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Land Rover LR3



  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Correct... the Cooler Box and Adaptive Headlights stopped being a delayed option months ago. Only the very first buyers were not able to order it. Bluetooth/PTI is the last "coming soon" option in North America that is unavailable to order.
  • My LR3 is still giving me trouble. On cold mornings (20 degrees and below) the systems check wont clear when the car is initially started. The emergency brake, stability control and lo-gear lights all go on and stay on until I re-boot the car by turning off the ignition and re-starting the car. This has happened at least 6 times now. What's worse is that I have also had to re-boot my car at least 8 times for a "transmission failure." This happens without warning usually when I shift my car from park to reverse as you would when backing out of a parking space. The problem is that while you are looking behind you and take your foot off the brake the car rolls forward down the hill into the car in front of it. (Yes, I am sure the car was in reverse not neutral.) A quick look at the dashboard indicates a transmission fault. A simple re-boot will clear the fault.


    I have been trying to ignore these nusances (i tell my dealer every time it happens) but they are getting to be too much. Especially after the car lost all of it's transmission fluid @ 400 miles and stranded my wife and kids 250 miles from home. And also after the day I got it back the oil light came on (plenty of oil) and would not go off until it was towed back to the dealer again.


    The service rep has just visited my dealer and I am waiting to see what's going to be done.
  • I have both the cooler box and adaptive headlights and they are both nice additions. Lighting is great and the box keeps drinks very cold... but it is pretty small.
  • cjdcjd Posts: 8
    No, I was never sure... just trying to follow directions from the all knowing salesman. Good point about the "obnoxious warning before exiting if lowering to access mode was mandatory". I'm glad to hear its optional.
  • I told my dealer two months ago that I wanted a fully loaded HSE (5-seater) - he just called me last night saying he was just now "getting to place the order - but that the cooler box was NOT yet available" ! Is he lying to me? Obviously - I'll call him this morning and put him on notice. I also hope that my vehicle will be one of the "good ones". I do not need a repeat of the problems I had with the 99 DII...If I do - I'll trade it for another MB G500 and put up with the crappy drivers' seat and the noises.


    Thanks to everyone for all the great info - and Happy Rovering to all.
  • If anyone has solved this problem already let me know. In a previous post I mentioned that I could not get all of my mp3 songs to play. I do not think that the bitrate is causing the songs to not be recognized by the player. I used Nero to make a data mp3 CD and all of the songs worked. When I made a data CD in Windows explorer only 3 of 20 worked. I will keep using Nero for now.


    I can't believe that the ARTIST - TITLE is not shown when playing the song. You could potentially have 900 songs in your dash (150x6), but you would have no way of knowing what song is playing or what to choose next?


    LR please fix the ARTIST - TITLE problem with a software upgrade.
  • I am not referring to BlueTooth, because I understand that it is not available.


    Has anyone successfully integrated a phone to the LR3 using the cradle?
  • Could you please share the name of the third party lease company you used, or any other details on the lease term, payments, etc? Love the LR3 but the current lease deals Land Rover/Ford is offering are horrible....thanks!
  • Is the dealer located in Houston? I got the same call last night from my dealer also claiming that he had just gotten word he could order my fully loaded HSE7 but without the cooler box i had requested. His response was that maybe the cooler box supplier was not able to meet demand or was having problems. I plan on calling back today and tell him about the other people on this forum who have gotten one.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Send feedback to Land Rover (web or phone) and bug them; use that Customer Service. And anyone else here that cares, please do so. Yes, it really needs to show the MP3 track info tags. It's really, really dumb. If enough people mention it, there is always a slight chance it can be upgraded... or at least be added to a future model year. If the stereo wasn't 100% integrated, I wouldn't care so much... just swap it! ;)


    I haven't yet had time to experiement more with MP3 data disc creation, but it seems you've resolved your issue. Good. My bit-rates average over 200Kbps normally and have no trouble generally... but like I said earlier, I've had a few scenarios where some were not found.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    tropnevad posted: "Has anyone successfully integrated a phone to the LR3 using the cradle?"


    What cradle? We have no cradle. The factory PTI system, still missing-in-action, has both the optional cradle (for docking, charging & antenna) and Bluetooth support. Visit your local dealer and look at a '05 Range Rover to get a feel for it (but please note the UI is totally different on the Range).


    Or are you asking about an aftermarket phone kit?
  • Just a suggestion but a lot of topics are covered several times and are missed unless you do a search.


    This forum is very active and if it were organised into "Subject" threads it would be far user friendly.


    I appreciate Edmunds use the forums for many other purposes but this forum could be improved to work to everyones advantage.


    Anyone else with suggestions please post & hopefully something may happen.


    I cant mention the other LR websites but there are several and all organise the threads by topic!


  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Anyone else with suggestions please post & hopefully something may happen.


    Something is happening - expect to see threaded discussions here in the not too distant future! :-)


    tidester, host
  • I agree with what johnmajor was proposing and am eager to see what, as tiderster hinted, to come.
  • I went through Try the web site and plug in your numbers, the company was refreshingly honest and straightforward with the whole process, no hidden extras. I agree, the LR3 lease and purchase payments are too close for comfort (>$800 per month). This 3rd party lease was in the range I would expect and you can even save more if you obtain a larger difference between the MSRP and purchase price ($600 per month).
  • The LR3 stalled on me for the first time tonight on the way to dinner after coasting down a long hill while braking gently. Previously had stalled 2X on my wife. The Check Engine light is what called my attention to the stall because our's is so smooth and quiet. I put it in park and restarted immediately. We had over 1/2 tank of gas; no turns with this stall. We immediately made appt. and it is going in next Tuesday. Problem for me was that traffic was behind us ready to go as the light had turned green - not a good situation here in fast paced NJ. After dinner, I tried to recreate stall down same hill and realize this is an intermittent problem. I suspect the transmission is failing to downshift quickly enough, causing the stall. For my parent's LR3 (also stalling), LR Parsippany had called Tech Hotline and reloaded transmission program (their's is a few weeks newer than our's, though I have not checked VIN numbers as to which is lower). This will be the second attempt to repair our's; first attempt involved reloading F.I. program and checking fuel lines. As an attorney, I will have no hesitancy in invoking Lemon Law if need be as this is a problem that clearly affects safety of vehicle and is well documented with us, here and in other forums. As a "died in the wool" Land Rover enthusiast, however, I am confident (and hopeful) that LR will have the issue licked this time around.
  • "I suspect the transmission is failing to downshift quickly enough, causing the stall."


    This sounds like a very good theory. It might be worthwhile keeping an eye on the tachometer in similar downhill situations to monitor how the transmission and engine behave.
  • May I suggest that the comment "As an attorney I will have no hesitancy in invoking Lemon Law (sic).." has no place on this discussion board. It reminds me of the old chestnut, that an attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client.
  • ronprxronprx Posts: 24
    I disagree. As the husband of an attorney (litigator) I would be happy to invoke the Lemon Law as well. Perhaps if someone did bring this action Land Rover would take this seriously and correct this problem. A car that stalls? This isn't a Go Kart.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Let's stick to the Land Rover please.


    Steve, Host
  • Does anyone know how to reset the error codes?
  • The error message is ENGINE SYSTEM FAULT.


    Can a OBDII unit reset this code?
  • hi,

    thanks for input; could you explain how lemon law works? my dealership is on their second try to fix faulty air bag sensor; i've documented problem and have saved service receipts. I've had LR3 for 7 weeks and have had a loaner for 8 day. Hopefully i'll get my car back next week with problem fixed. If I run into same problem for a third time does this qualify as a lemon or do i need to give service a third round of fumbling around.

    Who do you contact to get process started, L.R. or an attorney?? This is ridiculous for a new $50k plus suv. If it it considered a lemon does the dealer replace vehicle or pay off the bank loan and take back the car????

  • No, I'm in Tulsa, OK. I called the dealer (Land Rover Tulsa) and left a message for my sales-person but have gotten no response.


    They asked me when they called to tell me they were "ordering" if I was ok with the "adaptive lights" - I think they may have one located and are not really "ordering" it, just tring to sell what's already on the ground here in the USA. I hate to tell them, but I'll not buy a $55-60K vehicle unless it's exactly what I want, and it better not have more than 10 miles on it.


    Good luck to you "LR3_magic" - and everyone else. I'll keep posting about my experiences...
  • Good thinking. I'm also wondering if anyone in warmer climates such as myself (Northwest Florida) have experienced the stalls. I have not. Maybe a thinner tran fluid might help in colder places, especially if it is downshifting too slowly? Are the stalls happening after everything has warmed up or when the vehicle is still basically cold?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    If the system used is OBDII then the answer is probably yes. My question is why would you want to reset them yourself? You would probably also be clearing any hidden codes as well, which will hinder the correct diagnosis of any problems you may have.
  • rov3rrov3r Posts: 7
    I am in the que for an SE7. I forwarded many of the stalling posts to my dealer and asked that he get a definitive answer from LR corporate. Apparently corporate is saying that it is a cold weather belt malfunction. Therefore, the problem is climate specific (?)
  • I faxed Joe Greenwell (LR CEO) a note about how the organisation is letting down the excellent car - examples included the manuals, which leave something to be desired.


    Land Rover Canada called (these things get around the world quickly) and are sending me new manauls. The North American manuals that were shipped with the car end in "501"; the current manuals end in "502". (These .502 manuals are the ones you can download from the LR tech web site - but you cannot download all at once, you have to download lots of individual chapters).


    So - there are new manuals, they just didn't bother shipping these to customers. They probably figure (not without justification) that no-one reads them anyway. ;)


  • gw123gw123 Posts: 64
    Our 9 stalls have been when the engine is warmed up. I agree with the intermittent nature of the stalls. We've driven that hill at least 60 times and it stalled 9 times. It hasn't stalled (yet) on other hills, but if our experience holds for other hills, we should expect stalls to occur about 15% of the time for a given situation.


    Ours is in the shop for the 3rd time (in less than a month of ownership). They replaced the fuel tank the first time (still stalled) and some sensors and the catalytic converter the second (still stalled). They haven't said what they'll try next.


    For others with this problem, have any of you stalled in the same spot?
  • Did they state in the new manual that in North America, the fuel tank was never intended to be lockable, and there was never supposed to be a peripheral security and other security measures?
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