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Honda S2000



  • anythngbutgmanythngbutgm Posts: 4,277
    2004 was when the displacment was bumped to 2.2l. Also the redline went from 9000rpm to about 8200rpm. I own a 2004 and I drove an 02 before buying. Both were awesome, but I find the 2.2 a bit more friendly when your not driving like a bat out of hell (which of course is killer!) Definitely check out s2ki if you have any questions. Great group of guys, very knowledgible. :D
  • I took home a red 2005 at the end of July and do love this car very much. I've noticed that same notchiness between 1st and 2nd when the car is cold. The rest of gears are right where you expect them to be and shifting is just plain fun. Since I've still got less than 3K on the car I'm wondering if the shifter will loosen up over time, but even if it doesn't a few clicks going into 2nd are a small price to pay for that kind performance this car has to offer. I'll try your suggestion though.
  • I have the exact same problem with my 2005. However that short grind fades after 15 minutes or so of driving. I've only got 2600 miles on the car and I'm expecting it to lessen as time goes on. The rest of gears desere all the praise they get in the press, and I'm hoping that this niggling little problem with work itself out. Otherwise this car is all joy.
  • anythngbutgmanythngbutgm Posts: 4,277
    I have an 04' and I just had the tranny fluid swapped out for GM synchromesh. I only have about 4k on her (really early for a fluid change) at the moment but it made a HUGE difference. Almost all notchyness has been eliminated. I didn't change it myself, but I had a shop do it for me. It was not a Honda dealer, I don't think they will put the GMS in.

    Also, a good way to work around it on those cold mornings, is to be gentle with it. Don't rev the motor too much and shift as early as possible. And don't shift aggressively either, kind of ease it into gear... Double clutch if you can.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I had a 2002 S2000 that I bought in November 2001 and had for 30 months and 19,000 miles I NEVER had any issues with the transmission or shifting, even in cold weather. The 2002 had a strenghtened transmission over the 2000/2001. It sounds like they went backwards for 2004, which is hard to believe.
  • A Suzuka Blue 2002 with a blue leather interior, sweetness ...
    35k miles, 100k Hondacare warranty, and the chrome factory wheels

    I pick it up friday. Paid $21,300

    I cant wait to run through the gears, man oh man :)
  • I have the same problem. The first 10 mins. of driving has that "clunk" between 1st and 2nd. After 10 minutes though it disappears. It's really annoying though b/c it feels like you're F'ing something up as you're doing it. I've got 1800 on mine and I'm hoping it goes away.
  • Recently, my driver's side window on my 2002 S2000 started malfunctioning. When I lower the top, the window does not go down all the way. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I either have to click the top switch several times, or use the power window switch to lower the window completely. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • I have a 2,5 month young 3.500 miles driven 2005 S2000. Besides the known 2nd gear problem I was nothing but happy. Since Saturday night I'm happy being still alive.
    On my way home on a empty freeway (rare condition in Southern California) my live was challenged without any warning.
    A short sharp metallic bang and the S2000 were almost completely out of control at 68mi/h and were spinning several 360s. Finally I ended up in the soft bank in a huge cloud of dust after passing luckily the unforgiving concrete of a bridge.
    The good news first: I was able to keep the car more or less on the road and the S2000 seem to be flipping over resistant.
    The scary bad news: The right rear upper A-frame was broken off the Hub (the cause). The suspension is after this wild ride heavily damaged - I’m looking at ~ $10.000 repair.
    Honda USA reacted insulting and of cause declined any responsibility.
    I’m from Germany – use to drive fast but responsible and without accident for over 30 years – live now in California for 8 years (means I know the roads) and with 52 certainly not a silly punk.
    At Honda USA, they play the “Blame the customer” game and I’m seeking for help and information. Any similar events out there…?

    PS. I checked the freeway on the next day at daylight for unusual road conditions and was unable to blame the incident on CalTrans.
  • hi,
    have a s2000 2003 red with 5000m,best car i ever had(more than 60).i need some info please: would like to buy some headrest speakers but not the one from honda, any suggestions please. and would like to buy a bra,can nt find any. i try the compagny wolf...forget it. and for last, if i want to put an intake does KN make the best ,i m open to your advice.i only drive my car when it s nice,never had any rain except when i wash it.(every day)
    very interresting site,you guys know what your talking

    p.s i m thinking to put somme red leather on my seats and on the doors,does any body did that on there S
    thanks a million
  • I have a Honda s2000 which i absolutley love. Unfortunately I now get drenched everytime it rains! This is getting worse; when I pull off, a stream of water falls on me and my passenger from the roof where the seal folds. Any suggestions?
  • I just was offered what I consider a "heck" of a deal on an 05 S2K. West Virginia is not the sports car capitol of the world and the dealer really wanted to sell it. I loved the test drive yesterday on a clear crisp day, but the horror stories about the Potenza tires and the snow-plowing spoiler has k-bashed what I was going to be a cure for my middle-aged angst. Is the snow performance really that big a crisis!
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    "Is the snow performance really that big a crisis!"

    No "crisis" unless you actually want to drive in the snow. :cry:

    I only attempted to drive my S2000 once a short distance on packed snow and ice. It was enough to convince me to leave it parked whenever there was snow on the streets. And I'm originally from a town that averages 120" per year, so I'm hardly afraid of driving in snow.

    Given that you live in West Virginia, and (I assume) get more snow than DC, it seems to me an S2000 is impractical (as any high performance roadster / sports car would be) as a year round sole car. You can spend a fair amount of money on a second set of wheels and snow tires, but that's still not going to make up for the low ground clearance and extremely light back end. Even with snow tires, you really need a back up vehicle to use in more than 3"+ of snow, IMO.
  • jt350jt350 Posts: 1
    I just had the same problem after getting the top replaced due to vandalism. Someone told me to try resetting the window actuators.

    Start vehicle.
    Lower window all the way and keep button depressed for about 5 seconds. Then raise window and hold button up for 5 seconds once window is completely raised. Do this a couple of times and see if that works.
  • toydrivertoydriver Posts: 227
    Has anyone had experience transporting their S2000 long distance by truck ???
    I'd like to send the car from MN to AZ for the winter (we both need some warm weather). I want to ensure it arrives without any problems.
  • s2k02s2k02 Posts: 3
    I heard of a problem with the 1st 2nd and 3rd syncro. try to research but that could be it and it is a factory defect so its fine, but get it taken care of asap before u need a new tranny! good luck.
  • s2k02s2k02 Posts: 3
    If you still have'nt found and rear speakers go to, I have an 02 s2k and I will make a custom mount if u need it still.
  • s2k02s2k02 Posts: 3
    I have an 02 but on pretty much all of the S2000's I've seen there has always been a gap between the right rear tail light and the bumper. So ur ok!

    these enclosures look good, but are a bit expensive, less than factory though and you can use your own speakers.

    also, 2004 and up models are prewired for headrest speakers, making installation easier....
  • sjdesjde Posts: 3
    I am looking at both these cars and like the looks of both. I am a woman and really don't need the extra horsepower of the S2000. My husband doesn't seem to care one way or another. Comments?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 85,963
    No reason to get the S2000, given your circumstances...

    Just my $0.02


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Only you can decide why you "should" buy anything.

    The attributes that distinguish the Honda S2000 from the Miata are mostly performance oriented - namely acceleration and handling. Although I have to add that the fit and finish and build quality of the Honda are exceptional.

    But still, it's up to you to decide. My only suggestion is to test drive both before making a decision.
  • artcbartcb Posts: 2
    My wife wants to buy a new 2006 S2000. We both fell in love with the car after a test drive but have heard various comments on the tires life. She isnt a agressive or hard driver and has always gotten more life than manufacturer specs out of tires, so we expect the same on the S2000. We would like to hear comments on how long your tires have lasted and if you changed, what brand did you switch to so they would last longer? Part of the problem seems to be that you cant rotate them like most cars as the front tires are different size than the rears? Is this still the case on the 2006 Models?

    Also, I know its a sports car, but no matter, she will nurse as much gas mileage out of it as she can. What has been experiences in "warmer" cities for those that like to nurse it?

    Thanks alot!!
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I had a 2002 upon which I put 18,000 miles in 2.5 years before trading the car. The rear tires were near the end of their life and the fronts probably had 7,000 miles left. I drove pretty reasonably. For what it's worth, I put new tires on my TL 6-speed at 19,000 miles, so getting 20-25k out of a Honda S2000 is not bad. The guys at Tire Rack can give you the best replacement tire advice - call them.

    Overall, I averaged about 23 mpg, with a heavy mix of city and highway. On pure highway runs of 200+ miles at 75 mpg, I got between 28 and 32 mpg. Pretty good considering the EPA highway estimate was 26.

    Tire replacement and gas mileage are certainly factors to consider in evaluating the overall cost of ownership. But also consider that, in 2.5 years and 18k+ miles, I spent less than $300 in total maintenance, including 4 Mobil One oil changes. And, probably most importantly, the car holds it's value exceptionally well.

    The S2000 is probably the most prudent way to get serious sports car performance at a reasonable price. Something like a Miata would be cheaper if you are going to "nurse" a car along, but the S2000 is in a different performance league and approaches the Boxster S. So sneak the keys away from your wife every once in awhile and enjoy it for what it's designed for.
  • Everything habitat mentioned applies here as well. I only have 4700 miles on my 04' so I am a ways away from my first tire replacment, but 15k is a good mark to expect from what I hear. Drive it harder and that number goes down, but drive it sanely (like I do) and you may be able to milk a few extra miles.

    My mileage before I put her away for the winter was about 24 mpg for my around town commute with a few highway blasts here and there, and I managed 30! mpg on a tank of mostly highway miles through the back roads of NH and Vermont.

    BTW, if you happen to have access to an area like this, you'll find that the attributes of the S2000 really shine. A truely rewarding experience.

    Anxiously counting the days until Springtime... :cry:
  • Here, in Houston, there is really no winter, you can drive it all year long. In fact I drove it to work today with the top down.


    2006 Red S2000
  • How do you like your 06'? I haven't driven the new model yet so I am curious how the DBW is for feedback. I hear the new seats are quite comfy even though they are more generic design.

    S2ki N.E. still has no 06's in the club yet. Congrats!
  • The '06 is awesome and comfortable, however I didn't have an earlier model so I don't have anything to compare to.

    The DBW seems to provide good feedback, but I haven't even gotten the engine broken in yet so I am still driv'n easy.

    I have DBW on a 2005 Accord 6-speed and the S2000 seems to have better, quicker feedback response.

    Cruis'n Double sixes,

  • Accord 6-speeder. Nice compliment for your S. :D

    The wife has been looking at TL's for a Summer/Fall purchase. She had a 2000 Accord V6 coupe that she raves about daily. Maybe I should steer her into the new one as well...

    hmmm. :D
  • All, my 1st tank (assuming the Dealer DID fill 'er up) showed about 23.3 '06 S2000, still being mostly gentle, around town...
    Guess I'm new, what's DBW? thx...
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