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Land Rover LR3



  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Actually the only replaceable components in the fuel tank are the Fuel Pump and the front and rear fuel level sensors. The carrier is not removable nor are any other parts. The only access hole is approximately 5" wide or just wide enough to remove the pump. I have actually seen a cutaway of this tank assy. and the carrier is quite a large impressive part.
  • Do you know what VIN range this fuel tank mix-up involved?
  • Transmission slip when accelerating briskly after stopping (eg at a stop sign)


    Yes - and then it catches suddenly with a big thud. Bit annoying but yes, this has been reportted repeatedly, and indeed I experience it a few times a week.


    You can 'baby' it so it does not happen, of course. But indeed a bit annoying. Perhaps this was not noticed because the UK has no stop signs, just roundabouts.
  • gw123gw123 Posts: 64
    My wife has experienced this while driving the LR3. I actually have the same problem on my Lexus LS430. When I complained to the Lexus dealer, they stated that the car/computer is "searching" for the right gear and there could be a momentary lapse. It seems to be a problem with both 6 speed vehicles we own. I'd like to see a fix for it in either/both vehicles, but I'm not holding my breath on this one.
  • mrstacymrstacy Posts: 34
    Regarding notepad:


    1) engage voice button

    2) Say "Notepad Record"

    3) engage voice button


    To listen


    1) engage voice button

    2) Say "Notepad Play"


    The voice option menu is great. There are so many commands that they should include a cheat sheet to attach to the dashboard.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    RE: factory PTI/Bluetooth availability


    It's still scheduled for "Spring availability", so the odds are it should appear in the ordering system in various markets fairly soon. Ask your dealer if they can configure an LR3 with one in the next cycle.
  • jackmacjackmac Posts: 26
    Grommet - dealer stated that factory PTI won't be available until the 2006 model year. Not sure if this was just a sales tactic to have me place the order now, knowing I wouldn't wait until next fall. Have a follow-up email into LRNA and awaiting response. Will post once an update is received.
  • doctrixdoctrix Posts: 30


    I too just noticed that light... it is not really bright enough for direct use... I wonder if it is used somehow by the rear view mirror in adjusting for bright lights coming from behind?
  • eelpouteelpout Posts: 32
    LR introduced the "waterfall lighting" in the 2003 Range Rover and carried it over to the LR3. it gives a nice enhanced glow to the center console at night.
  • btnbtn Posts: 35
    Dropped off my LR3 this am to get it checked out due to the stalling. At 11.30 the service manager called me from the road where he was test driving my vehicle to ask about the circumstances this happened in. If it's a simple test to see if it has the right fuel pump why would he need to test the vehicle? When I dropped it off it seemed that they weren't aware that this is an issue. The service advisor checked his computer for recalls and issues and came up with nothing. Should people on a message board really be more up to date with Land Rover issues then Land Rover themselves?
  • At night when travelling on dark roads/highways I shut off the GPS screen. It is easier to see and much easier on the eyes. This is when the "waterfall" light really comes into play and I think very useful.
  • i got a cable at compusa...single prong both ends end into the auxillary jack one end into the headphone opening on the great...the cable cost $5-$6 bucks.


    Also have had my lr3 for 4500 major driving it.
  • trm2trm2 Posts: 42
    I drove my LR3 from the Jersey shore to Buffalo, NY on Monday afternoon/evening. Toward the end of the 450 mile trip, there were terrible snow squalls (between Syracuse and Buffalo). Even Western Ny'ers slowed to a crawl; and cars were sliding all over the place.


    Yet--for the first time under this type of conditions in my driving life--I felt that I had complete traction at all times. I drove carefully--because stopping in icy conditions is tricky in any car--but managed to maintain a fairly good rate of speed. The SNOW mode is truly amazing. Not only did I feel safe and able to maneuver, but I was riding in perfect comfort; and emerged unrumpled at the conclusion of the trip.


    The only negative part of the trip was that the fuel economy was 16.2 mpg (avg rate of speed 59.0 mph). I think the problem was the, except for the hour of storms, I had the LR3 in cruise control. The stormy hour actually raised the fuel economy from the sub-16 mpg of the cruise control part of the trip. On a previous long-range trip, I did not use cruise control and got 18.8 mpg.
  • btnbtn Posts: 35
    "problem was the, except for the hour of storms, I had the LR3 in cruise control. The stormy hour actually raised the fuel economy from the sub-16 mpg of the cruise control part of the trip. On a previous long-range trip, I did not use cruise control and got 18.8 mpg. "


    Other people on here seem to think that cruise control helps with mpg. I've been getting 15.5 mpg, for mostly highway driving. But I've got a heavy foot, perhaps because I've been driving BMW's for the last 6 years...
  • btnbtn Posts: 35
    Update is they think my stalling was an electrical problem. I asked if they checked the fuel pump and I didn't get a straight answer. Probably because the service manager doesn't know...He claims they're waiting for a call back/direction from Land Rover technical hotline.
  • Can you provide the SKU number and the product name? Thanks.
  • webbuzzwebbuzz Posts: 36
    I was told the same last week...PTI will be an 06 item.


    It's not a sales tactic, my situation is a little different. Yes, I have a Silver/Black HSE and I have another on order. The one on order is a replacement. Yes a replacement. I asked my dealer to "buy the vehicle back" due to some very noticeable paint flaws.


    But, I can assure everyone that the dealer has been more than accommodating. They have surpassed all my expectations regarding this issue. Just as the LR3 has. Thankfully, I have not encountered any mechanical problems within 1500 miles. If I had this would have been my chance to bail and purchase something else.
  • webbuzzwebbuzz Posts: 36
    Wal-Mart has a Belkin cable for ~$5. You can find them at most retailers in their electronics departments near the MP3 players.
  • jackmacjackmac Posts: 26
    Webbuzz, thanks for the info. Factory PTI does appear to be available now in some of the European markets. Waiting on confirmation from LRNA Customer Relations regarding US, then will go forward with HSE order and take delivery in about 8-9 weeks.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    As I have stated before, there could be a number of reasons for stalling. Land Rover wants the retailers to contact the technical helpline to go over the symptoms and decide the diagnostic tests that need to be run. I'm sure if the symptoms warrant checking the fuel pump pressure then the retailer will be told to do so.

     The information I have presented on this board was from what I have heard in converstions, and is meant to give the people on this board confidence that Land Rover is working hard for solutions on this issue. I am not a technician and not privy to details like VIN ranges and all of the diagnostic steps. I am certainly not trying to second guess what our retailers or our technical service personnel feel is the proper way to diagnose or repair a vehicle.

     I have stated before that I am not here in any official capacity and my posts are not in any way to be construed as a corporate response. I am just an enthusiast for our products and want to help our customers to enjoy their vehicles.
  • Thanks for your input. This is my first post. I took delivery of SE Grey/Alpaca on 12/31. I have over 1,000 trouble free miles. I've had many great vehicles and trucks and this is one of my favorites to date. My dealer in Ft. Worth is awesome and I'm really happy with the LR 3. I'm not sure in some comparisons why the editors say this thing is slower compared to other SUV's. The ride and drive and first impression is truly remarkable.

    I've appreciated your "unofficial" input; as well as all the others who have posted their experiences.

    I appreciate this vehicle more every day. Thanks again.
  • doctrixdoctrix Posts: 30
    My HSE now has 1200 miles and has had no problems other than the DVD-sound-through-speakers problem I've already mentioned. We had our first snow yesterday and the LR3 has a better drive on snow & ice than anything I have ever been in.


    Until you experience it, you can't appreciate how comfortable, powerful, stable, and fun the LR3 is...
  • yogidocyogidoc Posts: 16
    hey fellow LR3 owner's ,

    my LR3 had the airbag warning light show up on dash; thankfully the dealer picked up my car and dropped off a loaner disc 04 model; well it's been 3 days already and they can't figure out the problem, supposedly ordering some sort of diagnostic disc from rover???????????

    I must admit this is sort of what i expected w/ a new model but my emotions won out ( like usual)soooooooo, it's back to driving the good old discovery which by the way is still fun.Hopefully i'll get my LR3 back by Febuary?????????? would be nice considering my $800/mo payments !
  • For those asking about Ipod connections via rear AUX input.

    I use a Radio Shack 6ft (1.82m) Shielded Audio Cable.

    1/8" stereo miniplug to 1/8" stereo miniplug.

    SKU # 42-2387A

    Cost = $4.99


    Turn the Ipod up to full volume. Press "AUX" on radio and you should be all set with normal volume controls. Navigation & other voice commands interupt AUX as radio etc.
  • btnbtn Posts: 35
    "Update is they think my stalling was an electrical problem. I asked if they checked the fuel pump and I didn't get a straight answer. Probably because the service manager doesn't know...He claims they're waiting for a call back/direction from Land Rover technical hotline.



    They now tell me that they found nothing and that the car is fine. I guess stalling out 45 minutes into a drive is normal. I also asked them to check my tire pressure. They say they filled it to 33 and 40. I told my service advisor that according to my manual it's supposed to be 33 and 36. He's going to look into. I guess it's better then the 48 and 57 they had them filled up to when I first got the car which had me slipping around...
  • cjdcjd Posts: 8
    I'm glad to hear I'm not imaging this slip. I took the car back to the dealer... they ran a diognosis and came up empty. They drove the car, didn't notice the slip, and said (or would not admit to) they had no other complaints. I might have to move to the UK.
  • Land Rover Parsippany sold us their first LR-3 and my parents traded their ML350 in on one, too. We have both had the stalling issue. My wife's displayed her's first then my parents - under same conditions described in this forum - under no acceleration, down hill at a turn. They checked fuel pressures and tightened connections on our's and checked codes/programming of fuel system. On my parents', in addition to what they did to our's, they had it four days and redownloaded the transmission program. As I understand it, LROA's present thought is that the transmission is not downshifting properly, thus causing the stalling. We shall see...this could be a problem for LR given the number of posts here (and our own experiences on two different vehicles) if not quickly and properly addressed.
  • btnbtn Posts: 35
    I want to call someone at LROA and talk to them about this issue. I want to see how seriously they are taking this and I want to know that they are working to fix it. I don't want to drive around in my vehicle wondering when it will stall again. I'll talk to my dealership again tomorrow when I pick up the vehicle. However after today's conversation it seems to me that they think there is nothing wrong with my LR3, NOT that they haven't been able to locate the problem yet.


    Any recommendations as to who at LROA I should call?
  • cjdcjd Posts: 8
    I've had my LR3 for about 3 weeks, 1200 miles, and I've run the tank to empty and I've had no stalling problems. So far a great vehicle and fun to drive.

    I don't have a contact for you at LR, but their North American headquarters is in Irvine California. Check information for Premier Automotive Group, Land Rover North America, Inc. in Irvine.
  • gw123gw123 Posts: 64
    Our dealer has the part in to fix the stalling - which is supposed to be a new fuel tank. We'll get it switched on Monday and I'll let you know how it goes.


    We are up to 5 stalls in less than 3 weeks, but all 5 stalls have been at exactly the same spot (stop sign after coming down a hill). Doesn't seem to matter what level the fuel tank is. Since it hasn't stalled anywhere else, I doubt the dealer will be able to replicate the stall. They seem ready and willing to replace the tank, though.
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