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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,318
    My Dad is currently leasing his 2nd X5, an '07 3.0si (his first was an '04 3.0i). The lease on his truck is up in February & he's trying to decide what to do about his next vehicle. He does a lot of driving (20K miles per year) and has been leasing cars for business purposes since 1991. As you all know, the X5 is not a cheap vehicle (to lease or buy). He currently pays somewhere in the neighborhood of $930 per month for his X5. His 30 month lease includes 50K miles with a $0 down payment & 8.375% NYC sales tax. He likes the way the X5 drives & the service department at our dealership (Wide World BMW) has been way beyond spectacular.

    He doesn't want to spend so much to lease a vehicle anymore. I feel like there is nothing else out there that even comes close to the X5 in this class ($50K - $60K SUV). The Acura MDX is nice, but its rated at 15/20 (not too far off from a V8 powered Tahoe). The Tahoe is nice, but it is an American car so the lease payments are sky high & he's not sure how well it will hold up if he finances it. He won't even look at a Q7 due to prior experience with my Mom's '02 A6. He drove the Mercedes ML (before he got the 2nd X5) which was really nice, until he drove the X5. Now even if he likes the Q7 or ML 350, the BMW still wins because the X5 includes mainteance for 4 years/50K miles.

    So we've been talking & I think he's leaing toward a 3rd X5. If this $4500 eco credit thing is going to go on for a while (and it should as BMW is not selling as many diesels as projected), then he's going to drive a diesel X5 & purchase instead of lease this time around.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • Thanks ....that's helpful. I believe the reason they are doing a deals on the 2009 is becasue: a.) the body style changes to the 2010 which will be in production next month and b.) the iDrive interface system is being phased out in 2009 for a better system in 2010. I would encourage you to go on the the CNET page and look at the review of the X5 diesel. They guy really slams the iDrive interface. If you are ok with that, that sounds like a great deal.
  • The eco credit is good on all X5' s til 11/2/09. There are no body changes for 2010 but the iDrive is upgraded. The next body refresh is not due til spring 2010 as an 2011.
  • I thought they were going to refine the front/rear bumpers on the 2010 model The photos shown on-line refer to the "2010" model year. Nothing dramatic. The bumpers look similar to what is now on the X6.
  • It was rumored but exterior changes being saved for the 2011 model refresh due spring 2010...
  • I would recommend getting a car from out of state if the local dealers are not willing to deal.

    I am looking into that. Instead of bothering to trade in my X3, sell that locally and buy a Lexus in a market that is actually competitive.

    Are you concerned about buying an expensive car sight unseen and are they just going to deliver your car to your doorstep?
  • For clarification-> the deal I got was for the 2010 X5. The dealership stated that the eco credit was good if ordered by the end of this month and delivery by the end of the year. Also there is an $1800 diesel tax credit!

    I am personally picking up my car in los angeles and driving it up to seattle. I have family in the LA area and the drive isn't bad. I was able to get matching deals closer to home also in san jose area and in oregon but decided on LA since I was going there for the week anyhow.

    I would not be concerned about buying an expensive car unseen, especially new. If you decide on shipping your car, any reputable shipping company checks for scratches, dings, etc. so that they are not charged for damage to the car. The shipping company picks up the car from the dealership, the paperwork is all done via phone/fax/email/fedex, and drops off the car at your house, or a mutual location. If there are motor issues, with a new car, you will have a warranty.

    I used the recommendations from other posters and used the amex car website and put in different zip codes to see approximately what prices each region paid. I also emailed/called all the dealerships in washington and oregon to make sure I got the best deal.
  • Congrats, good deal and good luck. Get a production date yet?
  • hi, I have been searching the X5 35d for some time.
    Could you e-mail the information about the sales contact person?

  • Could anyone tell me how much per month is fair , -If I lease the X5 35d MSRP $56225, $2500 down, with 10,000miles per year , for 36 months.
    Thanks for your help
  • Hi - Can you please share Name of dealership ? Thanks
  • Athens BMW in Athens Georgia.
  • 4f.htm

    price quoted as : 53,690.00 + tax + docs + license fees and getting it at 2.9%.

    Is it a good deal or can I push for a better price?

    Thanks in advance for all the help and advice. I am pretty clueless when it comes to cars.
  • cabluecablue Posts: 48
    Seems high to me. Have you looked at the diesels? You can get them for thousands under invoice because of the eco credit. Not only that, they're the only X5 I'd get. They get better gas mileage than the 3.0 and a lot more power. Mine's on order now. I'm getting a build-to-order '10 for $3,500 under invoice.
  • Can you share the details of your deal please. Thanks
  • cabluecablue Posts: 48
    My deal is $1,000 over invoice, then I receive the $4,500 eco credit, which brings it to $3,500 under invoice. Then I will receive another $1,800 federal tax credit for being a diesel. I ordered my X5 diesel in No. CA. It is a 2010, which will have the new iDrive. The price, of course, depends on the different options you want. I've ordered the tech. pkg., rear climate pkg., Prem. pkg., comfort access, multi-countour seats, heated front seats, roof rails (which are now an option for the '10s), sat. radio, ipod adapter, and smartphone. To get the invoice prices for the '10s, check out The '10s are just coming off the line now, getting ready to be shipped. And if you didn't already know, they're built here in the U.S., on the east coast. Hope that helps.
  • did you pay invoice price for all the package options as well? or it's whatever the price they list on bmw site? if so, where I can find the invoice price for those? thanks
  • To confirm, you are buying your X5 and not leasing, right?

    BMW tells us that leases are not eligible for the tax credit. There is some controversy about that.
  • cabluecablue Posts: 48
    Yes, I am buying. I've heard the same thing about the tax credit. And, yes, my price is invoice price on everything (options incl.) then add $1,000 for dealer profit, then subtract $4,500 eco credit. Invoice prices are listed at
  • stanx5stanx5 Posts: 3
    Paid $1000 over invoice, minus the $4500 eco credit. Dealer accepted without counter. Dealer in Central CA.

    Alpine White
    Sport Activity Pkg
    Premium Pkg
    Technology Pkg
  • Is this a good deal for Bmw x5d $ 52000
    options are tech,premium and ipod/usb
    dealer in GA
    is it a good deal
    please let me know
    thank you
  • $1000 over invoice not including the $4500 Eco Credit (good til 11/2/09) is a good deal.
  • bro1o3bro1o3 Posts: 6
    Did you also have to pay for the charges shown below which are also typical add-on charges here? The MACO is something I could not get the dealer drop and they told me it was an integral part of the BMW invoice and offered to show it to me on the paperwork.

    - MACO ($380)
    - administration ($399)
    - detail (aka dealer prep.) ($200)

    I paid $500 over invoice, then add the three items above and then subtract the $4,500 eco credit. The total price was below the Edmunds calculation for "what others are paying" in this area and was below the "Great Deal" on for my area so I was happy with the deal.

    This of course does not include delivery ($825 here), tax and tag.
  • alan39alan39 Posts: 3
    Has anyone received their new 2010 X5 diesel. I know production has started, but wanted to know if delivery has begun and how is the drive.
  • I go a week from Tuesday to pick mine up at the performance center. The web page shows it is done.
  • MSRP - 61875 Invoice - 57430
    Options: Premium, Technology, Rear Climate, USB/iPod Adaptor, 3rd row seats, Heated Front Seats & roof rails.

    Purchase Price:

    57430 (invoice)
    + 500 ( 500 over invoice)
    - 4500 (4500 Eco Credit)
    -1500 (returning X3 lease, so additional $1500 credit for X3 lease return)
    51960 selling price

    Sales tax + tag/registraction extra - around $6000 (in California/alameda county)

    I'm not sure whether it's a good deal, but very pleased with the sales person and the way he handled things. Thanks to everyone who shared the purchase experience and the pricing details, it really helped me.
  • Very good deal. Are they taxing your $4500 credit?

    What is your color combo?
  • I see a lot of quotes/prices paid on the diesel X5, can anyone tell me what I should be shooting for when I negotiate on a new 2009 X5 30i? I know that right now they are offering $2500 holiday cash and 4.9% financing for 60 months but I can not get a feel for what a good price base price for this model is. I've seen it suggested to aim for dealer invoice + $500 -- where do I find dealer invoice?
  • No, the tax is on the final selling price which excludes the $4500 eco-credit. My color combination is Black Sapphire Metallic/Black premium leather.
  • Bought a 2010 X5 3.0 MSRP $58425, sold to me for $54,400 then take off the $2500 Holiday rebate so at $51,900 (plus taxes) final cost.

    Good Deal?
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