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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kl07rphkl07rph Posts: 22
    edited April 2010
    Thanks for the insight!!

    I'd like to consider the N55 engine, however the outgoing engine it is replacing (N54, current one used in " "35i models) is highly known for its high-pressure fuel pump failures. Any new engine (albeit twin-scroll and single-turbo GOODNESS *drools*) AND transmission is just asking for trouble as BMW has a poor track record for first-release designs. As much as the new N55 engine sounds, I'd decline now until it proves itself over the next few years.

    Anyway, I was just initially offered invoice plus <1k at a dealer for the 3.0L, so i guess it's possible it can go at or below invoice
  • sandbsandb Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    I am looking to buy a BMW X5 (preferably a 2011 model) in the next couple of months. My buying time is flexible, which can be any time from now till Sep this year. Given this, I'd like to see people's recommendation on when to pull the trigger.

    I understand that the ECO credit is expiring this month. Should I hurry to buy and get this credit before it expires, or it would make more sense to wait another couple of months for possible better deals?

    Thanks a lot in advance!
  • kl07rphkl07rph Posts: 22
    I think if you hold off you will be fine with the diesel ECO credit =). That tax incentive has been prolonged for who knows how I've heard through the grapevine (currently working w/ an awesome CA) that the 2011s for next month still include the 4500 credit hehe. Goodluck!
  • 00boxsters00boxsters Posts: 202
    If you are worried about the new 8 spd tranny then consider the X5 diesel. I have one and it rocks. I don't know what the incentives currently provide but there was a hugh eco credit from BMW and a Fed 1800 diesel credit making it nearly the same price as the gasoline 3.0 but the diesel has 425ft.lbs of torque and 30% or so better mileage.

    I had a 335i twin turbo and I never had a problem with anything on the car, fuel pump or otherwise. I followed the internet boards and suspect the rate of fuel pump failures were less than 1%. I totally understand your trepidation regarding the new engine and new tranny. Consider the diesel, no downside I have found!
  • 00boxsters00boxsters Posts: 202
    edited April 2010
    I ordered my 2010 X5d last August when the eco credit was due to end. It has been due to end nearly every month since. ... While there are no certainties here, I suspect the BMW diesel credit (and federal $1800 til 60,000 are sold) will still be around in August 2011...
  • kl07rphkl07rph Posts: 22

    Haha, you nailed it with the X5d! Test drove it yesterday after much consideration and am in LOVE with that added torque and fuel economy!! Now just need to convince the wife (who will be the primary driver) that this isn't the old school clanky diesel *Benz comes to mind* of the 80s.

    Glad to see a fellow 3 series owner also...although I'll be honest, I chickened out and opted for the 328i because of those hpfp failures prevalent on the internet forums.
  • anon3anon3 Posts: 147
    edited May 2010
    The diesel Ecocredit isn't a "tax incentive". It's a credit/subsidy from BMW. The $1,800 Tax Credit is a refundable tax credit from the federal government is separate from the Ecocredit.

    The Ecocredit probably will be continued for a period of time. The volcano in Iceland caused a production bottleneck for the new X5 in April and orders have been delayed, so BMW probably will not discontinue the credit when orders are delayed. (Quote from my contact at BMW North America "Vehicles are bottle-necked for position due to the delay on parts from Germany due to the volcano.")

    My 2011 X5's production was set for week 18 (first part of May) and was bumped to week 22 because of the volcano. BMW's plant in South Caroline uses just in time inventory, meaning that engines, transmissions, etc are produced and shipped from Europe after an order is placed and arrives just as assembly begins. The ground halt for shipping during the volcano interrupted parts supplies.
  • 00boxsters00boxsters Posts: 202
    Funny how three days of Volcanic Ash flight delays in parts of Europe pushed back production in the USA four weeks.

    I also understand (from a BMW focused site) that production does not stop in S.C. for BMW when a part is not available. They produce the vehicle and just have it sit there awaiting the part.
  • 1lotlizard1lotlizard Posts: 14
    We are considering the X5 diesel. Will there be improvements in 2011 to the iPhone interface and especially the voice recognition? The main competition is MDX, which has superior voice recognition. You can simply tell it what to do in any category (phone, climate, radio, playlists, maps, etc.) and it does what you say. My wife found the X5 required several operations to do this (especially if a change of category is needed) and the phone apparently gets connected in the glove box. I thought the X5d drove very well although the ac fan was very very noisy even at the lowest speed.

    Appreciate any info on 2011 improvements to the electronics and the noisy fan; otherwise, we are probably headed toward the MDX.
  • 00boxsters00boxsters Posts: 202
    The 2011's are on the lot's to test drive. The new iDrive just came out in 2010 for the X5 so I doubt any significant change on the 2011. Recheck another vehicle because the a/c fan is entirely silent on low.

    If the voice recognition is such a major focus for you/wife then go with the boring/bland MDX techno 'value'.
  • zheckszhecks Posts: 42
    Does anyone know what kind of deals can we get on the new 2011 3.5 xDrive X5? I am looking at the Premium + Technology package w/ 3rd row seat as options. Want to know how much I should pay over invoice. I see most dealers are bringing in full loaded models for the initial orders (most of them are $62K+). I thought I saw people were paying $51-53K for the 2010.

    I have the money factor (00.215) and residual info (60% for 3 yrs) for the Premium package.

    Thanks in advance.
  • anon3anon3 Posts: 147
    edited May 2010
    "I also understand (from a BMW focused site) that production does not stop in S.C. for BMW when a part is not available. They produce the vehicle and just have it sit there awaiting the part."

    That's not how production works at the plant in South Carolina. I've been there several times and to assembly plants in Europe also. They don't assemble vehicles one part at a time and they can't build a vehicle and then let it sit until they stick the engine or transmission into the vehicle. The drive train, body, dash board, wiring harness, etc. are pre-assembled parts systems that are married together on the assembly line. Vehicle assembly is choreographed down to the second. If a major component like the transmission or engine isn't available, the drive train can't be assembled and it can't arrive at the assembly line at exactly the right time to marry it with chassis. The car won't even begin production.
  • anon3anon3 Posts: 147
    edited May 2010
    There will be zero drive train changes for the 2011 X5 diesel. It has the same engine and the same 6 speed transmission. The diesel also does not get the other mechanical enhancements that were applied to the gas engine X5s, like the new alternator, brake regeneration, etc. The diesel only gets the exterior style changes. This is well documented in BMW's press release.

    Also, the iPhone isn't normally connected in the glove box. If you see that, you're looking at an after-market connection installed by a dealer because that vehicle was ordered without the iPod integration option. You don't want that after-market connection because it won't work right with the iDrive. Phones connect to the X5 via blue tooth or an interface in the compartment under the arm rest. (That vehicle you were looking at was probably a 2010 model or earlier and probably also didn't have navigation or many options.)

    If that fan was noisy, there was something wrong with it. My X5's ventilation is very quiet and the vehicle has been completely trouble free.

    The new 4.0d engine with 8 speed transmission is only available in Europe for now. It hasn't yet passed emissions testing to allow sale in all 50 states. The 4.0d produces 304 hp and 442 lb ft of torque vs 265 hp and 425 lb ft of torque in the current 3.5d.

    But... keeping the same the diesel drive train is not a bad thing and shouldn't discourage you from considering it. The diesel is an excellent vehicle. I have put over 15,000 miles on a diesel X5 and I love it.
  • anon3anon3 Posts: 147
    Update... the volcano delay is now down to 3 weeks (from 4 weeks of delay) and will possibly be further reduced.
  • 00boxsters00boxsters Posts: 202
    I never posted that 'they assemble vehicles one part at a time' or that they let a vehicle sit without an engine or transmission.

    I recall seeing a post elsewhere, when otherwise completed X5's were delayed, awaiting "release to the carrier" when the topdown camera part was getting (and still are) scarce.

    My intent was to express frustration with the serindipitous volcano three day delay excuses causes weeks of delay as well as the fact that a part (not the engine or transmission) would not necessarily hold up production of the entire vehicle for four weeks.

    I understand that the engines/trannies are deutche made though I cannot brag about my personal assembly line visits ( I aspire to such and a BMW track day or two).
  • anon3anon3 Posts: 147
    This is what you posted: "I also understand (from a BMW focused site) that production does not stop in S.C. for BMW when a part is not available. They produce the vehicle and just have it sit there awaiting the part."

    I was responding to the misinformation that you you were spreading in your post. Although you didn't originate the information and you attributed it to another site, you were passing along information that is completely wrong. The rest of my post just explanation of the production process to demonstrate why that information is wrong.
  • 00boxsters00boxsters Posts: 202
    You left out this more detailed information in my previous post:

    "I recall seeing a post elsewhere, when otherwise completed X5's were delayed, awaiting "release to the carrier" when the topdown camera part was getting (and still are) scarce. "

    This makes more sense to me and I will stand by it. I suspect the readers here will see what we both posted and understand for themselves.
  • sjthomassjthomas Posts: 61
    edited May 2010
    Hello All,
    I have a quote from amex zag network for a 2011 x5d for $56,080.

    This includes technology, third row seating, rear seat entertainment and premium package apart from small things.

    Not sure if this is the right price. Also, there are no incentives for the 2011 Diesel. When I customize a 2010 X5d, I do see the BMW incentives (apart from federal incentives)

    Do you think this is a good price?

    Thanks in advance.
  • 00boxsters00boxsters Posts: 202
    Get the 2011 dealer invoice cost numbers for the base X5d and each of the options you picked. If that cost is about $1000 from your cost then its a good deal. I believe there is an eco credit of $4500 still in effect off of the bottom line... Call AMEX and confirm. Good luck!
  • mtnbiker5mtnbiker5 Posts: 29
    Does anyone know what the story is with the new X5 seatbelt issue? I heard they are delaying again due to replacing the seatbelts.
  • mtnbiker5mtnbiker5 Posts: 29
    I just got the 2011 X5 35i. Its sweet. Sitting in my driveway but not for long. I thought all the new X5's came with the new steering wheel design? I forgot to ask the dealer, too much going on. Car is fast. WOW! Tech, c/w pack, sat rad., really nice. Looking forward to the whole driving experience.
  • 00boxsters00boxsters Posts: 202
    Congrats and enjoy. Let us know what kind of mileage you are getting...
  • keiko9keiko9 Posts: 1
    I have never bought a BMW and I would like to buy one .I found this 2006 BMW X5
    premium,navigation,panoramic,cold weather pkg. for $ 29,950 and mileage 49,640,
    and this BMW is lease return.
    What do you think this price?
  • mtnbiker5mtnbiker5 Posts: 29
    The nav is fantastic. Dead on prescision. Very comfortable. Night riding is insane. Coming off a lexus these Xenon adaptive lights are much better. Car is just sick, period. Did I mention the power the new turbo is kickin now? Jesus! When you stick the pedal, wow, neighbors can hear the "whoooahhhhaaaaoooooh" coming out of her. Great fun stuff. Brought her on the highway this morning, first time on hwy. Holy crap. This baby really wants to run, fast. You gotta hold her back. I was clocking around 95 heading to work and it felt like nothing. My insurance co is not going to like me I have a feeling, nor are the troopers out there. I cant determine gas mileage yet. I havent been fair with her yet. Shes probably not on par as a lexus but honestly who cares. If I have to fill her 1-2 more times a week over when I had the rice burner so be it. I'm a happy camper. If you want to drink Budweiser fine go ahead. Give me a great micro brew and my new X5 and I'm a happy camper. My wife took her out driving home tonight and she didnt want to get out of the car. "lets do that again" she says. heh...heh.....heh...have fun everyone who's getting a new one is all I gotta say. Beep beep!
  • zheckszhecks Posts: 42
    Great Update. What kind of deal did you get on this vehicle? How much over invoice?

  • mtnbiker5mtnbiker5 Posts: 29
    I dont think I got a great deal. I paid $57,200 for the 2011 35i Premium with cold weather, tech package, sat radio, convenience package. I did get the most $$$ on my trade however than from any other dealer. I also like the rest had to wait about a month and 1/2 to get it. Now the dealer of course is filled with 2011's.
  • asharmanasharman Posts: 5
    I am looking to buy an X5 3.0L, diesel, premium, technology, running boards, roof rails. Most of the dealers in NY are not coming below $1000 below MSRP. Does anyone know of a dealer in NY/NJ/CT who will to offer a good deal such as the ones mentioned in this forum (e.g., $1000 above invoice)? Thanks
  • mtnbiker5mtnbiker5 Posts: 29
    Depending on how far you are from the dealer, I would check out Morristown BMW. I know they just got a large truckload of new X5's from SC. I'm not familiar with the pricing on the diesel X5. From a sales standpoint they are having a great year so negotiating is probably somewhat limited. Everything is negotiable however.
  • mqimqi Posts: 4
    I have got a quote for a 2010 BMW brand new X5 3.0si $3000 under invoice, is it a good deal? Thanks!
  • 00boxsters00boxsters Posts: 202
    No its not a good deal. The 3.0 non-turbo 2010 X5 is obsolete. I'd rather by a 2010 X5d or 2011 X5d or X35i. The 2010 3 liter gas is no longer made in 2011. They are heavily discounting them to get ride of the old models.
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