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Lexus ES 300/ES 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • wco81wco81 Posts: 579
    Yeah the dealer claimed they were losing a few hundred on invoice and that Lexus has no dealer incentives.

    I know it was about 2-3k better than another local dealer was offering.
  • Could you please tell me what dealer gave you this price ? Thanks.
  • wco81wco81 Posts: 579
  • Have any of you considered the upcoming 280 Hp Avalon before buying the ES ? The new Avalon's spec looks much better than the ES 330.
  • I went on the lexus site and could not find a dealership in Putnam Ct. The only ones that came up were Hoffman Lexus, David McDermott Lexus, Lexus of Greenwich, Lexus of Westport. Was it any of these ? Also was that deal for a brand new car or was is it a demo with some miles on it ? Thanks again.
  • I have asked for a quote via email from a total of nine dealers in Southern and Northern California over the past week. As of today, three have responded.

    One dealer called me with a quote that was more than $2600 over CarsDirect cost and started giving me a song and dance about how the options I wanted were after market. (Keyes Lexus)

    One dealer emailed me a very long post about how good their dealership was and how long they had been selling cars but never provided a quote (despite my several requests). (Lexus of Glendale)

    The other dealer (Thousand Oaks Lexus) provided the following quote for a 2005 Lexus 330ES with the following options:

    Black onyx exterior (Mfr Code @E202)
    Black leather interior (Mfr Code @I21L)
    Nav system/ML audio pkg (Mfr Code NL)
    (PIO) Wheel locks (Mfr Code WL)
    VSC (Mfr Code VV)
    (PIO) Gold Package (Mfr Code GP)
    Xenon HID Headlights (Mfr Code HL)
    Wood Steering Wheel (Mfr Code WU)
    Burled Walnut Trim (Mfr Code #BW)
    (PIO) Carpet Trunk Mat (Mfr Code LM)
    Heated/Cooled Front seats (Mfr Code HH)
    All Season Tires/Chrome wheels (Mfr Code FK)
    Power Sunshade (Mfr Code HN)

    His selling price = $35,570 + tax and license fees

    He gave the MSRP of $40,076.

    According to my calculations for MSRP from CarsDirect, I get a MSRP of $39,975 (includes dest chg). This makes the dealer's quote $88%. Is this a good deal considering it is end of the year and I do not know what the dealer incentives/holdbacks are?

    Also, why have I only received 2 real responses to my quote request? What am I doing wrong? Is it too early in the month? Do the dealers' internet departments trade information about people requesting quotes via email? From reading this board, especially in 2003, people did not seem to be having problems getting email quotes.

    Very discouraging.

    Thanks for your response and happy holidays.
  • I think Putnam Lexus is in California. Good luck to you.
  • wco81wco81 Posts: 579
    Yes it's Putnam Lexus in Redwood City, CA, with is 30 miles south of San Francisco.
  • billodbillod Posts: 31
    The deal I got was from Lexus of Greenwich (Conn). It's for a brand new car that came off the truck on 12/2. Stay away from McDermott Lexus in New Haven. The put on the full court press the moment you walk in the door. They try to pressure you to buy that day. It was the most uncomfortable experience I ever had at a dealership. They try to get your SS# to get credit info even if you are just "shopping." They were nearly impossible to get a price from if you weren't going to buy immediately. And when pushed for a price all they said was MSRP. In Hartford, Hoffman Lexus was a pretty good store but their prices weren't the best. Lexus of Westport didn't impress me. One other thing. The service departments at all the Lexus stores in Conn are trying to push 5K mile service intervals. However, the Lexus website showes both a 5K and 7.5k interval. Basically what it means is about 3 additional service visits during a 3-year 45K ownership. That could be over $1000 out of your pocket. It should be an interesting experience because the ES330 has an idiot light that (I believe) is programmed to come on at 5K intervals. I wonder if it can be reset for 7.5K intervals. Anyone have any experience with that?
  • The best quote I got was from Ray Catena in Westchester, NY. I haven't gone to any dealers besides the one dealer where I test drove the car as I've been getting quotes via email.

    I hope Ray Catena is a good, honest dealer.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 857
    Is it possible to purchase an ES without the 17" tires? It seems like they all come with packages that have the 17" tires.
  • This site gave me great information on figuring out how much I should pay for a new car. The 90% of MSRP is a great rule of thumb!

    I just bought a 2005 ES 330 and I'm ecstatic with it. I was looking for Navigation System, Smooth Ride, HID all in a nice package. Looked around a long time, sat in a Honda Accord, loved it, but hated it after the first 15 seconds of my test drive, extremely rough!

    Still a little disappointed with the ES ride, for some reason, my Taurus SE (117k miles) seems to give me a smoother ride. But I've heard that the variable suspension on the ES has more problems over time than it's worth.

    Now for the good stuff...
    Loaded Option...Navigation System, Mark Levinson, 17" all season tires, heated and ventilated seats, HID, Power Sunshade, VSC, TC and Brake Assist.

    MSRP: 38469
    Got it down to: 35000
    Qualified for a new grad discount: -750
    Paid: 34,250!

    Great Service from Lexus of Watertown, MA.
  • Purchased mine with 16" wheels because I value better and quieter ride more then the slightly improved handling the 17" tires provide. Dealer changed wheels for me. Ask your dealer, I bet he will do the same for you. No charge and deducted the cost of the 17" wheels ($64 cost). Incidentally, the change will not affect the drivability in any way as the 16" tires aspect ratio is higher, ergo, the diameter is essentially the same. Good luck.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 857
    Do you mean the ONLY difference between the ES with 16" wheels and 17" wheels is the rim and the tire size? There is no difference with the brakes, discs, etc? What alloy wheels do you get then? ( the same alloy wheels as the 2004 ES)?
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 857
    What exactly is the Lexus "December Sale"?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    Hi fredvh - it's Lexus' December-to-Remember sales event. They are promoting it heavily through television advertising. Other members have been discussing it and asking questions in our Lease Questions and Rebates, Incentives & APRs discussions.

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  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    If you opt for the 16" wheels on the 2005 ES330, they are the same wheels as those on the 2004 ES330. Also, the only change is the wheels/tires if you get the 17" wheel option in 2005. Brakes & suspension tuning remain the same.
  • Hi,

    Is $32,500 good for a 2005 es 330? Has everything but the navigation/ml and chrome wheels, and vsc.

    Am in Virginia, where it seems hard to beat this price.
  • You can look at earlier posts to see the price ranges - from reading these posts I have found that the good deals are in the 87-91% of MSRP price range.

    I am in the process of buying in Southern California with your options plus the chrome wheels. Will post my deal when it is complete.

    Good luck to you.
  • Hi all,


    Just purchased a 2005 ES 330 for $32,000 as part of the December to Remember sale. It has HID, leather/wood steering wheel, shifter, cool/heated seats, 6 disc cd changer, cargo net, mat, wheel locks, 17 inch tires and rear shade.


    Could have done better if I had driven two hours to another dealer, but I feel good about it.


    Especially since I almost bought a 2004 Lexus sports edition with 3,200 miles for $31,000!


    Happy holidays.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 857
    I thought the "December To Remember" sale was just a special on leases. Did you get the impression that it was a sale on the cost of the vehicle too?
  • fredwfredw Posts: 3
    Yes, Putnam Lexus is in California-the Bay Area to be specific. Putnam auto group has numerous makes under their name. Hope this helps!
  • fredwfredw Posts: 3
    Buy one that is CPO has 35k miles for the price of $15,000??? Appears to be a superb price, several thousand less than other certified pre-owned. Need help from anyone about this topic. Thanks in advance!
  • Hi all,


    Anyone have Toyo Proxes J33 (summer) tires on their new cars, or even old ones? I can't find any info about this tire. Is it any good?


    My 2005 only has 192 miles, I put on 160 of them so they feel okay.


    Trying to figure out why my car has them. In other words was I ripped off?
  • fredwfredw Posts: 3
    try this tire buying and info site: and the other one will come to me later. If doesn't have what you want go to any "newsstand" and go through the car magazines(Car&Driver) looking for tire and wheel ads--take a pen and paper(to write down websites as I always forget them too) and just buy what you need from the internet....much cheaper....believe me. Let me know if this helps?? -Spooky
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    Good advice! We also have a representative from The Tire Rack who answers questions in this discussion:

    Ask Connor at The Tire Rack


    He'll be able to recommend the best tire for your vehicle (and budget!).



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  • I just got my 2005 black/black ES330 on Saturday, equipped with the following:


    HID headlights, power rear sunshade, heated/vented seats, 6 disc CD changer, wood steering wheel/shift knob, preferred accessory pk, 17" chrome wheels w/ all season tires, gold package. Price = $32,876


    Ext warranty: 7 yr/100,000 mi - $1,350

    Doc fee/Calif tax/license/tire: $2,704.77


    OTD price = $36,930.77


    MSRP - $37,515


    32876/37515 = 87.6%



    By the way, one dealer (not the one I purchased from) sent me a copy of his invoice. It has the following info:


    Dealer holdback: $639.00

    Wholesale financial reserve: 319.00

    TDA: $400


    I negotiated everything through emails and telephone calls. Made an appointment to pick up the car and was in and out of the dealership in 45 minutes! Best experience I ever had.


    This board was incredibly helpful in negotiating my transaction. Thanks to everyone who shared their deal information and their knowledge, especially atoews, carman, and wc.
  • Thank you for your posting. Information and suggestions posted on this board has been invaluable. Could you (or anyone else) please explain:


    (1) What the wholesale financial reserve ($319) amount is?

    (2) TDA of $400


    I am considering purchasing an 05 ES330 with an MSRP of $35709 (so with HID premium pkg but w/o navigation or Mark Levinson. I am told Invoice is $31828. Would this imply the true cost of the vehicle to the dealer is closer to ~$30,900 (31828-639-319)? Dealers who've provided quotes claim that they need a minimum margin of $3-500 above cost, but I'm having trouble determining what "cost" is.


    Anyone have any recent purchase information available for deals in Connecticut, New York or Massachusetts?
  • TDA is an advertising charge. The dealer recoups this cost from Lexus, so you should not pay it (although dealers still try). I do not know what the wholesale financial reserve is, but I believe it is also a charge that you should not pay as the buyer.


    I bought the car in Southern California (a very competitive market). Have you tried looking at earlier posts to see if anyone else has bought in your area?


    Rather than looking at dealer cost to determine the price to pay, I used % of MSRP. People seem to be paying in the range of 87-91% (again, look at the geographic area).

    The car you are looking for is a standard package (same as mine except I got the chrome wheels, all season tires and the gold package) so it should be readily available off the lot.

    Good luck and happy holidays.
  • thanks you very much for the info and suggestions.


    happy holidays.
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