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Land Rover LR3



  • koeslerkoesler Posts: 57
    Went to my dealer to check on my LR3-HSE order - bad is postponed until at least late July instead of May. The order was done Feb. 28. Good thing is, maybe I'll get one with those pesty "bugs" killed-off. Of course, if it takes much longer, I'll have a year old car to strat with ??? Happy Rovering to you all...
  • norbnnorbn Posts: 70
    Are people still ordering the LR3? My dealer had probably 40 LR3's on his lot. Mine was a 2/05 build, so its a recent build.
  • gwellandgwelland Posts: 23
    Did your dealer lot included HSE's? There seems to be no problem sourcing SE5/SE7 with various levels of specification but there were virtually no HSE's available recently. Maybe this has changed.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    HSEs are still fairly rare compared to SEs. If you really don't need the 19" wheels, the slightly higher-end stereo & 8-way memory driver's seat/mirrors... it'll be much easier to find an SE with the options you want.
  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    And as you said before, this grease hack just ensures that the wire loom corrosion is put off till just after the warranty expires. I am going to get mine as wet as I can possibly make it... see if I can cause this problem to occur.
    I have to believe that LR will come up with a better solution than grease and then I'll make sure to get retrofitted with it.
  • simba1simba1 Posts: 4
    Viewing all the comments, LR3 has many problems, the most serious being sudden tripping of the engine, starting up the car, etc.

    This car should really be considered a lemon. The Land rover should recall this cars and fix all the major problems especially those related to safety.

    I think the price of this car does not reflect quality
  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    I hear you, but the other revealing conclusion from the comments, is that the car is otherwise a dream to drive on and offroad. It really does accomplish its core mission very well. So people aren't very willing to give the car back and get something else... they really want the LR3 and they just want it to be reliable. The reliability may not justify the price, but the quality and design sure do.
  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    does someone have a pic of what this thing looks like, perhaps a pic of the corroded part... ? Also where exactly is this loom/harness located on the LR3??
  • All over, but 'my corrosion' was under the rear of the car. And as for gel vs grease: maybe silicone (not silicon!) gel, maybe grease: either way neither should be needed. I am sure LR will come up with a fix before tehy all start failing - the car is worth it!
  • norbnnorbn Posts: 70
    Most were SE's, but they had 5-6 HSE's, fortunately, one became mine!
  • norbnnorbn Posts: 70
    You know, the internet forums skew things when it comes to car problems. I go to a lot of car forums and it seems like everyone that goes to these forums is looking for info, most with problems. But that doesn't mean they all have problems. For example, a guy with a problem free car isn't as motivated because he's happy with his car. Not saying the LR3 is problem free but just don't take an internet bulletin board as a scientific sampling of a car's reliability.
  • simba1simba1 Posts: 4
    Are these problems local to only HSEs. What about the SE models?
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    There are no significant differences between HSE and SE; just 3 things (see my previous message.)

    Also, I've had no problems with my LR3. But I'm not going to post about that every few days. ;-)
  • The issue is not that there may be a discrepancy between posters and problems. Sure, but less relevant. The issue here is that if there is a systematic problem, as there may for instance be in the "wet wiring loom" issue, then it will likely affect everyone eventually.

    And fwiw:

    - I had no problems the first few thousand miles
    - These are all minor problems if solved once and for all
    - I love the LR3
    - But anything systematic I would like addressed properly, as I am sure it will be.

  • rcdohrcdoh Posts: 7
    I think most rational people understand and agree with you. When I bought my last truck it was the new chevy HD and the forums looked the same as reading this one. In fact my car had serious problems but they all got worked out. So Im sure LR will address these problems.
  • norbnnorbn Posts: 70
    I'm not saying not to post problems, just not trying to scare off potential buyers, because the LR3 is a great car!

    I finished up my mudflap install, the fronts were easy, just raise the LR3 all the way, then turn the wheels depending on which side you're working on. The rear is a bit tougher because you have to install a metal bracket which is hard to get at (the muffler is in the way). Just go to your friendly Sears and get a multi-angle screw driver and that'll do the trick. Looks great and highly recommend it. About an hour's work of time.

    Still waiting for the stick on side molding to get here and I'll post a report on that too.
  • Ive never had a problem with a mist either and they do work, just a little TOO good! The auto-wipers never miss an opportunity to make a wipe! They do kick on in very light rain but in anything else they have a mind of there own...Going from delay to superfast to slow and back again. Enough already!
    Anyway, what I was talking about in my post was the dial on the stalk.. I have found no difference in the sensitivity in any setting.
  • simba1simba1 Posts: 4
    I totally agree. I would also like to add that problems that compromise safety is not minor especially if you driving your kids in an environment of -40 C such as the one we experience here at least 8 months of the year.
  • letterrepletterrep Posts: 12
    I know that NavTeq created the DVD, but who built the computer? What operating system does it use?

    Also, the nav manual reads (page 5 of my manual under 'Switching On')...

    "If the screen is already displaying another function (radio, phone, etc.), touch the on-screen 'Home' button to access the Home Menu."

    ...from the root, my nav screen only allows me to show Navigation, 4x4 Info and Settings. How do I show radio or phone on the nav screen?
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    letterrep, that phone & radio reference is regarding the Range Rover (not Sport) version. Unlike the LR3 (and RR Sport), it has a single non-optional touchscreen interface for radio, phone, car info, navigation, etc.

    The system is built by DENSO, one of the big players. Denso is also used by Lexus/Toyota, Jaguar, Cadillac, and others.
  • norbnnorbn Posts: 70
    My CD Player quit playing, everytime I insert a CD it says invalid CD. It was playing mp3s and regualr CDs just fine until today. Any ideas?
  • gwellandgwelland Posts: 23
    I'd have to agree with the other posters here - we're working through an early production run set of glitches. The problem is that these things don't show themselves until the vehicles are out in production and being used by people in all kinds of day to day situations and it's incredibly hard to find everything during product development. (I used to work for Ford R&D and saw just how much testing DOES occur yet still customers find significant problems after final release).

    I would empahsise that the LR3 is a great vehicle 99.99% of the time. Once my 'glitches' are solved then I'm sure I'll be 100% happy. Unfortunately rubbishing LR and returning the vehicle as a lemon aren't really an option because the only vehicle that I'd want to replace it would be ... another LR3 (ok, maybe the RR Sport ...).

    The good news, I suppose, is that all who follow behind our product refinement trailblazing will get to benefit. Great vehicle and if they gave me my money back I'd just buy another one.
  • saileastsaileast Posts: 16
    My HSE is now three months old, with about 5000 miles. The only problem, the CD player failed at delivery. The dealer had a new unit sent in overnight, installed it and it has been without a problem since. This LR3 has been great in every way except gas mileage, but I did not expect crude to set a new record every week when I took delivery!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I would empahsise that the LR3 is a great vehicle 99.99% of the time.

    I'm impressed, GW! If you've had your LR3 for 2 weeks then that works out to about 12 seconds of bad time! ;-)

    Seriously, congrats on your new vehicle!

    tidester, host
  • gwellandgwelland Posts: 23

    I would empahsise that the LR3 is a great vehicle 99.99% of the time.
    I'm impressed, GW! If you've had your LR3 for 2 weeks then that works out to about 12 seconds of bad time!

    Well, I've had it for somewhat more than two weeks! It's got 5500 miles on it now so it's a bit more than brand new now. I worked out my unhappyness factor as the amount of time I've had it divided by the number of days that it's been with the dealer so it's actually about 97% at the moment. :P
  • Ha ha. Mine's been at the dealer's for over two weeks out of 3 months, so that's about 80% happiness time!

    But having said that, I too would buy the very same car again if I had to buy another car.
  • vtsailguyvtsailguy Posts: 10
    I have just passed 1000 miles on my SE7 (cold pkg, trailer pkg, light pkg). Not a single problem of note. This truck has been a comfortable pleasure to drive. It has performed well in snow and icy conditions especially in cases I would have avoided with my Durango. I will put it to the test trailering my sailboat in a few weeks.

    My list of dislikes below are pretty minor. Other than those I do have a small wind whistle sound that I have been unable track down.

    1. Clock is in a difficult to read position. It should be on the message screen right in front of the driver.
    2. The arm rest has to flipped up to buckle the driver seat belt. Probably the same case in the passenger seat but I am NEVER the passenger.
    3. CD changing is somewhat slow and noisy.
    4. Trying to buckle around a child booster seat is a two-handed adventure due to the fold-down buckle receiver. For adult seating this feature is a plus.
    5. Not much storage for stuff (jumper cables, tools, etc) in the back.
  • "I would empahsise that the LR3 is a great vehicle 99.99% of the time.

    I'm impressed, GW! If you've had your LR3 for 2 weeks then that works out to about 12 seconds of bad time!"

    Well, actually 120 seconds. :sick:
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Well, actually 120 seconds.

    Yikes! The infamous sneaky slippery floating decimal point strikes again! Thanks for the correction. :surprise:

    tidester, host
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