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Land Rover LR3



  • bonattihsebonattihse Posts: 1
    Hello all,
    I have been following what I can of this forum for about a month or so now, since I helped my parents decide on a Bonatti Grey HSE LR3. (If anybody is interested, our dealer also had only two HSEs among almost a sea of SEs, and my mother really preferred the higher end stereo) Anyways, I was wondering if someone who has been following the forum longer than I could summarize the problems I should make sure are fixed or at least see that the dealer is aware of before taking delivery? So far, this is what I gather (major ones anyways)
    1. Stalling issue. This is a computer fault I guess?
    2. Suspension failure.
    3. Wires exposed to the elements (i.e. in water channels)
  • tdo123tdo123 Posts: 102
    When you speak of the "Lighting Package" are you just talking about the headlights that move as the car turns or fog lights mounted on the front? I thought that the adaptive lighting package was only differentiated by the fact that they move with the car. If you don't get the package, do you forgo the bi-xenon lights all together???
  • dougie1dougie1 Posts: 4
    The lighting package which includes the bi-xenon headlights and the front fog lights is standard on the HSE. However it does not include the adaptive headlights which is an option. So if you do not get the adaptive lighting package you will still have the bi-xenon headlights standard on the HSE and on the lighting package on the SE's.
  • kkonekkone Posts: 61
    What was Land Rover thinking when they put the Aux jack in the back seat for an IPOD or other MP3 player? Makes no sense to me. I read on CNET that Alpine is working on "Intelligent adapter", that will allow the IPOD to intelligently interface with the factory LR3 sound system.

    For now I am going with the Belkin adapter and Proclip mounts. &categoryid=14180&p_origin=144&p_sectionid=144&p_pageid=8901&p_processor=asp&p_asp_process- or=product&p_action=proclipcategorysearch&p_ppagecategoryid=13872&p_pagecategoryid=14172&p- _pcategoryid=13130&p_categoryid=14180&p_sitecategoryid=&p_year=
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    At least it does have an "aux" jack... it's fairly rare.

    Don't believe everything you read. Yes, Alpine has shown a MOST interface for an iPod (at SEMA)... but it would require Land Rover to add specific support for it. Do you expect the head unit that can't even display track info (CD Text or MP3 tag info) to have direct iPod support? :P
  • trm2trm2 Posts: 42
    As my previous posts have indicated my wife and I love our LR3. That being said, after 5000 miles, we have had our first problem.

    I took the LR3 into the dealership last weekend to make sure all the fluids were ok and to get an oil change. The car had no problems at all.

    Then this weekend, I hit a pothole hard. Since then, the horn keeps going on and won't shut off. The first couple times, I kept hitting the horn until it went off. This morning, it went on and would not go off. Land Rover is towing it now. [While the neighbors hold their ears.]

    I will tell everyone what the details are after LR looks at it.
  • I just bought one for my wife - SE in Bonatti with Alpaca. Got the cold climate, Nav, heavy duty, 7 seats, tow package, rear park distance control and rear climate control. She is very happy and loves the truck (she was driving a BMW X5).

    The decision to buy another Land Rover was tougher for me - I had a 97 Disco that probably caused the world's oil shortage with the neverending leaks. I swore I would never buy another one, but did my research, checked this board, and test drove one. It is a very different truck from the Disco I. Much more power and better handling are the two biggest surprises. I took my Disco all over Colorado 4wd roads - the LR3 is such a beautiful truck, it is hard to imagine it out in the wilderness.

    So far, so good. I can almost say "Land Rover" without a twitch developing in my left eye. ;)

    Thanks to all the contributors for their comments; they helped me with this buying decision.
  • hung3hung3 Posts: 28
    just want to give you guys an update on the progress.

    Basically the car has been in the shop for 2.5 weeks now (4th time for the same problem HDC,BREAK, ABS, TRANSMISSION and SUSPENSION FAULT). The service manager has been updating to us 2-3 times a week. Basically after intensive research and back and forth with the regional manufacturer engineer, they found some cable grounding problem, as a result the faulty lights came on.
    Apprently they fixed the grounding issue which as they claimed has resolved the initial problem. However the engine check light came on after this fix, they are awared/experienced of the "engine check light" problem and had ordered some new cables for replacement. Will keep you informed once car is back in our possession.

    Heard from the service manager, It seems like the manufacturer is willing to offer extended warranty (1 year/12,000mile), or one month payment of our car loan as reimbursement of our inconvenience. I will contact LR corp. again tomorrow and see what exactly I can get out of them.
  • bouldersboulders Posts: 18
    My dealer recently installed the front fog lamps on my new LR3 but my excitement was a bit tempered when the service manager informed me that they could only be turned on when my "brights" are on. I'm no expert but this seems a little strange to me. Does anyone know why this is so? Thanks :( :( :(
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Isn't that illegal? I thought the law required them to only be available with dipped, or low, beam.
  • I live in the Alps and had a 97 Discovery that I thought was excellent in this harsher environment. I never worried about getting stuck and it was not over the top in luxury. Gas mileage and steep mountain roads brake heating were two negatives, but I never worried about getting stuck. As it approached 110,000 I decided to sell it and am thinking about a LR 3. The only package I would get is the Cold Weather option. I am a little worried about all the new electronics and computer controls. Do you think this is the vehicle for a very tough environment? Thanks
  • knabstrknabstr Posts: 1
    I believe you mean Auxiliary lamps. The legal lighting pattern allows for fog lamps to be illuminated with low beams only. While auxiliary lamps can only be used with high beams. So no that doesn't seem strange. However their are ways to mod the switch they installed so you can manually select when your Aux lights are on.
  • doctorpdoctorp Posts: 15
    I ordered my HSE in December and will be getting it in about 3 weeks. I am getting it under Z-plan. If I was paying full price, I would have demanded some free accessories for such a long wait. But I'm getting about $5K off, so do you think I should just be happy with that? Just looking for some opinions...
  • Barvarianboy - I live in Colorado and took my 97 Disco all over the back roads/4wd roads in the mountains of Colorado. I never got stuck and, like you, I never feared getting stuck with the 97 Disco. The engine was adequate, but nothing special and the truck leaked all the time (despite a lot of time in the shop).

    I just bought the new LR3 for my wife and was quite impressed with it. I haven't taken it out to the back roads yet, but it seem almost as capable as the Disco was. Two things stand out - 1st, Discos had live axles; the LR3s have fully independent double wishbone suspensions. The independent suspension makes this a much better on the pavement vehicle, but will decrease some of its ability off road. 2nd - there is a lot of plastic on the body of the LR3. From an aesthetic perspective, it works. From an off road perspective, I will worry a little about its durability.

    I will update after I take it out in the mountains (the snow still lingers here in Colorado). But, from a perspective of reliability, I already trust this vehicle much more than I did my old leaky 97 Disco.

    As for packages/options, the cold weather is a good option to take. I would also consider the heavy duty package (full size spare tire and active locking rear differential) and the navigation system, with its 4x4 information system to tell you what is going on with the wheels (and where you are at).
  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    I think if you searched this forum, you would find the answer. We had a thread here recently about tires. The only good options for the LR3 rim are the Michelin Synchrones, that's it! The Wrangler HPs are great on the road, but suck in the snow, and in dry loose sand, you have to let alot of air out or you're gonna get stuck real fast.

    The only option, and it's an awesome option, are the Goodyear MT/R's for the 255/55/19 wheel. These tires are used in the G4 LR3's that have been mentioned on this forum.
    You can actually buy these MTRs from a place (Bronco's 4x4) in the UK. Somebody on this forum was to do a group buy, but I never heard back from him. For some reason, you cannot buy these tires from anywhere in the USA or Canada.

    Now for the bad news. Due to unwieldy size, each tire will cost you about $600 to your door. My qoute was for more than $3000 for a set of 5 tires.
  • woodman438woodman438 Posts: 8
    i am keen to do this too; anyone want to elaborate more on this information:

    the rear of the TSD (touch screen display) has 6 sockets on it, they are:
    C2819 - which is the main connector for power, audio, etc...
    C2825 - is the MOST network in and out
    C2820 - is the Video Screen - i presume this to be as in "gnd" as its a touchscreen

    There are 3 other connectors which all seem to be the same time, although they are different colours: tan, brown, green

    A picture of the rear of the TSD can be seen here image

    Also in other LR3 official documentation is states: "The television tuner is connected to the rest of the video system on the
    MOST bus. Audio and control signals are passed on the MOST bus while video is
    transmitted via a coaxial cable to the Touch Screen Display (TSD).

    These connectors could easily be coax connections, and especially as the diagonistic screen reports 3 different possible video inputs - companion cam, reversing cam and DVD/TV

    Now how do you make these active? i presume you can select them from the diag screen? but its not ideal really!

    Finally the diag screen refers to RSE when talking about video inputs, REAR SEAT ENTERTAINMENT which is a future option that provides a 10 disc DVD changer and LCD drop down monitor in the back. The RSE includes DVD, monitor, TV Tuner, and more importantly the RSE Control Module!

    I presume the inclusion of this module makes the "option" on the TSD to select it active???

    One final thought, VW/Audi have a module for TV and stuff but the car has to be CODED to know that the module is actually there. You can on an audi code the car to tell it there is a TV module there even when it is not - obviously you dont get TV but the option on the Nav screen does appear!! - maybe LR3 is the same, especially as the diag screen talks about coding and displays lots of binary on/off stuff

    That concludes my 2 pence worth!

    Does anyone know what type of connectors these are?

  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    woodman438, the "Navigation" system core is generic for LR3, Range Rover Sport and 05+ Range Rover... for any of the markets they may be in. But options, modules, etc. are tweaked.

    Regarding "RSE" -- it's not a "future option"... the '06 Range Rover Sport, for example, has factory installed dual monitors on the seats and a DVD changer, instead of the LR3's "all-in-1" DVD install. But don't expect a "TV Tuner" OEM feature from anyone in North America. (FYI: The somewhat flakey LR technical documentation will not only mention other market features... it mentions features that were dropped before production. Like Tire Pressure Monitoring.)

    The 3 RCA inputs may indeed be composite video inputs that are used by the optional or non-available features, but none of my contacts ever gave me confirmation.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    I guess I shouldn't have said "3 RCA inputs"... There are three connectors, but I've haven't taken it apart myself to really check... it's not really clear they are "RCA" style connectors from any of the shots I've seen.
  • woodman438woodman438 Posts: 8
    grommet - thanks for the info - you are correct i was using knowledge from LR documentation! interesting though that it does contain "actual" pictures of a TV tuner in a LR3 though.... one must exist somewhere!!!

    I dont think they are RCA connectors, they look like the aerial type connector that you currently see in BMW's (or similar) - this makes sense as they refer to the cable being coax.

    I may be brave this weekend and take the car apart, plug a composite video signal in there and see what happens! I am pretty sure you will be able to access the picture through the diagnostic menu... which also works while driving!

    I'll keep you posted (unless anyone else has already tried this of course!)
  • lr3_magiclr3_magic Posts: 18
    When in May are you getting your HSE? I also ordered an HSE in December and cannot get a firm delivery date from the dealership. Originally told May, but am now being told maybe July. LR told my dealership that HSE models were delayed because of problems with LCD Nav screens. Dealer did mention that he was getting in SE models with Nav so that seems strange that only some are being held back.

    To the Forum readers: Why can't LR give out a vehicle build date and delivery date for orders made back in 2004? Am I getting the run around from dealership or LR? I read on the Forum about people walking into dealerships and buying fully loaded LR3 HSE models and yet I as an order holder cannot get a vehicle or an answer.

    Frustrated in Houston!
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    lr3_magic, it's just "how it is." There have been delays and order limitations. Not much a specific dealer can do. As I mentioned before.... LR3 (Discovery 3) just launched in other (ROW) markets, and the Range Rover Sport is coming soon. It's likely not to ease up.

    Of course some dealers might have a model configuration that is close to what you want in stock... but you'd need to dig for it. If "you need it now", you may need to settle.
  • doctorpdoctorp Posts: 15
    It was built a couple weeks ago, and was shipped about 3 days ago. Salesman said it takes about 3 weeks travel time from England to NJ to Buffalo. I don't have the actual date. I was originally told March/April for delivery.
  • trm2trm2 Posts: 42
    This is just an update on our horn issue.

    Land Rover came immediately to tow the car. They had it for 1.5 days. They told us upon pickup that they would not be able to get to it for 24 hours. They found a broken spring canister/cassette in the steering column, beneath the horn. It had broken (probably due to the previously mentioned pothole) and shorted, keeping the horn on, until the horn motor(s) and fuse burned out. LR replaced the spring part and a fuse and two horn motors.

    Works properly now.
  • woodman438woodman438 Posts: 8
    there is big progress.....!!!

    done some initial tests tonight and its looking very good!

    its dark so, but will develop this further tomorrow!!!

  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Cool. You are braver than I, woodman.
  • jackmacjackmac Posts: 26
    lr3_magic, Sorry to hear about your (and other's) delays. HSE's are out there in small quantity. Not sure what colors/options were looking for, but I checked LR Dallas dealer web site and saw (2) HSE's in stock.

    I'm one of those with lucky timing and picked up an HSE last Saturday off the lot. It was exactly how I would have ordered - all options except tow package, still wrapped from shipping. Would have preferred to wait for '06 model with factory PTI, but...

    Our dealer mentioned that their next alotment had about 5 or 6 that are not yet spoken for. So, you may want to check around and might get lucky with your combination.

    The NAV screen sounds like an excuse to me.
  • rcdohrcdoh Posts: 7
    I also ordered my HSE in Dec. First I was told March then April now it will be here May 15. Im in the Bay area. I know Encino Land Rover in So Cal has gotten several HSEs in just not the combo we wanted. The dealer you ordered through should have an order confirmation number for you if Land Rover has excepted the order and then a VIN once the car has been built. You should ask about those to make sure your not getting lip service. Keep in mind Land Rover is a very small mfg. and has been swamped with orders. Good luck
  • bouldersboulders Posts: 18
    Thanks for the info. But how do I modify the switch to manually select low beam? The switch is installed separately high on the dash and I am no expert in these matters.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    You'd need to rewire. Sorry, I have no auxiliary lights currently.

    I do question why you wouldn't want it this way, though. I always found it quite handy to be able to switch the aux lights on/off using the steering column's high beam selector while off-road. (Having both on was never an issue.)

    It would probably be smarter to add yet another switch/relay so you can have it "both ways." Ask your local custom lighting installer.
  • w6000w6000 Posts: 2
    There are also other choices for tires in the OEM sizes of 255 60 18. Check out TOYO Proxes, and a company called Nokian which makes an excellent snow tire. The Toyo's are much better than the Goodyear's and much less expensive, even less than the Mich. The Nokian have excellent reviews for a snow tire, but they are hard to find
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