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Toyota Tacoma 2005+



  • I just read a review on oil filters. After cutting into them, they said Fram was the absolute worst filter made. Best filters were the Wix, Hastings, Filtech. Bosh was also rated as OK. Mobil one was evaluated as also among the worst. Surprising since they charge $11.00 a piece for them.
  • were can i get the official toyota tacoma seat covers.... and were can i find some that say trd on them
  • Yeah I did it per instructions you partially screw in the middle bolt, then you just hook running board's middle bracket over bolt and tighten a bit, running board is held in place and you can install other 5 bolts...It's easy. BTW I think my truck looks better now also! You will be a happy camper. GL


    SEAT COVERS (Part Number: PT218-35052-01)

    Category: 2005, Tacoma

    2005 Tacoma w/ sport package. These seat covers have TRD embroidered instead of Tacoma.

  • gymbogymbo Posts: 37
    I recently purchased a 05 tacoma,dc,longbed,trd4 sport package,silver.Then I ran accross this forum and see the problems people are having and now I'm nervous.I have had the truck a little over two weeks,almost 300 miles.Does anyone know if the leak problem exist from day one or does it develop over time.How many have experienced the paint chip problem?I really want to like this truck,so far so good!
  • My 05 Tacoma regular cab 4X2 at 800 miles develop a transmission leak between the crankshaft and the transmission. The dealer said the gasket was broken which was replaced two day later because the had to order the part from the manufacture. I now have over 2200 miles and never had a problem since then. I really love my truck.
  • gymbogymbo Posts: 37
    wes240,you state your doors relock,do you have the optional alarm system?I only ask because my doors have never relocked on their own.Just wondering if they are supposed to.Thanks
  • I am sure they fixed leak problem before your truck hit lot. I have 2000 miles on mine, no leaking no paint chipping! Relax you bought a great truck...
  • I have a DC, trd sport, silver, shortbed. I do not hear any odd noise yet from my truck and it does not have any leak so far and it rained here for 2 days, I even hosed down the truck for about ten minutes and so far so good. I'm almost certain that they addressed these problems already. Last six of my VIN is 045XXX just in case you want to cross reference the build date. The ride is almost as good as my wife's highlander. I even get very nice compliments from people that I don't even know.
  • I bought mine from Thompson Toyota in Pennsylvania (online). They sometimes sell them on Ebay. I paid $159.00 plus shipping.
  • geogeckogeogecko Posts: 225
    Hmm...he must have added the installation information after I ordered, because I don't remember it being there before. He said the web site was only 2 weeks old. I'm sure he's going to be getting some good business.


    The doors automatically lock if you unlock them, and don't open a door for about 30 seconds. Check the manual.


    CanadianTaco. E-mail him if you haven't, he might be willing to ship to Canada... Seems like a nice guy.


    Can't wait to get these running boards and my wiring harness for the iPod2Car. I just realized that the carpet in the console can be pulled out (it's a little panel with carpet on one side). There are at least 4 holes that are large enough to bring the DIN connector through, and then all you have to do is cut one small hole in the carpet part, and then run the cable along the center console, and behind the radio. That should be interesting.
  • I have an auto 2WD TRD Access Cab. I too am experiencing a "lug" down when decelerating. It's driving me crazy !! I'm wondering if there is a problem or if it's normal. I've never felt it in any other vehicle. Have you addressed the dealer with the problem ?
  • gnitsgnits Posts: 9
    My friend who works for Toyota said it was addressed last year in a TSB. The leak was traced to the cowl. Not much details unless you're familiar with the windshield/firewall cowl area. Just washed my truck and didn't have any noticeable dampness in the carpet. I took delivery first week of February and my build date is in early Dec.


    I see small chips in the front bumper, but I have the TRD Sports with the color-keyed look. This is typical...
  • gnitsgnits Posts: 9
    If you're coasting(off the gas pedal), the transmission will downshift, thus, engine braking. These newer trannys are getting a lot more intelligent. Not your old turbo 350/400 anymore...
  • Yeah so can i get seat covers on sport seats.. like the official ones .... (but they hav to hav trd on them rite?)
  • hueyhuey Posts: 13
    I have the same truck you have and owned it for about the same amount of time, just that I've put 925miles into it in 2 weeks. Took it up to the mountain twice for snowboarding trips and everything is great about it. No leaks, no noise, no paint chips, just a great truck w/ plenty of power. I enjoy every driving moment.


    Mine was built: 0105


    p.s. A happy ride to the mountains makes you do bigger airs!
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I'm considering a base regular cab Tacoma and had some questions. Most seem to talk about either the V6 or the 4x4 models, so I'm not sure if anyone has a similar truck and can comment. I'd also be interested in anyone that attempted to cross shop with the Colorado.


    First, I noticed the bench seat looks to be one piece rather then a split arrangement. Is this true? Can the angle of the seatback be adjusted?


    How is the power of the four cylinder when teamed with the automatic? What about the gas mileage (particularly in the city)? Is the ride comfortable?


    I hear that the bed is composite plastic. Is this the entire bed, or only the interior part? I assume people aren't talking about the bedliner itself right?


    So has anyone compared to the four banger Colorado? I know, I know. It's a heresy, but the Colorado provides a relatively competent truck for 3-4k less. And I'm curious how others thought the noise, comfort, and performance compared. The interior of the Tacoma is unquestionably of higher quality and it offers a standard CD player but the Colorado's interior doesn't bother me. The Colorado does have a split bench on base models but it appears you can't adjust the seatback which may be a deal breaker. Anyway, any insight is appreciated.
  • wes240wes240 Posts: 33
    gymbo, I have the regular standard alarm. As geogecko stated, if you unlock your doors with the keyless remote and do not open your doors within 30 seconds, the doors will relock. About 50% of the time I haven't started the truck within that 30 seconds and the doors relock. No big deal. I guess it could be if I would forget something in the house after I put the keys in the ignition without starting the truck - the truck would lock me out of it. In the mornings I'm usually a bit slow.
  • geogeckogeogecko Posts: 225
    Yeah, and I've also noticed that it seems to notice if you are going uphill or not. It tends to wait to shift (upshift), if you are going uphill, versus on a flat road. It's a very nice feature, because vehicles usually get bogged down when going uphill in a high gear, only to have to keep alternating between say, 3rd and 4th gear... I love the power of this truck.
  • I have owned Toyota cars and trucks for over 40 years and I think that our 2005 Tacoma,DC, Auto,4x4 OffRoad, Silver Streak Mica is by far the best Toyota we have ever owned. We don't appear to have any of the problems as discussed on this site. This truck drives and rides like a dream and has the design and looks that draw attention like nothing I have ever driven.


    My wife and I are retired and things get slow around here since NFL season is over, so the other evening we decided that we would study the glove box on our Tacoma to determine if we have a defective glove box. After 20 minutes with a flashlight and much analysis we have determined that we do not have a discolored glove box.

     Years ago when I was young I owned several street rods so was used to people looking at my cars, but I swear I have never had anyone tell me that I had a nice looking glove box but now I am ready if the topic should come up on the Tacoma. Also, we have great looking cup holders with no scratches.

    I am fanatical about the condition of my vehicles so will closely monitor this truck for chips but have none so far. Wax it about twice a week.

    We love the 2005 Tacoma and are more than happy that we got more than our money's worth.
  • Hi Everyone,


    (sorry for blasting the entire forum, this thread applies to Canadian availability)


    My 1990 4Runner has finally died, RIP bud. So...

    I've been looking to buy a 05 Dcab, 6-Speed Tacoma for a while now. The problem is that there are very few to be had in the Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto corridor. I even bulk-emailed 62 dealers stating exactly what I am looking for and that the dealer who replied with the best on-the-road price would have a sale by end of February. About 20 dealers replied and were eager to make a sale, although few (if any) actually had the vehicle I want in their possession (ir RED, DCab, 6Cyl, Dcab). One dealer said that the next shipment of Tacomas destined for Ontario had 76 to be delivered to dealers and no dealer really knew what to expect. 76 doesn't seem like much at all to me. So, I can understand Toyota supplying their prime customer (the US) first, but are there many potential Tacoma customers waiting and how long are ppl willing to wait?


    I don't mind waiting though, the last thing I want is to try to haggle for a vehicle that is in short supply. Does anyone have some sort of inside info on when Toyota Canada will start shipping more units???




  • I have a Black '05 Acccess cab, 4x4, V6, 6spd. Well I have a little over 500 miles on my truck at the moment and have none of the reported problems.


    The engine was a little "hoarser" when I took delivery (dealer put in 87 gas). Since then I have put 93 octane gas in and that in combination with just plain old break'n has smoothed out the engine quite a bit. I imagine it will even get smoother when I switch out the Dyno oil with Mobil 1.


    The 6spd isn't going to compare to a Acura RSX 6spd, but it is more than adequate for a truck and infinitely better than a slush box IMHO.


    Anyway, it has been raining around here (SC) and I have no leaks to obnoxious cab/suspension noises...and no paint chips as of yet (I've even done some offroading and driving down gravel roads).


    So far I am EXTREMELY satisfied with my purchase.
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    Yeah, I checked out the Frontier forum too and some people reported engine noise that sounded like "marbles." I would choose a windshield leak over a marble sound...and there may be more problems than just that. Regardless, stating problems publicly for either vehicle is good as long as people are HONEST.
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    FYI, The only oil filter I have found to fit the 4.0L 2005 TACO was a NAPA Gold. It's an excellent filter, metal endcaps (FRAM has cardboard) and good anti-drainback valve. NAPA can cross reference off of your stock Toyota filter number to get the right filter. I read BAD reviews on the Toyota filter, but it was for a different Toyota engine.
  • I have a good contact at a dealer in Ontario with great prices, e-mail me for further info,
  • canadiantaco wrote -

    "but will your nissan be fixed for free in ten years when the engine sounds like a freight train and breaks down 3 times a year.... NOPE.... will the guys who have TOYOTA engines be laughing... think, you once thought a water leak was a big thing but now your spendin 3 gs a yeer to keep ure 10 thousand dollar truck road worthy...."


    I believe the VQ engine in the Frontier has been rated VERY highly and would be a hard design to beat, even by the highly worshiped Toyota. If isolated only to motors, I would bet on the VQ.

    Speaking of girly men trucks, my wife and I recently tested the Frontier and the Tacoma. My wife thought the Frontier was a man's truck and liked the Toyota better.

    I will say I liked both trucks very much. The biggest difference being Toyota made their plastic interiors look nicer than Nissan's plastic interiors by using simple gimmicks like texturing and coloring.

    I will wait to see if problems with the Nissan will be as numerous the problems with the Toyota before buying, which will take some time, like next year when some of the problems have been worked out?

    What I will NOT do is let some strange auto manufacturer religion/worship figure into my decision.

    None of them are that good!
  • Do you think those guys from Motor Trend are girly men?
  • I think it is funny how much stock people are putting into "Truck of the Year". Last year the F150 won it, I bet not a single Toyota person would have cared. Now, the '04 F150 has loads of problems and reliability issues. I guess if this is what you want, that is what you get.
  • gymbogymbo Posts: 37
    Just wanted to thank evryone for their replys to my first post.I find this to be interesting,I put a down payment on vehicle 01/22/05(it had not arrived on lot yet from port)I took delivery on 01/27/05 with 4 miles.The build date was 11/04 vin 019xxx,some of you seem to have a more recent build date with a comparable delivery date.Just curious,why mine took so long to get to the dealer?
  • "I guess it could be if I would forget something in the house after I put the keys in the ignition without starting the truck - the truck would lock me out of it."


    Know what you mean about mornings :-) You probably would not have to worry about that though. Once you open the door, the 30 second thing is shut off. Also, like a lot of newer cars, it's difficult to lock yourself out because you can't lock the doors with the key in the ignition (after the door has been opened).
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