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Land Rover LR3



  • iceman2,


    I've found this link to be helpful in looking at what inventory is around.



    it appears that there is a lr3 black/beige in Ft. Lauderdale.


    good luck
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    reichowjr, Front PDC is not an option in North America on any LR3. There is no mystery. We also don't have Power Folding Mirrors and a Locking Fuel Door. None of these options were advertised in the US, so it shouldn't be a shock.


    Owner's manuals commonly mention optional features that are only available in other markets, like it or not.
  • My local dealer loaned me a stock LR3 SE for the weekend with the only requirement being: "take it off-road and give us a report". I did. Amazing is all I can say. I've had two Discovery II's, several Toyota 4x4's, and a 2002 Mercedes G500 and this LR3 is much better than any of those vehicles, both on and off road. It would go every place that my G-wagen would, but the DII's or Toys had problems with - and all without locking diff's. On one particular nasty, rocky, rutted, steep hill the G-wagen with it's 3 locking diffs excelled, but the LR3 did 99% as well with open front & rear diffs.


    The LR3 is an S-class on the road, and a smooth, easy-to-drive and totally uneventful off-roader with no noises - creaks, groans, moans (like a G-wagen)to be heard. The HDC is noisy but not necessary at all due to the low gearing. The whole thing is a "point-and shoot" affair. I liked the previous DII because of the quirkiness of it, and the funky ergonomics, but the LR3 is a much better all around - materials, build quality, engine, brakes, ergonomics, etc. - it's more modern but almost too modern. Now I have to wait for my Tonga green/beige HSE to get here - sometime in May or June I'm told..
  • Grommet, thanks for your reply. I just wanted to be certain the vehicle had all the features of the PDC for the US spec vehicle.


    I have worked in the past for GM in public relations and have come across vehicles missing certain options. Nothing really surprises me regarding most vehicles any more after that job.
  • soxfansoxfan Posts: 25
    i've spent a lot of time looking at the volvo xc90, and am waiting for the v-8, but i'm intrigued by the lr3 after going to see it. crash tests on the volvo (front, side & roll) are a huge positive (and very important with 2 kids), and prior land rover crash tests and rollover propensity aren't great. with the new platform, there seems to be a big opportunity for improvement here - anyone have an idea on when we'll see tests on the lr3? thanks!
  • Just placed an order with the local dealer for a 2005 LR3 HSE Alveston Red/Black interior with all the options. Because I wanted a certain color and all the options, I was told that the order would be placed in January, probably built in March, and finally delivered to Houston sometime in May or June. Long time to wait, but am willing to get what I want. Bought the LR3 through the x-plan partner pricing program and would say I had a very easy and enjoyable experience buying the LR3. First Land Rover for our family.
  • ajn999ajn999 Posts: 16
    Hello: I've had the LR3 for a month now. The dealer just installed a factory DVD. It looks great and fits under the existing dome light. It matches the interior nicely and doesn't look aftermarket, a good thing since it was $2,000!

    Gas mileage is a disappointment at 13.4. Much lower than my Range Rover. I installed a $200 dollar wood kit and it looks great and really upgrades the look of the interior. I wish the carpets were black, not beige as they soil easily

    despite the rubber mats. The dealer presented my key with a revised key ring attached when they delivered my car today from service. Apparently enough people complained and they came up with a good fix. Regarding the 3rd seat: I would never

    use it. There's hardly a few inches of clearance from the back headrest to the rear window. I would hate to see what would happen in a rear ender to anyone sitting there. If you need more than 5 passenger seating, I would consider another vehicle. Other than the few disappointments I have mentioned the truck is great and I am pleased with my choice.
  • Does anyone know where you can find detailed information, white papers, etc. regarding the MOST fiber optic connections?


    Has anyone experimented with the MOST system, in an LR3 or RR?


    I would like to tap into the network and input video to the nav screen, and audio to the head unit.


    I believe that the head unit is sourced from Alpine and equipped with upgradeable flash memory. Do you know if there will be an XM or Sirius upgrade? I do not want to give up my satellite radio.
  • I spoke with dealer here in NYC. They have a few

    LR3 SE in stock but no LR3 HSE. To get LR3 HSE will take at least 3mths. I am just going to wait till late spring time when the new 2005 M-Class arrives along with the RX330 HYBRID which will occupy most of the SUV headlines and buyers interest. That should allow for more supply and better deals on the LR3's. I would also like to see in person all the colors not just black, green and silver as my dealer has at the moment.
  • Exactly one month and 1300 miles later and my Blk LR3 with Alpaca interior is fast becoming my favorite car. The fuel pump issue was resolved and all systems are go. Yesterday, I drove it in sport mode for the first time and if my seat-of-the-pants feel is any good, this truck is clearly quicker than 8.0 sec from 0-60 mph. And the exhaust note is sweet music indeed.

    The only negatives thus far are the gas mileage, which is a disappointing 10.9 - 11.2 mpg in NYC,( not surprising) and the amount of heat from the front interior unit. It seems that the LR takes longer to heat the interior than my Acura MDX. It also appears that there is more draft from the driver's window on very cold days than the Acura. Consequently, I have had to raise the thermostat control higher just to maintain front passenger comfort. No such problems from the rear passenger unit however. It may be that the LR's windows are larger than the MDX's. I have not checked the dimensions.


    These minor niggles aside and this is easily the best truck that I have driven. I just received a $2k quote from the dealer on the DVD entertainment system. Ouch!


    When it is washed, there are very few trucks that look as good especially at dusk.
  • Is anyone receiving any discounts, not including plan pricing?


  • Where did you find the wood kit for the interior? I saw one on E-bay which was simulated wood and flat shaped not rounded. It was about $200.000. I was wondering if anyone had any info on where to get OEM wood kit which the LR accerc. book sells for $613.00?


  • I tried the simulated ebay one. I would opt for the wood next time. Also, there are too may pieces. I installed about 1/2 of the kit and that may be too much. They are cut perfectly, but I wonder if they'll withstand 110 degree heat in the summer.
  • I can assure you that the LR3 has more window space. When I got in the cargo area, I was surprised at how upright I was. I'm 5' 10".


    No more bumping my head on the roof like I do in the Jeep Grand Cherokee.


    I'm concerned about the curvature in the roof when it comes to 3rd party dvd systems. I believe the oem screen is 9" which is nice size.
  • The headroom and vertical visibility on the Grand Cherokee vs. the LR3 is not even comparable, I am 6'3"
  • ypshanypshan Posts: 103


    Can you control the factory DVD from the other switches in the car (e.g. the ones on the window)?


    One of the benefits of the MOST digital technology is that it's two-way and the control single can travel on the bus as well.


  • ypshanypshan Posts: 103
    You may want to check out the dealers in NJ. I saw about 30 LR3's sitting in one of the lots a couple of weekends ago.
  • ypshanypshan Posts: 103
    The best deal so far belongs to us3innj,


    $500 dealer discount

    The packages below thrown in:

    $375 tow package

    $625 heavy duty package

    $613 wood


    That's $2,113 worth of discount on an HSE.
  • I'm on Long Island and about to get an SE for $46,000 on a $48,645 MSRP. They started at MSRP and came down when I told them I would take it before the end of the month. They will always want to add another "unit" to their monthly totals. Also, there is a great 30 month lease deal if you don't mind giving an extra $6000 in SECURITY DEPOSIT. It saves about $90 a month on the payment.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    ypshan, that would be "No." That's what the wireless remote is for. Also, there is no "factory" DVD... the OEM version is dealer installed.


    I assume the "other switches" you are talking about are the basic remote audio controls & headphone jacks for the rear passenger... which only exist on the HSE.


    I would suggest everyone to ignore the "MOST bus" marketing spin. ;)
  • The Atlanta dealer(s) are hardly dealing....


    Interesting thing happpened yesterday. The dealer called and said "a loaded Silver/Black HSE showed up." I drove over there and the sticker reads HSE, but, the badge on the rear of the truck is SE???


    Has anyone ever seen this?
  • I forgot to mention it does have the following


    Memory drivers seat

    Logic 7 Stereo

    19" Wheels


    Perhaps the indivdual at Solihull had one too many pints the night before....
  • iiiiii Posts: 6
    Of a Silver/black SE. I did not want/need the extras of the HSE - which was lucky because the dealer i went to does not sell the HSE under the x-plan yet because they are backed up to june in backorders on HSEs. I have nav, lighting, 3rd row, pdc, & cold climate. Also got the mats, load space protector & roof bars.


    I got out of a 2001 BMW X5 - The X5 is a great car like SUV but terrible in the snow & i snowboard a load.


    It drives like I'd expect - I previously have owned a 1996 disco & a 1998 range rover. I am surprised at how quiet it is - it's much quieter than the x5 or a friends 2004 range rover.


    The driving position feels way higher than what i remember of the disco - but it's nice & commanding. The seats are not as good as what i had in the X5, but i like some things line the arm rest.


    after 50 miles i a really happy (i'd want to be) - i am doing a 600 mile trip over christmas & we're going to have some snow (we hope). I will post thoughts after that trip.


  • btnbtn Posts: 35
    i, How much did the x plan save you? And did they give you any additional money off? bjsbenz, Where on Long Island did you get a 6% off deal? I stopped in Land Rover Glen Cove on Sat and they were really busy. Didn't seem like they were willing to deal...
  • I will take delivery Monday of the loaded Silver/black HSE.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    btn, X plan pricing is fixed. They don't give you any additional money off. If they do, then you aren't using the X plan.


    Obviously, if the dealer is willing to discount more than the X plan, you don't use it.
  • So far really enjoying it.


    Has anyone else noticed the outside tempature sensor must be near the engine, because it reads hot after the truck has been sitting?


    I've been trying to get in the habit of putting it in access height when getting ready to park, has anyone seen a way to set that to happen automatically?
  • btn, All four of the Long Island dealers are owned by the same owner so pricing should be the same at all of them.....but Smithtown was $500 cheaper than Glen Cove. Again, it's for the month and on an SE. Should be signing papers and picking up vehicle next Wednesday so I'll keep you posted on the progress.
  • btnbtn Posts: 35
    "btn, X plan pricing is fixed."


    So how much is x-plan? Can someone give us an example of how much off msrp it is? And how does the a plan compare?
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    You can preselect access mode before you stop, but you cannot set it to be done automatically. There could be times when access mode could lower the vehicle onto an obstruction if done automatically, especially in a off-road situation. This is one function that will not be allowed to be operated without driver input.
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