TT&L, free oil changes for as long as she has the car, and all repairs and maintenance is free.

    So, the math works out to:

    Trade: $6K
    Payments for 4 years: $12960
    Total: $18960

    Residual is about $12,800

    Now for my questions:

    Is that a good deal?

    The salesman, sales manager and finance guy all said she'd always have equity in the car since she had so much positive money to move into the Rav4. Can someone explain? If she keeps it for 4 years the way I've understood leases was when the term is up you trade it in and you lease or buy another car and you're back at even. So is what they said true? Or does she need to trade early to make on it?
  • thecatthecat Posts: 535
    I just got an email from a salesman I've been dealing with while waiting for the V6's to arrive. He said that new allocation data just came out and next week only 16 new rav's for a 5 state area including MD. He informed me that his dealership will not be coming off MSRP. Duh ... I'll buy it from someone that will. If I have to wait for the initial "gotta have it's" to consume the 1st wave. I'm patient.

    I can't believe Toyo is spending money on TV ads and has no product to sell. They would be "stuck on stupid". So, my guess is that something is causing distribution problems and as a result RAV's may be in temporary short supply.
  • MSRP was $26K, but it included "Toyogaurd Plus Protection Group", which we got them to drop, so MSRP should have been around $25.3K. No leather, all options were listed above.
  • The 1st dealership we went to came back with MSRP as the lowest price. I told them they were crazy and we left. The next place we went to, once we showed our pre-approval letter said they automatically give customers from our bank invoice price. So, we got a BASE RAV4 with and MSRP of 22,851(side curtiain bags, tint, alarm and some other stuff we didn't care about) for $21400, plus they gave us an extra $500 over Kelly Blue Book trade in on our Corolla sight unseen! So we took the deal. And the Corolla wasn't in very great shape, so we got out of there thinking we got a steal. Factor in the extra $500 and we got in about $600 under Dealer invoice.

    So, if the Dealer tells you they aren't gonna budge from MSRP, walk out and leave, cause that's a load of crap. Yeah, they are popular, but they are being unfair, ripping you off and don't play their game. Wait a little while or check another dealer.
  • I paid 24,900 with side curtain air bags and leather for the limited.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    You could buy it for $26k, sell it at the end of 4 yrs for $12K, Net cost is $14k. plus tax. Do not see how paying out almost $19k is "making"? I don't think a lease is ever cheaper. More convineint and lower payments maybe but not cheaper. By the way I have leased my last two cars.
  • I'm interested in purchasing a 06 Rav4 Limited 4x4 6 cyl. Can you tell me which dealership in Portland you purchased your 06 Sport 4x4 from.
  • Good for you.
    I also walked out when the dealer wanted MSRP for one with a bunch of useless options that I don't want.
    They know that there are a lot of fools that will pay MSRP.
  • Purchased my Rav4 from Tonkin Toyota on 122nd in Southeast Portland. Most painless car transaction I've ever had. They let me know when they were "All in" with their price and I left the dealership for a bit to think about it. I knew it was a good deal and circled back to the dealership to accept their offer. Good thing, too. As I started filling in the paperwork, three guys came into the showroom where my car was and started seriously looking it over (inside and out, popping the hood, etc.) Their salesman looked very unhappy when the sales manager told him I had just purchased the car and it was no longer for sale. I think the Mica is a great color, and around here there seems to be alot of white and blue Rav4's.
  • Thank you for your response. I was pleased to hear the dealership was Tonkin. I purchased my Acura TL from Tonkin and the transaction was very professional. I like the Mica and Everglade Metallic for colors. I would be very interested in your opinions and evaluations on your Rav4. I'm concerned about road noise.
  • jksgjksg Posts: 3
    I live in the Bay Area and was offered $26,000 excluding tax. Options include heated and leather seats, side airbags,moonroof,JBL audio,cargo net and carpets. Wondering whether this is a good deal.
  • What state did you buy it in? Any other options? Thanks!
  • I got an offer, a Rav4 base 4x4 with some options, $650 (include $200 documentation fee) under TMV price. Is it a good deal? Thanks!
  • Everything's relative...I went from a 2006 Scion XB to the Rav4. The XB is extremely loud at 60 mph and over. Lots of road and engine noise. I don't find the noise excessive on the Rav4 and seems to be less than CR-V (to me, anyway). Road noise is a thing with me so I took it up on the freeway. Loving the Rav4 so far...alot of car for the price. Wish they would have pre-wired it for XM radio. Also, I think I should have driven the Limited before buying a Sport as I think the stiffer suspension on the Sport is a little bumpy when trying to sip your coffee. Even so, I'm extremely pleased with my purchase. Got 22.7 mpg on my first tank which was mostly freeway driving. I'm sure it will get better once the engine breaks in.
  • It sounds like you got a fair deal. If you add together the total payments and residual, you get $31,760. If you had financed the full $26,000 at, say, 8% for 4 years, your payments would have been around $30,160 (rough estimate). Leasing usually costs a little more than finacing it yourself.

    As for the "positive money" statement, if you had leased the full amount of $26,000 with no trade-in, you would be liable for all remaining payments, plus residual, if the car was stolen or totaled, less what insurance would pay. Since a typical car loses about 40% in the first 3 years, you may have a point where you owe more than the car is worth. Insurance called "GAP" insurance will cover the difference. Sometimes this insurance is free. I paid $500 but canceled it 2 weeks later and got most of it back.

    If the lease is for 4 years, you will be penalized a lot if you cancel it early. After 4 years you can buy it at the residual, walk away, hoping they don't charge you for excess wear and tear, or lease another car.
    I leased a 1999 Camry for 36 months at $373 per month. Iput enought money away to pay off the residual and kept the car. I still have it after 7 years, but my heart is set on the new RAV4. I plan to buy it this spring.

    One last point. According to Kiplinger's magazine, previous RAV4's have depreciated 43% after 3 years and 63% after 5 years. Your $12,800 residual at 4 years is about 49% of sticker, so it seems resonable. Funny thing is, the Honda CRV deprecialtes much less, with 29% and 44% for 3 and 5 years. If the new RAV4 depreciates less than previous ones, you may have a good bargain paying $12,800 for the residual.

    I'm no expert in leasing, but have leased twice before. I will not be leasing this time.
  • Hazeltone,

    What dealership in Texas did you buy from? I live in DFW and we are going to buy a RAV4 this month.
  • How much is the MSRP(stick price) including these options?
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Where are you located?
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    you can get all the info you need RAV$ and on invoice and msrp for any version and option on MSN car site. YOu can also see good example of sell prices at
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,574
    Guess what? You can find all of that right here on!

    2006 Toyota RAV4


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Hi ,
    I am looking for 2006 Toyota BASE RAV4
    4dr SUV 4WD (3.5L 6cyl 5A) .Can you tell me difference between 4 dr SUV and 4 dr SUV 4 WD. I live in miami ,can someone tell me good dealer in miami to fortlauderdale area.Also what I should ask dealer before buying RAV 4.
  • jksgjksg Posts: 3
    Sticker price is $27,940(excluding carpet and cargo net) whereas TMV price is $26,942. This is inclusive of destination charge. Prices are extracted from I got an offer of $26k inclusive of carpet and cargo net and am wondering whether anyone out there got a better bargain.
  • I live in Mass. and it seems that nobody has them yet. I was quoted a price of a little more than 26K from 1 dealer, although he said they were not due in until March. It seems that the dealers know this car is hot and aren't going to move much on the price. Does anybody have any buying experiences to share? I checked out the dealer price for this car on Consumer Reports. Their bottom line cost for this car is $23,628, including dealer holdback and no options. I'm willing to give the dealer some profit, but not $3000+. If they think they're going to hold me up, I'll just buy something else. I don't need a Rav, but do like them. Any buying experiences out there to share?
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