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Lexus GX460 GX470 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I don't have a web site reference, but it is my understanding from my accountant that the official manufacturers GVW listed on the metal plate inside of the driver's door is the valid measurement. And I believe for the GX470 that figure is over 6,000 lbs (barely).

    My idea of putting a heavy duty roof rack or other such ad-on to the Acura MDX (5,850+/- lbs GVW) would NOT qualify and might get me a suite next to Martha Stewart if I tried.

    You may want to consult your own accountant or tax advisor on the write-off terms and conditions. There are potentially future recapture requirements and other factors that should be understood before you elect take the Section 179 write off.
  • gxfangxfan Posts: 11
    Would you let me know how the Sony 9" worked out for you.
    1. Is 9" screen too big for GX
    2. How is Sony picture?

  • does anyone know when the new GX will arrive at Lexus dealers, as I want to buy one before the end of tax year...the dealers in so cal are telling me not until jan/feb 05, this doesn't seem to sound plausible as the new Toyota Sequoia with the increased hp is already in showrroms...any help is appreciated
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Mid-December arrival of 2005's is what I have been quoted here in the DC area. The 2003 GX wasn't introduced until December 2002, so apparantly they are sticking to this late model year changeover. It does make for some anxiety if you want the new model in this calender year for the tax write off. We are leaning to the XC90 V8, which won't be here until February+, so we're SOL.
  • Does anyone know what new colors, if any, will be available for the 2005? Also, are there any cosmetic changes for 2005?
  • zoranzoran Posts: 69
    same dilemma here!

    my current car go off lease in end Dec. seems too tight time frame!

    i heard one with increased horsepower will be available in spring?

    I'll too, like Sony 9 inch DVD entertainment?

    any experience?

    rear view obstruction?
  • sajan2sajan2 Posts: 5
    Has anyone bought reccently in the greater Sacramento or Bay Area? Looking to purchase one with out NAV or DVD..any idea what prices I might be looking at around now. Is the KDSS a factory only option? So far the best quote I have gotton is around $43,500. Please advise. Thank you.
  • hoihoi Posts: 4
    I want to get a 04 GX .lexus of clear water offering 4000 Off msrp is there any dealer offer better deal in florida please send me reply thank you
  • hoihoi Posts: 4
    Lexus of tamapa offer same deal
  • bjoyebjoye Posts: 35
    Re: Tax deduction
    Curb weight is not the issue, it's GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating). All of the GX's starting with the '04 9700C models last October had a GVWR of 6150 (although I think the 3rd row seats are required to get that weight). The tax deduction may get changed this year, but only changed back to it's old form I think. You'll still be able to depreciate all of it, just not all in the first year like you could last year.

    Re: Prices
    I bought my GX last year from Johnson Lexus in Raleigh. They gave me $3000 off MSRP on an '04 and that was the first month they were out. So I feel like I got a fair deal. It was much better than Flow in Kernersville or Hendrick in Charlotte were willing to offer. Don't even bother with Flow, they wanted full MSRP and didn't care if they got my business or not. So unless you're going out of state, you may want to try Johnson again.
  • baker1baker1 Posts: 3
    Has anyone had to decide between the Land Cruiser and GX470. I am looking to get DVD and NAV. Both appear to drive well, but the GX does not appear to be scheduled for a change in 2006 like the land cruiser. I was just offered 52,700 for a 2004 land cruiser with DVD/NAV/Convenience. I don't expect to use the 3rd row in either too often.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I haven't finally decided yet, but initially had the Land Cruiser, Sequoia and LX470 on my list. All of them are considerably bigger inside than the GX470 and offer better 2nd row shouldre and hip room, not to mention the better 3rd row. On the other hand, they also drive and handle like much larger vehicles than the GX.

    If you don't mind the way it drives, the Land Cruiser is a very good deal, IMO. It's just bigger than we need and I prefer a tighter handling vehicle. Frankly, compared to the XC90 and a few others, even the GX470 lackes some of the tightness in steering and handling that I would prefer. But if I really needed a bigger vehicle, I'd take the Land Cruiser at $53k over just about anything else in it's class.
  • yuanyuan Posts: 2
    Just drove home my new GX470 and want to share my experience of purchasing my GX470 at Stering McCall LEXUS dealer in Houston.
    The model is 2004/9700G, 08/04 build. Beside all listed standard equipments I also got all possible options such as 3rd row seats, Rear A/C, Rear Seat Entertainment System (RSES), which includes DVD/CD, Navigation/Mark Levinson Audio (14 speakers 240 Watt), 6CD changer, Backup camera, KDSS (Kinetic Dynamic suspension system), Rear spoiler, wheel lock etc. The MSRP is $53,193.00

    The price I offered was $46500.00 (because I did not want to buy it at that day and still wanted to look at Infiniti QX56 again on the other side of the free way). I also told my sales person “GX470 is a bit small although I like it’s off road capability and the build quality. I have looked at QX56, TLC, MDX, XC90, Navigator and test drove all in the past 3 month and now I can limit my selections to MDX, QX56, and GX470. If you want keep me, I’ll buy a fully loaded GX with KDSS for $46500.00”. The guy was just kind of unhappy and ask me pay $50000 for the truck because that is the only one with KDSS and it will be gone soon and hard to find in Houston. Then I told him “I will check with Clear Lake LEXUS, which is about 8 miles from my home and would like to make the same offer to Clear Lake dealer and if refused I’ll come to you again. Why should I buy it from you because you guys are 40 miles away from where I live and beside I still want to check out QX56 just across the highway”? Any way after many friendly exchanges of words, I told him “I got to go”, and to my surprise he went to see the manager and came back with his number $48,000. After a couple of minutes of discussions I said “sorry, I got to go I have been here for a bout two hours and really got to go”. Finally the guy said “You got my car you can take it for 46500”. Hi folks, was $46500 a good deal in Houston area?. I know some people paid much higher price for it but when 05 rolls out, buyers should have an upper hand for 04 models.
  • sychansychan Posts: 12
    I bought a GX with NAV/MLS last week for $500 over invoice here in Southern CA. Did everything through email and then phone so I didn't have to work too hard. If I negotiated a bit more, I think I could have had another couple hundred off but I was pleased with my deal. 2 local dealers were telling me $43.3 was invoice, but pricing the truck on KBB, invoice was listed at $42.7 after adding the Nav and accessory package on my truck. I am assuming the $600 difference was advertising and not just them bumping up their invoice price.

    Also, for those who are thinking of waiting until late Nov/early Dec when the '05 models come out hoping to get the best deal on the very last '04 trucks, you may want to look at getting one a little earlier as the salesman said there will be a rush of end of year buyers due to the section 179 tax break (even though it was recently decreased for 1st year write off). He said the deals now are about as good as it may get - but of course this is from a salesman looking to sell now, not in Nov or Dec.
  • sajan2sajan2 Posts: 5
    sychan -- what dealership do you deal with? I am looking for one in the Sacramento area, but the dealers here are not willing to budge, do not mind flying down to Southern Cal and driving the car back, can you forward the name/number of the person you dealt with please. Thank you.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    can you forward the name/number of the person you dealt with please

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  • sajan2sajan2 Posts: 5
    sychan -- can you please forward the dealership name and city..thank you.
  • sychansychan Posts: 12
    Both Lexus of Westminster and Longo Lexus in El Monte were willing to do $500 over invoice for me.
  • sajan2sajan2 Posts: 5
    sychan -- Thank so much for the info..hopefully I can have my GX this weekend...hope you are enjoying yours, once again thank you for taking the time to post the information.
  • mybenzmybenz Posts: 2
    I live north of Boston and am looking at an 04 GX470 with MSRP of $47,532. This is a demo model with 400 miles on it. What is a fair offer to make? The dealer has already mentioned that lexus (like other luxury dealerships) doesn't feel the need to negotiate but there is some room. Can anyone suggest a dealer in MA or NH who is willing to negotiate around invoice?
  • gxfangxfan Posts: 11
    Thanks all of you for your feedback. I just brought a Silver / Ivory GX470 with all options except RES. I was going to wait for ’05, but decided to get it now b/c of the ’04 saving, insignificant changes on ’05. List Price $48.9K, paid $44K + tax + license fees. Drove 2 hrs to NJ dealer to get this deal. I live in Central PA. PA/MD/VA dealers would not go this low.

    1) Lots of power, quiet, smooth trans, nice interior, handle well, but it is a truck. LS is much smoother.
    2) Rear swinging door – my wife (5’1”) actually like it. I am indifferent.
    3) 3rd row seats – inconvenient, take up so much cargo space, need improvements, good for little kids, but dangerous w/o rear airbag.
    4) ML stereo – clear and good base but I am not too impressed. Over rated?
    5) Nav – nice to have but not needed.

    I didn’t want factory 7” DVD b/c I think it is too small and am planning to install a 10” Rosen overhead DVD.
    Do you think it would be too big for GX?

    Again, thank you all. I’ve learned so much from you.
  • yuanyuan Posts: 2
    I got the same one just like what you have at Sterling McCall Lexus for $46,500 + 6.25% sales tax and Lic with total drive out of $50,600.

    PS, the window sticker price is over $53K
  • gxfangxfan Posts: 11
    Your window sticker must include 3rd row seat.
    My out-of-the door price is almost $47K with 6.0% PA tax.
  • mcscjtmcscjt Posts: 17
    When I bought my GX in May, the salesman talked about a 7" and 9" option. I told him I definitely wanted the 9".
    But when the dealer's AV tech guy came to show us the system, he stated he was no longer putting in anything larger than 7". Anything larger on an overhead system will totally obscure your view through the rearview mirror. He stated that the dealer did not want to be held liable and would no longer install a 9" screen.
    The larger screen is heavier and could come loose. My business partner has a 13" in their Sequoia which has had to be reinstalled several times because the screen just dropped while driving. Also, large screens will bounce quite a bit even during regular driving. Which may be setting you up for nauseous kids.
    Bigger is not always better :)
  • gxfangxfan Posts: 11
    Thanks for your feedback. Good point on the "bouncing screen" which I didn't take the "bouncing" into consideration.
    I am planning to have the specialized shop that my local Lexus Dealer uses. He has installed many GX and LX with 9". He told me that b/c of the sun roof, he'd have to drop the head liner and add a metal support even though the Rosen 10" weights only 6.4lbs.
    The rear view block doesn't bother me because I always turn my head b/f changing lane and the side mirrors are sooo big. Also, the 7" would also block about 60% of the rear view.
  • ronironi Posts: 14
    hi , iam still waiting have u closed in any deal in california . if yes please let me know what are pricing at present.

  • ronironi Posts: 14
    did u ended up buying lexus over the weekend and i am intrested to know how was ur experience with either of the two dealership that synchan mentioned .please let me know the price and dealership as iam planning to buy one.

  • sychansychan Posts: 12

    I purchased my truck on 10/21 for about $500 over invoice and did a short write up here just after (post #394). At that time the dealer said that was about as low as you can get... but now with the very last '04's coming in, I think you can do better if you're willing to put in the time - especially once the '05's start arriving on the lots.
  • romrom Posts: 2

    I live in the NJ and am going to go buy tomorrow. It seems you paid a very good price, I am looking to get the RES as well and hoping to pay no more than 46K.
    a) could you tell me which dealer in NJ did you go to ?
    b) Do you/other gxowners think 46K is a fair price for everything (minus kdss) system ? too low/too high ?

    Thanks in advance !!
  • Roni -- this Sajan -- have not bought as of yet, lowest quote I got was for $42,000 without nav or dvd. Color selection is getting very limited.
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