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Nissan Frontier 2005+



  • I have used autobytel in the past and had a very good experience. It only takes a little time to send out several emails to these search engines. It may save you a couple of grand and a lot of headache.
  • I went through this same fandango with the Armada last year. When it first hit the streets, you would have thought that you were insinuating that the salesman's mom was wearing combat footware by offering 'only' $1500 over invoice. Well guess what? They're a lot cheaper than that now.

    It's pretty obvious to me. If you have to have the frontier right now, you're gonna pay more for it than you will if you wait a short time. I think this is pretty obvious, but maybe not.
  • dbauerdbauer Posts: 416
    obviously not that obvious. many are planning on asking for discounts on the first models they see...this is very likely just a very quick way to hear the word "no".
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    At all the bantering about who can get the best price on this truck right now. Haven't seen one post by anyone who has actually BOUGHT one. I guess to buy this truck, would be admitting they paid MSRP, which is tantamount to proclaiming oneself a total fool, LOL.


    I'll admit, I'm not ready to make the jump into the dealership and start negotiating over price, because the dealers have a distinct advantage right now, and will try and maximize profits NOW, while the demand is high and the supply is scarce. I don't blame them. Car sales is a cut throat business, not only between makes, but between sales guys on the same floor.


    Some see this give and take as a matching of the wills, and take the bargaining jousting as a fun part of the game. I'd rather avoid confrontation and let someone more hard nosed do that work for me. And for a small fee, there are plenty of services willing to go to war on my behalf.


    I made the drive down to Long Beach today, from the rains of the SF bay area to be with family for New Years. Coming down the 710 toward the 405, I saw at least 5 car carriers with a mix of Nissans (yeah - Frontiers) coming out of the port of Long Beach.


    They are coming into the dealers in force now buyers, lets see someone pop up as the first 05 owner.
  • i'm really close to becoming the first "fool" here. i've filled out the paperwork, but haven't signed it yet. $25,300 out the door which includes 5% sales tax and some goofy fees. dealer will not come off msrp. it's sad when you know that you're getting a good truck, but not a good deal. going by the toyota dealer tomorrow to see if i can get a comparable tacoma for cheaper, but i doubt it.
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    How does the old saying go? Long after the thrill of getting the best price, one has to live with the quality of the product one has spent your money on. Something like that...
  • Mine is on order, I will let you know if the deal was as billed. But who ever makes the first purchase, keep us up to date with any problems. I still have been reading the Taco forum, they are having a few problems, hopefully Nissan has done a better job.
  • hkingshkings Posts: 74
    Well guys! The time has come for me to be a Nissan Guineau pig. I'm picking up the following bright and early tomorrow (Friday morning):


    05 Frontier Crew Cab LE Auto 4x4 (Loaded)

    Smoke Gray / Steel Leather


    Sunroof Pkg

    Leather Pkg

    Traction Pkg

    Side Air Bag Pkg

    Rockford Fosgate Pkg



    (Buying sliding Bed Extender and chrome bumpers later.)


    Fortunately, I was able to get in on the Nissan VPP program for Friends and Family which sells me the Nissan of my choice for 2.87% under INVOICE (not just MSRP), however there is a 2.5% dealer charge on the under invoice figure. Long story short I'm getting the above truck which has a:


    Total MSRP of $31,690

    With Invoice of $29,010


    My Grand Total $28,953


    I figure getting about $2737 off MSRP, ($60 under invoice) for a new 05 this early in the game is a great deal. Especially since dealers dont HAVE to honor the Nissan VPP; it is up to each individual dealer if they choose to honor it.


    As a side note, I could have gotten my choice of 05 Frontiers through a dealer in Seattle that will sell all Nissans for $500 under invoice. However after shipping and travel costs to me, it ended up being a bit more than VPP.


    In any event, it is NOT impossible to get a deal on the 05s. When I was first interested in the 05 Tacomas I called about 20 dealers and had some of them fighting for my business quoting up to $2000 off before even hitting lots. If everyone did their homework, called plenty of dealers, and just let dealers know that you are willing to buy, but will go elsewhere if need be, then deals are there to be had. Since the 05 Frontier is late to the game, one also has to take into account there is already built in competition.


    Anyways, Good Luck and Happy New Year!
  • novanova Posts: 135
    Give us your reveiw after a couple of days of driving. I am interested in gas milage and rpm's at highway speeds 65 /75 mph's .

  • Charlie -


    Man, I feel the same way. I drove a KC V-6 on Wednesday, and really love the handling, and quiet ride. I'm now leaning to the Tacoma Access Cab 2.7L 5-speed with SR5, just to get the stuff I want. I've had 3 Nissans before, but they sure aren't impressing me with their option lineup.


    Nissan has changed their Options availability a couple of times in he last month, so maybe they'll add more stuff to the XE. They don't even have the Auto Trans available for the XE yet (website says "Late Availability). So, let's hope...
  • hkings, it's interesting that you mentioned that dealers aren't required to honor the VPP. I also qualify for VPP (directly, so I should get 4.3% below invoice). However, a local dealer told me that since the '05 Frontier is so new, it wasn't available for a VPP price. I was skeptical, so I was going to call the VPP HQ, but they are closed until next Monday. Heck, why would any dealer honor the VPP if they know they could sell a vehicle for more? (Especially around here where loaded LE crew cabs last only a day on the lot.)
  • dbauerdbauer Posts: 416
    for a specified amount of time, nissan does not require any dealers to honor VPP. it is a dealer-to-dealer decision. some will and some wont.
  • You mentioned that there is a dealer in Seattle the will sell all Nissans for $500 under invoice. Can you tell me what the dealer's name is?


    Have a great New Years.
  • I qualify for VPP as well. Would any incentives that the dealer or factory be offering be in addition to the 4.3% below invoice price?
  • dbauer, exactly how long is the period in which dealers aren't required to honor VPP? after that period, would it be illegal for a dealer to not honor it?
  • hkingshkings Posts: 74
    UPDATE: Well I got my new 05 this morning, and all I can say is WOW! As I stated above I got the LE with Leather 4x4, and every bell and whistle imagineable. I LOVE THIS TRUCK. The power and ride bring a huge smile to my face =D ... The deal I got helps too


    Mods I have planned are: I will be adding the Kenwood DDX7015 Monitor and 4100 NAV package with Satellite Radio on Monday along with Chroming the facoty wheels and swapping out the general grabber tires for a little bit bigger Revo AT Dueler Tires. I will also be swapping out the colored coded bumpers for chrome ones next week as well. In any event I LOVE the truck... kicks the pants off the Tacoma in everyway, shape and form. It is also BEAUTIFUL and Tough looking all at once!


    The dealer did indeed honor the VPP, and I had a few other dealers in the SoCal area say they would too as well... some wouldn't though. It is all based on dealer discretion since all they have to do is plug the VPP claim number into the system to give the price. I think I was lucky in the sense that they wanted to move as many vehicles as they could by the end of the year (today) so they were willing to move it! I'm happy as I got a really sweet truck for a great price. I know I am a guinea pig for Nissan, but I trust the VQ engine (one of the best for 10 years now) and my 01 Frontier was great for me as well.


    I'm very excited... Love this truck! Good Luck to everyone and Happy New Year!
  • I guess you can't mention specific dealers. But there is a web site that begins with new- and then ends with and they do $500 under invoice, you just have to get it from seattle to where you live. I ordered mine from them ($750 under invoice if you order it). They are very helpful. A couple of other people have mentioned them on this and other nissan boards.
  • dbauerdbauer Posts: 416
    some models expire and some dont. the 350Z is still on the "if you want to" list, along with, beleive it or not, titans and armadas.


    the '05 altima was never on it, and the maxima and murano were only on the list for a couple months.


    after the VPP hold is released, the dealer can still deny it, but they can potentially lose allocation from nissan...but the penalties are not all that severe.
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    hkings, congrats on your purchase and for being the first on the board to drive a Frontier home.


    It sounds like you ordered exactly what you wanted and had it built. Is this true?


    If so, what process did you go through to do this? We know you got the VPP deal, but for those of us who don't qualify, are we able to sit down with someone and "build" the Frontier of our dreams at a dealer?
  • hkingshkings Posts: 74


    Thanks, I am so pleased with the vehicle it's not even funny :)


    Actually, I didn't order the truck at all. The second official configurations and option packages were released I figured out what I definitely wanted for sure, and if other things came with it, it was fine. Because I wanted a fully loaded 4x4, I think it helped a little.


    Anyway, once I figured out what I wanted, I contacted several dealers' fleet / internet managers (Important!) and found the one or 2 that would be most honest with me and do a full inventory search on what would be available in my region (So. Cal.) in the next few months. It just so happened there were 2 exact ones available that came in this past wekk. Of course the other obstacle I had to deal with was finding a dealer to do the VPP as well. I think I had timing on my side for the VPP as it was the last day of the year, and a slow rain day, so the dealer took the VPP claim, although not without hesitating at first.


    If you can't track down the exact Fronty you want, you can infact have one prebuilt with what you want... within the guidelines of Nissan's build configurator. As someone mentioned above

    a place that starts with New- and ends with Nissans and a .com will can custom order one for you $750 UNDER invoice! Great deal if delivery charges dont cost too much for you.


    Hope this helps!
  • jokerjoker Posts: 9
    I picked up my 2005 LE on New Years Day.

    Love the truck.

    One thing missing though...

    Brochures and internet specs list auto headlights as a feature.

    Mine has the sensor on the dash but no auto position on the lever.

    Do you have auto lights?
  • hkingshkings Posts: 74


       Yes, my light lever has 3 positions: Auto, Fog Lights, and Headlights. I have the sensor too, and it works fine. In fact it was dark and raining this morning, I put it on Auto and lights went on automatically :)


       Strange that you don't have the word Auto on your lever. Did you get a loaded LE? The only thing I can think of, it might be part of a package that you didn't get. (like Side Air Bags, or ALBS) Not sure, would have to look into it further.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    glad too hear you got you new 2005,witch truck did you get the crew cab or king cab, how is the ride and what kind of price did you get?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
    Folks, since this truck is finally available, this discussion will be moving to the pickups board in a day or two. If you're subscribed to this discussion or if you've got it bookmarked, nothing will change. You can also find it easily by using the search tools at the left. Thanks!


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  • jokerjoker Posts: 9
    Mine is the LE 4X4 with Leather, Sunroof and Rockford Fostgate packages.

    I am going to talk to the dealer about the Auto headlights but just wanted to see if others did or didn't have them.

    Oddly enough my windshield wiper control lever has a control for a rear wiper which is not available on the truck. Maybe they borrowed some Pathfinder levers when they built mine.

    Ill let you know what the dealer says about all this.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    I just picked up the new Frontier brochure yesterday. And in it, on the spread that describes the 4WD capability, they mention that the 4WD is "full-time." That has to be a typo, as I'm 99% certain that the 4WD is "part-time."


  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    I emailed Edmunds inquiring why they don't have the 05 pricing yet on the Frontier. Got a reply back that it will be available by the 14th. Hopefully by then they will have all the info available for us buyers so we know the facts before going shopping.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    I would bet money on it because alot of the dealer are getting stuck with the 2004,thats what I think,but Nissan should just drop the price and just sell them for the invoice already,they can still make a few bucks, so they can just pump out their old stock.The dealer in NJ by my house only has one Le crew cab and thats its and a ton of o4,who wants a an o4 when the 2005 is a hot looking truck!!but I'm looking for a king cab.
  • I have looked at 05's on 4 dealer lots and everyone has had them parked in the back area of the dealership. They are not pushing them at all and a few of the sales guys out front don't even know they have them. I told them they are listed on their internet inventory and they had to go figure it out. Of course we walk by a dozen 04's on the way to see the 05's.


    Anybody got any more info on prices/discounts? I have had 2 dealers say they want full MSRP and then call me back and offer $750 off that. Had another say he thought he could sell a not fully loaded LE for $1500 off, but I had already told him it wasn't the one I was looking for so I think he was just fishing.
  • Does anyone know if they will bring back the crew-cab long-bed. I'm trying to decide between a taco doublecab LB and the frontier. I like the longer bed to get stuff into it. If Nissan is planning a LB in the future, I might hold off until '06. Anyone in the know?
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