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Mazda B Series



  • rmnixonrmnixon Posts: 21

    Check your owner's manual regarding when the A/C comes on. I have a 98 XLT ext cab and the manual says that when it is less than 50 degrees F the A/C will only come on when you select A/C or MAX A/C. Let me know what you find out. By the way I concur with your write-up above.
    Tricky Dick.
  • Tricky,

    Guess your right about the 50 degree thing although it hasn't been cold enough in Massachusetts yet to try it out. depite this I still prefer complete control or perhaps like the Hondas wherre ac comes on in defrosting modes but then can be shut off if driver prefers. Best of both worlds.
  • edh1edh1 Posts: 1
    98 B4000 owner -

    About the Auto AC: I could swear it is coming on even at below 50 degrees F, Anyone know where the temp sensor is and how accurate it is? I also thought that a seperate AC control would be better. Besides that the truck has been excellent.
  • Hi all. I am REALLY interested in getting an new Mazda B5000 extend cab 4x4 loaded. I am getting it over the ford simply because of the 60000 drive train warranty. Do you all know why Ford just doesn't up the warranty on its truck? The 2 are basically the same and to me, the warranty issue is huge (have a 94 voyager that would have cost me thousands were it not for that warranty.) I am thrilled to see all the positives by you current mazda owners...give me confidence that I am doing the right thing.

  • Been watching ac compressor. If it is quite a bit below 50 it will not come on. Near 50 it still does. Temp sensor location I do not know but again give me a seperate ac button.
  • I have had the clutch replaced in my '98 B2500 for the second time. It no longer chatters but has a terrible rattle between 1500 and 2000 rpm. With the clutch disengaged, there is no rattle. The Mazda service rep from Boston agrees there is a rattle but says he doesn't know what it is. (Since the clutch was replaced this is a good place to start). He said until it becomes really noisy, I should turn up the radio and put the fan on a higher speed so I won't notice it. ( he even put this in writing).

    Does anyone else have a rattling clutch problem? I'd like to hear about it.
  • Find out RIGHT NOW what your state's lemon law is, get your paperwork together and make them replace that truck- trouble doesn't go away when you ignore it. My fear for you is that your dealer plans to let the lemon law period run out and then argue that you will have to pay for repairs. I drive a 91 B2200 w/ 130k and have never had problems of any kind. Your new Mazda should ride like a magic carpet...a quiet one! Best of luck!!! Dizzy2
  • AirwolfAirwolf Posts: 142
    Has anyone put a JET chip (or other) in a newer (96+) B4000? or any other model? If so, what types of performance boosts have you gotten? Has it been worth it?

  • parryparry Posts: 1
    I own a 98 B4000 x-cab 4x4 and it has 7000 miles on it! To this date have had NO Problems except a bad wiper blade! No problem local dealer was fantastic about it and rplaced under warranty!
    Previously owned a Toyota and it was a great trk also,but Toyota Dealers are Very Proud and wouldn't Deal! I enjoy the Mazda very much and it is More Comfortable to me and seems quieter also!
  • jlh2jlh2 Posts: 2
    Just bought a loaded '99 B4000 ext cab W/4 doors. Has 500 miles. So far, so good. Traded a Dakota. The Mazda seems like a tighter truck. Less road noise and more creature comforts. The 4.0 L auto trans works great.

    The good reports on this site, as well as several good reports from Edmunds (Ranger road test), Consumer Reports, and Consumer Digest helped me decide to go the Mazda route. Liked the Toyota (reputation for reliability), but I didn't think it was very comfortable. I'm fairly tall and the Toyota isn't very friendly to people over 6 feet.

    I'll try to remember to give a report back in a couple thousand miles.
  • Hi fellow Mazda owners! I bought a 1997 b2300 last year and have logged a quick 58,000 miles. I am finally growing tired of the lack of cruise control. I checked with the local dealer and was informed that they cannot add cruise control to the 2300/5speed combination. Any ideas concerning aftermarket options? I really like the truck, but I have really been trying to talk myself into trading. Other than the above mentioned, the only other thing I wish I would have waited for was the extra 3 inched of cab room behind the seat. I am 6'1" tall and the truck is a standard cab. :)
  • I have seen pictures of the year 2000 rangers with 4 doors. Just like a little crew cab. An abbreviated box maintains the length of the current extended cabs. Will mazda be offering the same type of truck? Hopefully not at a hugely inflated cost.
  • AirwolfAirwolf Posts: 142
    I'm sure they will, since they are the exact same truck. The Mazda just has a different bed, better warrant, and lower cost.
    I didn't see Ranger pix, but I did see Isuzu/Chevy pics for the 2000 (U.S.) Hombre/S-10. Funny thing you know, they've been building those trucks in the caribbean for over 10 years. Crew Cab mini-trucks are nice and small for carrying, but they work down there. I don't know what took them so long to introduce them here.

  • 4 Aftermakrket cruise--There were a couple of places in So Cal that offer aftermarket cruise control but my experiences with a '97 B2300, 5spd, Xtra cab is that it wouldn't work when you hit the slightest incline. The truck seems to heavy for this engine. Maybe the newer 2500's are that much stronger.

    For a time I commuted 110 miles each way against traffic and would have loved cruise but just knew that the 4 banger couldn't handle it.

    Otherwise it has been a solid little truck but I'm seriously considering selling it to get the 4.0 litre Ranger or Mazda with the cruise, tilt etc. unless someone has experiences with aftermarket products that could boost the power of the 2300 without messing with emissions set up.
  • kjtgkjtg Posts: 49
    with the bed being different i wonder if ranger covers would fit it. here all the mazda trucks are sold with a drop in liner. so it could be hard finding some to fit it.
  • drctkdrctk Posts: 1
    hi all, I am going to do a commercial for Mazda. I have a 94 3000 with 169,000 miles and have had no problems other than a waterpump. This truck has been a workaholic for me. I have driven tons of turnpike at high speed and loads of farm roads with potholes. The truck looks and runs great and has been extremely economical to own. I look forward to my next one. I own Ford Motor stock and feel that put money back into my pocket by buying Mazda. My Ford trucks (Ranger and F150)couldn't hold a candle to this one
  • weslwesl Posts: 53
    That 94 3000 you own is a Ford truck with a Mazda badge. The 3.0 V6 under the hood is out of the Taurus. Take a look at the names stamped on the parts. Just about everything you see will say Ford on it. Later, Wes.
  • rich40rich40 Posts: 4
    Hey everyone, Just wanted to share with everyone that I got a 99 B4000 4X4 SE extended cab today and so far I'm loving it. Seem to me though somewhere on the net I saw where there is supposed to be two keyless transmitters included in the deal, is that right?
  • I own an '87 B2000, with 106k miles, manual transmission. I've had it for 7 years and it's been real reliable, but not exactly exciting to drive. However, lately it's been running poorly. Poor gas mileage, about 17 mpg. When it is damp out or real cold the truck exibits sputtering, sometimes it idles real high (sounds/feels like 3000 rpm, I have no tachometer) and other times it idles so low that it stalls out. The low idle is also accompanied by sputtering and loss of power. I think its a problem with the carborator. I used a fuel additive, spray on carb cleaner, and tried higher octane gas and nothing seems to help. I am thinking now of rebuilding the carb or buying a new one. Has anyone rebuilt the carb on this truck? how much would a new one be? Are there any adjustments I can try that may fix the problem? Am I on the right track here?
  • Hey all,
    I am looking at a 3.0 V6 Ranger/ B-series truck. I am going to get the 3.0 v6 on either, but the only determining factor is which dealer can get it for me cheaper. I like styling of both. My question is, has there been ANY problems with the truck that ANYONE has seen? I have 2 friends with the B-Series, and they say that their trucks run great. The only catch is that they are fairly new. One is a 95 or 96 (it is the old styling) I think and the other is brand new. The 95/96 has about 60K miles, and still runs great. I know, I drove it two days ago. I would consider that pretty good. Has anyone had problems with the truck(s)? Thanks for the input.

    Also, ROBBEAR, I suggest you buy a new truck. the truck is 12 years old and ran a great ride. I have a old 13 year old Toyota Pickup. The gearbox and clutch are messed up, but I figure, if it lasted my father 11 years and me 2, then I guess we got our money's worth. That is why I am going to trade the blue bomber in for a new Mazda/Ranger. So you ask: If your Toyota lasted for 13 years, why not buy another toyota? Well truth is, I believe that when my father bought the car, toyota was actually trying to serve the people with great cars and trucks. Now, it is more a business. The tacoma that is comparible to the 3.0 V6 ranger-B3000 is about 18 Grand.
  • Has anyone driven the ranger on long trips. I was
    wondering if back pain was an issue. My back started to hurt after only a short test drive. I
    wish the lumbar support was available on the 2wd model.
  • hahirahahira Posts: 1
    It's good to hear all the great reviews on the Mazda B-Series trucks. I plan on buying a '99
    B4000 4X4 Extended Cab at the end of this year. I think they are sharp looking trucks, and Mazda has a reputation for making solid vehicles. Has anyone out there driven one with the 5 speed automatic? Will appreciate any feedback.
  • zigster38zigster38 Posts: 117
    Hey guys1

    Great discussion...what kind of mileage are u getting with the 4.0 6? And where can I see the y2k trucks?


  • LohengrinLohengrin Posts: 84
    Anybody think it's weird Edmunds put the B-series on their "foolish car" list? They said it's because B-series cost more than Rangers even though they are the same truck. I thought it was the other way around with Rangers costing more.
  • Lohengrin,
    I agree with you. Again I refer back to my cousin's experience and a family friend's experience. They both have Mazda B-series trucks: 2500-2months and a 3000-4 years, respectively. The reason that they purchased the Mazda was because they went to both dealers and were given a total different price range. The choice between the two was not based on personal likings or experiences (since essentially they are identical), yet it was which would end up cheaper. The argument that Edmunds sets forth about the import parts being more expensive, is valid under a normal import vs. export battle, but I fail to see the point of that due to the fact that they are both built off of the same platform assembly line. Any problems related to the electrical, power trend etc. would be parts made in America. What's the deal Edmunds?
  • rich40rich40 Posts: 4
    For Hahira
    You are planning on buying what I bought 2 months ago. Mine has the 5 speed auto and works fine. The only problem so far is the driver seat started squeaking real bad so I pulled it out and lubed it and now everything is great. For everyone else I think the Mazda is a better buy than the Ranger. When you compare all the option the SE comes with against building a Ranger to the same specs the Ranger costs more. When I got mine the rebate was $750 more for the Mazda also.
  • cdg19cdg19 Posts: 15
    I haven't read all the posts so I don't know if anyone has mentioned this before but the Mazda truck has a 4 year 50,000 mile warranty and the ranger has a 3 year 36,000. I had a 93 ranger 3.0 V6, it was a great truck without any problems. I traded it at 60,000 miles.
  • cougars2cougars2 Posts: 3
    I have a 98 B3000 3.0 V6.

    I've noticed a slight knock in the driver door when I stop and start when the temp is greater than 80 degrees. I didn't hear it all winter, and now that it's getting hot here in Texas, it's back.

    Anyone else ever get this?
  • Cougar,
    My friend owns a b-3000, It is a 95. Everything works fine on the truck, including the doors. We live in South Beach, Miami. Temperatures get higher then 90 during spring, and summer is unbelieveable. My point is that most of the time it is 80+ and there is my problem.

    My cousin has a 99 B-2500. The only problem that he faced was electrucal, which was fixed under warranty. He has mo problems with the doors so far, So sorry to say, you are the only person that I know with this problem. :(
  • garthrgarthr Posts: 11
    Saspowered....I have driven a Mazda for an hour test and found the seats to lack lumbar support also.I have had back problems also,and being 6'4",gave up on the Mazda/Ranger duo because of the seats.Ford used to offer some killer power sport buckets with lumbar support,but that was '97 and earlier. I ended up buying a F150 with a power seat,and am very happy...lot's of room for my legs...and a excellent seat.It's a little bigger than I needed,but the 4.2v-6 gets within a couple of mpg to the 3 or 4 liter.The regular cab/short bed F150 has a shorter WB than the SC Mazda/Ranger,but still has some room behind the seat.It's too bad they don't offer better seats for the Mazda/Ranger anymore,I think they had to streamline options to cut costs,no suprise there.
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