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Acura TL Maintenance and Repair



  • mdhaukemdhauke Posts: 202
    "My 2005 TL has 550 miles on it. I've heard different mileages when people get the first oil change done. Please let me know what you think. Thanks."

    When your maintenance minder tell you to.
  • Are you saying that your TL does not vibrate when shifting from 4th to 5th gear or from what I've read on the forums from 40-55mph? I am trying to find out if it is just a few TL's with this problem or all TL's. Also is the problem limited to just 2004 TL's or is it 2004 & 2005 TL's. And does it matter if it's automatic or stick shift?
  • I have the same questions, have you found anything more out? I am interested in buying a used 04 for a little less than an 05 new. I am wondering if I should avoid the TL altogether because of these transmission vibration issues? I would go for a G35 coupe, but the RWD won't work well in Chicago. THe ES is for older folks, and the 330xi BMW is really pricey - AWD. I would appreciate your thoughts/recommendations.
  • After problem-free driving Acura's for the past 8 years (1989 Legend & 2000 TL) I'm thinking about getting another TL. I love my 2000 TL but it's at the point (60K Miles) where I'll need tires, belts etc. soon and want to trade up before I have any problems. I've looked at the Infinities, Lexus, Caddys and I keep coming back to Acura.

    At first the new body style bothered me. I thought it looked too much like a BMW-immitation, but I'm getting ready to test drive it this week and may pull the trigger. Does anyone think I should hold out for the 2006's to come out?

  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,127
    Only about 1600 mile, no tranny probles, no vibrations and no cracked leather. I found the TL to be significantly quieter than the G35X with a much smoother ride. Loved the power of the G35 (the TL is no slouch!!!) and the stick to the road of the G35. But in the end, the (IMHO) superior internal and external style of the TL, ride and noise levels carried the day. Honda/Acura has long had a solid rep for build quality and reliability. My family has owned several Hondas & Acuras with nary a problem to mention. That is not to say that every one built is flawless, but I think the odds of getting a winner are quite high...

    '13 Jaguar XF, possibly my favorite of all the cars I've owned. But, my '09 Jag XK was a beauty, as was my '05 Acura TL, '88 Acura Integra, '84 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo & '78 VW Scirocco (my first!). And, of course, the '92 Nissan Sentra SE-R and '95 Saab 900s I bought for the ex... Ok, I like a lot of the cars in my life.

  • Hi- I just bought a used 2004 Acura TL with 24,000 miles on it. Car is great but the gas mileage seems unusually low. I've been getting 17 to 18 miles per gallon in city and a bit of highway driving (mostly city). Have been driving very conservatively. The dealer put on new tires that are H rated (which are properly inflated). Was told that it should have V rated tires. Could this be causing the lower MPG? Last service was at 18,000 miles. What are others getting around the city? Any suggestions?

    Also the gauge will say empty and then it will turn out once I fill up that I have 3-4 more gallons in the tank. Anyone have this problem too? I can't get more that 240 miles on a tank at the moment which seems low to me (especially after my 35 mpg civic that got more miles on 10 gallons.)

    Thanks from a new owner
  • First of all, I dont usually post at this kind of forum because I find it funny just to say
    "hey, my car is in a great condition, no problem" and I believe happy car owner doesnt post at this forum a lot, but I think some of the posts are misinformed.

    I bought my G35 a couple months ago (only 600 miles tx to the snow) and also bought a used TL (auto non nav) with 25k miles last week. I got to admit for having been lurking at this forum for sometimes, and finally pulled the trigger. Its one of the first TL on the street (oil-jet installed), was bought in nov 2003. I know that the car has higher mileage than usual, but everything is in perfect condition, no rattle or vibration, flawless with a slightly better gas mileage than my G35.

    Speaking about vibration, I think TL is very quiet compared to my G and my cousin's 6 month old corrola type s. The only thing that TL lacks is rwd. It has great handling and performance (not just good but great) for real-world driving (unless for pro-racer).

    I'm still babying my new G35 and intend to keep it that way (low mileage) but driving around with the TL actually give me another satisfaction. I dont have to worry about break-in period, snow, fun to drive, best audio and its a looker too.

    I test drove 2 TLs before I bought mine and found no vibration issue except paint chipping around the muffler area and front bumper, wrinkled leather and one with scratches on the wheel. The one that I got is flawless but the mileage is too high and the passenger side's leather has a wrinkle.

    Anyway not all TL has the same flaw and its not a flaw by design. Test drive some used one just to get an opinion. I know thats what I did, and I am now a happy owner of the new TL and G35.
  • I have a 2002 TL Type-S and I had my transmission replaced at 30,000 miles and now at 80,000 miles (last week). What bothers me the most is how Acura Client Services is handling the situation. They are trying to sweep all the issues under the rug and deny as long as they can. I am sure all of you are enjoying your 2004 and 2005 TL's, but you are not out of the woods yet. I talked to my service guy and he said they are having a few issues with these models that corporate is not admitting to you yet. I would make friends with someone in service at your local dealership.

    My adivce to someone who is looking to buy a new TL is to find one where the Vin# starts with a "J" and not a "1". If it starts with a "J" it means it was put together in Japan and not here, like the ones that start with a "1". I love America but apparently they do not know how to put a car together. I was told that the only cars that are having the transmission issue is the TL's put together in the US.

    The problem is there are to many chat rooms/forums to go to and everyone is not able to see all the problems that are going on with these cars. I have seen on other forums where people from 2002 on have complained about the leather cracking. I have seen multiple years complain about the tranny and the navigation.

    Don't get me wrong, I love my car, that is when it works. If it was not for my local service department that takes good care of me, I would have gotten rid of my 2002 TL Type-S a long time ago and would not have leased my wife a MDX.

    Right now I am trying to get Acura to make my TL back and give me a decent trade in on a 2005. I am hoping that Acura will stand by their product. I have taken my car in for every single service suggested. I bought an Acura because of its reputation to last a very long time with minimal issues. With my current car I have not experieced that and I know that they know that they have an issue that they do not want to take care of properly. I can replacing the transmission once and saying we found the problem, but now a second time.
  • Lemon? MT6 Spd 2004 TL:Brakes squeeling,failed, squeeling and Vibration and Tire wear

    ------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------

    I need some help--2004 TL July -9,300 MILES, Stick shift with Brembo brakes--BRAKE FAILURE ,SQUEELING METAL (very loud all of the time), AND VIBRATION at 5th gear at 55 -60 mph ( steering wheel actually shakes) and NOW tires wearing fast. I have a 6MT July 2004 TL 9,300 miles and have had squeeling from the beginning. I asked the Dealer if there were any service bulletins or recalls and they said NO twice AFTER THEY LOOKED AT THE PROBLEM. Than took it to get serviced at another dealership and asked theM AND THEY SAID no until I took it in and than they told me there was a service Bulletin and told me they would replace the brakes but had to reschedule ( UGH !). Than took it in and they told me that they would only replace the brakes and I asked what about the vibration from the possibly scratched rotors and they decided to replace the rotors supposably. They wanted to refinish the rotors and TOLD THEM NO WAY.
    Than I asked about rebalancing and checking the alignment and they said they checked it and THERE WAS no problem even though it was vibrating. Than I drove it and slowly the squeeking and vibration returned louder than ever. AND than the brakes failed ( good thing for stick shift) with the right brake vibrating like the wheel was going to fall off. I called the ACURA dealer and they told me that they could not fit me in for another week !!! . I told them that I demand that they give me a loaner now since I am driving without brakes ( If I appliced them , they worked but the entire car front of the car vibrated like it was about to explode) and they need to fix it. After hassling with them for 30 minutes , I got an appointment two days later. Guess what, the right caliper FAILED . They replaced it ( I think they screwed it up when they supposeably replaced the rotors and brake pads ) and asked again to check the balance and they noticed that the internal mass balance weights were destoyed ( basically the caliper came apart and ripped the inside of the alloy wheel ( I noticed this after I picked up the car and should have asked for a new alloy wheel). Well, now i have an appointment for the third time with brakes working STILL WITH a very LOUD noise ( everyone stops and looks at me when I stop the car next to other cars on the roads literally) and need to know if ACURA does have the answer or do I file for the lemon law and maybe the 2005 TL has the proper Brembo brakes without any problems.

    What about this lemon law in Pennsylvania ? How hard is the process? I like the 5 series BMW except the rear wheel drive will not work in the snow and the Infinity might be my only option but no stick shift .

    What should I do.
    NO PATIENCE in the Northeast !!!!
  • gee35coupegee35coupe Posts: 3,475
    There are no J VIN's.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I wish they were...
  • jsf09jsf09 Posts: 5
    Okay, read through pages of these postings and became very annoyed. I own a '04 TL, traded in a BMW for it in August (smartest decision even with my tire problems). If you are one of the few who don't have issues, well goody-gum-drops for you, but there is a problem, Acura does recognize it and is replacing tires on the car to try and fix the problem. So for all of you who like me are having problems, call Acura, not your dealership but main Acura. Some '05s are having problems too. According to the Rep from Acura if you didn't get an '05 with the Navi you may have tire issues since the tires are Bridgestones. 05s with Navi have Michelin's and are fine. The NSX has the same problem, burns through tires in 6-12K, and the 350Z's are having similar tire issues. Don't let a tire problem keep you from enjoying a GREAT car, the most fun, responsive 4-door sports car on the road (personal opinion of course). However, I do know it's not a little problem, the whole car shakes, makes steering difficult and has nothing to do with thinking everything should be perfect and everything to do with safety and what's normal, this kind of shaking is NOT NORMAL. The performance tires are softer, you drive on them, get them nice and hot, they stick to the road better. Now you let the car sit and the tires cool off, leaving a flat spot (again very soft tires) this is causing the vibrations and shaking. The longer the car sits the worse the vibration is. Anyone else out there with the problems...I feel your pain. Call Acura, get them replaced and trust me you'll fall in love with the car all over again.
  • lexylexy Posts: 5
    anyone here own the 2001-2004 lexus gs 300's? Looking into buying this OVER the new TL due to tranny problems, rattles, noises, and MULTIPLE other problems in these forums on the TL's

    Problems with lexus - very few, and NO rattles or TRansmission problems!
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Yeah, but they have the sludge problem with the V6. And the styling, like almost any Lexus/Toyota, seems awkward at best.
  • lexylexy Posts: 5
    there is no sludge problem - the gs have INLINE 6's and V8's - sludge problem on the earlier v6's on suv and toyota cars - NOT ON LEXUS GS
  • jsf09jsf09 Posts: 5
    This is a TL Problems-forum. Trying to help people who have similar problems, save people time, energy and frustration. Visit the Lexus forum, I'm sure you will hear very similar issues.
  • You must be kidding right?

    I dont own a TL but my brother in law own a GS300. His comment was Its a boring car. 220 hp/220lbs torque with 43k price tag and cant even outrun an V6-accord.

    And if you read its review you'll get the picture
    But I agree that GS300 has very little problem but also you have to remember that they only move 400 units of car per month. Comparing to TL's approx 7,000 unit a month, it will certainly eliminate any manufacturing problem/defect.

    My neighbour lent me a TL 2004 because of the snow lately but with a promise that I will lend my baby the G in the summer. Loved the TL, I just cant wait to show him what my baby got. Anyway I dont see any problem with his 1 year old car.
  • tedescm1tedescm1 Posts: 309
    BBB Arbitration Hearing

    I have an arbitration hearing this week regarding the vibration in 5th gear.

    Does anyone have any recommendations or useful suggestions?

  • my wife's 04TL has the Bridgestone's and has 17,700 miles and 14 months old - tires are down to 3/32 and need replaced. Call the local dealer and was not happy to hear this but would not help. Sensed there is a growing problem here and now we are dealing with Acura headquarters. Any advice on how to get this fixed - car is vibrating over 55 but now until tires get fixed will only drive around town
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I think the key is to get Acura to admit openly that they have no idea what the cause is, and how to go about fixing it. In my previous arbitration, the final question the arbitrator asked Honda was "Can you estimate how long it would take to diagnose and fix the problem?" The answer: "No". I think that, as much as anything else that was said in the hearing, cinched it for me.
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