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Honda S2000



  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    That certainly wasn't normal on my 2002 S2000. I could shift easily into all gears in the dead of winter long before the engine and transmission fluid heated up.

    Did you hear the Honda technical support rep say this or are you taking the dealers word on it? It sure sounds like a line of bull to me.

    FWIW, my dealer got Honda to approve transmission replacements on 2000/2001 models that had gear grinding. That's a slightly different customer advocacy position than your dealership is taking.
  • I have an 2002 S2000 and mine does the same thing, is this normal? If not could you please tell me what was done to correct the problem. Thanks
  • catdadacatdada Posts: 1
    Just got a New Formula Red '05 and so far I love this car yawl! I've owned several Hondas over the years to include an '84 Accord 4-door which I quickly traded for an '85 SEi version of the same. I enjoyed the heck out of my SEi but its poor quality leather interior kinda put me at odds with some aspects of Honda quality at that time. Nonetheless, I followed that up with the purchase of a '97 Accord and currently own an '01 Civic EX Coupe and a souped up '99 DX Hatchback. I'm enjoying my new S2000 so much that it more than makes up for any wrongs I've ever experienced with previous Honda products, which admittedly have been few to say the least. I can hardly wait until the odometer on this baby goes pass the 600 milestone!

    In the meantime, the only problem I’m having is keeping the convertible top cover (aka by some as the “boot”) in place at its rear tabs. I’ve noticed that it has a tendency, especially at highway speeds, to raise up as if the tabs are not long enough. Is this a matter of my top not “being molded” to the correct shape yet or is their a trick to this otherwise and somewhat simplistic task that I’m not aware of?
  • demadedemade Posts: 6
    Catdada had the same problem with the boot. Have an 05 with 6K on it. The boot is a hit or miss for me. It has gotten to the point where I no longer bother with it. Has anyone found where you can get a bra for front end. Starting to get some dings and would like to keep them to a minimum. Like everyone else has said this is a fun car that catches a lot of looks. Most people that I talk to never knew Honda made a car like this.
  • firsts2kfirsts2k Posts: 2
    I leased an 2005 S2K one week ago. Just turned 600 miles and loved every one of them. I had been interested in the S2K since inception and just recently convinced myself that this indulgence may be the most financially prudent production car move possible. (I had to rationalize it somehow.) I drove an 02 and was absolutely smitten with the performance and handling. After comparing the 02 purchase for $23K and the lease of the 05, the lease option seemed to be the way to go, primarily because of the three year manufacturer's warranty and the additional two year warranty offered at no charge by the dealer, providing that all routine service is done on the premises. This was truly a bonus because I had every intention of returning the car to the dealer for service. Please forgive the digression---- the transmission. I have noticed a slight grind noted in previous postings when shifting into second and third gears. At this point, I'm not concerned considering the limited driving experience with the car. The glitch seems to be eliminated by using a slight hesitation in the neutral position and giving a shot of gas before entering the 2nd and 3rd gear positions. Fourth, fifth and sixth gear positions are very smoothe and definite. So far, the S2K is everything that I thought it would be and more! After having been in the auto drive world for so long, I forgot how much fun it is to run up and down through the gears in a car that is truly made for performance driving. More later.
  • steve2000steve2000 Posts: 1
    I also noticed the problem from first to second. In my case it seems that when the car is cold you can not be lazy with the clutch at low RPM (get it to the floor). If I pay attention I do not have the issue and the longer I drive the car (two weeks now) the less I mess up. It is slightly annoying since this is considered to be one of the best transmitions made but I think (in my case) it can be blamed somewhat on the operator. I do not have the problem at higher RPM. Otherwise it is simply fantastic! Once you adapt it becomes an extension or your arm/wrist. I can not describe how much I love this car. I may try in another post though!
  • toydrivertoydriver Posts: 227
    Just replaced my air filter with K&N brand. Engine runs better with possibly a bit more power. Definite improvement.
    Anybody else use this brand of air filter ?
  • sads2ksads2k Posts: 2
    I need a new engine in my 2000 S2k, $10,000. It seems that part of a spark plug (threads from the plug are missing) and coil went down into the 3rd cylinder and destroyed it (I'm not an engine tech so I may use incorrect terms) Has anyone heard of others with this issue? The car has 57000 miles and all maintenance was done.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I feel your pain. I had a similar thing happen on an Isuzu Trooper a couple of years ago. It was suspected - but not proven - that the prior service, performed a few months earlier by an independent mechanic, resulted in the spark plug either being twisted, over torqued or otherwise improperly installed. It eventually broke and the bottom half dropped into the cylinder causing all hell to break loose. Our hit was about $7,000 for a major engine rebuild.

    In the event that you have had all of the service done by a Honda dealer, I would suggest further investigation into what could have been the cause. Spark plugs don't just break by themselves. Perhaps the Honda dealership or Honda NA will take part of the responsibility and cut you a break on the cost of a new engine. If you had service done by an independent mechanic, you are probably out of luck. We could have tried pursuing a claim, but it would have been difficult to prove and life is too short. The Trooper and the Isuzu dealer were losers from the start, and we are now happy to have an MDX.
  • sads2ksads2k Posts: 2
    I had a spark plug fail and parts of it and the coil pack went down into cylinder #2 and possible #3 and damaged it/them. The spark plug recall was not done. I need a new engine. This is a 2000 s2k with 58k miles. Has anyone else experience anything like this?
  • vinny1961vinny1961 Posts: 3
    The changes are: 2.2l from 2.0, improved suspension and a softer ride, new rear led light, and front light configuration, 17" tires, lower redline (8300) to improve low end torque, and a few body changes, and nicer interior w/2 cup holders. Basically still a cool ride!
  • vinny1961vinny1961 Posts: 3
    Yes, it's the only brand I trust. I have the CAI on the 2004 Accord V6, (15hp increase!) And on the 2005 S. What really happens after the install is twofold. The sound gets a little deeper at the higher RPM's, and when V-Tech kicks in (around 6500 RPM) the extra HP is generated. In the S only about 9.5, but you will notice the difference. Be careful though, this car is a rocket at those rpm's and if your on wet pavment, or in a turn, don't shift and keep it steady on the throttle, she will do all kinds of wild spinning tricks. Remember this is a RWD sports car. Have fun.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    "Improved suspension with softer ride"

    Some might contend that improved and softer in a sports car are contradictory terms ;)

    My take on a 2005 S2000 vs. the former 2002 model I owned for 2.5 years is that the ride is slightly rougher over bumps, not softer, probably due to the lower profile 17" wheels. I also think the interior changes are a aesthetic net negative. I thought my 2002 all black interior looked cleaner in design. The 2005 appears to have more "pieces" with the aluminum radio cover, etc. Regarding the exterior, I think the refinements are nice, with the exception of the wheels. Again, I like the cleaner 5-spoke design over the new "busy" look. Highly subjective, I know.

    On a final note, for anyone else who has drvien both the 2002/2003 and compared against the 2005, does the stick shift seem to be taller and have more travel in the 2005?? The dealer claimed no transmission changes, but I definitely seem to recall a shorter, flick of the wrist, pattern in my 2002. Could be Alzheimer's setting in.
  • anythngbutgmanythngbutgm Posts: 4,277
    I drove a used 02' an 05' and then bought an 04' (based on a killer deal I got). Didn't notice any differences in shifter quality among the two of them, but the 02' had 23k on it and felt "broken in". I agree that the ride is a little rougher with the 17" (which I think are very sharp next to the old 16") but it's not night and day by any means.

    The biggest thing I noticed between the two was the engine. The 2.0 was Civic-like to crazy fast with hardly any median in between. It was livable but the engine didn't have the same midrange response that the 2.2 has. I think around town which most of my commute consists of would have grown tiring having to rev the bejeezus out of it to keep the momentum going upon acceleration. My 04' reminds my of my outgoing Accord (which I wish I kept :mad: ) where you can drive around in 4th and still have the torque to accelerate without downshifting...

    Alls I know is I am loving my S, it is BY FAR the most enjoyable ride I've owned. There is nothing I would change about it and if Honda lets this one go (without a significant replacement) they are making a huge mistake. :mad: It's THAT good.
  • wh9wh9 Posts: 32
    I'm considering getting a S2000 and was wondering how it handles in rain. How is the traction etc.?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I had a 2002 with the Bridgestone Potenza S02 orignial tires for 18,000 miles. When the car/tires were about 3,000 miles old, I made a 300 mile drive from DC to Pittsburgh in steady rain at 60-70+ mph without any difficulty at all. By 10,000 miles I noticed a loss of traction, even though the front and rear treads still looked fairly good. I milked another 8,000 miles out of the tires before trading the car, but I took it pretty easy in the occasional rain, especially after about 14,000 miles.

    The car itself is extremely well balanced. You just need to have good tires and pay close attention to their tread condition if you drive in the rain. Also, I should have mentioned that the temperature on my rain trip was in the 50's or 60's, as I recall. The one time I tried to drive to a friend's house on very light, packed snow and 20 degree temperatures was an adventure. Those W rated tires seemed to become ice skates below freezing. I never tried driving on snow again.

    FWIW, there are replacement tires through Tire Rack that have better wet traction than the OEM tires.
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    I finally got to test drive an 05 S2K today -- been looking forward to it for weeks. Unfortunately, I was kind of disappointed in the vehicle. I think the lack of low end power was the biggest problem; the engine made plenty of noise at low RPM but not a lot of power. After having owned several Hondas (and my wife has a TSX now) I thought I was used to the VTEC experience, but the S2K surprised me. Honestly, it almost felt like something was wrong with the car. Am I nuts, or is this really the case? It felt slower than my 97 Prelude, and much slower than my previous sports car, a WRX. I absolutely love the look of the car, the handling is awesome, it has the fun roadster feel, and the Suzuka blue model I test drove was gorgeous. But it did not feel like a fast car to me (which is out of whack with published accel numbers). I was ready to buy today, but now have to think about it.

    I did get into the high RPM range a couple times, but can't honestly say I noticed much of a kick. It certainly wasn't like my WRX which would pin me to the seat. This is another instance where published numbers, and my previous expectation of VTEC, did not jive with the experience today.

    If anybody has any thoughts, pass them on. I was all set to fall in love with the S2K and nothing happened!

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    A couple of thoughts from my S2000 experience:

    (1) The S2000 gets stronger as it is broken in. If the car you test drove had less than 500-1,000 miles, it probably wasn't fully broken in. My 2002 S2000 continued to feel quicker up to about 2,000 miles.

    (2) You need to push the S2000 to achieve strong acceleration. Which is something you shouldn't do until the car is broken in. But I found that depressing the accelerator 3/4 and casually climbing to 7,500 rpm was pretty anemic. Putting the pedel to the metal and taking (a 2002) up to 8,500+ rpm produced very good acceleration. The VTEC kick in at 6,500 rpm was definitely noticable (again, after proper break in).

    (3) The above two comments not withstanding, the S2000 is not a "pin you to the seat" car, at least not out of the box. With it's 8,000-9,000 rpm redline, the engine has tremendous range. But if you are looking for tire smoking performance off the line, you need to look elsewhere.

    FWIW, I am now trying to decide between a Boxster S and 911. The Boxster S with its 280hp and 236 ft. lbs of torque is definitely a step up from the S2000, but it is not "blistering" acceleration from a standing start, either. The S2000's greatest assets in my book was the go-cart like handling and steering, with very good "rolling" acceleration.
  • anythngbutgmanythngbutgm Posts: 4,277
    I am planning on putting my 04' into storage in November for the winter. I have a couple of questions about prepping and maintainance.

    - I'm planning on putting a protectant on the convertible top. Any suggestions as to the best product for this?

    - I have access to silicone vaccuum grease which I was planning on putting on the seals. Same stuff you would use on a high temp. furnace O-ring seal. Anything better than that available?

    - fluids? I've never stored a car for a long period of time before so I'm wondering what kind of fluid changes/flushes/drainage I need to perform before putting away

    - Do I have to worry about flat spots on the tires (Nov. - Apr. storage) or disconnecting the battery?

    What's nice is the storage is heated and is close to my house. I'm just looking to maintain and protect my my little red beauty while the cold months go by and the spring arrives again. Any advise is greatly appreciated.

  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    I'll add what little I know...

    Honda makes a product for the seals, I would just get that.

    You can bump the tire pressure up to about 40 psi to minimize flatspotting (though it will still happen).

    I would not put anything on the top.

    Best thing you can do is start the car and take it for a short drive every couple weeks. That will eliminate the need for other prep.

    Full tank of gas while in storage, and add fuel stabilizer.

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    And my two cents on the advantages (or not) of storage:

    I bought a 2002 Honda S2000 in November 2001. We live in DC and the car was parked outside. I did get a high quality car cover for periods when we traveled or I thought I wouldn't be driving the car for several days.

    However, I did get many opportunities to drive the car thorughout the winter months and found myself lowering the top in anything over 45-50 degrees. I traded the car in May 2004 (30 months) with 18,000 miles on it and it had been driven a minimum of 200+ miles for every month I owned it. The finish on the car was perfect and I got "outstanding" trade in value.

    My point is that the S2000 is not an exotic sports car that needs to be stored in the winter, at least not in the DC area. We also have a home on Lake Erie, and although their winters are much more severe, I don't think I'd formally store the car (we have an inside garage). The Honda service manager, who happened to own an S2000 himself, also advocated driving the car at least once every 3-4 weeks.

    If you decide to store the car, that's your choice. But I don't think you should feel the need to.
  • anythngbutgmanythngbutgm Posts: 4,277
    The place I am storing it has a "set and forget" condition. Meaning it will be stored with probably 20 vehicles and once it's in there, it doesn't come out until spring. I can't access to fire it up or take short trips with it.

    I agree with the fact that the S2k is not a Porsche but even still, I'd like to take good care of it as best as possible. My wife and I were married in the car over July 4th weekend and would like to keep it as a token for future anniversaries. Sappy, I know but still it's still the sentiment of it.

    Another reason is the salt and sand we use for our N.E. winters makes it difficult to keep the vehicle looking nice. I'll probably never trade the car for the reasons above and who knows? With the small numbers of these being built combined with the fact that they are hand built cars means there is a possibility of a collector status in say 20 years... I don't know. But I would like to take all the necessary measures to keep it in tip top shape. I am hoping to have my great room with a two or three car garage under built by next summer so I can store the car myself, but this year I don't have that luxury. For 300 bucks I can have the car stored in a heated garage from Nov 1st to April 1st. Not a bad deal IMO. And I can get an insurance break since I'll only put about 6,000 miles per year on it...

    I'm lovin the S up until the winter hits. Heck even when it gets below freezing in Oct. I'll probably be driving with the top down!

    Thanks for the input. :)
  • naveen75naveen75 Posts: 10

    I just leased a brand new s2000 '05 model about a week ago. Everything with the car is fine except that the rear bumper cover doesn't sit flush with the body at the rear right taillight area. It juts out about 5 mm. I rushed to the dealer and had him check out the other S2000's in the lot and 'lo and behold' there was a gap in both these cars in exactly the same area as in my car.

    I am beginning to think that this is due to an improper bumper size which is probably off in width by a teeny amount enough to mess up the fit.

    Could any other 05' owners look for this and reply is you find the same thing. Possibly if this is common enough we might be able to get honda to release a TSB to fix this.
  • I got my S2000 last week and it has the same exact problem. Looks like its a quality issue with the ’05s. I’m taking it back to the dealer in about a week to be fixed – I’ll keep you posted on what they say.
  • lirvinelirvine Posts: 2
    Just bought 05. Has same gap.
  • demadedemade Posts: 6
    Have the same problem with mine. Been to the dealer twice. Both times the dealer got it to set flush, but it would pop back out by the time I got home. Saw the same condition on 3 others at the dealer.
  • lirvinelirvine Posts: 2
    Anyone know of conversion of power outlet to lighter?
  • barfbarf Posts: 3
    have 2004 with 26000 mi just looked at taillights closely and noted both r and l are not flush .so there is improvement in big deal didnt notice till read problems so far.
  • barfbarf Posts: 3
    i was at dealer in nj sat for routine maint. and checked out 2 other 2000s and they also had the r taillight i said earlier dont think major issue but if wrong please post .would appreciate. also a tip for new owners the orig tires reo50s seem to go fast .mine at 16500,maybe to using bridgestoneso3s,and at 10000 midealer said little wear and holding up well.they also seem to have better wet traction and only minimal lossof dry.they have differenttread pattern,tractionaa,instead of a,like on o5os.
  • topspin628topspin628 Posts: 373
    How does the S2000 rate as a daily driver in the NE? Does anyone have experience with snows in a few inches of the wt stuff? I know that summer tires drive like rocks once the temps get below 35 or so anyway so it's probably a good idea to change here.

    Is the new stereo good, bad, indifferent? Is the car warm in the winter with the standard top? How is it for long drives of 2-3 hrs?

    Thank you for any and all input.
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