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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • right now, there is 2500 holiday incentive for X5 expiring Jan 4, does BMW have this kind of promotion often?
  • In addition to the tax credit for the X5 diesel, there is a local sales tax credit as well, correct? Up to sales tax paid on $49,500 for locales that have sales tax?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 62,987
    It's not a sales tax credit, it's a sales tax deduction from your Federal income tax..

    There is an MSRP cutoff... Vehicles above a certain amount are not eligible, at all.. not sure if the X5 is one of them.


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  • Yes, I shouldn't have used the term credit. However, it does appear that an individual will have a deduction on the sales and excise taxes and similar fees paid on up to $49,500 of the purchase price of a new vehicle, not that a vehicle above that amount will make it ineligible.,,id=214016,00.html
  • Is the $1,800 that has been mentioned in this thread applicable to the 2010 model, or only for the 2009 model?
  • Bought my X5 xDrive35d yesterday. Figured end of day, end of month, end of year ... and with a $4500 rebate ... would be a good time. But one never knows! Here's what I bought in Salt Lake City:

    Titanium Silver Metallic, Black Nappa Leather, Dark Burl Walnut wood trim, Cold Weather Package, Premium Package, Premium Sound Package, Rear Climate Package, Technology Package, Comfort Access keyless entry, Multi-contour seats, Napa Leather Dashboard and Center Console, Running boards, Smartphone Integration, iPod and USB adapter, Satellite radio, Roof Rails. They are throwing in rubber floor mats (including the cargo area).

    Total MSRP as Built $68,125 (incl destination charge)
    Invoice price $64,320 (per Edmunds)
    Incentives & Rebates $ 4,500
    Net Price $59,820
    Price Paid $62,125
    Dealer Profit $ 2,305 (3.58%)

    They said their normal profit was about 6%.

    I don't feel bad about the deal, as the $4500 rebate expires Jan 4, and they are building the car next week, with delivery in about 7 weeks (maybe less?).

    How did I do?

    By the way, about the only thing I could have added is the Adaptive Drive, the $3500 (MSRP) option. It's a pretty pricey car as is, but will I regret not having this option?
  • You did well. The best deals are around $1000 over cost. About $2K over is still very good.

    If you are already asking then just get the adaptive drive. There is no body roll and its still not much stiffer on the flats. Drive them side by side if your still uncertain.
  • I live in St. Petersburg, Florida. I've been looking at several 2006 CPO X5s. Prices vary quite a bit, as you would expect, by mileage, equipment, etc. But this is my first time looking at non-US cars, so I have no idea how much "room" the dealers usually allow themselves in asking prices. I'm not a low-baller, but I don't want to be a fool either, so I could use some help knowing roughly where I might come in with an offer.

    Here are a couple of example cars from dealers that seem to be reasonable. There are a couple of other dealers that are thousands higher but I don't think I want to fool with them.

    These are all CPO 2006 X5s, assume typical equipment.

    4.4i, 32k miles, $36k
    3.0i, 31k miles, $32k
    3.0i, 44k miles, $29k

    What should I expect to pay for these? Asking price? -$1k? -$2k?

    Your advice appreciated.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,259
    Shoot for $5K off asking price. There is A LOT of wiggle room in used cars, especially used BMWs.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • Hi
    I need help with deciding as to how important and useful the following features are

    -- premium sound package
    -- head up
    -- automatic high beam

    I have got a price for $58100 for the following - premium,premium sound,cold weahter,rear climate,technology,3rd row,ipod,running boards,auto high beam,roof rail,head up display - MSRP is 66275 --- Is this a good price
  • Also does anyone know if I can still get the $1800 credit if I get the vehicle delivered by Feb 2010?
  • The eco credit reported is good if you accept delivery by 2/28/10. I strongly suspect the eco credit to continue until they move all 2010's past March 2010.
  • Those options are not important. If you are a hyperaudiophile, you would replace the components in any case. The standard audio with the premium/tech package is very good particularly with your iPod attached and controled thru the new iDrive system.

    Your about $8K discount from MSRP is a good deal. I would not ditch the deal if you have to suck up those three extra options as they are, at best, in the nice to have but don't need category.
    Congrats and enjoy.
  • I think the previous poster was referencing the IRS $1,800 Alternative Fuel Credit, and not the Eco Credit from BMW.
  • You are right . I was referring to the $1800 alternative fuel credit
  • THe automatic high beam feature was not worth it to me nor did I consider the Heads Up display. Its another potential maintenance headache and if you use your high beams, you can see very well. (I live in the Northwest up in the hills and we do have wild deer. I have always been able to spot them with the lights alone) Also on the running boards, I have them on my 2010 and one caution I would offer is that they do hit the back of your pants leg when you enter and exit. If you have dirty roads you could end up with dirty pants legs. Just a thought. I'm retired so its not an issue with me. On the price they were offering 4800 credit for diesel (which I took advantage of) plus there was an 1800 tax credit and I used the COSTCO buying program so that was another 2300 off. I got the nav system, but it is a piece of junk and doesn't find many addresses. Roof rail I got just for re sale. Alot of folks like it. I didn't get the 3rd row option because it is a little tight.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    Hey, there are issues in new bmws, so about reliability, I'd say stay away from a 75k miles bmw x5, but if u really want to have a bmw at any cost then u should get it.

    Personally, I don't have an experience about old bmws.

    What I can tell u is, I backed out from getting a brand new bmw after hearing about reliability issues and other technical problems.
  • I was just offered a 2009 x5 3.0 Demo with 8k miles, premium package, 3rd row, contour seats, sport package, headed front/rear seats for $52,400 ($54,900 - $2500 holiday cash).

    Is this a good deal or do you think there is some more room on the selling price? I am under the impression that they could get it down closer to $53k pre-holiday cash but it's hard to find a deal exactly like this to support that thought.
  • risa00risa00 Posts: 17
    I need some help please. We are looking to order a custom car and are trying to figure out pricing. The MSRP came out to $62,375. The invoice came out to $57,315. We tried autobrag but never heard back from the dealers. We need to close hopefully tomorrow (Monday at the latest) to get the financing and cash back. We live in the Seattle area and the best deal the local dealers are giving us is $2k under MSRP to $60,3xx. Suggestions on what we should be paying? That seems high to me considering we are special ordering it so it's not like it's been sitting on their lot at all. We also are looking to trade in our car which is why we haven't looked too far outside of the WA/OR area. Thoughts? TIA!
  • They smell your need to close quickly. Month, Quarter and Year ends are over and they know you know about the rebate ending so they will soak you. I'd bet that the eco credit will be extended past 1/4/10. The 2011's are rumored to be comming in March. I'd hold out til the end of the month and save several thousand dollars. I'd bet you could order for 8K under MSRP and not get fleeced on your trade to boot.
  • Figure their cost is 58% of list price for the vehicles...add 600 to 800 for their trouble.
  • What model? 4.8 ? 35d ?
  • akjuakju Posts: 6
    hi, guys

    I find a car in a dealer website

    Pre-Owned Clear Title
    Stock No:
    Extended Warranty
    6 Spd StepTronic
    3.0L L6 FI DOHC 24V Gasoline
    Exterior Color:
    Alpine White
    Interior Color:
    VIN: 5UXFE43538L031956

    Retail Value $48,950
    Internet Price $39,950
    Your Savings $9,000

    how much I should offer to the dealer?
    Your advices appreciated!
  • Hi Friends,
    We test drove a loaded Q5 today and were offered $700 over invoice but we felt the Q5 may be smaller than what we need. So we will be looking at the X5 (30i and 35D) and ML350. Looking for help on what we can expect here in Southern California? Will it be reasonable to ask for near-Invoice? Also if you recommend any dealer please do so. We are in Pasadena CA. Thank you for your help!
  • Cannot say about the ML but the X5d for $1000 over invoice/cost is a good start. Additionally the diesel has a $4500 eco credit til March. You could get the X5 diesel for $3500 UNDER INVOICE. Don't even consider the gasoline X5 3.0 considering this diesel credit (plus a likely government credit for 2010) and 425 ft/lbs of torque!
  • ordered a 2011 X5 xDrive35i Premium, with 3rd row seats today. The MSRP of $52,475 including Destination & Handling, plus $1700 for 3rd row seats, minus $3000 for Costco auto purchase price discount, and the final price is $51,175. I need wait for about 3 months for it is built out and shipped. Don't really know what is included, since even the sales man don't have much information, and their computer system does not have this model either.
  • I've got a chance to pick up a 2008 4.8 with 6,600 miles for $46,000...

    Car has tech, premium and sports package and comfort access. Carfax looks good - single owner who traded the car in for Benz G-Wagon....

    Is this a good price?
  • tyyeh0tyyeh0 Posts: 43
    I am also interested in ordering a 2011 x5. Can you post the invoice on your order?
  • The sales did not really show me the invoice. They actually divide the MSRP by 1.0625 and then say it is the invoice price. They show me their policy which says the Costco special price is $2000 over invoice which is $2200 below MSRP. I am not good at negotiation on price so you should be able to get a better deal than mine $3000 below MSRP.
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