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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • alphawolfalphawolf Posts: 100
    "So if you have to wait till mid-June to get your car, my take is that it's well worth being patient."

    You're right. I was just talking to my best friend and he's listened to me talk about it forever. I also watched the Motorweek show with him and when he saw the Titanium Limited they showed he said "Wow. That looks like a Mercedes kind of car"

    I won't be happy with anything else and would regret any other I just sorta made up my mind. Even if I need to order it I'll just rent for a couple month if need be.



    Dean [not Deanie ]
  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    It was Jordan7 who bought through UBS, not me - I was denied the chance because of where I lived. I don't know the answer to your question.
  • lakedoglakedog Posts: 15
    I'm on my second week of driving my new limited, I am amazed with the power. My only fear so far is that the door areas are so vast, it's like a blank canvas waiting for those parking lot dings. Does anyone else wonder why Toyota didn't think about maybe placing a strip of some kind along the sides to give a bit of protection? At first I was not in love with the Phantom Grey color, but it seems to be "growing" on me each day. :D
  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    Hi Alphawolf:
    I live in and bought in Maryland, not Florida.
  • ski1003ski1003 Posts: 41
    I have the XL with the grey interior and Titamium Metallic exterior. I really am happy with this combination. Especially witht the grey interior. I have 2200 miles on the car now and have not had any problems. My only regret is not selling my trade-in myself and also doing more bargining with the dealer. I brought the first one in the area and paid MSRP for it. 29300. It has remote start (which I don't need), moon roof, home link, and upgraded radio. Also carpets, and emergency kits.
  • mi_satmi_sat Posts: 42
    Does anyone know what the residual value (%) is for an XLS, 36 month lease, 15,000 miles/year?
  • BOY DO i KNOW THAT FEAR------it is the reason why I hate parking anywhere
    in new york city---what I have done is placed pumper strips on the side doors
    and on the pumper themselfs the car looks awful with those strips but better safe then sorry especically when you try to sell a car to a dealer or person to person sell ---you will loose a $1500 to $2000 on a sell due to scratches and ding and dents-- I know I have sold may last 2002 solara and gotton evaluations on the body.I try to park far away from other cars which sucks due to the fact that you have to walk a long way from the car-----but you know what even worse is the
    little monsters(children) who don't know any better and open the doors from SUV and caravans those little Critters do not have any regards as to how they get out :cry:

    VOOOOOOMMMMMM/---280/hp I still got gas---gasoline that is ;)
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Your right about the kids, they swing the doors open. As far as walking, it's good for us, I do the same thing. Have you ever noticed the other clean looking cars parked far from the rest of them. They think like we do, and better parking away so we prevail and don't get those door dings, and moldings don't stop them either because of the curves of most doors.
  • Rewop,

    I know exactly what you're describing. My Audi A6 (aka the Ouchie) does the same thing when you're coming to a stop but don't completely stop before accelerating again. The problem is caused by the blasted computer, not the transmission itself. The computer tries to figure out if you're looking for power or fuel efficiency and anticipates it, but in doing so can't decide if it should use gear one or two. There is a fix for this problem in the Audi, which is replacing the standard chip with a performance chip for a mere $1,200. I opted not to go that direction, because it eliminated the problem by always going for first gear and launching the vehical rather than delaying and then choosing a more smooth acceleration. I'm going to guess that such a solution will be available to Avalon owners in the after market parts arena.

  • Mack,

    BINGO!!! This is not a problem with the transmission or the car, this is simple physics. You're trying to move 4,000 lbs of metal "fuel efficiently" and with some spunk! You're going to have the hesitation. It is a fact with larger heavier cars that this will happen. If this is really, REALLY bothering anyone, then I invite you to put some performance parts on the vehical and change the dynamics of the car. The "hesitation" can be reduced, but not removed.

    OH YEAH!! Speaking of driver styles, another thing I know for sure is this can be a byproduct of what brand and octane level of fuel you put into your Avalon.

    Has anyone tried changing filling the car with regular unleaded instead of premium or vice versa?

  • 3puttmax,

    I actually know the answer to this one. This is the "newer" satellite radio specification. I wonder if someone who helped build DOS decided on the 8 character display. The limit to 8 characters is simply that there isn't a lot of bandwidth on the satellite carrier signal to send a lot more data. If you sent more data you would start hearing a longer delay before the station "tuned" in. It's the same delay you get when using satellite TV and you click on a station you want to watch since there isn't a limit on descriptions for satellite TV.

    Yes, it does suck, but there isn't a whole lot anyone is going to do about it.

    Physics just bites sometimes.

  • avalonfanavalonfan Posts: 28
    A great use of the rear sunshade is at night to reduce the glare of headlights those oversized SUV's shine on you. Works great.
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    Thanks ski1003,

    The only regret I have is that I did not finance the car at the dealership to obtain a better price on the car, and then pay the loan in full after a month or two. Of course, I would have had to ensure there would be no-penalty for pre-payment.

    Those of you who have not bought yet, and are considering paying cash for the car, may find this an effective strategy to get a better deal.

    - Paul
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    just me, you wrote: "As far as walking, it's good for us, I do the same thing." Yes, I agree walikng is great exercise for my wife and I!

    We pay particular attention to stray shopping carts, especially on windy days! I always try to park away from cars, and uphill.

    - P.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    A couple of years ago I pulled into a gas station on a very windy day. I then opened my door and the wind took it and blew it into a metal stanchion protecting the gas pump and I received a chip on the edge. So I even watch for that now and pull my car ahead a bit so if the door flies open it doesn't connect with anything.
  • 3puttmax3puttmax Posts: 119

    Thanks for the info. It's actually 10 characters, not 8, but same idea. Sorry to hear the limitation is built into the XM radio spec. I thought some of the cheaper receivers you can buy at Circuit City or wherever allowed you to scroll the text info, getting more than 10 characters. Anybody know about this?

  • Hello All,
    I bought a 2005 Avalon Limited April 4, 2005. I was originally in the market for a 2005 Camry but the recent redesign made it have less driver to steering wheel room than my 2000. After looking at many different cars and reading my Consumer Report Car guide for 2005 I settled on the Avalon.

    I have had 6 weeks of frustration with the Toyota dealer/service department.

    The sales department tells me no one has complained of the problem and the service department ran diagnostics and tells me there is nothing wrong with the car. However, the problem still exists. Our family has owned a variety of toyota's over the last 25 years. I have owned 3 myself so I am not out to get Toyota. I would just like to have the problem fixed. Is anyone else is having this problem with their 2005 AVALON.

    Here is the complaint I filed with NHTSA:

    I have had repeated problems with the automatic electronic transmission in my Toyota Avalon 2005 Limited over the past month. I have had the car to the dealership to have diagnostics done. The dealership told me there is nothing wrong with my car and I would have to "train" my car computer to drive. I have over 1500 miles on the car and I continue to have the same problems. I drive the car and make starts and stops several times without issue, then at the next stop I start out and the car seems to shift immediately to a higher gear and I have to hit the brakes to avoid hitting other cars. Other times, I will press the gas pedal and have no response for several seconds before the car takes off. It makes it very difficult to merge into traffic as I never know when the car will go or not go. There are yet other times that it will start off normally and then seem to get stuck in what seems like second gear and rev for several seconds before shifting. Previously, I have pressed the gas pedal and ended up lurching forward when the shift finally occurred. Now I let it rev until it shifts itself with no additional gas pedal depression. While this has stopped the lurching, it has left me venerable in that I can not depend on when the car will accelerate so I can avoid accidents with other vehicles, people, and objects. This has been quite frustrating. I consider it a matter of my life and death because I take blood thinners and if I am in an accident, it could and quite possible would cost me my life. Please let me know what can be done to encourage Toyota to deal with this problem.
  • future1future1 Posts: 103
    "This is not a problem with the transmission or the car, this is simple physics. You're going to have the hesitation."

    Well, given the number of "hesitation" complains about Toyota's models that use 5spd automatic transmission coded as "U151E", it follows that there are 2 sets of laws of physics -- one set for U151E, and the other set for all the other transmissions. This "simple physics" explanation reminds me of a typical Lexus/Toyota response: "the car operates as designed". After a few years of doing that, Toyota recently turned around: Company addresses 'hesitation' concerns
  • :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:

    don't tell me--- it only works when you hand the car to toyota?

    did you know that the car is equip with a box that tells toyota what you
    are doing kinda like a black box---its good to have when you have an accident
    it tells toyota what is really going on at the time of crash ,plus its harder to sue them with this box attached---reason is that they know what is going on with the car and driver.----tell them to look at that.

    Man sounds like a fluke----are you sure you are not using the shifter and for some reason you leave in 3 or 2 gear? remember you have to go up to +5 to have it run
    in all gears when you stop and start again without shifting---common man your smart.
  • justgreat47justgreat47 Posts: 100
    this is a clear example of having to "pinpoint" the problem that you are experiencing. the best method is to set up an appointment with the service department and have a tech drive along with you until the problem occurs. most driveability problems of this nature will NOT be corrected by simply calling up and making an appointment to have them "look" at the must take the time and stay at the dealership until the test drive with the tech can take place.

    as i have said in earlier posts regarding this problem, an automatic transmission is a compromise of sorts, it doesn't have the selectability of a manual and therefore, there will be instances when the tranny will not act the way you want it to!! also, just because on previous cars you have owned and not had a problem of this nature it doesn't necessarily mean it's a problem with the transmission. almost all automatic transmissions these days, have electronic controls to meet stricter emmission laws; which means more and more the computers are determining just what you can and can't do with your car. jackg 90seville 96k
  • bikegalbikegal Posts: 50
    USA TODAY in its review of the Avalon commented on the hesitation problem. Do a search for the link.
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    You are misquoting the article. The author never mentions the car actually hesitates when the gas pedal is pushed. Since you don't actually own the Avalon I have to wonder why you show up in this forum every few days and keep repeating the same old anti Toyota diatribe. No single car can please everybody. Every car has its unique characteristic that suits some people but not others. Passing your own personal subjective opinion as absolute fact is certainly not helpful. The fact is the overwhelming majority of Toyota/Lexus owners are very happy with their cars.
  • y_althaniy_althani Posts: 19
    Thanks Avalon Bob for the gr8 discription ;) My R&B & Rap CDs r ready :P

    cant wait 2 get my hands on Black Beauty AVVY :shades:
  • angeange Posts: 158
    I don't believe the rust spots on your garage floor is from the exhaust system,I am told it is made of stainless steel.There is a trace of sulfur in current gasolines that forms weak sulfuric acid during the first few miles as the condensate dries out as the system gets hot. This is why people who drive several miles and don't really get the exhaust system dried end up with frequent mild steel exhaust problems.

    All US refineries have to install facilities to remove more of the sulfur traces before the end of the year. With the better gasoline quality exhaust systems should last much longer.

    Many exhaust systems have a small hole in the exhaust pipe, at a low spot, to allow the condensation liquid to drain out. If you have mild steel in the system and you run the engine about 5 minutes you will see condensation driping out the hole or out the end of the tailpipe. You then will see amber rusty spots.
  • future1future1 Posts: 103
    "The fact is the overwhelming majority of Toyota/Lexus owners are very happy with their cars."

    Well, I am a 2005 ES330 owner, and I am happy, as long as I am not accelerating from a stop. :D

    Incidentally, Toyota recently released a new Technical Service Bulletin that addresses transmission hesitation issues in 2004-2005 Lexus ES330 (which uses the same-coded transmission as 2005 Avalon). I would not be surprised if this TSB will make it soon to Toyota's dealerships as well.

    The improvements include (I am quoting from the TSB):
    -- Reduced downshift lag when accelerating at speeds from 10 to 20 mph
    -- Less gear hunting when driving on/off accelerator pedal at 20 to 30 mph
    (for example: during heavy rush–hour traffic)
    -- Improved response rate during heavy acceleration from a stop

    "author never mentions the car actually hesitates when the gas pedal is pushed."

    Ok, here is what he (the author of the Avalon's Review in USA Today says:

    "A sometimes-indecisive transmission is the one mechanical hiccup noticed during the test drives. In stop-and-go traffic or cruising at walking speed looking for an address or street sign, the transmission can't settle on a gear. Little jerks and shudders come through as the transmission hunts for the right ratio. Disappointing in such a well-done car."
  • star51star51 Posts: 17
    Motown, although you consider mentioning the hesitation problem to be "anti Toyota diatribe", when a Toyota/Lexus driver finds that his car hesitates as he, for example, tries to merge into interstate traffic flow from an on ramp and shockingly discovers that the car hesitates and then lurches forward, it is hardly diatribe but a bad accident about to happen.

    Toyota is well aware of the problem, having already published a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) to correct the problem on the Lexus, and is expected to soon do the same for the Avalon. You can read the TSB here: link title
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    Wow of the dozens of reviews on the new Avalon, the detractors seems to be fixated on one lonely review that mildly criticized the Avalon. The fact is if you are constantly varying speed between 5 and 25 mph or whatever you are going get gear hunting. All the naysayers seems to claim how "dangerous" the transmission is but cannot produce evidence of a single accident. Common sense dictates that with so many "defective" cars out there, there would have been couple of hundred accidents by now. And why are you posting Lexus TSB on an Avalon board ? The Avalon doesn't share the same powertrain with the ES so it is premature to think the TSB will apply to the 05 Avalon
  • chipmunk47chipmunk47 Posts: 39
    Thanks for the information about the rust. It was not me that had the spots on the garage floor though. I noticed the rust at the end of the tail pipe. :)
  • jl618jl618 Posts: 64
    We also have a Blizzard Pearl and will be interested in your installation of the Awell system.
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