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Land Rover LR3



  • I found this in the CA Somg Check Manual:


    Appendix J, TABLE 2 - Vehicles currently not OBD II testable



    Uses CAN, currently incompatible with BAR97



    OBD II functional is automatically bypassed via analyzer vehicle look up process


    PLEASE NOTE: I do not have a real failure. I induced a failure by trying to start the ignition without a fuse in the box to see what would happen. Unfortunately, the entire car disabled itself; when trying to start, it lowered, turned on the flashers, would not start, suspension failure, engine failure, transmission failure. Keep in mind that pulling a fuse is the same as having one go bad. The entire truck was inoperable, not a good thing if you happen to be using it for off road, and have a fuse go bad. I have replaced the fuse and the truck started again but the engine failure code is hanging around.
  • Apparently deep in the manual somewhere there is an asterist with reference to an option for the alarm in North America. In the print brochure they list options and nothing is said of there being any option with regard to the alarm. They represented clearly on the website that the alarm installed included glass and intrustion components. They then later changed the language to describe a completely different, limited alarm. I do not believe they ever represented there to be a locking gas cap or glove box. See my prior posts.
  • The alarm features should not be on the window sticker if it is not true. Mine lists the parametric feature that is not present. I was also told that it had the locking gas cap, it does not. I am not very bothered about either problem.
  • Did they state in the new manual that in North America, the fuel tank was never intended to be lockable, and there was never supposed to be a peripheral security and other security measures?


    I don't know - have not read new manuals (waiting until I receive the hard copy). Certainly the old manual suggests the fuel cap is lockable (it isn't) and that there is a service interval indicator (there isn't).


  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Land Rover manuals are fairly generic for the vehicle... it mentions options are not available in the US at all (manual seats, for example), options that never made it to the production car (Tire Pressure Monitoring System, for example) and there are mistakes. It's a "Land Rover" trademark. ;)


    Anyway, in the manual it does document the "Perimetric alarm" which "protects doors, hood & tailgate" only. This is what our US LR3 has.


    It does make reference to optional "Interior space protection" with an asterisk (*) next to it. The asterisk means the feature is either "optional" or "not available." It also mentions an optional "Tilt sensor", again with an asterisk. The brochure or specification sheets I received don't mention these features, as it looks like they are not available.


    It still mentions the Service Interval indicator, which Customer Service says is optional. And it still implies fuel door can lock, but Customer Service confirms this was deleted from North America. Yes, they have a documentation problem. I was never told it would lock, but I just assumed it would since the Disco 2 has a "remote release."
  • finmanfinman Posts: 21
    Is the gas filler door able to be opened when the vehicle is locked???


    In my Audi, there is no remote release for the filler door, but if the car is locked, the filler door is locked, if unlocked, it is unlocked. This is clearly favorable to a remote release as I always forget to flip the switch in my GTI and then have to go back to the driver's door to do it. Audi's system is much better. (IMO, of course)


    Otherwise, IMO also, locking fuel caps, etc are more of a PITA then they are worth...maybe I don't have much fear of gas contamination or theft or I'm just ignorant and foolish.

    Alarms and such don't mean a whole lot either...any thief who's any good is gonna have that sucker stolen in seconds anyway...alarm or not. I'd rather them just steal it than have it trashed trying to steal it. (and I'm in Arizona, one of the car theft capitals of the country!!!)
  • I have asked my dealer to supply me with a lockable fuel cap which they have in the UK.


    Waiting to see what happens on that!


    I have approaching 8,000 miles on my HSE and have had a few (perhaps 3 times) error codes all mainly very early morning at very cold OAT (Outside Air Temperatures) such as -5 thru -16 Deg F.


    I warmed the car up and then tried a reset which it did every time.
  • kscctsksccts Posts: 140
    My sentiments exactly. Is fuel theft really a problem in some areas of the country?
  • Hello Everyone -


    I don't have good news regarding my suspension failure. Dealer called me last night saying it was fixed but they wanted to test it this morning to make sure (good for them). Diagnosis after 4.5 hours of work was "Suspension is inactive. Towed in for this issue. Many faults stored. Tried to clear but body and suspension faults kept returning. Air suspension down on right side. No leaks noticed. Found vehicle in transport mode. Once taken out of transport mode, vehicle would go back into transport by itself. Talked with techline. Was instructed to get vehicle out of transport mode - took 3 times. Download was very slow. Then recalibrated EAS. All faults cleared. Road tested and worked EAS on all modes. Checks OK at this time."


    So I picked it up today and they gave me a bouquet of flowers (odd, but a nice touch) and on the 20 minute drive back to work I noticed the following:


    1) Navigation quit working - now only get big Land Rover insignia on screen


    2) Vehicle now pulls to the right - must be related to their comment "air suspension down on right side"


    3) This is the kicker - I got another suspension failure on the way back from getting this exact issue fixed!


    The good news is that I will now have 2 attempts at fixing this truck under my belt and will be one failed attempt away from the lemon law! I see a BMW X5 in my future. It might not be as cool a truck, but will allow me to drive away from the LR dealer more quickly and reliably.


    To the other suspension failure people - were you driving at high speeds (i.e., highway speeds) when it happened?


  • My suspension failure STARTED when I was parked and just stopping - going into access mode. I cleared it and drove off and failure 2 happened while I was driving 50 mph.


    I now have the truck back - they cleaned connectors etc etc but found nothing wrong. This afternoon when I was getting in the car, it once again went into "Extended Mode" for no reason. I went back to the dealer but this time no error memories.


    I do not have warm and fuzzy feelings yet that this is all sorted out. We have no lemon law here but I am doing my own lemon count: if it goes funny again I'll be insisting on some better action than "we've cleaned things just in case and it's working for us now"...

  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    On more time (last time hopefully): The fuel filler door does not lock when the doors are locked in North America. The actual locking mechanism is not there, even though there is space for it. In other markets (like the UK, where fuel costs more than a fine wine), it does lock with the doors... just like our Audi.


    The old Discovery had a "remote release" -- the current LR3 has nothing. You just push the door, it opens up.
  • ronprxronprx Posts: 24
    Grommet - Do you work for Land Rover corp or at a dealer. I have talked to two different dealers, Thousand Oaks and South Bay and neither have heard about the suspension failures and or the stalling issues. Are they holding back or are these very isolated issues?


  • "The good news is that I will now have 2 attempts at fixing this truck under my belt and will be one failed attempt away from the lemon law!"


    Thanks for the follow-up. Hopefully LR "techline" will put on their thinking caps for round two. As you said, you will be close to the lemon limit on this. If they have to buy back the vehicle, I think it will send a stronger message than anything else, and you won't be out a chunk of cash.
  • "I induced a failure by trying to start the ignition without a fuse in the box to see what would happen."


    Which fuse did you remove, and why did you try it?
  • I just want to clear the code. The diagnostic port operates on a CAN bus and I probably need a CAN reader tool. I was hoping that there was an ignition sequence or some way to clear the code without having to bother the dealership.
  • Fuel theft and other security related issues are always some possibility but, they not the point here. We should get what we were told we were going to get at the time of purchase. I am making this point to the dealer.
  • trm2trm2 Posts: 42
    Just a coincidence, but when people mentioned that their faults involved: shutdown of all systems; flashers on; and/or fuel pump failure, it struck my memory.


    Again, it may be just a coincidence, but I believe the inertia switch does all 3 of those things in a collision. Possible that it is a loose, bad connection, or something similar involving that switch or the chip(s) downstream of it. If LR hasn't come up with an answer yet, maybe a look at this is warranted.
  • kscctsksccts Posts: 140
    Yeah! You tell 'em! Yeesh!
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    If your dealer "lied" or misrepresented a vehicle feature to you, definitely have a strong conversation with them. But do remember that people do make mistakes. In the world of Land Rover misinformation, it's pretty hard to keep things straight. Caveat Emptor.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    ron, no... I'm just a LR3 victim. ;) I personally haven't had any suspension failures or stalling, nor any other significant issues.


    The dealers I've spoken to supposedly haven't had any reports, either... well, that they will tell me. I don't think they have a reason to hide anything from me; I've always had a good relationship with them. I'm also in California (Northern, around S.F.) -- so who knows... maybe having mild weather constantly makes a difference. ;)
  • trm2trm2 Posts: 42
    After thinking of this, I looked on "google" (just to complete the hypothesis)-- lots of hits including:


    "With age and especially in climates with extreme temperature changes, the inertia switch can fail all by itself. The spring lock mechanism that holds the button down can rust or become stretched, and the button will pop up at will. I have found that this usually happens on a very cold winter night."


    So maybe the cold climate WOULD have an effect on sensitivity of this switch, especially when the car is at an angle, or stopping (or both).
  • The error code on the display and the engine warning icon are both gone. I am sure that it is still logged. I am guessing that the code must disappear after enough engine on/off cycles, I would guess that it was 5-10 times.
  • The salesman told me that it would lock when I asked him why it did not lock. I guess he had no idea. The point was made to LRNA than anyone else and it had to be made through the dealer.
  • gw123gw123 Posts: 64
    For the record, my stalls have all occurred in the hills near SFO.
  • So I took my LR3 back to the dealer tonight. The NAV started working again! Yay! On the way there, I got another suspension fault around 60 MPH, and then it went away when I slowed down. The warning light went away until I got back up to 50 or so. I then got off the highway and over the course of 5 miles on a road where I never got above 40 MPH, it went on and off 3 times - some times it was so bad that the truck bounced up and down like in a rap video! And the truck definitely pulls to the right now. I was given another loaner (a new black LR3 SE this time!) and as I was walking out, the guy behind the counter yells out "make sure you bring it back with the same amount of fuel in it" with more than a little attitude. I was pretty annoyed with this after such good service and simply said "yeah, make sure my LR3 has the same amount of gas too." When I called the service guy, he said they were having a pow-wow about what to do with me. It was my salesman, service manager, sales manager, service rep, and the guy that serviced my car all talking about what to do. They claimed they felt terrible about all of this and have not seen it before. I honestly am impressed with their concern and genuine sympathy they have for me except for the one guy making the fuel comment. Anyway, I will find out some more info tomorrow and let you know where things stand.


  • Who said I would be representing myself? ;) Anyway, again, I have no reason to believe that any legal action will have to be taken because this is such a common problem that Land Rover absolutely will find a universal answer and repair to the stalling issue. Having had many of them, I can say that notwitstanding the naysayers, this is one of Land Rover's best-ever products, if not the best at this price.
  • nwxnwx Posts: 21
    Gosh, I love this forum. Every time I check it I'm not sure what I'll be reading next. It's like watching a cinematic suspense thriller.........or horror movie!
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365


    the LR3 is a great car...SUV of the year for Motor Trend


    but like many vehicles...the first few years will have some teething problems and will need some ironing out by the makers...


    to make you guys feel better,,.the Porsche cayenne also has some quality issues , including stalling, nav, cardan shaft, alignment and tire premature wear, remote, radio, etc....


    so hang in there....look at the bright side....
  • "It was my salesman, service manager, sales manager, service rep, and the guy that serviced my car all talking about what to do."


    I'm glad to hear they seem to be taking this seriously. I wouldn't be surprised if they want to have your car for at least a few days to test it more thoroughly this time. At least you have an LR3 loaner.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    I think that the past few weeks posts just go to reinforce the maxim that purchasing the first build of any new model might put you in the position of a beta software tester. It's just the risk you take to be the first on the block.


    These problems are almost's the way that they're taken care of that will put the stamp on this model's future. I'm waiting until the '06 becomes available before making a final decision.
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