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Toyota Tacoma 2005+



  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    Great! I didn't see anything about an Auto Dimming mirror in the package options. But I'll be glad to take it!
  • banjomanbanjoman Posts: 15
    I have the auto dimming mirror on my 05 d-cab also. Came as standard feature with the TRD sport package. But I also have a Snugtop on the bed and the front and rear windows on the camper are tinted so the auto dim feature doesn't really function at least I have not been able to see it work like it does on my wife's Nissan Maxima. All the tint on the windows though really cuts the glare from headlights. Biggest problem with the camper is that you can't see where you are backing up so I installed a set of work/back-up lights on the roof rack.
  • sbsyncrosbsyncro Posts: 66
    Be careful about the "#" designations - it is safer to use the Toyota factory option codes. Here's the run down on the different TRD Sport Option Codes; all include the sport seats, 17" wheels, ect. The dfference is the towing package and the auto dimming mirror:

    ________TOWING___________AUTO DIM___
    #1 (PY)----------[No]-------------------[No]
    #2 (PT)----------[Yes]------------------[No]
    #3 (PM)----------[No]-------------------[Yes]
    #4 (PK)----------[Yes]------------------[Yes]

    This is according my cross-referencing of information available from Intellichoice, CarDirect, Edmunds, and FightingChance

    tough to get the columns to line up sine I can't force a proportional font... ;-)
  • volleyvolley Posts: 298

    I think 285s might be pushing it a little at stock height.

    I would go with 265/75/16 that's almost an inch taller than the stock 265/70s
  • volleyvolley Posts: 298

    Congrats on the new truck. Be sure to post a follow up and let us know how you like it.
  • volleyvolley Posts: 298
    Mine came with a 7 to 4 converter. Don't know if it was suppose to be included or not.

    As for the ball mount, I did NOT get one, but had one from my last truck so wan't a biggie.
  • Banjoman- can you tell me about your snugtop camper? Are you happy with it? If you don't mind how much did you pay. Thanks
  • jkmqjkmq Posts: 8
    I have the same truck and noticed I did not get the hitch insert when I took delivery .I told the salesman that should come with it and he got me one, no charge.I don't if they just threw it in to stop an argument but I did get one. Good luck.
  • rbzr2rbzr2 Posts: 1
    I have this type vibration on a 4x4 Access (non TRD). Mine is most noticeable between 30 and 20 on deceleration. Had it to the dealer 3 times and have yet to have them notice it. Also notice a slight shake just as I accelerate from a stop. Oddly the shake from a start goes away if in 4 wheel drive. Both seem to go away when I place a load in the bed. Such as a 600# atv.
  • walterswalters Posts: 22
    Hi, Bro. I've asked others what they don't like about the Dunlops and I'm wondering what you disliked about them. Someone mentioned that they followed grooves in the road, but I have not noticed that on my Prerunner Access Cab. What brand and type of tires did you get?

    I don't believe the DeeZee tubes are really useful for getting into the truck. They do more to protect the truck from rock chips and just look good.
  • walterswalters Posts: 22
    Thanks for the reply, rbzr. The fact that it goes away with weight in the bed leads me to believe that your accel shake might be driveshaft related since the angle of the shaft changes as the bed is loaded. The driveshaft is what I'm suspecting is causing my vibration, but I'm not at all sure of that. We'll see.
  • jadamjrjadamjr Posts: 28
    Hey guys,

    I just bought a silver 2005 Toyota TRD 4X4 Double Cab last November. I put a toytec 3" suspension lift on it. Just the other day I noticed bad paint chipping on the rear fenders just behind the rear doors. I also noticed chipping on the front edge of the rear doors. Is anyone else having problems with stone chips. The area on the bed in front of the rear wheels is real bad. It is already down to the metal.
  • bro45usbro45us Posts: 36
    Hi walters, the factory Dunlop tires were for one thing too small for the truck and they have a wear rating of only "C" wich means about 35,000 miles or so. I went with BFG all terrains 265/70 and that is a much better tire. As far as how well the Dunlops handled I dont know because I took them off with only about 20 miles on them
  • volleyvolley Posts: 298

    Is that a prerunner you have? Is Toyota going to repaint it for you?

  • brodeyobrodeyo Posts: 26
    Thanks for all who have responded. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't faulty.
  • kencockencoc Posts: 1
    I just picked up my new Tacoma this weekend. Yesterday I was going looking it over and a person I know pointed out to me that it looks like and aluminum block. I looked around Toyota's website and it does not say, usually a cast iron block is painted, and normally the aluminum blocks are not. Does anyone know if it is aluminum, I am a little worried about the road salt getting to the block, it will look really bad after one or two trips on salt covered roads. I guess I can spray it with WD40 but that is something else I have to remember to do when I am cleaning the truck.
  • toytrucktoytruck Posts: 67

    >Is that a prerunner you have? Is Toyota going to repaint it for you?


    No, 4x4. I waiting to see the regional rep. sometime in the next couple of weeks. So far he had told the dealer no paint but I will see when he comes around. Not sure I want to take a chance on having them repaint.
  • ush00zush00z Posts: 30
    I've got a double cab shortbed, 2wd, 1100 miles and never got better than 16.5 MPG in suburb driving. I've tried both 87 and 91 octane gas but the results were always the same. I wonder what method you people use to come up with that 20+ MPG.
  • bjw1bjw1 Posts: 152
    I have the same truck, impulse red pearl, i have been using 91 and getting 18.75 mpg in the city, I think elevation might play a role in the mpg i am at about1800-2000 ft, i hope your mpg improves the avg mpg rating is 18-22.
  • I have an 05 Double cab v6 auto sport. On the first 3 tanks, my mpg has been 20.4, 20.5 & 20.1. The way I check is to fill it up the same way every time and divide the miles into the gallons needed to fill the tank. I have a slight ticking from the right side of the engine, but I am not alarmed. No chips or anything else wrong. The driving is 80% city driving but I do not have a heave right foot. The elevation is 5500ft.
  • miniviperminiviper Posts: 13
    I take it no one else is interested in the X-runner body kit for the DC. Maybe I'm too much of the "fast and the furious" generation.
  • wooddorkerwooddorker Posts: 300
    Ball mounts are maybe $15 at Wal-Mart. The amount of drop you need and ball size are dependant on the trailer being towed.

    I doubt a dealer would lose a sale over an item that costs them $8. The one they gave you may or might not work with the trailer you plan to tow.
  • nickt1nickt1 Posts: 32
    I have a TRD Off-Road Access Cab with both vibrations. The vibration while braking was determined, by the technician, to be coming from the way the tires were gripping the road. I still think, however, that's it's from the transmission downshifting. People on other boards have reported the same vibration. We never did find out what the vibration while accelerating was coming from but it might help you to know that people on other boards have reported it too.
  • streaksstreaks Posts: 64
    Have an '05 Acc.Cab 4x4 V6(6M)Off-Road Pkg #2.
    Some ???'s;
    If your thinking modifications(suspension,exhaust,
    etc.)I've been told to use Toyota(TRD)parts.
    Should a problem occur and other aftermarket parts
    were used.There could be warranty problem.
    Anyone else hear this??Thinking of getting the
    Cold air induction(in the works I hear)the headers and the exhaust.Any out there yet??Also,read a lot on hear about paint chipping. Did I see suggestion to use the 3m film behind the flaps?? Good idea??
    Give a heads up if you know..Thanks.
    Some comments:
    Tube steps look good , but like the '04, mount too close .I'm thinkin' Westins or others.
    Don't get the Sport pedals..A pain to keep clean!
    Stock tires..BF Rugged Trail's..Ok ,but maybe the new Bridgestone At's instead.
    Bed liner's really slippy..Maybe the Bed mat is in order.
    Ordered an A.R.E. LSII hard Tonneau..Had one on my "04.Loved it!!
    Got a slick engine tick..We'll see how that goes.
    Slight thud when 4x4 disengages @ lower speed. My '04 did it too. No problem.
    Great site.Good posts and info. Keep it up!!
  • nickt1nickt1 Posts: 32

    Toyota's response so far has been to shirk responsibility for the bad paint, but some dealers and repainting as a courtesy. Make sure you call Toyota and open up a case to let them know about the paint problem. We're hoping to flood Toyota with complaints and maybe, just maybe, then Toyota will acknowledge there's a problem with the paint.
  • I have a Silver '05 Tacoma Double Cab Prerunner. I'm thinking about putting tube steps and maybe a bug reflector on. Does anybody have a picture of a silver DC with these accessories so I can get an idea of what it would look like. Thanks.
  • brodeyobrodeyo Posts: 26
    I just noticed on that my windshield's seal, on the driverside, is pulled up off of the glass. It's been raining like cats and dogs out lately, but I haven't noticed a leak or damp smell.... I'm taking it into the dealer this weekend to get it looked at and hopefully fixed. If I had to guess, it looks as if it is damage from delivery.... Who knows though. Could be a production problem. Have you inspected your windshield lately?
  • Update from my last post #2149 regarding water leak and other new owner feedback:

    [water leak]
    I'm hoping the worst problems are behind me. The carpet has remained dry since the dealer's second attempt to fix the leak, but I still haven't had the opportunity to drive it in heavy rain. For what it's worth, my taco was made in late '04, and it seems that anyone buying a taco made in Jan 05 or later need not worry.

    [fron suspension/cab mount popping sound]
    Months ago I was experiencing this popping sound and read that it was more noticeable on colder days. Well Houston has warmed up considerably, and I haven't heard the popping sound in over a month. It just magically dissapeared.

    [parking brake recall]
    I received my recal a few weeks ago. Will take care of it during first oil change. I plan to have the dealer do all oil changes and tire rotation to take advantage of Toyota's "Tires for Life" plan or whatever it's called. Anyone have experience with that plan?

    [hard water spots]
    Thanks ecotrklvr for the advice on mixing 1/4 cup of baking soda in a bucket of warm soapy water. The water spots on the windshield came right off without scrubbing :)

    The truck has ~2200 miles on it now, and I'm finally calming down from the leak problems and am enjoying the new ride again. I love the combination of performace/power and decent gas mileage. And the quality and ergonomics of the interior keep me smiling. Last weekend I hauled a cubic yard of dirt (which took up the entire bed space) and realized that the very minor scratches the dealer put in the interior when fixing the leak aren't a big issue because after all, it's a truck. It would be a shame (and a waste of $$$) if someone bought a new Tacoma and didn't use it as it's intended role simply because they don't want to get it dirty! And after pampering a car for so long worrying about every dent and scratch, it'll be nice to say, "oh well... it's a truck." :p

    However, having said that, I did wax it last weekend... just pure carnuba wax with orbital buffer. No Zaino or bar or anything. But this got me wondering, what type of protectant do you guys recommend I use on the interior? I used a good non-water based glossy protectant on the old car, but I don't think the taco interior is meant to be glossy. Any suggestions?
  • bjw1bjw1 Posts: 152
    thats pretty good, i filled up today and got 18.88 on 95-98% city only did about 10 or so miles on highway, but gas is getting rediculous, it was $35.00 for 13.5gals getting 91 which was 2.57/gal, no ticking noise from me, sometimes hard to tell my subs are going, lol.
  • volleyvolley Posts: 298
    That sucks big time. I have a few chips on mine too. What a shame. I had no idea Yota paint was so cheap. I'm surprised to say the least.
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