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Toyota Tacoma 2005+



  • Over 11000 miles since October and no problems. (05 Black DC LB TRD Sport 4x4 with auto tranny) Did it in to the dealer for the recall on the emergency brake though. It was a quick 10 min fix. No problems before or after.

    As far as the composite bed goes, I have personally loaded and hauled 2000 lbs (1 ton) of brick in the bed of my Tacoma on two occasions. with the exception of some minor scratches it held up great. The back end was down low and the suspension was my major concern but it is strong.

    As far as mpg goes, I am very heavy footed and am averaging about 18.5 mpg. Thats about a 60/40 split highway/city with some moderate off-roading. Not to bad for my driving style.

    Great truck I love the styling and on and off-road handling.
  • gr8blue1gr8blue1 Posts: 33
    Has anyone bothered checking those bed storage compartment covers lately? The locks on my Taco are now rotting w/ rust.

    Been driving lots of mileage on snowy days and was checking out everything to remove salt buildup from all places when I found these.
  • paldente,
    Glad to help
    Are you going to buy from? Berlin city or heritage toyota? Or somewhere else.Do you live in the northeast kingdom?Ive got some land on the loop rd in Troy.
  • jkmqjkmq Posts: 8
    Took delivery 3/18/05 on my white 05 dbl cab 4x4 TRD #4pkg w/tinted glass,chrome tube steps, 6 disc cd changer,and the black TRD Off-Road floor mats.
    No rattles.No leaks. No funny noises and the first tank of gas was 19mpg(no hwy). Almost forgot....this truck is FAST.I LUUUUUVVV THIS TRUCK!!!!!!!!!
  • chiefman1chiefman1 Posts: 22
    I have a 2005 DC, 4x4, V6, OffRoad, Pkg#2 which was built 01-11-05 and have had no problems at all. Highway MPG is 18. Have yet to receive the recall notice on the parking brake. Am getting ready to Zaino it when the weather is warm enough.

    Stopped in at one of the largest Toyota dealers in Denver last week,( I purchased mine from a small dealer in Colorado) and talked to the service manager about the problems they have seen so far on the 2005 Taco. He said that nothing is made like it used to be and to hang on to my 1993 4x4 which is mint and was what I was driving that day.
    But he said they have not had any water leak problems, but we don't get heavy rain here very often. He said they have had two come back with the cab mount noise, one with a failed front suspension at 300 miles, which the guy got a new truck out of, one cracked bed.
    But he said these trucks are going to be fine and they cannot keep them on the lot. They had 40 Tundras and 1 Taco on the lot that day but could not even find the Taco.
  • toytrucktoytruck Posts: 67
    Here is a reply I received from Toyota on the load limits of the tie downs. Deck hooks as referenced in the following are the D-rings in the rear. The other D-rings are the accessory ones and the deck rails are the adjustable tie downs.

    "Thank you for contacting Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
    We apologize for the confusion regarding our previous information.

    Both the deck hooks and the truck bed D-rings mirror the weight capacity of the deck rail, which is 100 pounds.

    Your email has been documented at our National Headquarters under file #200503240874. If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

    Toyota Customer Experience "
  • cmitchellcmitchell Posts: 18
    Mine are rusted also.
  • maxvenummaxvenum Posts: 39
    That is bizarre. I asked the dealer the same thing, and he showed me one of the cleat tie downs, and "200 lbs" was printed on the cleat...

    Could someone here go out and look at their cleats and see what is printed on it? Thanks.
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    Well, I guess I'm getting Black. My dealer already had a black one on its way when I told him that I was thinking about silver. Oh well. Black will be cool. There seems to be lots of silver vehicles out right now anyway. This will be my 3rd black vehicle. I had a black GMC2500 and a black Saleen Mustang S351 (gorgeous). I'll just have to restock my car washing and polishing products.

    I've found that a orbital buffer is very helpful in getting a swirl-free wax or polish job. When I used to hand polish, black paint always showed swirls or areas where the black looks 'deeper'. Hopefully the paint on my new Taco will be easy to work with. BTW, on a new vehicle I always rub the paint down with a 'magic clay bar' to clean off any overspray or contaminants. It makes the wax go on real nice. If you haven't used a clay bar, you gotta try it. It's great for overspray, tar, sap, etc. It works like a squeegie, sort of.
  • matacomamatacoma Posts: 6
    I purchased my desert sand mica DC Long bed 4x4 Tacoma with the towing package on January 4, 05. I love it! I have 2759 miles now and just got back from a trip in Maine. Highway mileage was 23MPG at 60MPH. I also got 23MPG with a mix of driving some back roads in Maine in which out of 150 miles total driven about 75 miles was at slow speeds (15-20mph) while scouting to photograph deer and moose. This has been the best gas mileage I've ever received with my Tacoma. Since I purchased it I had been getting any ware from 18-20 on the highway & 14-18 City. I have been using Premium gas Octane 93 in it.
  • I have recently test driven both the NISMO King Cab 4x4 A/T and TRD Offroad 4x4 Acess Cab A/T. I have an interest in buying either.

    I admit there are pros and cons of both.

    Taco: has excellent interior and comfort
    not excited about the bed (yet, might need some convincing) & 5 to 10 less HP on regular gas.
    -exterior noise was significantly louder once vehicle was started, interior noise just OK
    -back seats more practical with storage
    -toyota seems to be more prestigious than nissan when it somes to the truck dept.

    Fronty: has a smooth ride and more power but a piss poor interior design....seems very plastic and cheap. back seats suck!
    -very quiet start up and quiet ride

    To me both trucks look great and handled well on road. (rugged canadian roads)
    APR is lower on nissan 3.8%, 5.4% toyota
    (canadian rates)

    -prices are similar

    I guess from my list I am slightly leaning towards a toy, but really liked the power of the nissan,

    I have been reading the forums and worried about problems I may encounter with the toyota (ie squeaks and leaks and such)
    I havent heard of many problems about nissans (yet)

    Not sure who is the true leader in sales this year (if there are numbers published yet) or if I should wait till the fall for the '06's to come out

    I am trying to get the best prices as well.
    Best for Toyota so far is $34150 (without taxes)
    =$39259 incl taxes, minus 1000....grand tally =38k and change? (any other canadian out there in ontario get a better deal)

    Anyone have any nissan prices? 39k and change is best so far.

    any reccomendations for my future investment?

  • geogeckogeogecko Posts: 225
    You just have to be careful with clay. You want to keep in lubed all the time (I usually wash the truck, then use the left over car wash soap as lube for the clay, and do one panel at a time). I've also found that if you only have one bar of clay, to tear it in half, and keep half of it stored so in case you drop your other half, you can still finish the job. You shouldn't ever use a dropped bar (unless you like rubbing sand paper on your paint!).

    I didn't believe in claying until I tried it a couple months ago. You'd be surprised about the amount of junk on a new car!
  • georgeageorgea Posts: 1
    Got a 05 Tacoma yesterday, silver, access cab, TRD - Off Road pkg 2, built 02/05 (have not looked for the exact date yet.)

    Am happy to report that I have not experienced any of the troubles described in some of the previous posts.

    No leaks - (Had about 3" of wet snow here yesterday, drove through many large slush puddles on drive home from dealer)

    No suspension, bed or rattle noise of any type detected, (drove home on a road that would beat the heck out of you average small car - bumpy, many pot holes)

    At this point the truck only has 370 miles, so will wait and see if anything out of the ordinary occurs.

    To those that have any doubts about the Tacoma, put them aside - This Truck Rocks !, I considered and have driven many other trucks before deciding on the Tacoma, 04, 05 GM Sierra's, F150, and F250's. (and others)

    In terms of the complete package the others can't compare. The Tacoma is a great blend of size, performance, gas mileage, off road ability, comfortable to drive (am 6'2" with long legs), well designed engine compartment, etc.

    As a final note, My "anti-pickup truck" 72 year old Mother went for a ride today ... even she was impressed !
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    Yeah, I've been using clay for about 10 years now. I buy a new bar every year because they get so filled with contaminants. It's almost impossible to use a clay bar without some kind of liquid on the surface. The clay will just stick there. I use the special liquid that's made for the clay bar, but I imagine soapy water would work too.
  • paldentepaldente Posts: 12

    I'm actually getting it through a dealer in southern vermont where I know someone who works at the dealership. I live in downtown Burlington, but have ridden up 100 and east on 14 last summer, near where you have land. Great riding out there!

  • paldentepaldente Posts: 12
    My dealer will also allow me to swap the TRD offroad BF Goodrich rugged trail tires, 265/70/16, for anything I like. Has anyone put on a slightly larger tire that looks good and performs well? Please recommend some tires to look at.
  • volleyvolley Posts: 298
    I would go with BFG All Terrains or Bridgestone Dueller AT Revos. Both are great tires. If they will let you go bigger I would get 265/75/16, otherwise stick with the 265/70/16.
  • paldentepaldente Posts: 12

    Can I get away with 285/75 for the all terrains or am I just asking to have rocks thrown against my truck from them? I like the all terrains better style-wise and there are three options.


    Thoughts on these options?


  • No clearance problems with the 4X2 makes sense since there is no transfer case. Anybody with a regular cab, extended cab, quad cab 4x4 long bed have the same observation ?
    There is no skid plate and I have the TRD 4x4 quad cab #2. If you did add one to protect existing crossover pipe, you would lose another 1" or so of ground clearance.
    I have been loading a Polaris 500 Scrambler ( 525 lbs.) into the back several times with aluminum ramps and have not had a problem "yet" with my tailgate. I'm not sure I want to try the 700 Sportsman though ( 750 #'s)
    For those of you looking for a neat website to review and purchase Toyota after market assecories for the 2005 Taco, look up " TRD Parts 4U" they are located in Texas. I live in California but there on site pricing beat the pants off what my local dealer quoted me. There service was great and they delivered promptly.
  • Lets get more bizarre ...

    Looking here :

    and clicking on the pictures of the rail tiedowns and the bed tiedowns the following is found:

    Rail tiedowns -- 220 pounds each

    Bed tiedowns ("D" rings) -- 440 pounds each

  • Took delivery yesterday of my 2005 Silver Access Cab V-6 Auto Sport Package #2. Ordered 2/16/05 at Performance Toyota in Sinking Spring Pa. My Truck arrived at the dealer almost 5 weeks to the day. No rain yet so not sure of any leaks but so far no problems at all. Built 3/05 in California, Fit and finish is meticulous. Seems like typical Toyota High Quality. This is my 4th Tacoma and by Far the sweetest. As stated before, it is the perfect blend of a mid-size pickup with lots of configurations, options and goodies. Not cheap but worth the extra cash for a really sweet, well built truck.
  • bdstuartbdstuart Posts: 11
    5 weeks--not bad--did this beat their estimated delivery date they gave you or was this on-track?
  • toytrucktoytruck Posts: 67
    >Lets get more bizarre ...

    >Looking here :


    >and clicking on the pictures of the rail tiedowns and the bed tiedowns the >following is found:

    >Rail tiedowns -- 220 pounds each

    >Bed tiedowns ("D" rings) -- 440 pounds each


    Update: My latest email from Toyota on these load limits.

    "We apologize for the inaccurate information provided in the previous email.

    Your owners manual does not contain the most current information regarding this issue. Upon further research we determined that the following weight capacities would apply for the components listed;

    Mini tie downs (attached to bedrail)weight capacity = 110 pounds
    Bed Cleats or, Tie down cleats (attached to bedrail) weight capacity = 200 pounds
    D Rings (mounted to lower bed wall)weight capacity = 440 pounds

    Toyota Customer Experience"
  • BFG all-terrains are horrible about throwing rocks. Without running boards to protect the truck, they will destroy the paint.
  • maxvenummaxvenum Posts: 39
    That sounds much better. I was wondering if the 100 lbs referred to earlier were the mini tie-down cleats.
  • nbtacomanbtacoma Posts: 15

    2 months ago I took my 1996 2WD Tacoma in for service and made the mistake of wandering the floor while I waited. Long story short I now own a silver 2005 2WD SR5 Tacoma. Of course I would love a 4X4 but have owned a 2WD for over 7 years and that little truck never let me down. Big toyota fan here moving from a Tercel to now 2 Tacomas. I pick it up on Monday. Just needed somewhere to talk about it!
  • bjw1bjw1 Posts: 152
    I did the same thing, I took my 04 taco in for 12000 mile oil change and walked out with an 05 dbl cab v6, i was going to wait for another year, but they gave me a surprising decent deal giving the demand for them right now, but i was looking due to my 04 was an access cab and need more room, so thats why i upgraded to a double cab, well hope you enjoy your new taco as much as i have been doing, as I am sure you will.
  • I was originally told 4 to 6 weeks when I placed the order.
  • paldentepaldente Posts: 12
    So it looks like I'll be getting the Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo and I want to try and fit a 285/75/16. My dealer thought that should be no problem to fit on the truck. I'll let you all know how it works out and perhaps better yet, post a picture.
  • bacolodbacolod Posts: 24

    I have exactly the same truck as yours and am running 91 octane premium too. I am averaging 18-19 mpg with 65/35 more on the freeway. I have 1200
    miles right now.
    By the way I've got a 2wd.

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