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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lbmcclbmcc Posts: 15
    We used Kelly Blue book for what we wanted/expected for our trade.
  • nerpnerp Posts: 2
    DW's 1996 Ford Windstar was getting tired, and we were looking at either CRV or RAV4 to replace it. Hated the rear seats in CRV (fronts not much better), so went into Toyota of Richardson (TX) for a "test drive". DW liked the look and how it drove from the beginning. So we sat down with the salesman to see what kind of price it would come out at. This was the first Toyota d/ship we went to, planning on going to several others around town. We were not going to trade the Winnie at all, just to sell it private party. (Edmunds or Kelly Blue Book ranges from 2,200 - 3,800). He asked if we wanted to trade it - said no, because I could get ~3,500 for it PP. "What if I was able to give you 3,000 for it?" he said. "Let's talk" I said, knowing that something else would increase to compensate.

    Surprisingly, there were no surprises -

    $500 over invoice
    minus $750 rebate (didn't know there was one!)
    $3,000 for the trade (negotiated up from the initial 2,500)
    Out the door cost of $22,450

    BTW, Kelly Blue Book has our minivan as trade in between 2,100 and 2,800 (good to fair cond, high miles)

    We did add aftermarket leather seats and sunroof because they couldn't locate an identical model - a local company is contracted out by ToR to do this work. (890 for sunroof, 1500 for leather seats) I suspect we overpaid for the seats by maybe as much as 800, but we were so happy to get 3,000 for the trade, this was probably the mark up compensation. (s/r & leather seats included in the 22,450 price by the way)

    Details: (invoice / retail)
    Base price (17,384 / 19,400)
    Sport package (500/625)
    privacy glass (248 / 310)
    window tint (75 / 149)
    aluminum wheels (551 / 699)
    vehicle shield pkg (overpriced car wax) (112 / 349)
    extra mile pkg B (636 / 1058)
    fluff items on the invoice (1248 / n/a) (TDA, MAF, 2% holdback, PIO holdback, finance reserve)

    This extra mile pkg item does not appear on Edmunds - you supposedly get free tires if they wear out up to 100,000 miles. Also includes mats, keyless entry + alarm.

    We didn't go to any other dealers as we felt we got a good deal right off the bat. Easy to deal with, never felt any pressure.

    The down side:
    It took 4 hours from in to out, 2 of which were the business office type of stuff, including trying to sell the overpriced extended warranty.
    The ride was bumpy on the highway (see other posts) - the cold tire pressures on passenger side were 44 & 48 psi, drivers side were about 36. Recc cold psi is 29. A quick fix - much better now.

    Sorry for the long post, hope this is useful to someone.

  • rav4me02rav4me02 Posts: 1
    I have noticed that the 04 pricing is cheaper than the 02 that we purchased in Jan 02. We have fully equipped AWD with all options except leather for 20,600. The best part is we went looking to buy used (1999) but DH didn't like it, told me if I really wanted one to get a new one. Within an hour of agreeing to purchase, we drove the car home. I have never driven home a new car the same day. By the way, I had owned 3 Camrys prior to the Rav and I think this drives better and I love the seat height. I got into my sister's full size SUV and I had to climb in but the seats were lower. Even my 6'3" DH finds the Rav comfortable. For me I don't have to climb in like I do in my DH 4runner, but the seating gives a great view of the road. I commute 40 miles each way and get gas mileage in the high 20's. I have been driving it for 2.5 years and I'm not bored yet. It's a fun car to drive. I am thinking about the Highlander hybrid in the future, but I'm not ready to part with my Rav just yet
  • New RAV4 from Culligan Auto Place, Buffalo NY. AWD with the sport package plus the the usual options. Sticker was $23,862, I offered $21,965 (Invoice price $21,525 plus TDA $440) and they excepted. The trade-in offer was acceptable. Thanks Ibmcc.
  • wsommarivawsommariva Posts: 157
    We also have a 2002 and a 2004. The 2004 was indeed cheaper. Happy about that.

    I have noticed that the 2004 doesn't shift as smoothly as the 2002. We have FWD. Do you notice a difference?

    Also, did you get the no charge dash rattle option on your 2004?
  • lbmcclbmcc Posts: 15
    Your welcome. My wife absolutely LOVES her RAV!! Her only negative comment since she's had it was: "I wish it didn't have the spare on the back"....
  • I was wondering what are some of the deals others have gotten on a extended warranty from Toyota.
  • rav4sjvmrav4sjvm Posts: 1
    I want to buy a RAV on-line, no test drive, sight unseen. I have never bought a car before. I wanted a really loaded 5spd RAV4 which doesn't seem to exist in my area so all the dealers want to sell me what they have and then finish it off post-factory; leather/heat seats, sun roof, alarm, hitch. I also have a three week time constraint which means no special order from Japan. One dealer is offering me a AWD L package at 22,600 another dealer offers it at 23,110. Seems that both are really high compared to what you folks are saying. How do I get them to get their prices down?? I am in the central Virginia area.
    Also what say you:is the platinum extended warranty a good idea and what about the 5yr prepaid maintenance.
  • I want to buy a new RAV4 green w/taupe interior L package, automatic. Can't find one in RI or MA, but did in NH - a demo. MSRP is $24,687 - dealer is offering the car at $22,456 which is $50 less than invoice plus TDA ($300). The car has 4,773 miles on it - they will discount another 15 cents per mile for another $716 off. The total for the car would be $21,861 including the $125 admin/title fee. Is this a good deal? I ask because I see invoices online from other dealers at $22,072. Will they just add in the TDA once they get you to come in? Also not sure about the demo thing. Comments?
  • The .15 per mile seems low, try looking for another source for data. What does the IRS allow for tax purposes? As for the invoice, the actual from Toyota has the TDA $$ included and the dealer should let you see it. If not, walk.
  • bikeman3bikeman3 Posts: 85
    I think this is a very reasonable offer considering its the color scheme you want, 15cents per mile is very reasonable considering when you lease a vehicle the mfg charges the same for excess miles. This is a one of kind offer and someone will take advantage of it if you don't!
  • He did show me the dealer invoice which I thought was positive. I guess the 15 cents is based on the leasing overage.
  • That's a reasonable explanation. I did put a small deposit on the car ($100) until I can drive it - it hadn't been turned in yet.

    Anything special I should be looking for on a demo car?
  • bikeman3bikeman3 Posts: 85
    Most DEMO vehicles are used by company officials or salespeople for up to about 6000 miles if over 6K they are sold as new with high mileage , but this vehicle has less. So it seems like a good deal. Just make sure on delivery that everything is there such as floor mats and cargo net etc. If you finance you should qualify for the lowest apr for you credit score. My daughter just got A 04 RAV4 used with about 6000 miles on it and she loves it. It too was the color she wanted most.
  • daryll44daryll44 Posts: 307
    OK, what should I do? They have an '04 RAV L that is pretty much exactly what I want. Sticker is about $25500 and, including the current $750 rebate it can be bot for $22500...3 grand off.

    I plan to keep this for 4 years exactly. I looked at the the Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds sites and a 2000 RAV4 in good shape with 35,000 miles (about what I's a "second" car) is worth about $10700. A 2001 with the same miles is worth about $1000 more. In other words, if someone had done what I am doing 4 years ago, the one model year older vehicle with the same miles would be worth only a grand less.

    So what it boils down to is this: Will an '05 (they say due in October but I'd bet sooner) be able to be bot for 2 grand off sticker? Paying more than that would point the equation in favor of the ' least financially. Getting a bigger discount than $2000 would point the equation in favor of getting the '05 since an '04 now goes for $3000 off sticker but is worth $1000 less at the other end.

    What do you guys think?
  • stacy1stacy1 Posts: 5
    I was at a Toyota dealer today and they would not show me the invoice price after requesting it. Can they do that? Does anyone know what invoive is on a RAV 4 L 4WD? price I got with Navigation is around 25000. Sound fair?
  • stacy1stacy1 Posts: 5
    I think Toyota has a 2% holdback off of the base MSRP of your vehicle.
  • andil1andil1 Posts: 97
    You can go to Edmunds pricing section, build your car the way you want it, put in your zipcode, and find out both the invoice price as well as what people are paying on the average. Click on the NEW CARS tab at the top of this page, then click PRICE W/OPTIONS, and you're on your way.

    I'm not familiar with navigation being an option from the factory. Is it a dealer installed unit?
  • Stands for Toyota Dealers Association and there is a line on the invoice for group advertising. For the RAV4 it's $440. If you calculate the actual invoice cost including all the options using Edmunds or Kelly Blue Book dot Com and then add the $440 that's been the dealers bottom line for the two RAV's we bought this year (about $2,000 off the sticker). There is also dealer hold back and on the RAV4 it is $414 according to Consumer Reports.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Toyota holdback is 2% of the base MSRP (except in the SET region, y'all).


    Steve, Host
  • crhcrh Posts: 29
    I found Rav4, FWD auto, 16x7 all. wheels, 50 st. emmissions, kelyess entry, mudguards, roof rack center rails, side curtain airbags, "L" package. the internet price is $19,213 plus taxes, tags and $100 processing fee. I was hoping to get below $19, but there don't seem to be too many Ravs on the lots around here and people aren't willing to deal too much. Plus, when you do find one you want, it doesn't seem to have the curtain airbags. I also don't care what color as long as it isn't black. Does this sound like a good deal? This seems like the best deal I've seen in the month or so I've been looking, but we aren't in any rush, so if there is a better deal out there in the next few months, I can wait.
  • I tried to buy a Rav-4 at Tempe Toyota, in Tempe AZ today. They had advertised "5" 04s AWD with a MSRP of $25144, and were selling them for $20,579. This was in The AZ Repubic-10/16/04. I looked at all 5 and picked out the one I wanted. They then refused to sell it to me at that price. They then said, "We don't have any of those left." I showed them the five they had, but they refused to sell them at that price, but tried to jack them up $2,000. I left. They apparently are not concerned about their reputation. I had contacted them through for a price.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Most states have consumer protection agencies - maybe you should put contacting them on your list for Monday morning?

    Steve, Host
  • That is my plan as our AG has a consumer fraud division, and in my business if I don't honor any ad, I can be fined $25K/ incident. Unfortunally here in AZ. the car dealers have so much political clout that they aren't worried by the State AG or the B.B.B.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    The dealer lobby is strong most places - otherwise you could buy cars at Wal-Mart with the rest of the commodity items.

    "I've got one (painfully obvious) tip for all you automotive executives out there: It doesn't matter how well you design and build a car if the people representing your company are first-rate imbeciles. With so many great vehicles on the market, the alternatives are vast and wide for today's automotive buyer. Don't give them a reason to go somewhere else."


    Steve, Host
  • A lot has to do with the dealer. We bought a 01 elantra as it had "America's best warranty". We found out what that ment as it seemed we were always at the dealer. Not just getting something fixed but getting something else fixed that they goofed up doing the original fix. I can honestly say we never got the car back fixed right the 1st time, they even screwed up the oil changes. I don't know if they were that bad or if they just wanted to keep work in the shop. My wife liked the car but she did not trust the dealer so we sold the Elantra and bought 04 RAV4, 2 months later bought another one. All the people at the Toyota dealer just go out of their way to make sure you are happy and you get what you want the 1st time. I'm sure not all dealers are the same but if you plan on haveing your car serviced at the dealer you buy it from do some research.
  • andil1andil1 Posts: 97
    You may also want to check out the Hyundai Tucson board--it is listed under the Future Vehicles Discussions. There are happy Hyundai owners--if I buy a Tucson, it will be my third Hyundai. Since I first heard about the Tucson in November of '03, I've monitored the Rav4 and CRV boards, as well as several others in order to get as much info as possible before I make a decision.
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    Try Smart Shopper board. You can also find it to the left, browse by board. Goodluck. Once you have some prices paid and buying experiences remember to come back here to share and compare.
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