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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Actually, the dealers bottom line cost for the Rav4 Sport 4x4 V-6 is $23,021. The Limited is $23,628. Not that it makes much of a difference.
  • I'm also in the market although for a 4x4 4 cyl. I also bought the Consumer Report (CR) report for the Rav4. I've noticed that the CR bottom line price is just not realistic at all becuase Toyota does not make the vehicle with no options. Upon talking with a dealer today, I was told the Base model will always come with about $1700 in options for my region. The Sport will always come with about $1200 in options in my region. So add the reality that the options price will be added (additional cost) to the CR bottom line price.

    The options seem to be what makes the prices seem so high over invoice.
  • This should be quite good deal. I got my base model last December from Capital Toyota and only got $1000 off from sticker price. :cry:
  • It is true that the options will change the base price, but Consumer Reports has those all priced also, so it's easy to still see the bottom line dealers cost, including options. The quote I received did actually include the side curtain airbags which added another $559 to their cost. Still giving them close to a $3000 profit on the car. If they don't budge, I'm not buying.
  • bdossbdoss Posts: 2
    I used this forum (from behind the scenes) to purchase my Rav4 so I figured I'd contribute. I just purchased a base 4X2 Rav4 with the following options:

    Side curtain airbags
    Roof rack
    Running lights
    Floor mats
    Cargo area cover

    Also, the car showed up with 17" Alloy wheels which we didn't order but agreed to pay another $100 for (since we liked them!). Total price before TTL (but after wheels) was $21,362 - right around invoice if you include the wheels. We purchased in the Houston, TX area.
  • I bought it in Massachusetts-no other options.
  • Was that a Limited 4 cyl. or V-6? If you don't mind me asking, where in Mass.?
  • Guess what.. I paid $21414 in Texas too. side airbag, alarm, cargo tray, and all-weather mats. I wish they threw in tint, pin stripe, and vin etch too. It took me three weeks before the same dealer to offer me that price. Great job.
  • jksgjksg Posts: 3
    Your bottom line price-does it include destination charge?
  • that includes the dest and ad fee. Email me if you want the dealers name. Its in IL.
  • thecatthecat Posts: 535
    You can post the dealership here .. just not the names of the people you dealt with.
  • tommyg12tommyg12 Posts: 158
    Noticing that across the Southeast, $300-$400 over invoice seems to be the norm now. Figured it wouldn't take long. One dealership that wouldn't budge from MSRP two weeks ago has called me back willing to negotiate. I have also noticed that the dealerships seem to have the same inventory. One dealer has the same 5 Ravs on the lot that was there 5 weeks ago.

    The '07s should be released Sept-Oct, I might as well wait to see what "updates" are made. The second year Highlander, Avalon, Matrix, Solara all received minor tweaks during the second year.
  • any in-stock or need to be located RAV. Has to be the best deal going right now.
  • rushmerushme Posts: 22
    Are you going to tell us which dealer in IL?

  • rushmerushme Posts: 22
    You can post the dealership name, city, and names of salespeople! If you don't want to post it, I can email you.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,667
    Okay... here is the deal.. printed in RED down below..

    You can name the dealership, the city and state... NO contact information.. this includes phone numbers, e-mail addresses (including your own), weblinks, names, shoe size, etc, etc...

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  • Curious to know what dealership in Mass you went to. I am in the market for a 2006 RAV4 - I want to buy this week (before school starts next week). Appreciate any replies from Mass folks.
  • St Cahrles Toyota in St. Charles, IL.

    Email me for contact info.
  • oops, thats St Charles..
  • I just purchased a 2006 Limited 4WD RAV4 in silver with side curtain airbags, remote start, floor mats, daytime running lights, wheel locks as options and final price excluding tax was $24,550. I got $5440 for my trade in and was taxed on the remaining amount (with added fees like registration, etc). Did I get away with a decent deal?
  • dave59dave59 Posts: 23
    Can you tell me what MSRP was? Thanks
  • MSRP was $25,927.
  • dave59dave59 Posts: 23
    Thanks. I like the RAV4, and my kids do also. I getting serious about pricing. I looked about a month ago and the dealer wouldn't budge off MSRP.
  • I initially went to this dealer about a week and a half ago and wasn't pleased with the value they placed on my trade in (99 Civic with only 46,000 miles, never had any mechanical issues, all original parts)so I took the guy's card and left. A few days later I got a letter from them and decided to go back to see if they would budge and they ended up bumping the trade in value by almost $1000 and then we negotiated the final price. I can't help thinking that I still could have done better but I'll probably think that no matter how low they went.

    What threw me was they only had 2 silver Limited on stock, one with heated leather seats with an MSRP of $26,600 (and a few dollars more) and the one I got at an MSRP of $25,927. They were trying to push me to get the leather one and the manager was willing to knock off the amount of the leather heated seats (about $1200 - maybe slightly more, I forget). But I wasn't interested in leather seats.
  • Which dealer did you go to and how much did you pay? I am from mass too. I am interested in V6. But considering the dealer quotes, I am re-thinking abt a V4.
  • Which dealer did you go to?
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    I would like to purchase a '06 RAV4 in the Central Connecticut area. I'm short on time as my inherited Chevy Blazer dropped its transmission. Anyone out there buy (and get a decent deal)around here? Thanks
  • Thought I'd check in.. Picking up a Flint Mica Rav4 Sport 4wd 4cyl on Saturday... MSRP was 25,039, and I got the local dealer down to 23,500 before making the deal. Live in Northeast Wisconsin... Really excited to try it in the new snow we got!
  • It's interesting to see how everyone wrestles with the big three: CR-V, Forester, and RAV4. I find everyone's input really valuable.

    My questions:

    RAV4 in the state of Washington (actually Seattle or Spokane, Washington), has anyone had any experience with dealerships in this area?

    I have read so much stuff in the last week, my head hurts. I could really use some input on this last question:

    Is the RAV4, 4 cylinder, a car anyone could live with or is the 6 cylinder engine really the thing to do and wait for. I get some kind of greed thing going when I think of the power the 6 cylinder offers, but is that truly worth the money. Yes, I would love to have the power; I'd love to have a Masarrati for that matter. But I need folks on this forum to help me get real.

    I am also looking at the Forester (not the turbo, yet) and the CR-V.

    I want to put $5,000 down and try to finance about $20,000. I have a trade-in, but it is not going to hardly garner me anything.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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