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Nissan Frontier 2005+



  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    I don't understand Nissan's marketing strategy.


    Here they have a hot new product, that they could sell tons of, and they have them hidden away, out of view on the back lot. Are they getting ready for a National blitz on the Frontier's anytime soon? Or are they trying to unload the 04 losers before telling folks, "look what we have!"


    Makes you wonder who is running the show. If it were me, I'd have banners out front saying "NEW ARRIVALS - COME TEST DRIVE THE 2005 FRONTIER'S!"

    And I'd be running ads on radio and TV, like the old Frontier ads where the truck comes tearing out of the mist in slo-mo, with lightening flashing in the background as rocks are being sprayed from behind it. It was marketing BS, because that model of the Frontier was powered by the old V6, which was severly lacking compared to the 4 liter in the current model.


    Roll it out with the fanfare it deserves Nissan! Shout it from the roof tops.


    This truck ROCKS!
  • I agree that nissan needs to get there act together as far as there options. On the website there is no blue seats option but they obviously have them not that i really want them but still. And i really think its funny the fact that there saying you have to get the sunroof option in order to get the upgrade rocksford system but yet i've seen LE's with the upgraded system with no sunroof. Plus i wish you could get an LE without the roof rack and running boards. I like the clean look myself but i dont want a nismo and sacrifice a smoother ride and more money to do without. Oh and if you have radiant silver why on earth would you need granite which is just a variant of the radiant silver give us another color.
  • What is it? I couldn't find it mentioned in the Nissan Website?
  • hkingshkings Posts: 74
    Hey everyone,


    I just bought a 2005 Frontier a week ago and love it so far.


    I have a Storm Gray LE Crew Cab with the color matched bumpers, but I want the Chrome bumpers for front and rear. I ordered them through Nissan parts, but it is a National backorder and I have no idea when they will come in.


    Is there anybody with a new 05 Storm Gray that is willing to trade their chrome bumpers for the color matched ones? I realize it's a long shot, but I don't know how long my wait will be. I am in Southern California.


    Email me at HKINGS at if anybody is interested!


    Thanks so much in advance!
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    hey dude,can you give us some inpute on the truck hows it ride,how is the pick up and handleing.
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230


    What other impressions do you have to share with us so far?


    How is the ride?

    Any idea on miles per gallon?

    How is the cabin arrangement? Do you like the layout?

    Does the arm rest being so far from the dash bother you?

    Is that V6 as peppy as advertised?

    How is the tranny? You got the automatic, right?


    Let us know, because we are Frontier wanna-bees, LOL!
  • Did you get leather? What color? is it the same as the pathfinder? I ordered a storm grey with tan leather but have yet to see any leather packages, so I hope i like it.
  • Picked up my new frontier today. And just as i posted earlier there are good deals to be had. I got the Grantite color crew cab LE with rocksford sys upgrade, cloth seats, automatic and a few other options. Sticker 28280.00 my price 26500.00. Not to bad. Its about what i thought i would pay. Can't say to much yet other then i fell in love with this truck from the first test drive. Great pickup on the starts and runs about 2.5 rpm at 70mph not to bad. Has great power overall. Rides smooth. Couldn't ask for to much more in a truck. Stereo system sounds pretty sweet to me. I personally like the layout of the truck. The console being back to me is nice gives me room to put my drinks. Im not one to rest my arm on it so no problem there for me. I'll keep posting as i get to drive it more
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    And past owners!!!
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    what state did you buy it frome??
  • jokerjoker Posts: 9
    Purchased New Years Day

    Storm Gray LE Crew Cab 4X4, Leather (steel), Sunroof and Rockford Fostgate packages.

    Sticker $30,360

    Paid $28,500 (500 over invoice) after an hour of negotiation.

    Driving it for a week now and love it. Plenty of get up and go. Comfortable, rides nice and looks great in my opinion. Waxes up real nice.

    2 issues though that the dealer is working on but has yet to resolve.

    1)"Auto" headlight position is missing from the light selection lever. Dealer agreed that it should be there. Light sensor is installed on the dash. Wrong lever installed?

    2) Wiper selection lever has a rear wiper control. Rear wipers are not available on the truck! So maybe the assembler used a Pathfinder lever.

    Ive had the truck 6 days and didnt notice the levers until Sunday. Notified the dealer Monday. Im confident that these issues will be resolved. Ill let you all know either way.
  • I bought it in beckley, west virginia
  • Would any new 2005 owners post some gas mileage figures please? I'm just wondering if 18-20 is attainable with such a powerful engine. Thanks!!
  • Anybody trade in a late model Frontier on a new one? I would think there are a few of you out there. I have a 03 XE CC LB 4x4 with about 20k miles. Edmunds say 14800 on a trade in while Kelly Blue book says $16800. I would really need to get about $17-18 to be able to get an 05. Any info would be appreciated!!!
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    I hate to break this to you, but the only way you are going to get $17-18K for your 03 is through a private sale. Auto dealers will look at the KBB price and try offer you at least $2K below that. They want to turn that truck around for a profit and giving you top dollar is not a reciept for their ongoing financial health.


    Good Luck!
  • dbauerdbauer Posts: 416
    VPP is an employee and vendor purchasing plan. it wont be listed on the website, because the site is for retail buyers. if you dont knbow what VPP is, then dont worry about dont get it.
  • jokerjoker Posts: 9
    300 miles so far.

    200 in town miles, 100 highway.

    Averaging 14.6 mpg.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    what else can you tell us about the truck anything else???
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    that all 05's have opening doors in the rear,even the base KC. An XE




    Tilt-----Stickers for 18,300 what should Invoice be? I can't get a clear price..It has a 1,500 package included in the price which includes above + rear tint and bedliner..Any help, thanks Sean
  • Here are some pics of my new 05 fronty.

  • Looks great. Congrats. We are jealous. Let us know of any problems. Just read on the Pathfinder board a few people have had tranny trouble already, I hope they did better with the Frontier.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    me figure out the invoice on a 2005 XE

    w/a 1,500 Package which includes a/c,cruise, 5sp, tint, bedliner, sticker says 18,300, My computer wont let me check edmunds TMV,,,please help, Its the only one on there lot,,and I want to decide tomorrow(monday) Thanks alot, Sean

    WVfrontier, I am sure Jelous :) I want one! Sean
  • jasong2jasong2 Posts: 18
    I bought my Frontier Crew Cab SE-V6 on Friday. Got exactly what I wanted (which wasn't much):


    Crew Cab, SE-V6

    2-Wheel Drive

    Manual Transmission

    Power Package



    Storm Gray w/ Charcoal Interior


    Sticker price was $22,360. Since no one had invoice pricing on any of the internet sites, I was kind of "flying blind" when it came to negotiating the price. I chose to negotiate most on the trade-in, since they said their would be no negotiating on the MSRP. Furthermore, the dealer could have had a "take it or leave it" stance, since there were only 2 trucks in MD, VA, PA, and DE in the configuration I wanted.


    Four hours after arriving at the dealership, I ended up getting $1100 above Edmunds value for my trade in (and $1000 more than any other dealer had offered).


    I did try negotiating on the MSRP and managed to get $300 off the MSRP, floor mats, and a voucher to order the bed extender for $150. At this point, the dealer said take it or leave it. With the trade in and small concessions on the MSRP, I figure I saved about $1500. Financing was through my credit union, so the dealer couldn't make money there and offer more off the MSRP.


    Others will probably do better as the trucks start showing up on the lots. However, I am pretty happy with the deal. My truck needed new tires and a tune up (about $500 combined), so I figured that into my savings and decision to take the deal.


    So far, I really like this truck. The power is great and the manual transmission really lets you take advantage of it. I have never owned an automatic and I didn't drive an automatic Frontier to test it, so others may be able to draw a comparison of the two on the Frontier.


    Seats are comfortable and the ride is very smooth. It is the most quiet truck I have ever owned. I am accustomed to knowing my speed buy the wind/engine noise. First time I was on the highway with the Frontier, I was startled to find I was driving 90mph!


    A couple reviews have noted that the turning circle on the Frontier is a disadvantage along with the steering ratio when compared to other crew cabs. Coming from a regular cab to the Frontier, it certainly is noticeable, especially in parking lots or turning right at intersections. I figure this is only a "problem" until I get used to the truck. Soon enough, I will be whizzing in and out of parking spaces without any problem.


    So far, with one fill up after 50/50 highway-city driving, I am very pleased to note my gas mileage was 20.1 mpg!!!


    All I can say is that I am very happy I wasn't persuaded to buy a 2004 because of the rebates. The 2005 really is superior.


    FYI - When I arrived at the dealership, the entire sales force was there because Nissan Corporate was doing "2005 Frontier Training." I nosed around a bit of it and was surprised by the honesty. Nissan brought in Frontier, Tacoma, and Dakota crew cabs for everyone to drive and compare. When the test drives were over the execs went over the advantages of the Tacoma over the Frontier and vice-versa. Frontier does have a slight edge for some things, but they admitted that it will really come down to price and whether customers are "Toyota" or "Nissan" people.


    Nissan expects that unless customers are "Dodge" loyalists, the Dakota won't have much impact. The "redesigned" Dakota is the same as the last few years with more chrome, and there are noticeable quality and workmanship issues that makes a comparison of the two trucks heavily weighted toward Frontier.


    Nissan also is betting that the new Frontier styling my draw people away from the more "dated" styling of the Tacoma and Dakota.


  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    Thanks for the nice review. I went the San Jose Auto Show over the weekend to look over a number of segments. Nissan had one Frontier there, a CC SE, black. I spent a lot of time checking it out and my impressions have not changed much since I wrote my review of it here, earlier in December. I was disappointed they did not have the King Cab, because I wanted to check that model out also. Oh well.


    It was interesting to see the various efforts expended by the different makes at the show. I have to say, Nissan basically just put the cars on the floor and let the looky loos crawl through them. There were zero knowlegable people at their display, and this was on a Saturday afternoon. Just hot babes walking around trying to get people's personal data into their table PC's.


    There was an 05 Xterra on display, and it must have been shipped right off the factory floor because they are just now starting production.


    Interestingly, I looked at the floor placard for the Frontier that sits by all the vehicles, to read what it said. I could not believe my eyes. The data on it was for the old Frontier, talking about that this was a long bed CC, with the 3.3 liter V6. God Nissan! Wake up!!! Its on 05 on display.


    In contrast, Toyota had an ongoing talking babe telling whoever wanted to hear alllll about the Tacoma, how it won MT's truck of the year honors, blah blah blah. Honestly, the Frontier IMHO, is a far more attractive truck, just that Nissan's marketing division is "out to lunch."


    My wife and I were also looking at the small SUV segment, and Hyundai's Tucson is a really attractive unit, and loaded for the price. And, they had at least 5 knowledable people at their display. Well done.
  • jasong2jasong2 Posts: 18
    I did look at the NISMO king cab on the show room floor while all the paperwork was being done (I was at the dealership 4 hours!). I think the King Cab's proportions make it look very nice . . .nicer than the crew cab. However, the rear seats are absolutely useless. The seat rests about 4 inches off the floor and from seat back to front seat, there is just 25 inches of room. I measured my sitting position and figured this would provide 1" of extra leg room! Not that it really mattered, I tried to get in the rear seats on the show room model and failed. I think it would work if you stacked you friends horizontally, though.


  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    Yes, I agree the KC's rear seating arrangement (if you can call it that) are pretty useless. It is not designed for adults. The seats look almost like an afterthought. I primarily would haul tools and packages back there though, and for that its a very usable space. My 99 KC Ranger has the swing out rear doors also, but the seats are raised up a bit more so they are tolerable for adults on a short ride.


    Jason - how is the ride on your CC? Reports and reviews mention "choppiness or minor bucking" over some pavements. Have you experienced this?


    Also, what are the RPM's in sixth gear at 70mph?
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    How is the gas Mi. ??

    what color did you get?and what price did you pay?
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    Who are you asking? Jason posted all the answers to your questions earlier.


    Joker posted 14.6 mpg earlier ( have a feeling he's enjoying that V6 :) )


    Jason said in his post; "So far, with one fill up after 50/50 highway-city driving, I am very pleased to note my gas mileage was 20.1 mpg!!!"
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    This is getting bad, replying to my own posts...


    Anyway -


    Badness, I have not purchased any Frontier yet, if that is what you were asking. I did go by the local dealer at lunch today, had a King Cab LE 4x4 out front. They were asking MSRP + $3000 dealer mark up. No way! It was black with the Charcoal interior. Man is that interior gorgeous! Soon, baby, Soon. :)
  • since on my 05 se c/c 6 spd, there isn't a factory keyless entry alarm option available so i got the viper 350 alarm w/ keyless entry installed today. the local installer took a while since there isn't a wiring schematic for this new truck (or even the 05 pathfinder) yet. i also got the 2 front windows tinted w/ the lightest color. it looks great now; very blending to the factory rear windows tint. plus now my truck auto locks when i shift into 1st gear and auto unlocks when i remove the ignition key. very nice feature especially when you hauling kids in the back. alarm + tint only $230 installed !!
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