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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jayvisjayvis Posts: 76
    I take my Lexus to our local Toyota dealer for routine maintenance. Oil change and tire rotation every 5000 miles or 6 months for $35. They use the same parts/oil and actually have more experience with the RX350 3.5L engine than the Lexus dealers.
  • miltimilti Posts: 14
    CarMan and/or Kyfdx,

    1. My lease on my X5 is coming to an end. I'm interested in leasing another X5 (the 4.8) this month. Since I'm a returning BMW customer, what is April's money factor, residual value % for a 36 month, 15,000 mile lease. Are there any other values I should know or special lease options available. Edmunds "incentive list" for the X5 4.8 does not have any reported.

  • I think you should get around $2000 below invoice. That's what they are selling for non diesel brand. If you wait few months then I am sure you will get this price or better...For regular 5 series car they are giving 0.9% apr for 60 months plus first 2 payments but for X5 it is 2.9% only. So they are holding around 1500+4000 (roughly) = 5500. So lot of room to lower the price....

    Let us know how it goes...
  • jayvisjayvis Posts: 76
    If your BMW dealer is selling X5s at $2000 under invoice without any Factory to dealer incentives, he's about to go out of business.
  • Hi guys
    I am planning on pulling the trigger on a x5d with premium package, cold weather package,rear climate package and third row seats with an MSRP of 59275 and an invoice of 54710. The offer price is 55K (290 over invoice).
    Am I getting a good deal or is there room to negotiate still.
    Thanks in advance.
  • I'm looking to make a deal on a 2009 X5 3.0 (9,000 miles on it) with an MSRP of $56,370 (Inovice $51,845). I'm thinking a fair purchase price would be around $45,000 ... any thoughts?
  • I just wanted to be clear, the following is a loaner, not a used car. It is not certified, but would be sold with original BMW factory warranty ... so that's how this 2009 got 9,000 miles on it.

    I'm looking to make a deal on a 2009 X5 3.0 (9,000 miles on it) with an MSRP of $56,370 (Inovice $51,845). I'm thinking a fair purchase price would be around $45,000 ... any thoughts?
  • Thanks for the info. $2000 below invoice seems way too good. I went to 4 dealerships around my area and the best I got was about $6000 off MSRP which comparing to Edmunds invoice price is $115 over invoice. So I think it was a pretty good deal. Seems like alot of the BMW dealers think they are recession proof and don't like to negotiate. I found 2 out of the 4 to be pretty good at discounts and are not as stuck up. I went to checkout a 2009 Porsche Cayenne GTS at a sticker price os $86,000 and they were offering it to me for $15,000 off sticker. I almost took it but really like BMWs more.
  • I think if you can spend extra $5,000, I think you can get brand new one for $50k. Better than with 9,000 miles. That's too high of mileage. I just bought a 2009 X5 4.8 very loaded sticker at $74 and I got it for $67 something. They were offering me a demo with only 450 miles at over 7k off sticker. So I think you can do better than that.
  • Thanks for the info. I'm thinking if the vehicle depreciates roughly 20% each of the first two years, then 10K off MSRP should be fairly close to an equitable deal.

    The 9K miles really doesn't bother me, the vehicle looks and drives great. I just need to know how to formulate a fair offer, or confirm that what I've come up with is already fair.
  • Dealer got back to me on the loaner I'm trying to buy. This is a loaner X5 3.0 with 9,000-miles on it. The MSRP is 56,575 ... they are telling me not to waste their time, their bottom line figure is a purchase price of 49,500 (7,075 off MSRP). That seems like a lousy deal. They are telling me I should be happy to get the 2.9% APR, and that it's a great deal.

    The vehicle is 100% the way I want it. It's in excellent shape, drives great. Is this close to a great deal? Should I jump on it, or walk?
  • Did you try Fremont dealer? Talk with them.
  • Did you try Fremont dealer? Talk with them.
  • grios1grios1 Posts: 22
    Can anyone advise on the finance rates for a 2008 X5 CPO assuming a well qualified buyer?
  • oh my goodness!! thank you soooo much for the complement!! hows the car?
  • r2g2r2g2 Posts: 4
    Looking to purchase an X5 using their select program and here is what the dealer has offered me. Any thoughts / comments?

    X5 3.0i
    Premium / Tech / Rear Climate / Running Boards / Heated Seats / 3rd Row / Sat / ipod
    $0 out of pocket
    2.9% interest rate
    $678.84 / month for 60 months
    $19896 balloon buyout

    Is this a good deal? I feel as though it is... but need your input.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,727
    Since it's pretty much the same as a loan, and you know the interest rate is low... the important part is the selling price and associated costs in relation to the MSRP.

    So, what's the MSRP, and how much are you paying?


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • trabd123trabd123 Posts: 42
    R2g2, I think you have an excellent deal. What's the MSRP and selling price and what State are you in?

    Here's what I received today from a Long Island/NY dealer on a Select purchase:

    x5 3.0i
    MSRP: $54,784
    Selling price: $52,265
    Premium/Climate/Heated Seats/Sat/ipod
    $5,000 down
    2.9% interest
    $643 months for 60 months
    22,300 balloon buyout

  • r2g2r2g2 Posts: 4
    Hi trabd123 - Thanks for your reply... I am moving forward with the deal - I dont think your dealer in Long Island is offering you a good deal here. Here is what I was offered by a dealer in Myrtle Beach:

    X5 3.0i
    Prem/Tech/Rear Climate/3rd Row/Heated Seats/Sat/iPod
    $673.75/month for 60 months
    $0 down
    Balloon: $19,794
    Selling Price: $55,705

    One additional detail i forgot to include on my x5 35d was the car was being driven by the GM of the dealership and has about 2k miles on it, but BMW is extending the warranty by 3 months / 5k miles - so it works out in my favor at the end of the day - which is why the price is also lower.

    MSRP: $60,970
    Selling: $54,945

    Note that the diesel qualifies for a 36% residual with the select program AND you receive an $1800 tax credit... it actually isn't that much more expensive to go diesel. Highly recommended!

    Best of luck!

    (I did not buy the car from Myrtle Beach, but they have a really good guy there - Josh Bauer - I will be posting more details about my sales person and the dealership soon)
  • trabd123trabd123 Posts: 42
    Thanks very your quick reply. Although your selling price doesn't add up to this fantastic payment and balloon payment, it sounds too good to be true.

    I was quoted $52,265 as a selling price for less equipments, and with $5,000 down, I got $643 a monthly payment (including taxes) and 22,000 balloon payment.

    I know that the interest rate is 2.99% but do you get the $1,800 tax credit.

    I also noticed that you had a selling price for an x3.0 at the beginning and then you changed it to a 35d demo car, so which deal did you actually have?

    Thanks again!!!
  • r2g2r2g2 Posts: 4
    You are absolutely right - I got my posts confused with conflicting information - there are so many numbers in front of me through research over the past week that i got completely confused. I apologize for any inconvenience to the readers here.

    The quote I got on an X5 3.0i (gas / I6) from the BMW dealer in Myrtle Beach (Josh Bauer - really good guy, highly recommended) was the one I shared earlier:

    x5 3.0i
    Premium / Tech / Rear Climate / Running Boards / Heated Seats / 3rd Row / Sat / ipod
    $0 out of pocket
    2.9% interest rate
    $678.84 / month for 60 months
    $19896 balloon buyout
    Selling price: 54380

    No taxes in this payment since the vehicle is for South Carolina and we pay property taxes on vehicles every year.

    Now, after I received this quote, I did some more research and found a demo 35d for an unbelievable price and that is the one I am going with. I am purchasing this from BMW of South Atlanta (Adrian Avila) from whom I bought my previous 328i - He is an awesome sales person and both deals were made over the phone - no bs, just straight talk and the best price.

    There you have it, two references for two amazing sales people - best of luck in your BMW purchases!
  • cp617cp617 Posts: 1

    I'm looking to buy a 2009 X5. Here are the options:

    09 X5 3.0
    Cold Weather Package
    Technology Package
    Ipod and USB Adapter
    Premium Package
    Rear Climate Package
    Running Boards
    3rd Row Seat

    MSRP: $ 58,875

    How much should I offer for this car? Does $ 54,700 seem fair? Looking to finance with a down payment of ~ $10,000.

  • ssh11ssh11 Posts: 3
    '09 X5 xdrive 30i
    cold weather/premium/rear climate/technology/rear entertainment/running bds/ space saver spare/sat radio/ipod

    $54k price (suggested price was $59k)
    $5k down
    2.9%/60 mos
    $20k balloon payment

    Thoughts? I have not negotiated yet- sales guy just came out with what he thought he could do... do you think there's any room for improvement? If so, what should I focus on improving: price or balloon??? Thanks!
  • ssh11ssh11 Posts: 3
    I just wish this wasn't such a game and that I could learn my exact payment before actually signing on the dotted line.
    a) approx. how much on average does a warranty affect the bottom line?
    b) what kind of warranty would you recommend on an '09 X5? extended necessary?
    c) anything else necessary in your opinion?

  • trabd123trabd123 Posts: 42
    How much are you paying over or under invoice? Most of the dealers in my area charge $1000 over invoice. Some aggressive folks would charge $500 or invoice price but I also heard that they have very limited inventory.

    I'm negotiating a deal to buy a 09 X5 3.0 with running bds, heated seats, ipod, BMW assist , space saver spare and the color I want (not black on black) for $48k. It's about $400 above invoice.

    Also, I don't recommend the BMW select after I heard that I have to pay all taxes upfront (8.625% in NY) and I must purchase the car at the end of the term for 20k.
  • trabd123trabd123 Posts: 42
    Dealer in NY is selling a '08 BMW X5 iDrive 0.48 with only 8k miles, premium package, heated front seats and BMW assist for $40k. It's as-is purchase and I still have 3 years BMW warrently.

    Do you think it's a good buy or should I buy a CPO car and pay the extra 4k to 8k?
  • ssh11ssh11 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the response. When I calculate the options on Edmunds it appears I'm at or below invoice. When I calculate the True Market Value on Edmunds it says I'm a couple thousand below what others are paying. Hopefully that's true!!

    As far as the Select program, I have been told you trade it for another car at the end of 60 months, or refinance it and keep the exact same payment/rate for the remainder of the balloon.

    Thanks again and good luck!
  • ffnoleffnole Posts: 1
    2009 X5 3.0 with $56,975 MSRP. Leasing for 36 months@12k/yr. No cash down except for first payment, tax, tax, etc. Used both X3 (current car lease) and X5 loyalty incentives combined ($3,250) with dealer discount ($3,300) to realize Capitalized Cost of $50,450 and 695/mo lease payments. Residual 57% and money factor .00180 (4.32%). Southeast location. Solid deal.
  • dpeck1dpeck1 Posts: 51
    helpI am close to purchasing a preowned 2008 x5 3.0 with tech, sport, premium. The original msrp was 60K. This car has 12,000 miles and they are asking 46,000. They said with was a BMW exec demo. It is also certified.

    Is this a decent deal.? It seems the wholesale on this car is about 41K.

    How much does the dealer pay (dealer cost) to have the car certified though BMW. Thanks.
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