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Toyota Prius



  • john1701ajohn1701a Posts: 1,897
    > You mean on the Prius, or in general?

    In general. I see a lot of Camry that color.

    > Do you have any data on the most common colors of the Prius?

    Nope. But like you, I believe silver is the popular choice for Prius... currently. And that's probably just due to all the promos using that color. Once consumers see the others, the mix will likely become more balanced.

  • boxfanboxfan Posts: 180
    An article in the current Motor Trend (a "Perspective" by Dan Carney) talks about skid control systems and studies that have shown how effective they are. A few quotes: "Mercedes-Benz's research cites a 29-percent reduction in single-car accidents and a 15-percent reduction in overall crashes, thanks to stability control. Deadly high-speed wrecks were slashed 55 percent." "DEKRA Automotive Research, in Germany, found a 27-percent drop in serious loss-of-control crashes. Toyota reports a 35-percent drop in single-car crashes and a 30-percent reduction of head-on crashes in Japan."

    I don't know about the other studies, but I've read that Toyota's study was comparing accident rates of the same vehicle with and without VSC. From what I've heard, ABS hasn't proven so useful in the real world--the speculation is that people become overconfident when they have it. VSC and side-curtain or other head-protecting airbags both seem to have a real benefit, and it's great that you can get them on the Prius without having to pay for every possible option. It's hard to find VSC on any car in the Prius' price range. VW offers it as an option on all their models. It used to be an option on the Focus, but that's been eliminated because people weren't buying it. In Europe, 50% of vehicles have VSC, vs 6% in the US. Europe also has much lower highway death rates than the US. Here, people just by an SUV because they "feel" safer, instead of actually learning anything about highway safety. Okay, now I'm ranting, so I should stop. But I think VSC should catch on, and it's definitely something I'm looking for in my next car.
  • boxfanboxfan Posts: 180

    "In general. I see a lot of Camry that color."

    Now that you mention it, Toyota has sold a lot of darkish-red cars. My 1990 Camry is dark red, and my parents have a new Sienna and an old Previa in similar colors. I haven't seen the Salsa Red Prius yet, I had the impression it was a little brighter than the red on my car, which is kind of dull. Your picture of your silver Prius on your home page is great, by the way--it catches the colors of the sunset.

    Does Seaside Pearl look brighter in real life than on the Toyota website?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    I just noticed that there are two new Priuses, a Package 3 and a Package 8, being sold by someone in Inver Grove Heights, MN on eBay. I assume this is Denny Hecker's Toyota because the same seller is offering a couple of used Priuses. If it is Denny Hecker's, this is kind of interesting because I stopped in there a week ago to see what kind of deal I could get (owning another car purchased from Denny Hecker's and having received an offer for $500 off from another dealer) and the sales manager told me that they used to give $500 off but don't anymore because of their long waiting list. Apparently their waiting list isn't so long that they can have two Priuses available to sell on eBay, with the current bid on the Package 3 car (Millenium Silver) at $19,600, almost $2000 under MSRP (but the auction still has a few days to run).
  • 009751

    If yours is less than or near to this, you may have defective transaxle.
  • john1701ajohn1701a Posts: 1,897
    > Does Seaside Pearl look brighter in real life than on
    > the Toyota website?

    It's actually darker, a deeper blue.

    The online color samples aren't all that accurate when viewed on the typical monitor.

  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    I do like the Salsa Red Prius and the Salsa Red Sienna. The Red on the Camry looks like it's trying to be a sports car, which the Camry is not. So I prefer Stratosphere on the Camry.
  • I initially ordered the Tideland Pearl. I was visiting in Seatle and went to one of their Toyota dealerships and there were 11 Prius's on the lot! They were all sold. I saw every color except black. The Tideland was a dark almost blue/grey with almost no green. There was no metalic sheen to it. I was very disappointed. Not only was it not attractive, it was a dark color and would show dirt very easily. I changed my order to the less exotic silver. I like the darker interior as it will age more gracefully (I think)

    Now how did Toyota of Seattle get 11 cars in one shipment? (they were all sold of course)
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Toyota of Seattle had 11 Priuses on order by their customers and they submitted it to Toyota and guess what? POOF! They got the Priuses.
  • oldfoxoldfox Posts: 29
    My Prius, which I hope to pick up before Christmas is Salsa Red Pearl. I Have seen this color and it is a bit like Candy Apple Red but just a hint more maroon in it. Very nice color for the small Prius. I See very few red and many, many Silver on Prius and most other cars - Silver seems to be the most common color. The blue is very nice, not too dark. To each his/her own. Gee maybe thats why cars come in different colors.
  • ...mnemko...At least here in Dallas, there are sooo many cars on the road that is either Silver or Maroon (which is another name for Salsa Red). I have taken some high res pics of my Salsa. If you like, I can e-mail them to you. Just let me know.

    I remember reading somewhere that stated Silver is the most popular car color in the country. I wished that Toyota would have given us more of a choice of colors that does not exactly mimic what other manufacturers are using (vice versa). But then again, I can understand that Toyota want to stay with the current color trend for the industry. I really hate seeing a bunch of cars that has a similar color to my Salsa. The last thing I want is to blend in with the crowd. I prefer to be different. Thank goodness I don't drive a Camry or can not go to a stop light here without seeing one (along with a sea of SUVs).

    My first choice was Salsa and my second (which is actually my wife's choice) was Silver. Luckily, the Salsa was available first and I decided to go for it. I do like the Salsa very much and IMO I prefer the contrast between the head lights/tail lights and the body color. The Silver does not show as much contrast in this respect as the Salsa because the whites/silvers of the lights blend in with the body color.

    Sorry for the rambling...Good luck with your choice. Tony.
  • As for MPG, I am averaging between 41 to 43 MPG. I do make a lot of short trips. Terrain here is pretty flat with very low rising hills (if you can even consider them hills). Our temperature lately have been in the low 30s and high 60s with plenty of sun. It's intereting but during one last weekend with alot of running around town, I average between 49 to 52 MPG. I was very surprise to see this and was pretty happy with it. I need to remember to snap a few pics for my records. Tony.
  • I am a new subscriber to "Consumer Reports" and in the lattest issue (Jan'04) they did a study on Plus Sizes for cars. I have not had a chance to read the entire article but from a chart, it shows that changing to Plus One tires and wheel will make ride comfort, hydroplaning, and snow performance worst. However, Plus One also give increase performance in areas of Wet/Dry Braking & cornering, Emergency Handling, and Ice Braking. I will change out my tires when the OEMs are worn out but at most will change to 195/60/15. Check out the full article when you get a chance. Tony.
  • Thanks for the info. My Prius starts with 17,000+...I should be ok...Tony.
  • azstanazstan Posts: 74
    Yesterday we drove over 200 miles on various types of terrain (mountain, two lane roads and Interstate). Return segment of 123 miles was about 1/2 Interstate with lots of traffic where I averaged 54.1 miles per gallon mostly staying within the speed limit (while dodging 18-wheelers took me briefly to 80-85 mph).

    I have no complaint about this car with the way it rides and handles. Wind was not blowing so did not notice any cross-wind. Ambient temperature was in the 70's (southern Arizona).

    Using "B" going down hills a few times was noticeable and felt good.

    Wife is 5'1" and I am 5'10". We both feel quite comfortable with seating and visiblity. More adjustment in the seats is not an issue whatsoever.

    Navigation works quite nicely, but took me quite a bit of study and experimentation to use it. I am not very impressed with the Nav manual included. I am somewhat of a computer "nerd" and enjoy new technology (part of my reason for buying the Prius).

    Color we have is Seaside Pearl...why don't they just call it Metallic Blue? Looked rather dark in our garage and on the Dealer's floor...but looks quite nice outside in the sunlight.

    So far I am very impressed with this car. Only thing that concerns me is what it will take (cost and time) to keep it maintained. My philosophy in owning cars is to keep them maintained while driving the hell out of them (distance...not necessarily speed...our other car is a 1992 Camry XLE which has 238,000 miles on it).
  • azstanazstan Posts: 74
    Sylvia...please remove one of my posts "Just turned 1000 miles". Was not paying attention.
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    It's interesting that Ford discontinued VSC on the Focus. I read some reviews that claimed this was one of the best VSC systems on the market. Guess the cost of it bundled with air bags and ABS pushed the MSRP too high for their liking.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    On the Tideland Pearl, I am beginning to think now that it is the color of the car in the C/D 10Best issue. In the photos it looks like a medium grey, darker than Millenium Silver. Since Prius doesn't come in grey I was puzzled as to what color it was, but based on posts above I'll bet it's Tideland Pearl. If it really looks gray that would be OK with me as long as it's not too dark--we'll have to see when it comes in.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Is on its way to becoming a much greater problem that ABS can/will ever be.


    First, VSC (PSM,etc.) is almost always coupled with Trac.

    Trac is fairly simple to explain in that all it really does is prevent wheelspin if/when too much gas is being applied for the circumstance. Early versions applied braking to the driven wheels while simultaneosuly dethrottling the engine.

    Newer, more modern versions still apply the braking immediately but delay the dethrottling slightly to give the operator time to react and lift the throttle on his/her own.

    VSC/Oversteering, more common to RWD.

    If the rear is coming around to the right then the right front brake is applied lightly to create a braking "moment", force, counter to the motion of the rear. To the left then the left front brake...

    VSC/understeering, more common to FWD.

    The assumption would be that you're trying to turn left and the car isn't tracking the steering angle. At the moment there are two different methods in the marketplace for overcoming this problem. One of these is to simply apply both rear brakes on the theory, correct, that slowing the car will always help. The other method is simply the reverse of the over-steering cure, apply a single rear brake to create a "moment", force, this time as an aid to the steering angle.

    The problem with all of this is that driver's will see/feel its, VSC/PSM/etc, effect as no different than a new set of tires with a larger contact patch.

    Without some feedback to the driver (providing a learning experience) indicating that the car has just approached the "edge", and why, most driver's will simply begin to rely on VSC, again and again, just as they would the bigger contact patch.

    One of the reasons I like the ABS implementation is that vibrating brake pedal tells me that the tire/roadbed adhesion coefficient is not up to the task at hand.

    Do you know that BMW now has a system that will counter-steer the car, against the driver's steering inputs, if their VSC says the turn is too tight???

    Now that's going a bit too far!
  • My wife (5'9") and I (6'3") are continuing our trip back across country soon. Will leave snow-bound Cape Cod and travel to Georgia, then to California. Total mileage for both trips will be around 6,700 miles. So far, we have no complaints regarding comfort, sound, gas mileage, etc.

    We did note the gas gauge problem and hope that it will work itself out.

    The color is "tideland pearl." We had no choice here. This color is a striking, although slightly muted green. We think it's quite handsome.

    Unless you require lots of space or lots of off-road driving, this is the best car I can imagine. Of course, I'd like a few additions. How about a solar array on roof to add to battery charge? ;)

    Thanks to group for providing some useful info on gas gauge.
  • djasonwdjasonw Posts: 624
    I stayed at work until 6:30 on Friday (day storm began) (to avoid the traffic) and my BC Silver held the road like a freight train on rails. Never once did I feel like I would lose control. Anyone on the fence about VSC should definitely give it some consideration. Once I arrived home I took my Jeep Liberty out to get fuel. Even though it outshined the Prius in acceleration from a standstill (no wheelslip), it could NOT hold a candle to the Prius with respect to stability around corners or changing lanes. The car manufacturers better get their act together because VSC/ESP can definitely prevent accidents in the hands of a well trained familiarized driver. I am quite convinced that the Prius with good winter tires would be a very good snow car.
  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    In today's Boston Globe, the auto section had a big piece about Honda's recent announcement to have ALL of their cars equipped with ALL of the safety related options as standard equipment before the end of 2006: ABS, Trac, VSC along with side air bags and curtains!

    They recognize that safety is a big, big issue in consumers minds and the typical approach to packing safety items with pricey options (a la Toyota, etc.) isn't socially responsible.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    I saw it on the local news a few days ago.... Sounds interesting. Guess Honda thinks that people shouldn't pay 5 grand for VSC.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Such a driver would never have over-driven the Jeep to the point wherein loss of control was approached or entered.

    Sure, the Jeep can be driven over the "edge" while a FWD vehicle with VSC/Trac cannot, at least not as readily, but in the end it is the driver who is responsible.

    But I would be willing to bet you that I could take your Jeep and beat your Prius in a snow or ice storm anywhere you want to designate.

    If you drive your Jeep as a "well trained and familiarized driver" it will always outperform the Prius in ice and snow.
  • I think this has been previously discussed but I have not found the discussion. If you are not interested in how the fuel guage operates, just scroll on down.
    I only have about 900 miles on my ODO. After returning from a 300 mile trip, I had only one segment on the fuel guage. I had about 45+ miles in MPG but I went ahead and filled the tank. Temperature was about 35 degrees and it only took 6 gallons to fill the tank. Have others experienced this condition and go by the number of miles traveled since "reset" to determine when to refuel?
  • djasonwdjasonw Posts: 624
    I can assure you that I'd rather be in a Prius with VSC on snow pack than in my Jeep on snow pack without VSC. I should know, I own both. Same can be said when I had my Audi allroad. I always took the Audi with ESP any day over the Jeep. Not knocking my Jeep Libery at all (I love it), but hit black ice at least you have a fighting chance with VSC, not so in a Jeep.
  • My husband and I decided to buy a Prius (red with pkg #3) due in before the end of year over the 2004 Honda Accord LX even though the Prius will be ~$3000 more expensive. We like the salsa red color (for those who have not seen it in your area, look for a 2004 Camry which also shares that color).

    However, we don't like the light tan interior as far as showing dirt. (The salesman told us that the grey was just as light in color.) Has anyone bought/found well-fitting seat covers for this vehicle? With our family needs we need a dark grey color to hide our messes.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    you're going to find, that like ABS, VSC will be of no help on black ice.

    Basically, VSC depends on differential traction coefficient F/R. Understeering, rear brake(s) are applied on nthe theory that front traction is clearly already all used up. Oversteering, etc.
  • Is anyone else having difficulty (i.e., no luck at all) accessing Edmunds' Full Test of the Prius? The link's been posted for a week on the home page, and some of you have quoted from it, I think (dB levels, etc.)

    I thought I'd be patient, hit refresh 20 or 30 times, and maybe it would just appear. It hasn't...

    Update on my Kansas City wait for M.Silver Pkg 4, order placed Oct. 17: Dealer said they're getting approx. 3/month - opined that people are becoming disgruntled with the wait time and are instead running over to Honda and scooping up Civic HB inventories. He seemed just a little peeved at that concept ;^)

    Thanks for all the great info on this board. I'll keep reading and bugging the dealer when the excitement becomes too much to deal with!
  • I just took delivery yesterday on my Prius. It was a long wait (for me anyway) of 8 weeks and here in southern CA it's still a matter of being on a list and then being called by the dealership with whatever comes in. I really wanted a salsa red with package 8 or 9 but, you get little choice, unless you order. My dealership said the cars coming to southern CA are all packages 3,6 or 9. I'm happy with what I got but not too happy with the dealerships tactics. I used Toyota of Santa Monica. The "added" Lo-Jack ($750)and paint protection ($400) without being asked. They know with the current waiting list of customers that we probably aren't going to say no. When I asked the salesman about this he said "well, others dealers are putting a 1000-1500 charge onto the cars just because they are hard to get. we thought we would at least give you something for paying that". What a RIP! Of course I paid full MSRP. They did deal a little on the extended warranty though. They started out at $1500 and knocked it down to $1000 because I paid cash for the car.
    I guess there isn't much dealing you can do with a car that is in such a high demand.
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