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Nissan Pickup Owners Hangout



  • mplantsmplants Posts: 1
    How difficult is it to change these belts yourself? I have a 1991 Nissan 2.4L Pickup and I'm having the same squealing noises when I turn my steering wheel. It doesn't do it all the time, just occasionally.

    I would like to replace the belts myself, but i'm not sure how difficult that task will prove to be.
  • mick3613mick3613 Posts: 1
    14000 sounds too high especially if it is just a king cab. low mileage 2000 crew cabs in this area the dealers are asking 11000-12000. I have a 2000 crew with 147000 miles on it and have it for sale for 7500. As far as it pulling 1000 lbs you won't have any probem especially with v6 i pull 16' flatbed trailer loaded with washing machines all the time and although its not a speed demon, it will do it. i have a cool pic with it seriously loaded if there was a place to post it.
  • kcf41kcf41 Posts: 8
    I am considering buying a '01-'03 Frontier Crew Cab (V6 engine). I would appreciate any legitimate feedback regarding either one of these s. I am mostly looking for a nice every day truck with the ability to take care of some small jobs around the house. Thought Nissan would be a truck that I could keep for about 8-10 years without major issues. Thanks!
  • kcf41kcf41 Posts: 8
    Can anyone tell me what's the overall quality of a '02 Frontier SC Crewcab, 210HP, 246TQ SC with a 3.3 liter? Obviously, I don't know if all this is really worth it, but I'm open for legitimate feedback on whether I should be seriously interested in buying this truck.

  • snesarsnesar Posts: 1
    I'm thinking of putting 16" rims with 65/70/R16 size tires on my 2000 Frontier XE Kingcab (4X2). Wondering if someone tried that, or is it not going to work. I'm not sure about the front wheel fender clearence, specially ob bumpy turns.
    I'll appreciate if someone can help be to avoid mistake...
  • dougroddougrod Posts: 1
    My 1995 Nissan Pickup truck died for unknown reason. Fuse okay. Fuel pump relay okay. Changed fuel filter. Replaced in-tank fuel pump. Still no fuel flow? Anybody have any ideas?
  • agivensagivens Posts: 1
    I have a 1986 Nissan 720 Pickup, when I turn the key nothing comes on and when the engine starts all the gauges stay at zero.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 11,878
    Did something, perhaps, come unplugged? Maybe check under the dash and see if there are any disconnected harnesses/wires....
    2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2008 and 2013 Subaru Forester(s), 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
  • dutch724dutch724 Posts: 6
    I have a 90' Nissan Pickup it is a basic model no extras. It has a 2.4 liter engine, 5 speed, 2-wheel drive. This has been a great truck I have 202,000 on it, never had any problems. I have always done the maintenance on it, but now that it has gotten older it is starting to get this little problem. When take off in 1st gear and it gets to the point where I need to shift to 2nd gear the truck shakes alot then after I shift it is still shaking until the RPMs start to come up some then it doesn't shake in at any other time. Now if I stay in first gear and just floor it thru the shaking the truck will get up and go without hesitation of course it will reach peak RPMs. When I finally shift to 2nd it will still shake. I know last fall I had a bunch of bags of concrete in the back and it shook really bad taking off. I have replaced the plugs (NGK), the plug wires (NGK), distributor cap, rotor button, and the Coil. It still hasn't gotten better. Does anyone have any ideas before I take it in to a dealer?
    thx in advance.
  • reefishreefish Posts: 2
    I tried to replace my brake rotors but couldnt get a lug nut off the rotors....does anyone know a tool that can break this loose besides using a flat tip screw driver? size? Thanks
  • reefishreefish Posts: 2
    Dont get the SC version, too much of a gas hog. I get about 15 city and 17 hwy.
  • aldayalday Posts: 1
    does anyone know the vaccum hose routing for a 89 nissan pickup
    2.4 liter 2 wheel drive automatic??
  • I removed the driver side door panel so that I can reconnect the lever that I accidentally disengaged while trying to "break" into my truck with a clothes hanger. The only thing is, I'm not sure how to secure it back to the door lock assembly.

    Does anyone have any experience with this? I was going to remove the other door panel to see the functional assembly but that's my standby plan...

    Also, does anyone know where to find technical drawings or exploded views of this essemby without having to pay 400 bucks for the CD/Book on the entire truck? I'm thinking a download of just what I need to know... for a couple bucks does this even exist on the internet??

    Thank you fellow Nissan Pickup Owners!
  • Hello all
    I have a 93 2wd KingCab. One of my fuel lines is leaking, which I hope to fix tomorrow. My question is that I notice there appears to be 3 lines coming from the tank. 1 to the pump and one straight into the tank. I understand that one of the lines carrying the fuel to the engine, the second is a return line. So what is the 3'rd line for. I notice it has a fuel filter/check value on it. Any ideas?

    Thanks for any replies
  • dutch724dutch724 Posts: 6
    there is a little plastic clip that holds the lever in place.
  • dutch724dutch724 Posts: 6
    I figured it out it was the u-joints on the drive shaft......i figured it out when the carrier bearing went out on me.
    you can't replace the u-joints Nissan stamped them in with a press. had to buy new drive shaft after market one seeing Nissan's is on back order until the end of April. the after market one was cheaper and you can change the u-joints later if needed.
    Everything is fixed and the truck is running well thx for caring.
  • Thanks dutch724. I have to order a new one of those from the dealer as mine was torn in the middle.
  • bonita42bonita42 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Extended cab and the quality of it SUCKS!
    I will NEVER buy another nissan product!

    Spend a couple of extra buck and buy a Toyota!!!! My Son has a 2001 Pathfinder and the same story.... Junk!!!!!! Buy a toyota! I have had 3 and no problems.... Fit and finish better and much much more reliable!!!!
  • abpelch1abpelch1 Posts: 48
    I have a 2000 Extended Cab Desert Runner SE & the quality is great. 5+ years and 75k miles on it so far & everything is running as it should. The only problems have been a separated tire & leaking rear shocks. From a durability standpoint, I would have to recommend this vehicle to anyone.
  • wizwiz Posts: 5
    Looks like you have an electrical connection that is not tight or snug. When it is cold outside, metal expands, thus making any bad connection worse. When you add heat, hair dryer, your are contracting the metal allowing for the bad connection to be good. Replacing the distributor is not the problem, it's an electrical connection that is not making contact 100%. :)
  • I am no scientist, so perhaps I am wrong, but I think metal expands when it is heated. Therefore, maybe the connection hypothesis is incorrect. If you are right about metal expanding when cooled, it could be a connection issue that is worse when the vehicle is in the cold.
  • sw723sw723 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know the weight of a 1987 Nissan 4x4 transmission? I am shipping one in and I need to tell the weight. The shipper has no scales
  • dutch724dutch724 Posts: 6
    I have a 5 speed 1990 Nissan pickup and it has 204,000 miles on and the only things I have had to replace was a water pump, U-joints, and valve cover gasket. It is by far GREAT quality. I change the oil and give tune ups when needed. The 89' 4x4 Nissan pick up I had before this one had 475,000 miles on it before the tranny gave out and I sold it. As far as I know it is still running. I stand behind Nissan......Toyotas are just over priced!
  • dutch724dutch724 Posts: 6
    Pull the gauges out and mess with the plug behind them. sometimes mine got really dusty or shook loose. clean the connections really well then plug them back together and see if they work before you put back in and screw it up.
  • pchalkerpchalker Posts: 1
    Can you discribe the year and model and if it was an extended cab (two piece) drive line you replaced? Can you tell me where you purcahsed the driveline and how much it cost you?

    [email protected]
  • I need a sending unit for a 1993 Nissan 2WD, Standard Cab, 2.4L, the fuel tank and sending unit are next to impossible to find for those trucks, the way I can find a sending unit is from the dealership, I was extremely fortunate to find a fuel today from a local scrap yard, I'm just wondering a sending unit from other model years with the same engine and model would work also?
  • seawiz79seawiz79 Posts: 18
    Does anyone know if Nissan is going to offer the bed that is in the king cab model on crew cab models? I know Toyota does this, will nissan follow?
  • whitywhity Posts: 2
    if the belts are in good condition you don't need to change them... here the trick that works all the time! get some dot 3... and drop it on the belt when the engine is running. if the fan is making it impossible then shut the enging off and do it but you will probably need to do it a couple times to get the job done... no more squeeling!! i found out the trick 20,000 miles ago... not a squeel sense!
  • I have an '85 4x4 Nissan Hardbody that has developed a glitch somewhere in the electrical path to the starter. I recently replaced the starter and just had my battery checked to make sure it is OK. When I turn the key to start my truck, I can hear one of the relays clicking under the hood. I have even gone so far as to pull apart my steering wheel column to make sure the problem was not my ignition switch. Does anyone know if the problem lies in my starter relay? Is this a common problem? I understand that there are two relays involved in starting my truck, a main relay switch and the specific starter relay. I can only hear one relay that clicks, but I'm not sure if that is the bad one or if both should be clicking when I turn the key. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :confuse:
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