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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mqimqi Posts: 4
    Thanks! Does the 3.0 has any significant mechanical defects which impacts its resale value or is it just obsolete from a style stand point? Appreciate your help...
  • 00boxsters00boxsters Posts: 202
    No mechanical defects, in fact it is tried and true solid. It's engine is a dog compared to the new 2011 3.0 liters however...
  • newbimmer1newbimmer1 Posts: 3
    My local dealer is giving me 2011 X5 35 premium with running boards, 3rd row seat, tech, convenience, cold weather and premium sound for 57,700 (Includes title and plates, Excludes Tax), total 62k out the door with tax. Is that a right price??

    Help will be appreciated.
  • mtnbiker5mtnbiker5 Posts: 29
    It sounds right. I think we're splitting hairs now. As I mentioned I paid 57,200 without the 3rd row. All the rest same as yours. I also got significant trade in $$$ on my car, highest trade in out of any dealer. I also was looking at other car brands but BMW gave me the highest. I think if I had nothing to trade I probably could have gotten my sales price down some more but in the end they hit the number I hoping to get to. I financed as well and they got me a fantastic % rate as well.

    Hope you like the car. Its incredible to say the least. Just wait until you open her up on a highway. Wow. Hope to have her for many years.
  • zheckszhecks Posts: 42
    Sounds like a very good deal. It is about $500 over invoice. Are you in CA, can you tell us which dealer?

  • newbimmer1newbimmer1 Posts: 3
    Thanks, Its in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • mqimqi Posts: 4
    I am looking at a 2010 X5 3.5i diesel. It has 2000 miles on it as a loaner car. The MSRP is $62000. What is a good but realistic price, $48K, 50K or 52K? I can get a 0.9% financing with that one.

  • 00boxsters00boxsters Posts: 202
    Spec it out and find the wholesale/dealer cost and add $1000. Then decide how much the loaner/2000 miles detracts from that value and make sure you get the eco credit too.
  • mqimqi Posts: 4
    Thanks,man, where can I find the whole saler / dealer cost? How much will it be qualified as a good deal after I find the whole saler /dealer cost? Really appreciate it and have a great weekend!
  • sjthomassjthomas Posts: 61
    Anybody heard about the diesel rebates for 2011 X5d?

    Any chance BMW will be offering in future?
  • Firebird_EOUFirebird_EOU Posts: 250
    It's still on till 6/30, then it'll probably get extended again.
  • Firebird_EOUFirebird_EOU Posts: 250
    Did you test drive the x5d before choosing the gas version?
  • zoomazooma Posts: 19
    Am trying to compare Space Gray and Platinum Gray on the X5 (or, frankly, on any BMW). Would prefer Oyster interior. We have not been able to find any to look at in person. If you have seen them "live," would you try to describe the differences and whether one would be better with the light, Oyster interior?

    Also, is the Platinum similar to the 5-series' Dark Graphite Metallic? We loved that with the light biege interior.
  • dcbmwownerdcbmwowner Posts: 8
    edited June 2010
    I have owned BMWs with all the silver, gray and black colors (Titanium Silver, Space Gray, Platinum Gray, black metallic, cosmos blue, etc). I combined those colors with either black or sand beige interior.

    Space Gray Metallic is a medium gray color and was a new/signature color when this current generation of X5 was released in 2007; I've had 2 X5s in Space Gray and like it a lot.

    The Platinum Gray is darker than Space Gray and will have a slight blue-ish background hue in certain light. It's the exact same color as the 5 series. I think it looks better on the X5 than on the 5 series. I had a Platinum Gray 5 series and I think it was a little sedate/bland. I've seen the graphite color, which is BMW's darkest gray with a black background hue and it looks great if you like dark colors.

    Color choice is all subjective, but generally the darker the color, the harder it is to maintain over time because it can show scratches and dirt in bright light.

    Personally, I think the lighter colors are more elegant and show off the contours and contrasts of the interior better. Lighter colors open up the cabin and make it feel more airy and less cavern-like. They don't show dust as much, but lighter leather requires a little more cleaning. Darker interiors don't show dirt as much as light interiors, but they do show every spec of dust. For resale value, some buyers shy away from light interiors (especially Oyster) if they have kids or the vehicle will see rough use.

    If keeping your leather clean is not a problem for you, the Oyster color will look great with any darker color. It's white with a gray tint. The other option is Sand Beige, which has been a standard color on BMW for decades. It's more beige with a creamy yellowish tint.

    Also note that only Sand Beige and Black leather are available with the ventilated seat package if you're considering that option.

    On 2010 and 2011 BMWs, some leather colors are paired with black carpet. So the leather can be lighter colored against the black carpet, which significantly darkens the cabin. That combination makes for a very dark cabin if you pair it with the sport package that includes the dark alcantara ceiling and pillar linings.

    I'm a little bit of a fanatic about paint care and vehicle appearance. The one piece of advice that I always give is this: never, ever take your BMW through a car wash that has brushes or any kind of cloth. The dirt embedded in those brushes is highly abrasive and it's like washing your car with a Brillo pad. It will leave fine scratches on the paint surface that will become very visible in bright light, especially on black and gray paint. If you have to use a car wash, touch free is the way to go.
  • dcbmwownerdcbmwowner Posts: 8
    edited June 2010
    I took delivery a couple weeks ago of a fully loaded 2011 X5 35d after trading a 2009 X5 35d. My dealer told me that the residuals are better on the 2011, making the 2010 a little more expensive to lease than the 2011.

    Also note that my 2011 is significantly quieter than the 2009 or 2010 and the suspension is slightly more compliant. The suspension tuning and the sound reduction make the diesel much less "truck-like" and it feels more like a luxury car now. In the 2009 model, there was no doubt that you were driving a diesel. But you'd be hard pressed to peg the 2011 as a diesel from inside the cabin under most driving conditions.

    There are a lot of 2010s on the lots, but it might be worth comparing payments to a 2011. If you can get a better vehicle for less, what's not to like?
  • eagleeye3eagleeye3 Posts: 44
    Just ordered a 2011 X5 in So Cal for $1000 over invoice, which includes $580 for MACO/Training. Said another way, I received $3500+ off MSRP.
  • zheckszhecks Posts: 42
    I am looking for a 2011 X5 Premium. Can you tell me which dealership did you work with? also, what is MACO/Training?

  • Hello,

    I'm going to order a 2011 x5d this week and I built one online with my options and it comes out to be around $66k before the $4500 eco credit. Could anyone help me to see what's a fair price for the Dallas, TX market? All the dealerships I visited already claim that allocations are "tight".
  • Hello,

    I'm going to order an x5 this week and many dealership quoted me varying prices for the extended warranties. Would anyone know how much negotiating room I will have to purchase one with my car and what the dealership's cost are for the warranty?

  • eagleeye3eagleeye3 Posts: 44
    I got the deal at South Bay BMW in the LA area. MACO is a cost that most dealers in California incur and pass along for CO-OP advertising. I thought the fee was bogus at first, but after reading several forums related to BMW's, I learned that the cost was legit. Some dealers away from major cities may not participate - so MACO may not be incurred or passed along. I think you should be able to get $1000 over invoice if you look hard enough. I ordered mine too - so it's not like I got a break for taking one off the lot. I added the M Sport Package, Convenience, Premium Stereo, and Sat Radio to the 35i Sport Activity. I had to get the adaptive drive and wheels that comes with the M package. Good luck...
  • I came over from the rx350 board - almost pulled the trigger, until I came across the posts here.
    Here is my question though
    I heard carsdirect name dropped a few times decided to go online and check it out
    and I'm getting this...

    2011 BMW X5 xDrive35d 4dr All-wheel Drive Sports Activity Vehicle

    Save Now!
    MSRP Price:
    Invoice Price:
    CarsDirect Price: $45,520
    Pricing as of 06/16/10 in zip code 10025
    Questions? Call

    Has anyone scored for this price?
    I guess Im confused about the 4500.00
    I know a few mentioned 1k over invoice
    plus the 4500
    so that means a total of 5500 off ?
    please help if u don't mind
  • dcbmwownerdcbmwowner Posts: 8
    edited June 2010
    Two things to note about the incentives on the X5 3.5d (diesel):

    1) The Eco credit is $4,500 off whatever price you negotiate. It is price support from BMW North America directly to the dealer and is subtracted from the negotiated purchase price. Negotiate your purchase price and then expect the dealer to reduce the price further by $4,500. Do not allow the dealer to include the Eco credit as part of their contribution to discount off the sticker price. If your deal is $1K over invoice, your net purchase price after the Eco credit will be $3,500 below invoice.
    2) The $1,800 clean diesel tax credit is separate and will not be reflected or noted anywhere in your purchase agreement. That credit is between you and the IRS when you file your 2010 taxes.

    By the way, I highly highly recommend the 2011 X5 diesel. As I posted in other comments, I traded directly from a 2009 X5 diesel to a 2011 X5 diesel. I liked them both, but the 2011 is smoother, quieter, and more composed on the highway. If you're trading from Lexus to an X5, just remember that BMW is sport/performance oriented and there still will be some road noise even though the 2011 is quieter. Don't expect it to be silent and disconnected form the road like a Lexus, but do expect the high-torque diesel engine to make the vehicle feel very powerful. Also, consider the contour seats. The are well worth the money.
  • luckyheroluckyhero Posts: 4

    I am shopping for 2011 BMW X5 35i Premium in Texas. I never owned a BMW before and want to make sure I am not over paying. Can you please let me know what others are paying for this model above invoice?

    Is $1k over invoice valid for models on the dealors lot and also for X5 that are special ordered? Since 2011 X5 just came out, are dealers offering deals?

    My local dealer is quoting ~$#59.8K

    I need following options
    *Convenience package
    *Comfort Access
    *Heated front seats
    *Running boards

    Thanks in advance
  • topvisitatopvisita Posts: 1
    Would you please tell me your dealership name,city and state?
  • I got my X5, this is really beautiful, I really love the ride, i drive etc.

    Just a FYI for Pittsburgh people, my dealer sneakingly added $300 to to the total purchases price, when I caught them, they came up with millions of excuses, and finally managed to get some extra and refused to give me the courtesy floor mats they actually agreed to initially. The reason I took some extra hit because I loved the car and it was already there at the dealership and couldn't wait anymore.

    So be aware of A&L BMW dealership Monroeville, they lie about the initial price to lure the customers.
  • dinh_henrydinh_henry Posts: 14
    I ordered my 2011 X5d on 5/26/2010 at Autobahn BMW in Fort Worth. My MSRP is $59,975 (Premium, Sport, Rear climate, Heated front seats, Ipod/USb adapter, Running board, Roof rail). I paid $56,000.00 out the door after $4,500.00 ECO credit.
  • I finalized a deal with my local Jacksonville BMW dealer for a X5d over two weeks ago and I still don't have a production number because the dealer says they are waiting to be allocated the car. I am frustrated because I really wanted to do the Performance Center Delivery at the end of July. Is this usual or should I be upset.
  • calcocalco Posts: 1
    A local dealer in CO has a car with all my must-haves: 2010 X5 3.0i w/ premium, cold, & climate packages in the right color combo. It was sold in March and has 2700 miles so it is considered pre-owned now. It's been for sale for 1 month so far. What would be a good price to get to - where should I start my offer? The dealer is asking just under 54k, but I'm guessing there must be room to move down. The invoice looks like it's around 50-51k but that would be more relevant for a new car, not a used one - correct?

    BTW, this would be my first BMW and I'm buying not leasing. Thanks for any help!
  • luckyheroluckyhero Posts: 4
    I would say start off at $48K. You can negotiate a 2011 model with same features for~ $55-57K .

    I heard under $1K for 2011 models is a good deal and some dealers are offering it. See BMW fest forums -
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