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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • what package and where did you get it quoted?
    i like to find the 09 x5 but seems all fully loaded...anyone know if any dealers have 09 X5 (close to base model) available??
  • X5 3.0 Premium Package, Premium Sound, 3rd row, Heated seated, Navigation, IPOD connector and Sirius XM

    you will get better deal on 2010 at this point IMHO.

    Bought from NJ dealer
  • rpram1rpram1 Posts: 18
    I thought this information would help others:
    It seems that each dealer (or at least this one) is getting an allocation X5d. I was about ready to order a 2010 and had gone to the website and built the car I wanted. I hesitated ordering because I knew that the car would end up being built in January or February and I wanted/needed the SAV now. I happened to look at the nearby inventory (within 100 miles) and noted that a vehicle with nearly my identical build showed up at a dealer about 50 miles away. The vehicle arrived Wednesday and on Friday it had at least three people battling over the thing. That battle probably cost me $500 but in the end paid $1250 over invoice then reduced that amount by the $4500 eco credit. In the end, the MSRP was $63,975 and invoice was $58,815; so in the end I paid about $55,600 before TTL. Not great but not bad. I will get the 2009 alternative energy credit (either $900 or $1800) and the vehicle is in my garage. It has Tech, Prem, Prem Sound, Comfort Access, Cold Wea, Rear Clim, Ipod, Sat Radio (not sure if I missed anything).
    Less than 5 minutes after I agreed to the price and while I was standing outside; a couple pulled up behind the car and looked at it closely. Another salesman told them it had just been sold and the wife told the husband; "I told you we should have come yesterday".
    One other note is that I think the MPG is better on the highway than the stated 26 mpg - I got 31 mpg on the way home, all highway. My average has since come down to 22.8, but it is now at least 75% city since Saturday
  • Can I ask - how does the $1800 Alternative energy credit work? I assume you will get it when you file your 2009 taxes? Does everyone get it that buys a diesel or are there qualifications? Also, had you ordered your X5 diesel and not gotten it until sometime in early 2010 were they still going to give you the $4500 eco credit? How about the Alternative energy tax credit - would you still have gotten that if you hadn't taken delivery until 2010?

    Thank you for your help. I am trying to understand these credits. The credits seem to justify the extra $4100 the diesel costs over the regular X5 but it is a bit confusing, especially given that there are so few diesels on the lot and most likely will need to order....
  • rpram1rpram1 Posts: 18
    The alternative energy credit is filed with your taxes and it fluctuates in amount by manufacturer and it phases out as manufacturers hit certain alternative fuel sales figures. I think you have to take delivery in the tax year that you are filing for. I think you also have to purchase and not lease. That is the extent of my amateur knowledge.
    The eco-credit is based on when you order the vehicle and whether or not you get this into your deal with your dealer.
    You will likely need to order, I just got a bit lucky on this one.

    The 2010 x5 iDrive and navigation are definitely worth not buying a 2009, so do not even think about that. The system is improved 1 million percent. The parking assist function is also worth the price of admission. There are some quirks with the diesel, but nothing to big to overcome yet. There is a question about the extra cost with diesel prices spreading away from gas prices. There is definitely more torque and power in this diesel and they do last longer.
  • Greetings. I'm a newbie to the fourm... I'm reading throughout this thread (and others) that $500-$1000 over invoice is a realistic mark-up folks are getting from dealers, but when I model out a 2010 35d and 2010 48i on the Pricing System, the TMV algorithm indicates that "others" are paying $5,000-$5,500 over invoice. The regional adjustment in TMV is only $300 (I'm in Seattle area).

    Has the market changed so rapidly that folks are now paying close to MSRP, or is the TMV analysis worthless??

    Below are the numbers I'm looking at:

    Modeled 2010 35d
    69,825 MSRP
    64,130 Invoice
    69,179 TMV
    5,049 TMV amt above invoice

    Modeled 2010 48i
    75,175 MSRP
    69,000 Invoice
    74,489 TMV
    5,489 TMV amt above invoice

    Thanks, in advance, for you comments.
  • I am not sure on the diesel as I never priced it out, but the 4.8i can be ordered for $500 over invoice from several dealers in NJ. In the end we ordered the 3.0 from JMK.
  • planning to buy x5 30 2010 model.
    prem. pkg, sound, rear climate, tech, heated frontseat, running board, maint 2 years.

    Price comes to 56570 + fee 976+ tax 3900

    Is there any holiday credit for x5 ? in NJ ?
    How much can price be negotiated ?
  • Yes you get the $2500 holiday rebate. What is the MSRP of your configured vehicle?
  • aotdaotd Posts: 3
    I wanted to thank everyone on this board for all the valuable information. I was able to get a good deal in NY on the 2010 X5 48 as follows:

    List price $62,675. Options: Heated front seats, Tech Package, space saver tire and Premium Package. Lease 36 months, 10k miles per year, out of pocket including all fees, sales tax in lease (no security deposit) $3,337 Monthly $672.
  • $500 over invoice for 4.8i sounds very good to me. Where in Jersey and how can I get it? Thanks.
  • I'm abaut close deal on 2009 X5 3.0 with 14,000 miles ( corporate car )as folows
    Black on black
    Premium package
    technology package
    cold weather package
    Rear Climate Package
    Ipod & USB Adapter
    Running Boards
    Orginal MSRP 57.995
    Internet price 51.075

    Paying $ 46.250 including $2500 holiday rebate
    Is this good deal ?
  • You cant say original MSRP was 57995 and they are giving you a discount. This is a USED car with 14,000 miles. Personally, I would rather have the new vehicle for $4000 more. Why take someone else's headache 14,000 miles later for $4000 diff on a 50K vehicle? I think you are being pennywise and pound foolish.
  • This is nice deal
    Can you get me deler information

  • cdahlcdahl Posts: 5
    X5 3.0 ( Premium Pkg, Sound Pkg, Rear Climate Pkg, Technology Pkg , Running Boards, Roof Rails, Multi Comfort Seats,, Heated Fr Seats, IPOD & Smartphone)

    MSRP - $59925
    Invoice - $55085

    Cash Price - $56273 (includes also- $300 MACO, $180 Training Service, &172.70 Tire, NY fee)

    Less $2500 Holiday Credit

    Final Deal - $53,773

    Is this a good deal?
  • Hi, guys, is this a good deal? Many thanks in advance.

    2010 X5 4.8i with:

    1. 3rd row seats
    2. Rear climate
    3. Park distance
    4. Running board
    5. Roof rails
    6. Comfort access

    MSRP: $61,775

    Price: $57,355.

    I posted my offer ($57,355) at on Friday, and received a couple of accepting offer email. Has anyone have experience with
  • aotdaotd Posts: 3
    Sound like a deal any local dealer will give you if you are ready to purchase. I believe in this economic environment you can find a dealer willing to give you real invoice, $56,855 minus $2500 promotional discount without any major bogus dealer fees. I know a few dealers in NY that were willing to cut this deal when I was negotiating. :shades:
  • cdahlcdahl Posts: 5
    Thanks for response aotd- Do you really believe no markup over real invoice (with no fees, no MACO, etc) less 2500 rebate is realistic for 2010 x5?
  • I think the price is fair (good deal if you want call that, since I don't think you going to get any under invoice price right now).

    However, I do question about dealer's number game here; this $53,773 inculds the "2500 holiday credit" which sounds great with only one problem.

    I got the same price back in Aug 09 with almost same configuration and no so call "holiday credit". Just wondering...

    either way you got a fair price and enjoy the driving...I end up not taking the deal and got a used one (07 3.0 X5 w/23Kmiles)
  • Thanks aotd. I live in Newtown, PA, cross Delaware River from Trenton, NJ. Do you know any dealers offering such on a X5 4.8? If I can buy it at edmunds' invoice price minus $2,500 (of course plus a couple of hundred dealer's fees), I will mail you a $200 check. I am serious. My email is Best.
  • cdahlcdahl Posts: 5
    I live downstate NY . I visited several local dealerships in last few days. No one is selling for "real invoice". Lowest prices for an X5 range $400-800 over invoice +$300 MACO + $180 training less $2500 holiday rebate (if financed) -- so after everything thats about $1500 under invoice.
  • joeyijoeyi Posts: 12
    I am in the market to purchase a 2007 X5 3.0 CPO in Los Angeles. I have found a few that are listed between 39k - 41k with approx 20 - 30k miles. Where should I start with my offer and what do you think would be the rock bottom price on these vehicles? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
  • Ordered mine in Northern Va the end of Oct. Rolls off the assembly line in a few days

    Active ventilated seats
    Cold weather package
    Premium package
    Premium sound
    Rear climate package
    Technology package
    Space saver spare
    Roof rails
    Ipod and usb adaptor

    MSRP $64975 Invoice $ 59720

    after taking out the $4500 diesel credit dealer offered to take additional $1250 off for purchase price of $59225

    tax credit for the X5 diesel is $1800
  • dpeck1dpeck1 Posts: 51
    Just came from my dealer. Have a 2009 lemon that they are going to swap with a 2010. Other than the NAV and idrive system, the car looks EXACTLY the same inside and out. Even the wheels are the same.

    Am I missing something. Is all BMW changed for 2010 was the idrive and nav??

  • rear camera has top view now and side views
  • with the options i selected make MSRP $61,665 // invoice $56,680
    with ECO credit $4,500
    i negotiated down to 54,650

    is it good as it gets? or i can push more.? i put money down today but can stop deal if i want tomorrow...just having second thoughts :confuse:
  • Its a good deal. Your are prob. about $2000 over their cost as I vaguely recall. You might squeeze another $1K but these diesels are popular enough to get push back right now.

    Look at the (my) previous posts above to see how far away from 'optimal' you are. Once you get your best deal, forget about it and enjoy.
  • Thank you for your info. i talked to deal today and they willing to discount morei will know to morrow what is the final price.
  • All right all done!
    here what i ordered: x5 diesel 2010, silver metallic on black leather with brushed aluminum trim.
    premium, tech. cold weather, rear climate packages, ipod/usb adapter, roof rails, running boards. MSRP $61,175 paid $53,645 this included all fees from dealer ( MACO and training $380) no tax in Oregon !

    if i calculate correct i paid $1500 over invoice
  • this best deal i got among 4 BMW dealers in Oregon and it came from

    BMW of Salem, Oregon
    Thank you guys!
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