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Acura TL Maintenance and Repair



  • mdw1000mdw1000 Posts: 171
    Hello all,

    My wife and I have started talking about getting a TL. We are getting tired of the poor reliability of the so-called "American" cars and have heard great things about Acura reliability.

    However, after reading some of the messages on this thread I am not so sure! I am very concerned about the transmission problems you guys have been discussing. Sounds like this has been an ongoing problem with honda ATs? If so, does anyone know if they are coming out with a new tranny anytime soon?

  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    IMO, Honda/Acura are not as bullet-proof as they once were, but still far ahead of anything domestic, or from Europe.
  • Is it me, or does Acura Problems & Solutions have the most threads compared to BMW Problems & Solutions and Lexus threads?

    JD Powers award 2004 D=1

    I really don't want to buy a Lexus, they're so boring. Why can't Acura get it right?

    See the new RL? Looks just like a BMW. First the tail, now the front.
  • I have a Nissan Maxima 1992 that rattles/rumbles the car like an earthquake whenever I am at speeds 45-55

    Initially, I thought it was the transmission. But after the mechanic rotated my tires, the problem went away, but only for a few months. Then things started to rattle again. So I decided to buy new, expensive sporty tires. Problem solved? Not quite. Things were ok for a few months, then the rumbles returned. Is it the weight distribution of the car that causes uneven wear in the tires or perhaps the way the tires are unevenly spun by the transmission?

    What's my point? If Acura fixed their rattling/vibrations issue with "new tires", what happens when it is time for you to buy new tires? Do you have to buy your tires only from Acura to prevent the vibrations? Will Acura/tire Manufacturer still make these special tires down the road?
  • latexlatex Posts: 4
    I recently purchased a Motorola V525 and having a problem pairing. Can anyone help?
  • another you need to "re-link" the phone every time you turn off the car? i just paired the motorola 710, and left the car. when i used the car next, the phone was not "linked" to the car, and just rang as if it was never paired. I then had to go through the phone connections menu to relink it. is there any easy way to do this?
  • I have a White Diamond Pearl 2004 TL. We purchased the car in May 2004 and already there is a noticeable difference in the color of the doors, hood etc, and the plastic front and rear bumpers. I thought I had seen some discussions about this when I was researching the car. Have others noticed this and have you been able to get anything done about it.
  • I'm kind of shocked by comments on this board (Relax, I'm not here to pick a fight. I'm from a family of Honda owners).

    The new TL are great looking cars. I was curious to see what current owners are saying but after scrolling through the last 20-30 postings, I'm not exactly impressed.
  • Does anyone have a sense for how many cars/buyers are affected by the shake/shimmy/vibration problem that occurs at mid/high speeds and is frequently brought up on this forum? Is this afflicting only some cars or is it more rampant and actually a definite design issue? I would bet someone afflicted with the problem may have a sense for how rampant it is. Also, is the vibration significant and VERY noticable? I just got out of a '97 Mustang GT convertible which I really liked, but it did definitely suffer from vibration, especially on rougher roads, due to a host of reasons, including the fact that there was no roof! Quite annoying - definitely the most major flaw in the car.

    This is a fairly disturbing flaw, IMO, with one poster claiming that he was told by service that it's a drivetrain issue. Has Acura adressed this? Again, anyone know the frequency of occurance?

  • Seems the problem is wider-spread than my local dealer or Acura Customer Service want's to admit. I just had all 4 old PVC tires replaced with 4 new TU2 tires, but the vibration is worse now than before. I've opened a case with ACS. I'm hoping a resolution won't be difficult. I also read my lemon-law handbood, especially the part that says "substantially impairs the use, value or safety of the vehicle". I would think if vehicle "A" had a vibration and vehicle "B" didn't that vehicle "B" would have more value. That and if I can't get resolution, every squeak and rattle will go back to the dealer for resolution while I get their loaner car.
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,327
    Is this a constant problem? at certain speeds? Is it intermittent? on certain roads/paved surfaces?
  • gordsgords Posts: 13

    Hello fellow Canadian. I think we may have crossed paths earlier in the Major Fourm on the TL. I still have not gotten rid of the 02 Odyssey EX-L, but am a little concerned about this vibration problem. Have you experienced this yourself, and are you happy enough with your TL experience to recommend the car. We had Fords (6 of 'em) before switching to Honda. I love the fit and finish in what is essentially a MOM mobile, and was hoping that Acura as the premium badge bearer would offer us the almost perfect car (van) experience our Honda Odyssey has. Any remarks would be most appreciated. Thank you in advance ..... GordS
  • With the origional PVC-coded tires, my problem was flatspotting only. After they ran a few miles they seemed fine and I didn't notice any vibrations at any other speed. They were rebalanced once which resulted in the origional flatspotting and vibrations at speed (40mph-60mph). With the new TU2-coded tires I can't tell how much of the vibration is flatspotting and how much is something else, but they vibrate from ~30mph - 70mph with more vibration at some speeds than others. So both times I took it in it has came back driving worse than before.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Hi gords. I have not personally experienced this vibration/shimmy problem than others have reported. I've got about 3500KM on my TL so far. Overall I'm very happy with the TL. It's a car that I can envision driving for 5+ years. I don't say that too often about any car I've owned. The last one that I felt that way about was an '89 Accord coupe which I ended up keeping for 8 years. The only significant flaw that taints the TL, IMO, is the intermittent squeaks, creaks, and rattles. Sometimes when the conditions are just right, and the stars are aligned in the universe, the car is rattle-free, and that is a teaser as to how great and pleasurable the TL can be if everything was bolted tight. Oh well, I guess nothing is perfect.
  • mdhaukemdhauke Posts: 202
    Well, if you look only in the "Problems & Solutions" thread what else do you think you're going to find ;) You go to any thread that has as many readers and posters as the Acura TL (there aren't many) you will find a Problems and Solutions thread with as many posts if not more. You see, why every message is mostly about a problem is because that is the only reason people post here. So take everything here with a grain of salt, no matter what make you have there will always be a few cars that have problems.
  • I noticed tonight my trip computer said 9 miles until empty. I stopped for gas and "crammed" the tank full with 14.5 gallons. Since the tank is 17 gallons, can you recallibrate the trip computer accordingly?
  • mdhaukemdhauke Posts: 202
    No, this is done on purpose. The miles to empty is misleading because it isn't the number of miles until when the tank is truly empty but the number of miles that Acura thinks that you should refuel your tank. It's like having a 3 gallon reserve I guess. A lot of us wish they would really give the true miles to empty but there is nothing we can do about it.
  • Why not file a complaint to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regarding your TL's vibration issue?

    As mentioned earlier, these new tires are a "quick fix" What happens when the tires wear off and you need new tires. Can you find tires made specifically for the TL to rid the vibrations?
  • I will, but want to give ACS a shot at resolving the issue first.
  • gordsgords Posts: 13

    Many thanks for your insight and advice on your TL ownership. I am looking forward to hopefully picking up the keys to one very soon.

    Safe motoring...

  • Tomorrow I will be picking up my new manual TL. I must say after all I have heard on this site I am a little nervous to plunk down $33K on this car. Because there seemed to be so many complaints with the OEM tires on this site and on the TireRack site I decided to have them upgraded to the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S, we get a fair amount of snow and I want to be on the safe side. The dealer is charging me $310 to do so. I really hope like everyone does that none of these problems will exist for me. I will be checking in to keep everyone posted on any problems I have, and hopefully the fact that I have none!!
  • Has Acura improved or fixed the vibration problems on the new 2004 TL? Is there anyone who has a fairly new build who can say if things are better now? Was it just from the EL42 tires or other causes?
  • nkeennkeen SE PennaPosts: 316
    I just bought a 2004 TL 6 speed manual. No vibrations or squeaks yet, but a slight pull to the left at speed that the dealer replaced two tires to fix (I'll see if the fix has worked tomorrow. Evidently there's a service advisory to address this.)

    While mine was in the shop I drove a loaner with around 5K miles and auto trans. Much rougher feeling than my car. It vibrated below about 1900 rpm in top gear -- I put it down to the V6/tranny combination harmonics. It also rattled a little around the transmission tunnel. Opening the two fake carbon fiber storage covers below the radio seemed to help. The ride handling compromise is better in the manual car -- still absorbent but less floaty.

    The stereo is good, but perhaps not as strong as my VW GTI's (talk about reliability -- trans replaced, ignition coils, abraded wiring underhood, window winder mechanisms, under-bumper panel fell off, etc., etc.) Monsoon when playing mono recordings.
  • I am considering buying TL with AT. My only concern is the AT recalls on the TL's for 2002, 2003 and 2004. Either Honda cannot solve the cause of the problem, or they figure it is cheaper to recall. Either way, how much of a problem is it? Is it worth living with it?
  • jkgjkg Posts: 8
    No need to be nervous. The 6 speed manual TL is solid, fast and fun. Had mine almost 6 months with no problems and one interior squeek (fixed). I traded out factory high performance tires for similar, longer lasting HP Bridgestones.
    Pilot Sport tires are very good, also. Enjoy the car, knowing you made a wise decision over the auto. transmission, or competitor rwdrive cars. We will not be stranded or scared of driving in snow, as is typical of high powered rwdrive cars.
  • I've owned a 04 tl for about a year and had nothing but's on the same level of a GM car at double the price!
  • are you an acura salesman? I expect a problem here and there, but i've been back to the dealer 7 times in less than one year!
  • nkeennkeen SE PennaPosts: 316
    My 2004 TL (6 speed manual) pulls to the left and the steering loads up much more in a turn to the right than in a turn to the left (it almost falls into a turn to the left and feels as though it's fighting gravity in a turn to the right). The dealer has replaced both front tires, which has improved the situation a little, but has not fixed the problem. The alignment, front and back, has been verified to be within factory tolerances. Anyone any ideas?
  • Picked up my 6sp manual TL on Saturday. So far no rattles or squeeks. It runs beautifully. But I have to ask if anyone has had difficulty adjusting to the headlights. I see a "cliff" between the 2 headlamps and they seem to throw a broad beam instead of one that is higher and further like I am used to. I called the dealer and they said this is normal and that it would take a couple of weeks to get used to. I felt like I wanted to drive with the high beams on the whole time. How have you all adapted to this??? Also, does anyone else find it hard to find the OFF switch amongst all the other settings for the windshield wipers? Any input welcome. Thanks
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