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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gadcargadcar Posts: 6
    If you like an X 5 in Diesel with all the option that you have listed, you shuld be able to get it for $ 51,500 + tax, fees etc. It also gave you better mileage
  • Thanks in advance

    I got a price on 09 X5 30i with Tech Pge, Rear Climate Pge, Premium Pge, Coldweather Pge and ipod/smart phone add on.

    dealer is in Northern NJ and invoice price is $53,045 and asking price is $53,545 before tax.

    is this a good deal?

    also, should I wait for the normal end of sesaon(not sure if I used the right term) model sale?


  • zguzgu Posts: 10
    $51.5K after deducting 4500$ incentive?
  • gadcargadcar Posts: 6
    Yes $ 51.5 is after the 4500 incentive, You can also get $ 1800.00 tax credit for
    the X 5 diesel.
  • X5 35d diesel with technology package. Edmunds MSRP is $54,625, and the best offer I can get is $48111 OTD. I have 6.9% sales rate, so the price before tax and registration is roughly 44,800, which is about 1k below invoice ($50,295) minus incentive. I think it's a good price. Should I go for it?
  • bond007jbbond007jb Posts: 38
    Looks like a great price. What kind of options do you have on the car?
  • Technology package and mat only. Nothing else.
  • suv4x4suv4x4 Posts: 14
    How often does BMW offer incentive or cash rebate? Is this good time to buy 09 X5 now?
  • anon3anon3 Posts: 147
    The value of incentives vary from month to month and occur at different times during the model year, but incentives are different this year because of the recession.

    If you are interested in a new 2009, then this is a good time to buy it. 2009 production ends in August. The dealers should deal on the remaining 2009s. There is $4,500 cash from BMW if you take delivery of an X5 diesel by August 31.

    The times of year when BMW usually has significant lease incentives (in normal, non-recession years) are:
    - December sales event
    - End of the model year (Summer for the current model year)
    - At the end of the 7th year of production, which is the last year before transition to the new model.
  • suv4x4suv4x4 Posts: 14

    Never drive a diesel car before, I don't know how's resale value in the future. I'd better wait for next incentive for gasoline engine.

    Were there any $4500 cash incentive from BMW for 2007-2009 gasoline X5?
  • anatolychanatolych Posts: 5
    What dealer did you use? I am looking for one myself, but the ones around NY did not have any diesels in stock for me to test drive...
  • anon3anon3 Posts: 147
    "You can also get $ 1800.00 tax credit for the X 5 diesel."

    Note that BMW will tell you that leased X5 diesels are NOT eligible for the $1,800 tax credit. I asked my sales person to research this with BMW North America and they provided paperwork that confirms their statement. It also says that on BMW's web site.

    However, the IRS says different: "For a taxpayer to claim the credit, the original use of the vehicle must begin with the taxpayer and the vehicle must be acquired for use or lease by the taxpayer and not for resale." This statement is from the IRS bulletin for Qualified Advanced Lean-Burn Technology Vehicles that identifies the X5 diesel as being eligible for the tax credit. has similar language and refers to the IRS bulletin.

    So BMW is point blank wrong with their statement that a taxpayer can't claim the tax credit after leasing a diesel X5. However, BMW will also tell you that claiming the tax credit is up to the tax payer, so they're not stopping you from claiming it.
  • bb97bb97 Posts: 5

    I am looking for an X5 diesel and the best offer I could currently get is a base model (no features or packages) MSRP 52k and offered at 49.5k - 4500 diesel credit which boils down to 45k flat.

    Is this a good deal? I am located in the BayArea but willing to travel for a good deal.

    Thanks for your help!!
  • suv4x4suv4x4 Posts: 14
    A dealer told me that he can sell me a 3.0i(gasoline) with premium and cold weather package at invoice + $500.
  • bb97bb97 Posts: 5
    Yeah, the gas engines are always cheaper. I am set for the diesel - have been driving diesel in Europe and it is just such a nicer engine (torque + good fuel economy).

    The invoice for the 3.5d is $47,285 which my current offer beats - I get 49,449 - 4,500 which comes down to $44,949 (+tax,dmv). Still, this is a basic model. I am wondering if there are deals out there like the one from a few posts ago where a $63k X5 was offered at $50k. I would be willing to spend an extra 5k if I get the car almost fully loaded.

  • The dealer is in MO, quite far from you. They only have two in their lot. The one I ordered is in production now.
  • sjp09sjp09 Posts: 11
    I am in the initial phase of shopping for a BMW X5 35D. I was hesitant about a deisel, but think the reviews are good and incentives make it more attractive.

    If anyone could tell me what I should pay for a base model w/ sport package it would be greatly appreciated. I believe the MSRP for this option is currently around 55K without the $4500 "Eco-rebate" BMW is offering thoughout August 09.

    Thanks for your input.
  • gadcargadcar Posts: 6
    Hi bb97,
    that seems to be a good deal, I brought one 3 wks ago for $ 51,500.00 and it came with premium package,rear climate,running board,heated front seat,3 rd seat,
    navigation,i pod/usb adapter and 1 yr s radio
  • suv4x4suv4x4 Posts: 14
    Just ordered 09 BMW X5 3.0i from local dealer last Sat. dealer charged me invoice + 500.

    premium package
    cold weather package.

    Is this a good deal? there are no rebate or incentive for gasoline version at this moment, but dealer told me before my car delivered(in 4 weeks), if BMW offers rebate or incentive in the future, I still can take it.
  • Guys,

    I have checked few dealership here in Northern NJ, and most fair price you can get for a Gas version 09 X5 (for whatever the option you put on) is few hundred over the invoice price.

    Dealers will tell you there is no rebate or incentive for X5 (gas) right now, and of cause they won't tell you their month end and qtr end sales bonus for meeting the sales targets. It also will affect how many hot selling models the dealer will get for the next qtr. IE. the more they sell the more they will get them.

    Another factor is for some reason X5 is hot right now, two out of five dealers I check told me they only have few at their lot and they are not willing to move them at lower price due to it is in hot demand.

    I personally think there at least two reasons. One due to a low APR (2.9%) which made this SUV more affordable (BMW select will move the monthly payment even lower, although you will face a big final bill at end of your term). 2nd, X5 it is a nice SUV for its handling and size, this is the third year of this new model so many bugs had been fixed. This is just my take and I could be totally wrong.

    So what does it mean? if you get few hundred above the invoice price then it is a fair deal (notice I didn't say a good/great deal), if you want something more than that, you have two options: 1. Just wait. once the 2010 model come in dealer will be willing to move the 09 model at a discount (that is if they have any left on their lot). 2. Get a used one (Exce Demo or showroom Demo). you pay few grand less for a lower mil "new" X5.

    Hope my two cents helps and to all the X5 buyers out there want to save some money like me. Good Luck.
  • dell26dell26 Posts: 9
    Just picked mine up today. It is truly a blessing. This X5 diesel drives and looks amazing......My salesperson stated the demand is really picking up and they are starting not to have them without special order. I hope you all make really good deals, and know that it worth whatever you pay. Lastly if you are in the Atlanta area check out Internet Sales team at South Atlanta BMW.....

    Black Sapphire Metallic Saddle brown nevada leather,Premium, Cold Weather, Premium Sound Package, Rear Climate Package, Sport Package, Space Saver Spare, running boards, HD radio, Satellite Radio, Running boards, Smartphone integration, IPod Interface adaptor.
  • huj089huj089 Posts: 6
    Hi bb97,

    Edmunds' TMV for the Bay Area is actually lower than that for gadcar's area, but I guess no dealership here is willing to go 10k below MSRP.

    Which dealership did you use? I looked around that there are not many 35d to choose from. The best I've heard so far is about 8k below MSRP (61k).

  • huj089huj089 Posts: 6
    Dealers in the SF Bay Area don't have many 35d in stock. I searched the whole norcal but didn't see a car I wanted. I guess I'll have to go with special order or simply give up for now...

    Will a salesperson make the same amount of money or more if s/he takes a special order from me?
  • sjp09sjp09 Posts: 11
    Hi huj089, Could you tell me what you paid for your X5 35D? I just got an estimate for a similar car minus the HD radio, Satellite Radio, and Smartphone integration for around 53K; however since it would be a trade from a different dealer they are not offering me the rebate. That was whole point for the deisel. Do you like it better than the gas models?

    Thanks for your input.
  • huj089huj089 Posts: 6
    Oh I'm still shopping around. I'll see if I can get an offer similar to that of gadcar's. It looks that the $4500 incentive really helped the dealers...

    I'm not an environmentalist per se, but my next car has to be fuel efficient. At this point, diesel is my choice.
  • jlsajlsa Posts: 1
    BMW just announced the continuation of the eco-credit of $4,500. from corporate to the dealers on the 2010 x-5 35D - if you order prior to the close of business on 8/31/09. The order will go into production - which will take 5 to 6 weeks till you get the vehicle. 2010 prices are out also. Base price remains the same as the 2009 price - and you get the new idrive as well as the same front bumper from the 4.8 with the sport package. Not sure about the pricing on the packages yet. Get moving folks!
    Norhtern NJ.
  • arasaras Posts: 1
    Hi jlsa,

    Do you have any additional reference on 2010 x5-35d ? I couldn't find much information on the net on changes to 2010. Any input on the invoice prices for this, plus options ? Also does the 1800$ credit applicable to this ?

    I have been offered - $50740 with the following options for a 2010
    - premium package, rear climate, ipod, heated front seats

    Any inputs ?
  • sjp09sjp09 Posts: 11
    Hi jlsa- Thanks for the update on the 2010 eco-credit extension from BMW. Do you have a link or any additional info. on this. The guy I have been talking to at the dealer here in Denver does not seem to know about uch in terms of 2010 models and incentives. He may not have gotten the info. yet. Regardless, I would be very interested in getting into a 2010 model especially if the credit is extended etc.

    Thanks for the info.
  • cabluecablue Posts: 48
    Another source to check out is Some have pricing (retail) on the '10s. So far, I've seen someone get $1,000 over invoice, then receive the $4,500 in addition, so $3,500 below invoice. Hope this helps. :)
  • sjp09sjp09 Posts: 11
    I got a pretty good quote on a 2010 X5 35D, but was not sure about the Resist-All, Tint, and Full mask for $1843.00 that the dealer is trying to sell me on. Does anyone have a take on this or know if this is worth doing? It seems like alot of money for these three thing in addition to the cost of the car.

    Thanks for your input.
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