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Honda S2000



  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I had a 2002 S2000 for about 30 months from November 2001 throguh May 2004, during which time I put approximately 18,500 miles on the car. Live in the Washington DC area.

    The S2000 doesn't like snow. The tires were the biggest issue. I had a Nissan Maxima that I used in poor weather, so I never tried switching to snow tires on the S2000. But even with snow tires, the S2000 has a very low ground clearance, which would become a factor in anything more than 2-3 inches.

    The stereo in my 2002 was upgraded by Honda from the 2001 model to include more power and 4 speakers (vs. 2). I added rear speakers that were pre-installed by Lucid Automotive in the panels behind the seats. The improvement was significant and only ran about $250.

    The convertable top in the S2000 is pretty thin, compared to the Boxster S or 911 that I am now considering. This wasn't much of an issue with respect to warmth, as much as sound. I found the car warmed up reasonably quickly in 30 degree weather, but, with the top up, was fairly noisy inside, both due to the high-revving engine and thin roofliner. My wife is noise sensitive and claimed the car was an echo chamber with the top up.

    As for 2-3 hour drives, they are a lot more fun in the spring or fall with the top down. In the dead heat of the summer, it could get a little toasty, and in the dead in the winter, the noise was an issue. But I will say that the seats on the S2000 were very comfortable and the overall ride and handling of the car on the highway was great. I did 3 trips of 375 miles straight, except for a gas/lunch stop, with no ill effects.

    If I had to guess, 80% of my miles in the S2000 were with the top down, 50% of them were for short trips from 1-25 miles and 0.1% were in the snow. That's about the ideal use of a roadster, in my opinion.
  • i drive 150 mi round trip to work in recommendation is not to use in any snow,esp slush.No traction and i fond out by spinning out and blocked 2 lanes,luckily it was nasty and people going slow so i didnot end up as a pancake.i was able to creep in 1 gear to turnpike at 8 mi/hr but car was still slipping.once roads are clearer and have blacktop its ok.but even 1 inch with its tires i barely got in garage.if light furry maybe ok .but not if sticks,and avoid slush.all that said i still used it daily on non snow days once roads ploughed and slush was minimal and frozen.on bad days i use other car accord.only didnt use it in nj about 12 days in whole far as hat it gets real toasty fast and ididnt have much draft.i do like cooler.,but heater is summer ac is cool and adequate.i think radio is strong.but im not picky.its a great car,but a sports car and so you just need to know what it can and cant do,and than u can appreciateit for what it is,an awesome machine,great handling and comfy seats,only tight cabin,but rigidity gives it the ride.tip....inwinter you need to listen to weather regularly and you will be fine.i havsed i single digits or colder with wind chill,takes longer to warm up,but still does the job.hope this helps.
  • demadedemade Posts: 6
    Thinking of getting a clear bra for my 05 S2000. Is anyone presently using one or have any feedback on them ? Have done some research and it seems like the way to go. Any info would be appreciated.
  • mthmsimmthmsim Posts: 4
    I will be buying a 2005 Honda s2000 probably this month and as soon as this weekend (over a Mazda RX-8). Invoice + destination charge is ~$30,300.Any opinions on whether or not getting one at about this price is feasable? The one I want is at several dealers within 1hr drive so I'm figuring I can use the initial dealer "best price" as an opportunity for others to beat it. Any comments on prices paid would be appreciated. This is New England area if that matters.

    I am also considering some dealer accessories (spoiler, headrest speakers car cover etc.). I see that H&A Accessories has the same stuff at a discount. What are the chances of the dealer "beating" this price to make the sale? Lastly, I read on one of these threads awhile back about some people not liking the headrest speakers, or saying they didn't work well/weren't worth it etc.Can anyone comment on having them & their utility? Many thanks. Looking forward to being in the fairly exclusive s2K club. :shades:
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Invoice pricing in the northeast - DC area, PA is achievable. I had one offer at $29,900, $400 under invoice.

    I have not experienced the headrest speakers, but added rear Polk speakers in the rear panels behind the seats in my 2002 model. Lucid Automotive, if they are still around, supplied them pre-installed in replacement panels, with all the wiring harnesses and installation instructions for about $240. It took me less than 1 hour to install, and I'm an MBA, not an ME or EE. I was told that my system sounded better than the headrest equiped system, at a lower cost.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    Hi, mthmsim,

    You might want to check with the folks in the Honda S2000: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion to see if they have any input for you.


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  • wh9wh9 Posts: 32
    Does the 2004 - 2005 S2000 have a spare tire or are the tires run flats? Thanks
  • demadedemade Posts: 6
    Have the headrest speakers, and they work well. A bit overpowering when the top is up. What would be nice is a way to cut them off for top up driving.
  • demadedemade Posts: 6
    2005 has a donut that can only be used on the front.
  • Discontinued, God I hope so that will increase the value of the few on the road today. Only 5000 per year have been imported. My wife and I are your mirror, gave up the Harley Road King for the fun, sport car ride, the good looks of the S2000 roadster. Get the best deal you can and enjoy,in the end its a Honda you will always get the VTEC serviced and it will hold its value better than most, no mistake go for it. :)
  • mys2000mys2000 Posts: 2
    I just got an 05 S2000 about a three weeks ago. It was about $1,000 more than what you are getting quoted for. No idea if that's a regional thing. I'm in Northern California.

    About 3 or 4 days ago I had the dealer install the head rest speakers. I like them a lot. I listen to lots of different music and think they help a great deal in hearing all ranges with the top down. Here's the trick: Get a the dealer/sales guy to order them for you on a due bill at his price.. I got mine put on after I tookd delivery of the car. Installed, with tax it ran $580. If I had just walked into the service and parts dept. it would ran over $750.
  • I just bought a brand new 2005 S2000 (silverstone with the red interior). I'm picking it up on August 30th and I was curious what steps I should take to properly break in the engine. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    The first step, hopefully, is to make sure the car hasn't been or won't be test driven by anybody prior to your picking it up. The S2000, more so than even a Boxster, 911 or other sports cars, is not a car that should be red-lined or driven to it's limits off the truck.

    After that, my recommendations are to drive it normally for the first 500-800 miles, varying engine speed (no cruise control at 65 for 2 hours straight) and avoiding the temptation to take it into V-tech territory. After that, you should be fine to run the car up to red-line.

    I had a 2002 Honda S2000 in which I followed the above and it seemed to continue to get stronger for at least 2,000 to 3,000 miles. Enjoy your new car (but not too much at first).
  • Thanks for the help. The test drive by the dealership was a concern of mine, b/c my car is currently en route to the dealership and it will probably sit there for about a week before I pick it up. They have a 2004 on the lot which they use for test drives as well as three 2005's (which haven't been driven). Are there any precautions I should take to ensure it won't be test driven? Thanks
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,612
    Call your salesperson, and tell them you aren't taking delivery of a car that has more than 10 miles on the odometer... that you absolutely don't want anyone driving your car, unless they are doing the PDI (pre-delivery inspection).

    Just tell them you are very concerned about it... and please make sure it doesn't happen...

    That is all you can do...



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I agree with kyfdx, but would even go one step further. Put the requirement that the car not be test driven in writing , have them sign it and attach it to the sales contract. As for the "what if" in the event it is test driven, I'd specify that you can terminate the contract for a full refund or accept a $1,000 additional discount, at your election (not theirs). This will certainly raise their eyebrows, but screw them. The car is enroute and their is no reason whatsoever it should ever be test driven by anybody but you.

    If you're too nice of a guy to normally take such a position, blame me as your "advisor". The guys at your dealership may be the best, highest integrity Honda dealers out there, but I have had personal experiences with ones that aren't. When I was shopping for my 2002, I had one salesman throw the keys to me and tell me to "let it rip" on a S2000 that was sitting in front of their showroom. When I returned, he informed me that that particular car wasn't available, it had been sold and was awaiting pick-up the following day. Needless to say, I didn't buy from Pohanka Honda in Tysons Corner, Virginia.

    It's better to come across as someone that is prudent and knowledgable - and even a bit anal - than to have something occur that starts off your S2000 experience on the wrong foot. Good luck.
  • i just recently graduated college and wanted to reward myself with a new car. i've narrowed my choices to a z3 3.0 and a 2002+ s2000. im leaning on the s2000 only because i've heard its more of a driver's car. however, i haven't had the opportunity to sit in one yet. im about 6'1" 210 pounds...and i was wondering if you think i will have any trouble fitting in an s2000. sometime this week i plan on visiting the local honda dealership so that i can sit in one and hopefully, test drive it across the entire powerband. in the meantime, i would appreciate any of your thoughts.


  • Gentlmen and ladies, has anyone heard the rumor that the S2000 will be "re-packaged" as a Acura model ??? If so, when ? 2006 ?
    What changes could we anticipate - besides a bump in price ??
  • Would you mind giving me details on the rear speakers you speak of? Was this an add-on you did yourself using non-Honda headrest speakers? What do you mean by "pre-installed?"

    Thanks for any info. I purchased a car today that supposedly had the headrest speakers included but when I arrived to check out the car, I found that I had been misinformed. The price they gave me sounded too high ($850, supposedly their cost???) to take the chance of not knowing how they would actually sound.
  • Do you know what the dealer's cost was for the headrest speakers? I was told $375 for the speakers and after labor, a total of $850. This sounded ridiculous for an at-cost price.

    Thanks for any info.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Check out link title

    I bought Polk speakers installed by them into panels that replace the black vent panels behind the seats. Took me about 1.5 hours to install them, start to finish, with excellent instructions and photos provided by Lucid Automotive. They worked very well, at a fraction of the cost you are being quoted for the headrest speakers - approximately $250 form my memory.
  • OK - thanks so much for clarifying. I kind of figured it out after checking their website, and now I understand that they come already in the panels. That doesn't sound like too complicated. Presently, they have Kenwood, Panasonic and JVC. I guess they aren't offering the Polk any longer, which sound like a great choice. I'll have to check into the sound quality of the others.

    Thanks, again.
  • You will know your getting into a pure sports car.
    With the top down, its much easier :)
  • For after market headrest speakers, go to Someone on that site fabricates speaker boxes that go in the headrests and can accomodate much better speakers than you can get from Honda and at a much lower price. Everyone on that site that has purchased them raves about them.

    Good luck.

  • I drove a 2004 S2000 at a dealer and fell in love, however my budget is limited.

    I noticed 2000 and 2001 S2000s are below $20k, and in some cases around $15k, so I am looking to buy one in the next 3 months.

    Any recommendations on what to look for in a $20k S2000 ? What mechanical problems should i look for? Someone mentioned gear grinding between 1st and 2nd gear... any other issues?

    Thanks, i love these cars :)

    BTW, I own a 2004 Honda Element, which I will be keeping to haul the kids around :D
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    A couple of comments:

    First, Honda made several improvements for the 2002 model year (which I owned): glass rear window, more powerful 4 speaker stereo, cosmetic upgrades, AND, revised stronger transmission. I believe the new transmission in 2002 took care of the gear grinding problem on the earlier models - I certainly had no such issues. If there is any way you can afford a 2002 over a 2000 or 2001, I would advise going for it.

    Second, the S2000 is a well built, great bang for the buck, sports car. But you might want to consider this: I bought a new 2002 in November 2001 for $32k, drove it for 30 months and 19k miles, then traded it in May 2004 for $22k towards a TL. I probably could have sold it privately for $24k, but got a $1,300 break on sales tax that made the trade easier. During 30 months, my TOTAL maintenace costs were a measly $320, including a 12k service and 3 interim Mobil 1 oil changes. That's it. But, had I kept it for another year or two, I would have been looking at new tires ($800-$1,000 +/- set) and the car being out of warranty. As such, paying $20k+ for a 3-4 year old used Honda S2000 may really not be that much less expensive in the long run than buying new. You will have less of a depreciation hit, but more in maintenance and potential repairs.

    Not trying to discourage you. The S2000 is really a great car. But I might also suggest one with an extended warranty, so it doesn't present you with unexpected surprises. Good luck.
  • demadedemade Posts: 6
    Would go with 02 or newer. Know cash is an issue but it may be worth the wait to go with a newer model.
  • barfbarf Posts: 3
    went to dealer over weekend and got 06 looks like better seats,more head support,8 spakers 4 of which are in roll bar,vsa/traction control,brake assist,drl,possibly new throttle system,ext. temp guage.they re maybe others but thats what stuck out at me.also another color laguna blue there are 2 blues!!! i have 04 with 31000mi and its a blast.perhaps with tese changes i may want to try an 06.6000+rpms are music to my ears. keep revving.any otherchanges,please post.
  • Thanks a ton.

    I guess they upgraded the engine to 2.2 liters in 2003?

    I drove a 2001 today, and the shifter did not feel as good as the 2002 or the 2004 that i have driven. So now I know why.

    That dang 2000 still looked like a million in Yellow though ....
  • I have a 2003 with 12k miles on it that I'm considering selling. It's silverstone metallic with black interior. I haven't listed it anywhere yet, but let me know if you would be interested.
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