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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • us_matrixus_matrix Posts: 11
    Hi Boykie,

    Great deal! Where and which dealer you got this deal?

  • boykieboykie Posts: 6
    Most of the dealerships in Fairfield county, Connecticut should be around this price due to the $4500 discount off invoice, but it must be purchase before Aug 1. Presume this is because the 2010 X5 will start being produced in September.
  • wesoweso Posts: 6
    I was told by a few different BMW dealers that the 2009 X5 3.5d $4,500 incentive runs until August 31 and that I can order a car with the incentive until August 31.
  • wow boykie,

    the $52250 is all inclusive? tax and all? love to get the same deal....
  • nycbmwnycbmw Posts: 6
    any suggestions on on fairfield county dealerships. which were the best to deal with?
  • boykieboykie Posts: 6
    No that is just for the car and destination fee - not including tax and registration.

    BMW of Bridgeport or Darien or Greenwich or Ridgefield.
  • anon3anon3 Posts: 147
    The $4,500 incentive runs through August 31, but you have to take delivery by August 31. If you're going to order an X5 diesel, you should do it immediately to make sure that it is delivered by the end of August. Your dealer will know their available production dates/slots. It takes about 3 weeks for delivery once production begins and there's always the possibility of delays. So your vehicle would need to begin production by the end of the first week of August.
  • anon3anon3 Posts: 147
    I've been researching in every source that I can think of to learn whether more than iDrive will change in 2010. So far, I haven't found any other changes for the diesels. So I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to get a $64k X5 for $56k.

    The 2011 X5 should be the mid-model refresh that will bring an updated interior, exterior styling changes, new engine options, etc. BMW models run 7 years. The 4th year is the mid-model refresh. This X5 began production as a 2008 model, which means that the 2011 model will be the major refresh if they follow their usual production cycles.

    So I think it's safe to assume that 2010 won't bring significant changes to warrant passing on thousands of dollars in discounts and tax credits. This recession won't last forever and car makers will eventually want to make money again.
  • anon3anon3 Posts: 147
    The IRS says that consumers who lease an X5 3.5d qualify for the alternative fuel tax credit, but the IRS allows the option for the leasing company to claim the credit. BMWUSA.COM says that lessees don't qualify for the tax credit, so it looks like BMW Finance plans to keep the tax credit for themselves.

    Does anyone have any information on this? I plan to raise hell and cancel my order if they cheat me out of that tax credit.
  • wesoweso Posts: 6
    I asked a couple of dealers today that said that I could order at the end of August and do NOT need to take delivery by August 31st. Where are you getting your info?
  • boykieboykie Posts: 6
    I ordered mine this week, but only picking it up October 2 as this is when I move to CT.
  • Its nice to have freinds working at a dealership. car shopping is so much easier that way, call them up, they do all the dirty work for you, free carfax, wholesale value, true trade in value, etc.
  • I bought a new X5D for $500 above invoice on 6/7/08 (paid $65K for a premium,cold weather,rear climate,technology, third row, Ipod and USB adapter, running boards,ding and tire warranty). I see that the going price has fallen way below the invoice due to the new $4500 dealer invoice. Is there any way I can get some money back from the dealer or BMW (part financed) or do I just just suck it up. Can I complain to any govt. agency for the way I have been shortchanged by BMW.
  • cabluecablue Posts: 48
    Thanks for the reply, anon3. That's good info. Anyone have any real-life experience with the tax relief for business owners on vehicles over 6,000 gvwr? I'm getting mixed info. on this topic. I understand it's been decreased to $25,000, but is it in reality just a percentage of the $25,000 according to your tax rate? Any input would be appreciated. :)
  • dale2009dale2009 Posts: 10
    Did you get your VIN? If not, you can cancel your order. I just did in this way and now my 35d is 3k below the inovice.
    Good luck.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,817
    That was a month ago.. have you taken delivery? If so, you are out of luck.. .incentives change all the time.

    As the post above mentions.. if you've just ordered a car, call up your CA and insist on the $4500 incentive..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Thank you Dale and Kyfdx. Unfortunately I have taken delivery of the car just over a month ago. Guess I will have to grin and bear it. Hope I enjoy the car trouble free for many years to come. It did not start a couple of times in the morning when the temperature was in the 50s. But after a few minutes it did so on its own. Will have to see how it behaves in the NE winter.
    At least it is giving very good mileage - 25mpg on mostly city/suburb driving (logged 1500 miles in the first month). Much better than my wife's X3 - 17 mpg for the same driving.
  • zguzgu Posts: 10
    just got a quote for 2009 x5 35d
    cold weather package, technology package, rear climate package, premium package, 3rd row seat.

    MSPR $63K, asking price $50K

    Good deal?

  • anon3anon3 Posts: 147
    I'm getting my information from the dealership and from BMW North America. The $4,500 cash from BMW is only supposed to be available if you take delivery by 8/31.
  • rn4rn4 Posts: 1
    seems pretty good to me.....might I ask where that was?
  • zguzgu Posts: 10
    in california north bay
  • gadcargadcar Posts: 6
    I brought one 3 days ago My out the door price was $55,000.00 (including 6% tax fees etc) It came with Premium package,rear climate package,running boards,heated front seat,3 rd row seat,Navigation system,ipod and USB adapter
  • nycbmwnycbmw Posts: 6
    seems pretty good, congrats. did they have that in inventroy or did they have to get it for you? also curious, where did you get it? thanks
  • us_matrixus_matrix Posts: 11
    Hi Zqu,

    I am in Bay Area and this is the similar options what i am looking for and sounds like a really good deal for $13k off. Could you tell me the name of the dealer and sales person. If you could email me the info or reply here. Thanks.
  • us_matrixus_matrix Posts: 11
    Here is my email

  • d4mod4mo Posts: 3
    I'm looking at a X5 Diesel the dealer said he's give me the $4,500 rebate but there is no discount after that how much discount should I be getting I've no trade in ?

  • gadcargadcar Posts: 6
    You should be able to get a base model for $ 45,000.00 to $ 46,000.00
  • gadcargadcar Posts: 6
    They have this one in inventory, My dealer is in Roswell GA
  • d4mod4mo Posts: 3
    Thanks for that
  • russell99russell99 Posts: 3
    x5 3.0 trim
    1) Premium package
    2) Technology package
    3) 3rd row seat
    4) BMW asst with bluetooth
    5) ipod and usb adapter (6fl)
    6) Smartphone integration

    New Jersey

    Edmunds MSRP $57,325

    Dealer said MSRP is $56,425.

    Sale price that was offered to me is $52,790 + tax and fees.

    I may decide to lease it based on this price, do you think I could do better?
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